November 15, 2012

Warm Hands

I arrived at Port Ludlow after a long trip during which I endured, you will recall, a knitting shortage. I played with my scraps all the way here, and upon arrival I was in hard knitting shape.  Lucky for me, rescue was literally at hand.  Shortly after we got here, Tina and I began opening the boxes of delicious things destined for the goodie bags, and amongst all the amazing treats inside the boxes was a great thing from Shall We Knit. (The irony that I flew all the way here short of yarn and was then rescued by a shop no more than two hours from my house is not lost on me.) 

Inside a box were little kits for fingerless mitts called Ellie, all packaged up with yarn from Indigodragonfly a pattern from the shop, and (be still my beating heart) little glass buttons from Closure Fine Fastenings. (Not open yet, but coming soon.)  I borrowed needles from Lisa, and enchanted, I began.

It didn't take long. It was the only knitting I had with me, and more than that... I was cold.  Cold hands, cold feet - I was under-prepared for the deep damp chill of the Pacific Northwest this time of year.  It doesn't get cold here, not by Canadian standards, but it is a committed and fierce sort of chilly that gets right into you and can only be relieved with warm baths, hot tea and woolly things.  These are perfect. 

I think out of all the things I like about them, the buttons are what put it over the top.

When I finished them I felt that smug satisfaction that comes from knitting something. I always want to thump my chest and hold the things aloft, and boom "I made this.  Hear me - I am knitter, and these things exist because I am here! I am a CREATOR."

That's normal, but these took on a whole other level when I sewed those dear little glass buttons on.  It made them finished, and posh, and clever.

Perfect - and my hands are warm.

(PS. I solved the yarn problem after that by buying a crapton of bison from Judith.  Done, and if I was clever I would have thought of abandoning my knitting sooner to justify it.)

(PPS: Edited to add link to the pattern Ellie, and to tell you that there are no kits, but you can get the yarn and buttons from Shall We Knit.)

Posted by Stephanie at November 15, 2012 4:33 PM