October 26, 2007

I'm not as smart as I look

- and I'm not sure I look all that smart right now. As I am some sort of slacker, when knitting commenced on the Sunrise Circle Jacket and I discovered that the yarn is a thousand times better/cleaner/softer having been washed before the knitting, I set to work and washed and dried three skeins worth. Then I started knitting. I knit and knit and last night I finished the left front. (It has all worked out exactly right, thanks for asking.)


and then triumphantly began the right sleeve/ front. (This jacket is a master work of engineering, right smack out of the genius brain of Kate Gilbert. One knits the sleeve, and at the same time as you begin the decreases for the raglan, the front starts to grow out of the armpit.


By the time you have the raglan decreased away, Lo - a whole front (that does not need to be sewn on ) has sprung fully formed from your needles. The woman's brain is a wonder, but I digress.)


In any event, so charmed have I been that I neglected to consider that knitting uses up yarn, and only this afternoon when I fished into my bag for another ball and came up with air, did I remember that I had really intended to wash more of the yarn before this moment came. Damn.


I've washed another skein now, but it's raining and the dampness surely means that I won't be working on this tonight. Rather than be disappointed in my inability to plan (at some point I guess I need to accept that this is a personality trait rather than an accident) I have decided to accept that this is a wonderful opportunity to rehash the failed socks from yesterday. ... or maybe a hat. Oh...what about mittens? I love mittens, and there was this blanket I liked, and I was going to make a lace scarf, I also bought this great yarn at Rhinebeck, and there's that sweater for Christmas I was thinking about...where did that kit go? Never mind. The socks. (Or the mittens... Or the hat....)

Maybe I should put that yarn in the oven to dry before this gets out of hand. Ever feel like your own brain set you up?

Posted by Stephanie at October 26, 2007 2:11 PM