April 24, 2006

Absolutely never "ts"

I believe that "thump" was the noise my body made when I arrived home late Saturday night/Early Sunday morning. (I say it was late Saturday night. It can't be morning if I didn't sleep.) The last 48 hours of the tour were so intense that I recall very little with any real clarity. There's a lot of yarn and chocolate in my suitcase, a collection of interesting pictures on my camera and a cryptic note to myself in my notebook that reads

"grenyrn ask striping plus -don't ts. L.mre check. "

I have no idea what this means. (Probably that I was delirious at some many points in the State of Massachusetts.) Check? Does that mean I did it and don't need to worry or that it's important that I check on L.mre? I've made myself nuts trying to figure it out, being particularly interested in "don't ts" since it seems to be a warning of some kind. Is it a promise I made? Did I come home and "ts" when I shouldn't have? Plus? Plus what? If I've already ts'ed what will happen if I don't recall that L.mre? Striping?

I would be interested in receiving a comment today from any one who:

A) was present when I wrote that down and has any idea what I meant.
B) Had a conversation with me about this note that I do not recall due to exhaustion, glee or wool fumes.
C) feels that they may have insight into my mind and would like to guess.

A ball of sock yarn goes to the best answer. (Note that I said the "best" answer, not the most accurate.) Knit event reporting will continue tomorrow when I can sit upright. I shall endeavor not to ts by avoiding modernist poetry until then.

Posted by Stephanie at April 24, 2006 3:08 PM