February 19, 2009

Broken and Fixed

Broken: Idea to get teacher list for Sock Summit up yesterday.
Fixed: teacher list (mostly) now planning for tomorrow.
Broken: Sock Summit website.
Fixed: by Sock Summit website people who are killing themselves to make tomorrow happen.
Broken: Tina's sanity. (Mine snapped last week.)
Fixed: Mail server. (Everything goes at once. Makes me want to rip all my own hair out and eat it.)
Broken: idea that things can be done on my schedule regardless of how many other people are involved.
Fixed: concept that organizing this might have moments that are like trying to nail jello to a tree.
Broken: Dishwasher.
Fixed: Dishwasher! (I used vinegar and anger. Remarkably effective.)
Broken: Dishwasher. Damn.
Fixed: Budget. Damn.
Broken: Promise not to order pizza for a week.
Fixed: point at which my stress level triggers pizza order, apparently.
Broken: Idea to finish February Lady sweater last week.


Fixed: The problem of buttons for February Lady. Found some stunning ones at the Philosophers Wool booth at Madrona. Had them in my pocket ever since. They aren't just pretty... they feel good.
Broken: Card for my camera which was holding pictures (very limited in number) from Madrona hostage.
Fixed: apparently (again) only by my anger when I rammed into the card reader for the fourteenth time and called it a truly filthy name. It likes it rough, apparently. It then released the picture I wanted, which was this one.


James. He works at the desk at the Hotel Murano in Tacoma, he's a handsome devil, made only more attractive by his charm, his ability to get Tina into the hotel room she very adeptly locked herself out of in the wee hours, his willingness to discuss the politics of nuclear energy with Eugene, and his knitting. He's got friends in Toronto, and this one's for them. (He knit on my sweater a bit.)

Broken: Belief that I will ever finish that sweater.
Broken: Resolve to not eat chocolate as "appetizer" to ordered pizza.
Fixed: Despite my best efforts, the time- space relationship and the number of hours in a day. Would somebody do something about that?

Posted by Stephanie at February 19, 2009 3:52 PM