December 7, 2007


I recovered fairly well from the clothing incident yesterday ( what with these sorts of upsets being so frequent, I need to be good at coming back from them) and left triumphantly wearing a different wool skirt (the one that is a little narrower than my stride so that I can't walk very fast. I hate that one.) and the pair of stolen tights. I was feeling pretty good about the whole thing until I crossed my legs in the airport lounge and noticed that the stolen tights were navy blue, not black...but it was too late and I decided that if I tried hard I could compensate for tight colour with charm.... and that point, who cares.

Freaking out over skirts and pants ate up a chunk of Lene's knitting schedule for me, so I applied myself most diligently while I waited to board and finished the Embossed Leaves socks...seen here photographed in that most elegant of settings, a hotel room.


They don't fit me, which is something I shall be noting on the post it note I'll stick to the pattern. I have really little feet, and these would need to be knit on much smaller needles to come down small enough to fit me, but at pattern gauge they are going to fit the recipient (who has average womans feet) rather nicely.


Embossed Leaves socks from Favorite Socks, Lotus Yarns sock yarn in "Hydroponic".

While waiting for the plane to take off I started another pair of socks, but was thrown off the schedule by a hyper-vigilant flight attendant who felt that my needles posed a risk to others during take off and landing. There's no arguing with the people who run things (though I was tempted to show her the schedule and explain that Lene really hadn't figured on this) so I stowed them until the seatbelt light went off....but there went a chunk of knitting time on each end of the flight. I shall have to be superquick today to recover.


It will be easy, since I am so in love this yarn so much I want to marry it. I surprised myself when I bought this colourway, since this group of colours isn't usually my thing, but I love it. Adore it. Am charmed to the point of unreasonable behaviour by it. Last night at dinner I totally dorkified myself by forcing people who really don't care at all to admire it at some length. It's Duet Sock Yarn in Chocolate Crunch and I am totally, completely obsessed with it.


I haven't even got to the co-ordinating yarn for the heel yet. I expect it shall put me right over the edge. It's these little one row stripes that are making me so happy.... I am a simple woman.

Posted by Stephanie at December 7, 2007 11:25 AM