September 28, 2008

Honk if you love That Laurie

It's That Laurie's birthday. If you don't know who That Laurie is, then you haven't been reading very long. That Laurie is a blogless wonder of a knitter, esteemed and clever to her very core, and the source of some of the very, very coolest guest posts ever written on this blog. That Laurie is a real source of knitterly genius in the world... and her name came about as a result of it. Laurie who? Laurie with the incredible shawl/sweater/roving/ yarn/socks.....
Oh right. THAT Laurie. Every time I see her she's wearing something incredible, or has something incredible to teach me or something incredible to show me. I invite you to take a minute today to peruse some of her genius (I have helpfully listed them for you so that you may revel freely in all that is That Laurie) and then dudes.....


Honk if you love That Laurie!

Feet Treat - in which we meet the wonder that is That Laurie's hand dyed, colour progression yarn.

The Wool House Presents: In which That Laurie begins to talk about how to dye colour progression roving.
The Wool House Presents Two: Combing and Dizzing. (See that? Until I met That Laurie, I thought dizzing was obscure.)
The Wool House Presents Three: To dye or not to dye
The Wool House Presents: Finale

Indigo Adventure: Part one - where That Laurie learns about indigo dying and so do we.
Indigo Part two
Mood Indigo: the third part.
Indigo Addendum: In which That Laurie answers questions and ties up loose ends.

She's Gone to Pieces: In which That Laurie starts thinking about stuff in bits.
Many Little Pieces
Piecework, part 3.

The Yokes on Me: In which That Laurie proves that it's good for us when she's obsessed.
The Rainbow Spiral: In which you wish you thought of that.
Yoking Around: or quiggling the spiral

That Laurie, I miss you!

(PS. There are six rows and the crochet cast off left on the shawl. I'm hysterical with joy.)

Posted by Stephanie at September 28, 2008 10:10 AM