May 29, 2013

So cute they are dangerous*

Oh, look.

Can you stand it? I mean, can you even for a little tiny minute, just stand how completely cute these are? Oh, wait, did you feel that little pain? That tiny cramp some of you felt in your side? That was ovulation, because my friends, that is just how cute these are. They cause spontaneous ovulation. (If you're a male knitter, steady on, and be careful. I have no idea what this level of darling little wee-ness might do to you.)

I think it's safe to say that I found my perfect yarn for this project.  I think it's fuzzy enough to be cozy, but not so fuzzy that it will make a baby look like they are dressed up like an angora rabbit. (Although I almost just fainted thinking of how cute that would be.  Sorry. I'm okay now. It was a moment. The urge to dress human infants as fibre bearing animals has almost evaporated... leaving only the tiniest urge to knit sheep shaped booties in its wake. I'll be all right.)  Not only am I perfectly and happily in love with this yarn and these booties, this morning when I chose little buttons to sew on, I actually thought ahead five minutes and chose buttons that I had several of. That way, when I go ahead and make more of this yarn, and knit the little sweater that goes along with this (I can see it in my head, heavens to merino it is perfect, bloody perfect) I will be able to put matching buttons on that and have a SET.

Oh man.  Maybe I will make a bonnet too.  Damn. That's cute.

Several of you guessed yesterday that these booties are from Simple Knits for Cherished Babies, and no.. they aren't, but couldn't they be? I looked up the pattern after seeing the comments, and they're so close as to not matter. It's a classic little shoe shape. You can also find it in 50 Baby Bootees to Knit, and in Easy Knits and The Baby Knits Book and... you get the idea. I don't know how it got into my head, but there it was.  Charming little pattern, and knits up in a snap, so be careful there too, it's easy to get stuck in a bootie loop where you end up knitting a truckload of the things.

* Maternal or paternal feelings inspired by extreme cuteness and tiny soft clothing is normal. It is important to remember however,  that babies are only cute for a little while, and that these booties will only fit them for about fifteen minutes, and then that soft and sweet little darling thing will spend the next twenty years making you wonder what you were thinking.  It's like the way kittens are so really, really cute, but then they grow up, claw the sh*t out of your chesterfield and pee on your coat because it fell of the hook.  Don't fall for it.

Posted by Stephanie at May 29, 2013 10:33 AM