January 5, 2011

Random Wednesday

For some reason it's usually Mondays that are random, but it turns out that this week it's Wednesday that has that all over it, and that's pretty random, so I'm sticking with it.

1. I frequently wish I had a photocopier.

2. I think that if I wasn't a knitter, I wouldn't wish for a photocopier.

3. I only ever use a photocopier to copy patterns out of my knitting books, because I don't like hauling around/spilling coffee on/writing in/crumpling my patterns.  (While photocopying patterns/books is sometimes a copyright infringement, the law allows you to make a copy of a pattern you own for personal use.)

4. Even though I've chosen all the patterns and yarns, I don't have my Self-Imposed-Sock-Of-The-Month-Club set up yet because I have to go to the corner store and use their photocopier to do it, and somehow that seems too complicated this week. 

5. I have a lot of fennel in my fridge, and for the life of me I can't remember what I was so enthusiastic about that demanded this much.

6. I'm working on a new sweater.

7. A while ago, Andrea and I started a little knit-a-long  (just the two of us) that totally landed in the dumper.  We both turned out to dislike our first choice, and after we admitted it, we chose another one. 

8. It took several hours and a lot of coffee, but we picked The Acer Cardigan.

9. We are just knitting it at the same time sort of casually ... not racing.

10. If we were racing though, I would be winning. 

11. We're not though.

Posted by Stephanie at January 5, 2011 2:25 PM