December 1, 2008


I'm trying something new this year. Every year I worry about the Christmas stuff, and I try not to invite the planet to smack me for having confidence. I say "I hope I make it" and "Gee, it's going to be tough but I'm giving it a shot." and every year I get smacked anyway. The planet apparently hates a woosie-pants who doesn't have confidence. This year, my approach is going to be something else. This year, I'm putting it out there. I HAVE Christmas under control. I AM going to finish. It IS going to be something I get licked. The Christmas knitting IS NOT going to get the better of me this year. I repeat, I have it licked. I know that some of you think that this is inviting an arse-kicking, but considering that I get my arse kicked every year anyway, I figure that I might as well dwell in the happy place of delusion for as long as I can. To that end, I am still whipping out the knits in a knit-fate defying way.
See this?


A full pair of socks. Done. Off the list. A full pair of socks in only a couple of days. Hear that Knit-fates? See that? A whole pair of socks for Christmas and they are done and I put them on the pile with all those scarves and there is nothing you can do to undo them.


Yarn is "Muddy Autumn Rainbow" an exclusive STR sock club colour, Pattern "Holidazed" from Anne Hanson, also a STR sock club pattern. (It'll be available to the rest of the world next year. For now, it's sock club only.)


They're a little big for me, which is perfect since they aren't for me, although I love these enough that I'm bummed about that. One gift down - but wait! There's more! (Anybody else hear "it slices, it dices...." in the back of their head?)
I bought Laura's Just Enough Ruffles Scarf, and whammo! In the span of just a weekend...


(Quote from the photoshoot "Sam, try to smile like you don't resent your mother". Sam's answer?
"But I do resent my mother." Ahh, the joys of parenting teens. At least she's honest.)


Pattern: Just enough Ruffles, yarn, Beroco "Cuzco" 2 skeins in "Quenko Sky", though I didn't buy enough (simple math failure on my part, not a problem with the pattern) and needed to add another yarn for the INDETERMINABLE last few rows and cast off. I used Lorna's laces Shepherd Sock, in "Quadra Island" held double. It's a perfect match.


I'm supremely happy with it, and even happier that something else is off the list. See that knitting fates? ANOTHER ONE off the list and there's nothing you can do about it. Nothing. No matter what happens after this, you can't take the glory of this moment away. I've tried "not tempting fate" by cow-towing to your vindictive nature, I've tried not inviting your festive abuse in the past because you can't resist the smackdown, you immature and small minded holiday-achievement-haters. I've tried putting my expectations in the dumper and saying that I'll just do the best I can to avoid you seeking acrimonious revenge on me for my haughtiness - but this year? This year I'm not buying it. I know that I made a whole bunch of people nervous in my last post when I said "I have this Christmas thing SO licked" but what they don't understand is that I've tried to please you, I've tried to fly under the radar and not one year have you allowed me to finish my gifts on time - even though I've totally played it your way.

This year? This year I am going to drown you in my confidence. This year-you can bite me.

(Now if you'll excuse me, I'm just going to go make sure that my box of ornaments didn't just implode in the basement. I'm cocky, not stupid.)

Posted by Stephanie at December 1, 2008 1:04 PM