January 19, 2008

I have always said the cat was in on it



What ya doing? Taking a bath? I heard you tell Sam that you can't ever get a minute alone and you were coming up here before you "Freaked the frak out", so I thought that might be worth watching, you know? I don't know why you say you can't collect your thoughts because you're constantly invaded by others. You don't look that invaded. Sort of wet though. That your book?


Any good? How's the bath? Good too? Hello? Meow? C'mon. Don't make me claw your leg. I'm just here to find out if you are enjoying your alone time. Water nice?


That is nice. Warm and cozy on the tail. Tails are extremities....did you know that? Yup. Chilly house like this, gets sort of nippy on the tail. Feels great in the water though. Can I ask you a question? What exactly do you mean by "solitude". Are we having solitude now? I think I like how that sounds. Yeah....me and you. Solitude together. You know, this was totally worth getting up off that grey sweater for.

Hey! That's not nice. Do I tell you to "piss off"? No. No I don't. Sure, I mean, I can't talk, but even if I could I wouldn't ....... Holy cow. I'm disappointed in you. That was not a very ladylike thing to say. You talk to your kittens with that mouth? Fine. Fine.


Better? Now I'm sitting in the sink, just trying to watch you have your alone time. I AM out of the bath, just like you asked and now I'm just going to stare at you. For the record, I think it's really nice of me to supervise this. Thank heaven I know how to open doors. Why do you close them? Aren't you glad I'm here? ...
Whoa. I think you have an anger problem. "Shoo" is a really rude thing to say to me, especially since I let you stay here in my house. You're starting to really piss me off. I just came up here to watch you have your precious "alone time", and you don't even care that without me there would have been nobody with you. Seriously. How would that have been...eh? Eh? I swear that if I had opposable thumbs I would totally call PETA and get your non cat arse hauled out of my house. You're seriously insensitive. Seriously.

Actually? I can't even stand to look at you.


(Note: No. I didn't have my camera in the bath with me. Generally speaking, nothing bloggable happens in there, or ....at least nothing I would like to be bloggable. When the cat (Millie) got weird, I had Sam bring the camera up to me, thinking I'd get a cute picture of her peeking over the side. The rest was just crazy-dumb luck. That cat is odd as fish though.)

Posted by Stephanie at January 19, 2008 4:32 PM