December 4, 2007

Schedule Day 2

I am on fire with the schedule. Seriously ON FIRE. If this keeps up I will not suffer at all with the Christmas knitting. I am Blowing Through the schedule with an enthusiasm and dedication that is pleasing me to no end. I haven't had this much fun since Steve and Kathy said I could come and live in the back room of Webs when I get old. (Don't worry. I haven't told them yet - and I sort of think it's a moot point when we outnumber them this way...but I'm setting up the Webs Home for Aged and Vaguely Confused Knitters. We can all go. It will be lovely.)

Example of the way I am winning the Schedule War #1.

These are the socks that are job one on the schedule. According to Our Lady of the Extreme Organization, if I want to make this Christmas thing work, these need to be at the halfway point tomorrow around 6pm.


Look at that! Mwaha ha ha! That's more than halfway now! Now...when it's noon on Teusday....not 6pm on Wednesday! That puts me ahead on ITEM ONE. (For the record, Item one is The Embossed Leaves socks from Favorite Socks, 2.25mm needles, Lotus Yarns sock yarn in "Hydroponic".)

Example of the way I am winning the Schedule War #2

This is a super-sneaky-secret project that shall not be named here (except to call it Item #2) nor shall yee who have a guess reveal it in the comments. Yeah verily, we shall not speak of what this might be or who it may be for...but I shall revel in the truth that this is scheduled to be at the halfway point Sunday at midnight and dudes....


It is there now. This is the biggest project on my list, and the fact that it is ahead of schedule makes me want to weep with joy.

Example of the way I am winning the Schedule War #3

Item #3 is a pair of Dashing (Yarn is unknown and antiquated stash, all I can guarantee is that it is 100% wool.) and Lene suggests in the document which rules my life that I would be happiest if I were to have the first one completed by 8pm tomorrow.....


and I'm ahead on that too. That's a whole one, done like dinner.

Plus, before I even got to the schedule I finished these socks:


Which then didn't go onto the schedule thus making the schedule something that was sort of possible for a human to do. (STR Rocktober, Feather and Fan socks from Socks, Socks, Socks - except I changed the heel and toe)

I hate to gloat, because I know that anything even vaguely resembling a smirk is a signal for the knitting fates to punch me in the metaphorical face, but really...doesn't it seem to be going well? Every year when Lene embarks on the writing of the Christmas knitting schedule, she asks me how long I think things are going to take, and every year I tell her how long, and then I get screwed because I'm apparently unconnected with reality an eternal optimist. This year when Lene asked me how long it would take, I actually looked at how long it has taken in the past and applied that information. Do you see that? See what I did? I gleaned information from my previous experiences and and applied it in a way that will give me more success in the future. That my friends...that is the very definition of learning.

Seriously. My mother is going to be shocked. Neener neener.

Posted by Stephanie at December 4, 2007 11:46 AM