December 22, 2007

Put me out baby

....because I am ON FIRE.


See that? That's the WHOLE LEG of an argyle sock. The WHOLE THING. (My apologies for the Caps, I'm dreadfully excited.) From here, I only have to continue the intarsia down the centre half of the stitches, as the 1/4 on each side get set aside now to become the heel. When that centre triangle is complete, then I knit a heel and gussets on those stitches that are at either side, sew a seam up the back of the leg, and the rest is knit in the round, plain black, with no screwing around. I hate to say it...but this might just be possible. (Let us not focus on the other items in the queue which remain unfinished. One must have these moments of hope and glory in order to retain a festive feel to the process.) It all seems so possible.


Oh yeah. There might be a few ends to weave in.

Posted by Stephanie at December 22, 2007 4:48 PM