November 19, 2007

At the speed of mud

I'm posting late because I had this big idea that if I did, then I would have the Sunrise Circle Jacket finished.


I'm unclear about what I thought was going to change between when I looked at it this morning and when I looked at it now, considering that I haven't had time to knit on it. Maybe it's just that I'm so close to done (12 little rows and a few seams) that I thought it might just take that leap itself... who knows. In any event those 12 rows apparently aren't going to knit themselves.

In an attempt not to be perfectly boring....I give you the following non-boring things.

1. Anny has this grand idea. Go. Read. Love.

2. Remember Jeremy? He had trouble with the sock at his last attempt, but clearly the knitter within him is speaking more clearly, since at his show opening on Saturday night he was a lot less dorky with the sock action.


See? Much better.

3. I'm almost done with the Knitters without Borders total. See it creeping up in the sidebar? I've still got about 280 emails to acknowledge, but I'm getting there. A few more days at most (Maybe Monday?) and I'll start giving out the latest round of Karmic balancing gifts.

4.I finished one sock.


It's not much, but it's all I've got for you. 12 rows and a date with a darning needle await me.

Posted by Stephanie at November 19, 2007 3:15 PM