September 10, 2009

Still trying

If this one doesn't work I'm going to cry.

Edited to add:

I am never upgrading again. Never. I will be using the freaking software and computer that I have now when the rest of you have moved onto holographic bodysuits that search google when you twitch your nose, because this is not worth it.

I use a blog interface called Ecto, that I love deeply and madly, and months ago they issued an upgrade, so I waited a while (this is Joe's policy, he things that you should wait a bit for upgrades to be debugged before you install them) and then I installed it this morning, only to discover that it wasn't posting my entries, just the titles. (I discovered this after a really great mitten post went to the great big yarn store in the sky.)

Now, Holy mother of moth, after some hysterical investigation- searching and experimentation, it turns out that to make it work I have to not delete the space that Ecto is automatically generating at the beginning of the field where I type. That's right, it's generating an empty line at the beginning of the field, and if you hit backspace to delete it (because why wouldn't you - it's not a space you have asked for...) then without notifying you in any way that you've offended it, the system waits until you hit "publish" and then seeks revenge by promptly vomiting your entry into another dimension ... and then posts only the title, just to seriously piss you off.

If - on the other hand, you keep the space that it's created, then all will be well, and the many great features of Ecto that I've been devoted to all these years work like a charm.

That seems ridiculously buggy to me and while I don't understand why that space is there or why it is now the single most important thing in my blog... it seems to me like software you buy and pay for shouldn't have something like this going down, and I'll be telling them so -rather firmly, politely and immediately. Remembering not to delete a space (by accident- or on purpose) that I don't want is silly (and I'll never remember) and more than that, and most infuriatingly, it looks like Ecto can no longer even SAVE your post if you delete that space - and I'm filled with a burning and bitter resentment that it's not my settings or anything that's wrong (because setting it up wrong would be my fault) - or not even some sort of mistake on my part (because mistakes are totally my fault too) but instead, I lost a whole big post, even though I installed this right (miracle #1) set it up right (miracle #2) and even remembered to hit "save" (miracle #3) which is supposed to be the little keyboard tick that saves all incompetents.

Seriously. This is not an upgrade. An upgrade is supposed to be better, not screw up your mitten posts and steal an afternoon. I'm never knitting the ecto people socks. (Unless they fix this and say they're sorry or it turns out to be my fault or something- although to be fair, it looks like I'm not the only one having the problem.) In any event this whole thing has totally harshed on my mellow.

I'm going to knit something. Upgrade my arse.

Posted by Stephanie at September 10, 2009 3:54 PM