June 29, 2010


As suspected, I'm still knitting the Summer in Kansas shawl. I finished the edging last night, which one would think might finish the thing, but nope. This shawl is just one big series of finished parts that don't finish the whole.

A quick bit of math revealed why the edge took so long. Each repeat is 17 stitches wide and ten rows long, so each point took 170 stitches to accomplish. There are 89 points.  89 X 170 = 15 130.  Yup. More than 15 thousand stitches in the edge alone.  That took a while, but last night I finished.  Done? Nope.

The next instruction was to knit across the 17 edge stitches, then pick up each yarn over running along the top of the shawl and knit and purl into each one.

Then I carefully unpicked the provisional cast on at the start of the edging, and knit across those 17.  That gave me a grand total of 360 live stitches to be cast off, but wait, there's more.

The cast off for this top creates charming little points by, you guessed it.  Casting on then off two extra stitches every two stitches.

I'm not even thinking about how many that turns the 360 into, and even if you're the mathematically proficient type, I'd rather you didn't tell me how many it is, because my gut instinct tells me that casting on two and then off two every two?  
I think it's infinite.

Posted by Stephanie at June 29, 2010 3:09 PM