May 24, 2007

We will not be dicussing

That tomorrow is the Canadian Launch. We will be avoiding that topic very seriously (unless you really need to know something I haven't told you, in which case just let me know) and showing you very interesting and exciting things instead so that we don't talk about the very nerve wracking Launch.
Thing the first:


Megan's new haircut. It's all "my mother approves" from the front...


and "I'm a rebel who can still sort of get a summer job as long as I don't put my hair in a pony-tail" in the back.

Thing the second.


Keyboard Biologist graces our Knit Night all the way from Chicago. She is very nice. She held the sock. She went with me to The Big Fat Burrito. (Only Torontonians will know how good that is.) She has a very beautiful baby bump.


There is definitely someone very good in there. (The bump made her fit right in, since practically our whole Knit Night has had the nerve to get knocked up all at once.)

Exciting thing the third.


Swatchy was at the Knit Night. Noricum brought her/him/it, and I have to admit, I find her a better conversationalist than Swatchy, who's approach is...minimalist. I think it is so charming that Noricum is modelling a hat with all her dpns still in the top.

Exciting thing the fourth:


This tulip baby sweater from Dream in Color. I love it. I wouldn't ever have made it, since it calls for eight colours of the yarn and even I cannot justify $160 for a baby sweater, no matter how I try, but Megan kitted it with little wee balls,


and last night I fell down hard and swiped my credit card on the way to the ground. Enchanting, enchanting...enchanting. I'm going to see how much of it I can knit while I am not discussing the launch. Very busy.

(PS. If anybody who was not obsessing about a little rainbow sweater and not the launch wanted to go down to the Indigo tonight and see, very sort of secret spy like, how many people come for Justin and Colin...we could not discuss that too.)

Posted by Stephanie at May 24, 2007 4:49 PM