December 10, 2010


It has been pointed out to me a couple of thousand times in my life that I might be a little bit picky - or a smidge of a perfectionist.  Mostly I don't mind this - partly because I don't think of it as being picky, I think of it as having really high standards and being precise about what I like - and partly because my perfectionism is mostly directed at my knitting and not at stuff with feelings.  It's not like I stand around screaming "You're not living up to my expectations and you're on your way out of here" to my  children.  Just my socks.

In any case, when it comes to knitting I am sort of picky, and so when I decided to make a big circle scarf, I knew exactly how it should be.  It should be very, very warm, because winter here is very, very cold.  It should be very soft and smooshy, because it's going to be against the wearers neck and face, and it should be versatile. You should be able to use it lots of ways.  I also wanted it to be fast and easy to knit, and... here's the big one.  Completely reversible.

I feel like if both sides of a knitted thing are going to be showing while you're wearing it, then both sides should at least look like they go together, and really, that's the minimum. 

This scarf fit the bill perfectly, and met all my picky criteria.  It's warm (it's Misti Alpaca Chunky - how could it not be?) It was fast and easy to knit, and it's super versatile.  

Natalie modelled it this morning for me, and she put it on every way we could think of  (Her motivation was high.  It's was rather cold out.)  Every way she wore it, it was perfect.  Doubled, tripled, over her head, like a scarf... cozy, warm and good looking. I love it.  I'm totally happy with it, and I feel like it's perfect.  

There's no right side, no wrong side, it looks the same no matter what you do with it, which is precisely what I wanted for it to be perfect.

I can tell it probably is perfect too.. because while I was taking it's picture...

Perfect snow fell on it perfectly.

Posted by Stephanie at December 10, 2010 1:27 PM