May 26, 2009

We know

It's 10:05 PDT. We know. The traffic just crashed the server.

For (*&^%$#@'s sake. You would think that if you stay up all night testing something you could trust it.
Please stand by,

We're really sorry. We're upset too. We can't tell you how much we were assured this server was big enough. (Apparently there's a problem with "traffic handling" )There's a lot of geeks working really fast.

Again, Sorry. If it makes you feel better, we're in hell.

Edited to Add: This should be moving better, and we have our guy on speakerphone, and he keeps saying "Wow. This is amazing. Wow. This is incredible." Then he makes this weird little laugh and babbles, and laughs again. He's even got a nervous giggle. When he does that, then we all laugh sort of hysterically.

I think we're back on track.

Posted by Stephanie at May 26, 2009 1:09 PM