May 9, 2011


This morning I made a mistake.  After a really challenging week that included a transcontinental flight, leaving the family, launching registration, getting through an absolutely wild number of emails about registration, another transcontinental flight and then putting the family back together... this morning I had an appointment that didn't go my way and I briefly felt crappy.  It was very brief, because seconds later I realized that I was riding my bike home in the sunshine and not wearing a stinking winter coat and the thrill that is spring just came over me. When I got to spot where I should have turned for home, I turned the other way and rode into High Park, where the cherry trees are in bloom.. 

It is beautiful. 

There are crazy crowds, even on a Monday morning.  Yesterday when Ken went, he said that the crowds initially bugged him, then he realized that there really should be a million people in the park, because the trees deserve the attention for the effort.

If you live in the city, leave wherever you are now and go to the park.  Tell your boss you're sick. Tell your kids to get on their bikes or on the subway and go. 

Go now, because this will only last another day or two, and the pictures here don't even begin to do it justice. Not even a little bit. 

When you're there, you can smell it, and it knocks all the bitterness off of a crazy long, cold winter.  It's made even more beautiful by the fact that the other trees aren't really out yet - so the cherry trees are the sole stars of the show.

I got off my bike and walked a big loop of the park, stopping only to take a picture of the Jacob Damask shawl in progress...

It's going very well, thanks for asking.

Then I rode home- filled with one perfect thought. 

There's no way it's going to snow again... Maybe ever.
Happy Spring.

Posted by Stephanie at May 9, 2011 2:48 PM