June 6, 2012

This time it could happen

I'm leaving in about 20 minutes, so I'm lining up the knits for the next week of Squam.  There's a 10 hour drive that Jen's tackling (if baby Marlowe agrees - Marlowe may want me to drive) and then all the lovely evenings by the fire, and that makes me think I need a lot of knitting. 
I have Omelet to finish - but there's just one more chart to go, and I have Amiga, the sweater I was going to wear to Squam - and I guess I still could... 10 hours is  a long time in the car, and then I have a sock, just for emergencies.

That's lots of knitting.  That's a ton of knitting, but there's something about a road trip that makes me feel like there's not enough yarn in the world.  Like today, miraculously, I'll knit faster than I ever have before, and be wearing Amiga and casting off Omelet by lunch today, and then I'll have nothing, nothing I tell you.  (Never mind the fact that I know there's lots of yarn at Squam. You could no sooner run out there than you could dehydrate in a pool.)
So here I am, rushing around like a lunatic when I should be drinking coffee, trying to put half the stash in my purse, because today I have 10 hours to knit, and that seems like so much - that even though I know exactly what I can get done in 10 hours and it's way less than this... because today feels like magic, and I'm going to need a lot of yarn.

Posted by Stephanie at June 6, 2012 6:16 AM