March 19, 2009

She can be taught

Dudes, I'm really pleased with myself, because I just caught little old me serving up a huge deep dish crazy pie and I actually stopped myself before I sat down and had a big piece.

See, on Monday, I was surfing around and saw this. My buddy Glenna has dreamed up a pair of Battlestar Galactica themed socks called Viper Pilots, and I was totally smitten with them. Completely and totally smitten. (I actually can't believe she didn't email me herself, but I'm letting go.) I can't be the only one impressed by them either, because pretty darned quickly I'd been notified by a bunch of other knitters about them, including Abbie. I tripped over myself all the way to the stash, and ripped out a skein of yarn I've been saving for a special occasion, wound it up and cackled about having perfect Colonial Fleet socks to anyone who would listen. (Joe renewed his belief that I am supremely nerdy, which really isn't bothering me, since I suppose it's obvious at this point.)

I had a skein of... wait, where the hell is the ball band? Oh, right. Crash into Ewe hand dyed sock yarn with real silver in it, in the colourway called "Diamonds at night". (The dyer appears to be currently off line for a show. Lurk about.)


I thought the colourway couldn't be better for space themed socks. See the little strands of silver? Like a starry sky, that's what this yarn is, so I bought Glenna's pattern and Tuesday I cast on, and gleefully phoned Rachel H. (who also said I was a big dork) and told her that I was --- and here's where the crazy pie comes in... I was going to finish them to wear them on Friday night for the Battlestar Galactica 2 hour series finale.

"Steph" Rachel H said (and she used that voice she uses whenever I have a plan that can't possibly work, which is rather often, now that I think of it.) "It's TUESDAY."

Now, I'm not really, really dim, just sort of moderately excitable, and I think that a lot of the time people underestimate me... so I'm used to explaining myself, so I did.

"Rachel" I said (using the voice I use when I think Rachel isn't understanding a crazy plan, which is rather often... now that I think about that too..) "The show is FRIDAY. It's just a pair of socks. I'll totally finish." Rachel sighed then, which can usually be interpreted loosely as "Ok wingnut, do what you want but I'm still right" (I wonder what it means that that comes up rather a lot too..) and reminded me what order the days of the week come in, then wished me luck. I have knit my brains out since then.


I knit them on the bus. I knit them at the DKC last night, I knit them when I got home, I've been knitting. I've been knitting and admiring the little Viper ships starting to line up, and imagining wearing these starry socks as I bid a final farewell to Starbuck and Odama and all my favourite Cylons. Only this morning when I saw really, where I was in these socks did it start to resonate that maybe Rachel was on to something with this "days of the week" thing. This is Thursday. Friday comes after Thursday.


Yeah. Crazy pie. Not eating it. Maybe I can wear one...

Posted by Stephanie at March 19, 2009 3:57 PM