January 25, 2011

Sock in the City

Vogue Knitting live is finished, and I don't think that I could sum up the whole thing, so let's go random Monday on it.  (It is Monday- right?)

1.  I did a booksigning at Barnes and Noble when I got to New York.  I checked into my hotel and tried to figure out what to wear and then went downstairs to get in the car and the next thing I know I'm in a car with Nicky Epstein and Debbie Bliss and they are both funny and bright and the whole time I was in the car all I could think was  "Wow, I'm in a car with Nicky Epstein and Debbie Bliss". It was sort of surreal.

2. At the booksigning, I met Nicole who knit a beautiful version of the snowdrop shawl and brought me the best cannolis I have ever eaten. She was lovely.

3. Also at the booksigning was Melissa, who had me sign her knitting journal, and it was an incredible experience. You know how all knitting teachers/books are always going on about what a great idea it would be if you had a knitting journal, where you kept notes about your projects? You know, a page or two where you keep track of what yarn you used, maybe stapled in the ball band, a swatch, a picture of the finished thing, a little bit of the yarn and some notes about how you did what? You know how we all agree that would be awesome, and some of us even buy knitting journals, but none of us really write in them more than once or twice before the habit falls off?

Melissa does it. All the time.  It was wild.  Like meeting a unicorn or something.

4. Debby Bliss held my sock.

5. Nicky Epstein held my sock.

6. Vickie Howell held my sock.

7. Debbie Macomber held my sock, and talked about reading my blog.  I don't remember anything after that because I couldn't think with all that blood rushing around in my head.

8. Iris Schreier held my sock, and then gave me some really beautiful and interesting yarn.   I liked her.  (Probably would have liked her even without the yarn, but I have to tell you that it helped.)

9. I'm almost done with my January socks.

10. That's good because I'm obsessed with the yarn that Iris gave me. It's cashmere sock.  I can't stop thinking about it.

11. It snowed while I was in NYC, but it turned to slush really fast.  I know it's a pain in the arse for New Yorkers, but it was really beautiful. The January Socks loved it.  (In as much as an inanimate object loves anything.  I may have been projecting.)

12. Teaching at VKL was pretty awesome, but dudes.  Busy. Crazy busy.  Whole days full, morning to night.  Great students.  Sore feet. Big fun.  Major exhaustion - which must explain the camnesia that I suffered. These are really all the pictures I have.

13. I went to dinner with Clara and we showed the sock Times Square.

14. I bought exactly one yarn in the Marketplace.  It was from Solitude, and I couldn't help it.

15.  I like to think that it was a moral victory that I didn't buy more, but really, I just didn't have time.

16. After Vogue Knitting Live I was spaced out and exhausted, and Ms. Toomuchwool and I went to my absolute favourite restaurant in New York. 

17.  That's HanGawi, and I'm sort of sorry I told you that, because now it's going to be even harder to get a reservation.  I love it there, and it's the spiritual opposite of being in the Hilton for three days, no matter how good a time you had there.

18. After that, which was really the icing on the top of a very knitterly 4 days, I took the train to Juno's house.

19. We're knitting.

20. Last night we went to yoga, and there was a knitter there.  That meant there were three knitters at yoga, which makes me feel like we're everywhere and slowly taking over, which I had sort of suspected after the Vogue thing. 

Posted by Stephanie at January 25, 2011 12:37 PM