June 7, 2013

A Peek

There's some top notch yarnbombing going on here at Squam. It's the best kind - welcome, invited and put up with a commitment to remove it all when the yarn people go - which is lovely, because this is not our place and I'd hate for us to be thought of as people doing some sort of unwelcome yarn graffiti that pissed anyone off. 
I'm glad there's respect for property in this, but on some level, I just can't believe that all of this will be taken down...

because if I owned this joint...

I'd want it all forever. 

Everywhere you look, another wee bit of knitter art peeks out at you.

Big things.

Little things.

Things you don't think are yarn at first.

I love it.

You know what else I love? These stitch markers. 

Amy in Michigan sent them to me, to be Karmic Balancing gifts.  I've paired them with lovely yarn from my stash, and I have them with me at Squam.  To save shipping, here's how I'm going to give them away. I'll be at the Art Fair tomorrow night (it's open to the public) and the first five people who find me and tell me they're a bike rally donor - they get a present.  Code phrase "the knitter casts off at midnight."

(I'm just kidding about the code phrase.  Sort of.)

Posted by Stephanie at June 7, 2013 11:31 AM