December 9, 2011

Expletive Deleted

That Christmas sweater? Yeah. I gave it a few hours last night and this morning I had 16cm, which is behind schedule, but still a good haul.


Rip-o-rama.  This isn't going well at all.


Gifts for Knitters, Day 9

Dear Non-Knitter who loves a Knitter,

Today's gift is the gift of organization.  I bet, if you share your home with a knitter, that you have noticed that they have a lot of needles, darning needles, gauges, all manner of bits and bobs.  I bet too that at least once, as you noticed the proliferation of said items, that you wondered if your knitter really needs that many needles.  The answer is yes, and the reasons are way, way to complex to explain to someone who's never decided to knit a sweater on 4mm needles only to discover that their other three pairs are already in projects. (I know, now you're wondering why a knitter would have three other projects in progress, but trust me. It's just the nature of the beast.)  The point is that it is normal and important for your knitter to have a lot of stuff that goes along with knitting, and if they do have a lot of unmanaged stuff, you can bet that a gift of containment would please them.  To figure out if your knitter would like to contain tools,  look for these signs.

1. Does your knitter have a drawer/box/area  needles that resembles a nest of spikes?  Do they ever use language unbecoming a knitter whilst navigating this pile?

2.  Does your knitter ever seem upset while sorting through a pile of pointy things and scream about something called a "needle gauge?"

3. Has your tearful knitter ever told you that you don't understand their pain, and that they really, really need a darning needle?

4. Has your knitter ever suggested to you that you should leave a social engagement or location because they don't have the particular needle/object that they need to continue a project, and are therefore "screwed"?

5. Has anyone in your family ever attempted to extricate something (even an knitting needle) from a container of knitting needles while thinking that there has to be a better way?

If you answered yes to two or more of these questions, your knitter might enjoy having a needle/tool/organizing case.  There's lots of them.  Della Q makes a beautiful cloth case that holds DPNs (the short sticks with points on both ends) and circulars (two spikes connected by a cord.) It holds a lot of them too, and the pockets are numbered, which means less (not none) screaming about gauges.  This is a great answer for a messy drawer of needles. They've also got a great hanging case for if your knitter mostly has circular needles, and I've got this one by The Circular Solution, and that's made sense of a bad scene.

I own several needle rolls, and if you haven't seen one of these in your house, it might be a great thing. Lantern Moon has a funky one for straight needles, and another for circulars or DPNs and straightsDig all these gorgeous ones on Etsy. (Personally, I don't own, but am digging most everything from Lena Brown.)   (Pro tip: if you're a sewer who loves a knitter, you could make one.)

I have to say though, that I'm grooving pretty hard on the brand spanking new Jordana Paige Tool Case.  Like their bags, it's classy, and for knitters who knit a lot away from home, I think it's a good idea.  I do knit a lot away from home (which is probably why the nice lady there thought to send me one, very kind of her) and I can see this solving a bunch of problems.  It's pretty big - but not so big that I can't see it fitting in my knitting bag, it's made of vegan leather (not that I'm opposed to leather, but your knitter might be) and that means that needles won't poke through it. It's got a bunch of pockets that would hold circular needles, and has little windows to put a label in, so that you can see which one is which, and that reduces a lot of problems for me.  (I don't know about your knitter, but on a bunch of my needles, the size marking wore off.) It's got several other zippered pockets and spots to keep other tools (along with a wee one to put stitch markers and darning needles in) and slots for DPNs or scissors.   I think I could easily pack a whole book tour's knitting tool needs in there, and I can only see two drawbacks to it.  First, that it won't hold straight needles, so for a big fan like me, it means I'll still be trucking a needle roll, and second, that the promo stuff claims that if you get one, you can "carry your entire needle collection with you" and for knitters like me, that's not true....Nobody's made the case yet that will hold what I've collected.

Think all these options over - because almost all knitters struggle with containment issues and remember, if you're on a tight gift budget, a box of large ziplocks, or container like this storage box, or this one, or even an inexpensive tackle box or tool box could help make sense of your knitters stuff. Take a couple of needles from their collection to the hardware store and see what you can do, and if all else fails, I bet some knitters will tell you what they like and I missed in the comments. 

Posted by Stephanie at December 9, 2011 2:56 PM