February 10, 2010

Three Things

1. I finished the yoke on the Wild Apple and am now on to the miles and miles of mindless stockinette.  It's a nice change, but I miss the colours already.

At least I have the yoke to pet and admire as I go.

2. I keep forgetting to tell you that I'm signing at Madrona in Tacoma this Friday from 5-6 in the Pavillion Rotunda at the Hotel Murano (thats where the conference is).  There's an awesome marketplace that's open to the public too, so if you're in the neighbourhood, please stop by and say hello. I'm not sure who's selling my books in the marketplace, so I think it's BYOB. (Bring your own books.)

3. David, who is as clever as he is handsome, is getting together a sign-up sheet for the Knitting Olympics that we'll put up later.  I'm grateful for his help, and this is almost enough to have me forgive him for the thong he knit me a few years ago. (Long story.)  When we put it up this evening, you'll be able to add your name, project and link and be on the official knitting athletes list.  David's just putting the last little polish on it, it shall arrive here shortly, please do visit back to add yourself. The rules (such as they are) and the button (such as it is) will go up the too.

Posted by Stephanie at February 10, 2010 5:21 PM