May 2, 2012

Things I learned this week

1. If you teach your kids to knit, someday when they are 20 years old and they move you will experience the irony of having to carry their stash.

2. Megan labels boxes in a really great way. 

3. I'm giving my "This is Your Brain on Knitting Talk" on Friday night in Sarnia:  7pm, Quality Inn, Christina St N,  in “Winterbrooke Hall” put on by Feather Your Nest. Calling them will get you all the details you need I think - if you wanted to come, that is.  

4. If you get up and eat your regular breakfast, and then do something highly irregular (like right your bike 20k as fast as you can) then when you are done you will feel absolutely craptastic, until you eat something, feel instantly better, and remember that humans use food as fuel.  Duh.

5. If one time when you're talking to your knitter sister-in-law, and tell her that you don't mind doing the making up on knitting, it's really only a matter of time until she drops a baby sweater off at your house in chunks, and then leaves for Madagascar.

I've got to sew this up for Luis before he outgrows her efforts.

6. It is really a lot easier to sew up a sweater if you have the pattern.

7. The border rows on the Color Affection/Infliction/Infection/Addiction are really long. 

8. Those long border rows do nothing to make me like it less though.  Already thinking about another one. 

9. I still enjoy pizza as much as I ever have.

10. If you start arranging your June Retreat at Port Ludlow right after coming back from your April Retreat at Port Ludlow then some people who work at Port Ludlow will think you're trying to move there. Which you might be. Just in a really sneaky way. (More on that tomorrow, I think.)

11. I am never going to like my new washing machine as much as I loved Sir Washie. 

Posted by Stephanie at May 2, 2012 1:19 PM