June 23, 2006

Out of words

Now, I try to be a lady, but there are those of you who have met me and will know that the length and breadth of my vocabulary is peppered with words of all kinds and expletives of an expansive and creative nature when they are called for and the company is right. Why, I've even been known to use crass words from other languages when my own is not sufficient, and can even string filth together if the situation is demanding enough. (A recent bad burn on my arm provoked a particularly gifted outburst.) Now, usually, since I have a respect for both words and my readers and because I feel that with proper thoughtfulness one can express oneself without risking a rating for "adult language" I keep the blog pretty clean. Not today. (Turn back now if you are overly sensitive, a small child (did you ask your mummy if you could be on this website?) impressionable or inclined to complain.)

This picture, this picture I'm about to show you stripped me of all of those lovely words, and my g-rating. It would seem that S.Kate, our intrepid lady of the comments got to thinking about a problem with her shawl and made a connection with the technique for dropping back cables that I showed a few days ago. Many people (S.Kate included, it would appear) wondered if the same technique used to correct one bad cable could be used to correct an isolated problem with a lace pattern.

S.Kate kept thinking...and then she emailed me this.



I boggled. I reeled. I tried to get ahold of myself, but the panic swelled up in me. I told her about this technique. She's a friend of mine. What have I gotten her into? What have I done! What has she done! (What if I can't stop using exclamation points!!) What will happen now! My eyes were sweating. My stomach cramped, I saw double and wondered if I should call her. What if the phone startled her? She's got to be pretty jumpy. If the phone gets her at a wrong moment I could compound my sins. I sat staring at the picture and I tried to figure out how she got into this and how she would get out and I thought about emailing her back and I opened my mouth and only two words would come out.

Holy shit.

Pardon my french. I'm going to go lie down. May the knitting muses cradle S.Kate in the palm of their hands.

Posted by Stephanie at June 23, 2006 5:27 PM