August 20, 2010


The universe seeks balance.  I say that all the time, and over and over it's proven to me.  Here I am, just days after a sock practically knit itself in a day, and all I have to show for myself is almost nothing of the next one.

This sock and I don't knit with each other, we just go to meetings.  Since I'm only here for a week (which is really 5 days, if you count a day for travel each way) Tina and I booked meetings with all of the Sock Summit 2011 contacts while I'm here.  All of them. 

This sock has been to meetings at the convention centre - we were there two days in a row, it's been to meetings with the people who provide all the tables and drapes and chairs for the marketplace, it's had a conversation about switching all our signs from foam core (can't recycle) to new neat cardboard stuff  that we can....  it's discussed what rooms to have where, been with Tina and I while we scribble on little maps of big rooms, and it was there when we talked about how many teachers and vendors we can have, and today it's going to the graphics people, the bank, the accountant and the database people.  It's a big list. This part of planning SS11 is super intense and weird.  Tina and I both feel like making decisions now for how things will roll out a year from now is both bizarre and scary.  When we're not in meetings, we're either buying bristol board, sharpies and post-its, or we're using them.

It's also though, if you can get past the part where you're a little bogged down with decisions about chairs and contracts about signs - the coolest part.  This is the part where we dream, where we think about what could happen, how to make it happen, and we wonder what we could try... If you're just making a plan, your plan could be anything... right? You could have any kind of Sock Conference you want.

There's a whole lot going on- just not a lot of sock knitting and my little sock goes to meeting after meeting, where it sits sadly on the table with Tina's sock, and they consider the irony.

Posted by Stephanie at August 20, 2010 11:16 AM