December 24, 2008

Eve of Victory

Good: I have finished the sweater.


Except: for the neckband, which really isn't a big whoop, and the fact that yesterday I totally lost whatever brain cells hadn't gone on strike yet and bought the wrong zipper for it. That means I have to walk back today, losing precious minutes to get the right zipper.

Good: It will very, very definitely be a white Christmas. This is my backyard before we got another 15cm.


Except: It's a little too white, and storm after storm has left the city really hard to get around. This will thwart some zipper efforts.

Good: We are all going to be together tonight for dinner.
Except: We have no groceries, and there is some debate about who is going to get them. There is reluctance all around (see above comment about whiteness) and the current consensus is that whomsoever leaves the house should do it, since they are "already out." I have a feeling that needing the zipper is going to mess with me.

Good: The penultimate scarf is almost done and I really think that if I finish knitting it tonight - then I can wash, block, dry (I have a radiator reserved for this purpose) and wrap it before tomorrow.


Except: It was supposed to be done yesterday which means I'm still seriously behind on the next scarf which has to be done the 28th. I'll worry about that tomorrow.

Good: We are done shopping.
Except: We have not wrapped anything.

Good: It is Christmas Eve.
Except: We have a lot to do.
Except: We are lucky to have the luxury of it.

Happy Christmas Eve to all of you. Don't stay up knitting too late. You don't want Santa to skip your house.

Posted by Stephanie at December 24, 2008 11:41 AM