November 9, 2009

All Sparkles All The Time

I don't  really know what came over me when it came to this sparkle yarn, but I'm a smidge obsessed. (I know.  It's so unlike me.) It came into our local shop a few weeks ago, just one skein in each colour, and the competition was immediately stiff.  (If by "stiff" you understand that a group of people who love and care for each other a great deal were inexplicably reduced to hoarding and hiding skeins within minutes.) That day I only scored one skein (I could have done better, but refused to lower myself to do what it would have taken) and I've been very busy knitting it up into a pair of sparkly Chinatown Apple Nutkins,

although it doesn't really look a lot like Nutkins because I mirrored each alternate cable, but in my heart it's a Nutkin none the less.  

The sparkles, as much as you wouldn't expect them to move the heart of this hippy-crunchy-natural fibre, vegetarian pacifist's hear... do indeed move me, and I can't get enough,

which might explain why when Megan got in more of the sparkly yarn, I immediately scooped up a skein of the white with silver.  (I would have scooped two, but you should ask Rachel H how low she's willing to go to protect her own sparkle yarn interests.) Another skein was found at another shop, and now I have two, which is totally enough for a scarf.  (I do have dibs on Denny's leftovers for mittens too, should this obsession not run itself out in two skeins worth.) 

As soon as I saw the glittery white, all I could think of was snow. The way that fresh extra cold snow glitters like adamantine crystals, and a little idea that has consumed my weekend was born.  There have been swatches knit, charts made and wild imaginings of swathes of glittering snowflakes wrapped 'round necks.

I'm trying, with varying degrees of success to convince myself to end one sparkly affair before taking up with another and finish the Nutkin socks, but I ask you.  Who could resist the promise of a sparkly snowflake scarf?

PS: Megan did kit up the Pretty Thing pattern and half skeins of Mooi and she has them at Lettuce Knit in several colours.  Rumour has it that they're $30 CDN.  She ships.

PPS: For anyone in the neighbourhood, the tiny little market (Blue Moon Fiber Arts and Carolina Homespun) that's present at our retreat in Port Ludlow will be open to the public from 1:30 till 6:30 this coming Saturday.  Maybe we'll see ya.

Posted by Stephanie at November 9, 2009 3:28 PM