January 22, 2007


1. My youngest, Sam, has safely made it to Mexico on her babysitting/Hank helping gig with my sister. I am worried about this, this, and this. I am trying not to think about it, but I have also considered this and this.

2. I understand that it is a psychosis of motherhood that allows us to believe that our presence makes all situations safe. Intellectually I know that the fact that I am with my child is not enough to guarantee safety, but emotionally? Try me.

3. I have decided that since Erin is there and is responsible for Hank, that likely the same volcano preventing rules will apply. Also, Erin has a perfect parenting safety record.

4. Sam's email said that she "ate at a Mexican restaurant." I laughed for an hour.

5. The Sweet Sheep is selling yarn that has helps make money for Knitters without Borders.

6. In my internet travels this week I have found the cutest baby sweater ever. I understand that this reveals how far behind I am on reading Anny's blog and I am willing to suck it up, so cute is this sweater.

7. Remember these babies? Babies grow.


Their now knitting mother and I (She made a very good hat. I'm so proud.) took them to a new yarn shop in town this weekend. We totally got in the way and ate good cake and squeezed yarns and put babies on their floor and they took it all very well. (That's a sign of a good yarn shop.) My favourite part of the whole thing was Lily's reaction to the whirling swift. (Forgive the bad picture.)


She was beyond enthused. (That's exactly how I feel about my swift.)

8. I tried another fingerless mitt design of my own divining.


and I frogged it, accepted defeat and from among the billions of suggestions you guys gave me, I chose these. Ann's lovely Delicato mitts.

9. I think that all Ann does is sit by her computer waiting to do your bidding. I know this because I paypal-ed her the money for the pattern and it was in my inbox before I had a new cup of coffee. I don't know if you can expect the same service all the time, but I will try buying another pattern at 3am and report back to you how quick she is then.

10. I am pretty darned sure I have the right pattern now, though I might size it down a smidge.


Ann is very clear about the size that the Delicato mitts will turn out. It is me that has body issues and thinks I am much bigger than I am. I have a lot of trouble remembering my actual size. (This happens a lot with pants too. Apparently I'm way off about the size of my hands and completely deranged about my arse.)


11. Amber has done something darned handy and gathered all of the fingerless mitt suggestions in one place. Clever knitter. You can find it Here.

12. If you live in Toronto or the GTA you should get involved with this. It's really cold here, and Streetknit is on the right track.

That will be all. Move along.

Posted by Stephanie at January 22, 2007 8:46 PM