April 27, 2006

Spirit of the St. Louis knitters

Today's blog is brought to you by Yvonne. She's a knitter I met on the shuttle (sorry, no taxi) to the airport this morning as I was leaving the very green city of St. Louis.


She's knitting a dog coat at home (my ability to find knitters in random places is scaring even me) and was very interesting (trust me. You have to be gripping to hold my attention that early.) Yvonne is that special kind of saint on the earth known as the Urban Math Teacher. She's from Newark NJ, and if she's your kids teacher, boy are you lucky.

Last night, when I was at the St. Louis County Library, signing books and generally being overwhelmed, a very young and charming knitter (who had to go home to bed, bummer) gave me this:


So young and so wise. Madeline managed to sum up my whole evening in three words. Knit. Yarn. Fun. (Somebody get this kid a digital camera and a blog...)
You betcha. The St. Louis knitting guild throws a smashing knitting party. (As well as being terrifically interesting people. You should join. They aren't scary at all.)



The guild and the knitters knew what to expect. (We know about us) but the library kept looking at all of the people and you could practically see the thought bubbles over all their heads.
"Knitting, right?!? " The final headcount was 183 knitters in one place, and let me tell you, that's some powerful knit mojo. (I bet all those librarians woke up this morning with a fondness for yarn they can't explain.)
I met Erin and Karson. (Who despite some sort of stalkerish behavior have assured me that they are simply enthusiastic.)


The lovely Quantum Tea Alison. (I know. You're all jealous that I got to meet her.)




Who came in line after Alison and introuduced herself as "nobody important". (This appears to be code for "sadly-blogless" and I took her picture to assure her (however inaccurately) that bloggers are not taking over the world.) Not everybody has a secret identity, and I like it that way. She looks plenty important to me.



Jenn amused the living daylights out of me last year by sending the previous travelling sock a chunky black sock with "STAFF" embroidered on it. I laughed and laughed. A sock famous enough to need security. (Made sense. The sock already had little knitted groupies.)



Seen here with her smashing snowdrop shawl. (I am a big enough dork that I pointed out to her that I had written that pattern. "I know" she said. "Right" I said, and thought about running myself through with my knitting needles.)

Here's Jackie,


She was knitting an early knitty pattern from a Toronto Knitter. (These little bits of home really move me somehow. I didn't write the pattern, Knitty is Amy's brainchild, but everytime I see one of those patterns when I'm on the road my little Canadian heart puffs up a little. It's misguided, but true.)
and finally,


Who had a business card for her blog. I think that's pretty darned smart. Can you imagine how much easier it would be to explain to cab drivers why they need to hold the sock if I had a business card? I bet it would cut the number of funny looks in half.

After the knitting party, the guild took me back to one of the nicest shops I have ever seen. The Weaving Dept at Myers House and Barn. (Long name. Good shop. I saw a couple of looms and some coned yarn but that was all weaving had to do with it.) It's a big rambling shop in an old house, and they yarn is in all different rooms. (Bathroom by the sock yarn alcove.) I loved it. I loved it more when they brought out the blueberry cheesecake. I say again. If you want to have a great knitting party, you need the St. Louis knitting guild.


Finally, a public announcement.


Last night, at approximately 9:15 pm, this sock (Yarn tucked inside, magic loop technique) was discovered abandoned and alone in the parking lot of the Library. It was cowering, lonely and at risk of acquiring some dirt, but thankfully (because it is wool) it was not cold. It was rescued, and has been entrusted to the temporary but kindly care of Timothy (my stalwart chauffer and fine knitter) If you lost this sock, please contact Timothy (before he gets attached to it) so you can be re-united. Your very nice sock misses you.

PS. Suzanne? The Toblerone bar you gave me in Boston saved my life yesterday afternoon. I was starving, could find no food anywhere, couldn't work the stinking vending machine, considered dissolving completely and was absolutely consumed with affection for you when I discovered three fuzzy lint covered chocolate triangles in the bottom of my purse (you know how things get fuzzy in your purse?) and have never been happier to see any food.
Thank you. The cosmic purpose of the Harvard playing cards I received at the same time remains to be discovered.

PS again, I put the details for where I'll be in Lexington KY on Saturday on the tour page.

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