February 5, 2010


This here, would be the knitting-packing that I'm doing for leaving tomorrow.  \

The bag on the left would be the Bohus, which seems to me like it's perfect travel project... once I'm settled. 

(I have a sock for the plane, because juggling 14 little balls of yarn and a chart seems like a bit much.)  On the right though, is a pretty awesome bag full of fun, or I hope it will be.  I've decided to take Rachel H's comment to heart.  When I was pondering whether or not the Knitting Olympics were something I wanted to do/host this year, she said this:

So here's what I'm thinking. I enjoy Ravelry a great deal and think highly of the nice people who run it. And sure it's a great venue for large group participation. No question. I know of groups using the Ravelympics as an opportunity to set up teams for spinning challenges, crochet challenges, all sorts of challenges.

But. The Knitting Olympics is The Knitting Olympics. An event that you conceived that takes place every for years in conjunction with the Winter Olympics. My first opportunity to call you up regularly to wonder what the hell you'd gotten me into. I have a whole whack of special memories associated with the first one. I got my first cardigan, a cardigan I love out of the first one, albeit not by the time the torch was extinguished.

It seems I've developed a taste for (and a lot of practice with) asking you what the hell you've gotten me into, so when the Olympic torch is lit in Vancouver I shall cast on as a Knitting Olympian. I'm gonna come here and let you now how I'm doing with my Olympic project (whatever it is) a whole lot. And I'm really hoping that whether you decide to make it official and track it for anyone else or not (because I am the last person who wants to add to your workload), you re-post January 14, 2006 (except for the choice of sweater, no matter how appealing it is to set a challenge knit with the word 'danger' in the pattern name) set and lead an Olympic challenge and invite others to join in the madness here.

So that, my friends is pretty much what I am going to do.  In that bag is my sweater.  I'm going to re-post the original challenge (found here) and on February 12th, I am going to start Whistler. 

A Dale of Norway Olympic sweater from a few years ago, because darn it, it has a big honking maple leaf on it, and they're going to be skiing at Whistler at these Olympics and I'm just so proud that it's my fantastic country that will be showing the world a good time, because dudes.  We. Know. Winter.

I can't figure out for the life of me how I could find the time to list all your names on a page like I did last time, but it has occurred to me that in this day and age there is an excellent chance that a knitter reading this is just geeky enough to help with some sort of auto-script thingie where y'all could enter your own stuff and get listed.  Cool?  I think so.  If you're my geek, speak up - I'd love the help.  I'm hoping some of the usual suspects will turn up, and one of the usual suspects already has.  I've spoken with the esteemed Mr. Franklin Habit, and he'll be providing us with a kick-arse medal, just like the last time. Feel free to drop by that link and thank or encourage him. (This is because he is pretty much made of seven sorts of awesome.  As is his book .  Just saying. For the record, he has not promised an awesome nekkid' guy like last the previous medal but we can all hope.)

So that's it.  Game on.  Who's in?

Posted by Stephanie at February 5, 2010 4:48 PM