Strung Along Retreats

Strung Along Retreats take place several times a year (almost always Spring, June and November) and provide a unique opportunity for knitters (and usually spinners) to indulge their interests and have an opportunity to fill their creative wells to the brim.  We have wonderful themes and great teachers.  We hold them at The Resort at Port Ludlow, and all the rooms have soaker/jacuzzi tubs and fireplaces, and all the food is about as far from regular hotel fare as you can get.

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We work with the Resort’s executive chef on menus you’ll love, add optional wine flights and make sure it’s a knitterly event to remember. We’re really proud of these retreats, and we work hard to make sure they’re a relaxing, fun and gorgeous treat for knitters and spinners.

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For 2020, our retreats are:

March 20th to 23rd: Our theme is the letter “E”, and this retreat has both knitting and spinning.  (You don’t need to be a good spinner, and this retreat is appropriate for newer spinners,  but you should be able to spin a continuous thread. It doesn’t have to be an even one.) Judith, Debbi and Stephanie will focus on Everything they can Envision Emerging from E. We’ll have Entrelac, Embroidery (on knitting) Edgings, Embellishment and… in the spinning classroom, Judith will work on… Everything. (We imagine she’s thinking here of blends, but with Judith, you never know what Engaging and Enlightening Education she’ll Embark on.)

Note: At this retreat, we have two bonus Workshops.  You can come just to the one of the workshops, or you can add it on to your retreat.  We’ve got one for spinners, and one for weavers.  If you’ve been hesitant to come to a retreat that has spinning, because you’re not sure you’re a spinner, this is for you. The spinning workshop is the day the regular retreat begins in the evening (March 20th) and costs $240. We promise that Judith will teach you enough that day that you’ll have the skills for the rest of the retreat. She’s a whiz with beginners, and we can arrange to loan you a wheel for the duration – or you can bring your own. This class is good for people who want to brush up, go back to basics, or just enjoy a day with Judith. The other workshop is weaving. You bring a rigid heddle loom (we can recommend some that will fit in your suitcase quite nicely) and we’ll teach you how to warp it, weave, and finish. You’ll (probably) have a scarf by the end of the day, and have eaten up two balls of yarn from your stash. (This year, since some of you took this class last time, we’re upping the ante a bit, with some fun next level weaving techniques, it’s still appropriate for brand new weavers though, we’ll scale the class to fit.)

June 12-15th Knit, Play, Cook –   This retreat has knitting and cooking, and is our only retreat this year that doesn’t have spinning. You’ll spend a day in cooking classes instead. Judith, Stephanie and Chef Dan Ratigan will be your teachers, and you’ll spend a day with each of us. Our theme is “A walk in the woods” and Stephanie and Debbi will work with you on knitting, Judith will be at her dyepots, and Dan will be in the kitchen, knives at the ready. (This retreat is appropriate for knitters of any level, and people who can’t cook at all.)

November 6th-9th  Our Theme is “Totally Textured” and we’ll focus on the details and ideas that make the most of textured yarns and stitches. Cables, knit-purl patterns, smocking, how to work with yarns that have delicious textures, or are the right kinds of yarns to show off the texture you create.  Judith will work on the same ideas with spinning, helping you learn to create textured yarns that area dream to knit, and helping you create yarns that show off texture perfectly. You don’t need to be an expert spinner, or even very good at all, but you should be able to spin a continuous thread.)

Note: We have a spinning and weaving single day workshop in November as well. Stay tuned for details. Also please not that at this time, this retreat is full, and has a wait list. You can ask to be on the wait list, but if you’re hoping to be with us this year, you might want to consider Spring as your big chance.

Every time we do a retreat,  It begins the evening of the Friday (unless you’re coming to the workshops) and then has three full days of classes Saturday, Sunday and Monday, and then off you go. Each student takes all three classes, you don’t have to choose. There’s always a gathering Monday evening, so most knitters go home Tuesday morning, or whenever it suits them.

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The cost of the retreats are $895 and includes three days of really beautiful meals, three full days of classes, fun surprises, and all your materials.  (It doesn’t include accommodations, but the Resort provides our retreaters with a special rate and there’s some shareable rooms, if you’re coming with a friend. We can’t help you sort out who gets first dibs on the tub.)

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To sign up for the retreat, email us at and Debbi or I will write you back, and confirm all the details. If you’ve got any questions we didn’t answer here, we’d love to hear from you too.  If you’d like to talk to some people who’ve been there, we’ve got a very nice Ravelry Group.

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On the Saturday of the retreat we always host a fantastic Community Marketplace – and it’s awesome, and it’s open to everyone. If you’re nearby, you’d probably love it, and if you’re a retreater, you’re more than welcome to a free table to show off whatever it is you make.

If you’re a business, and you’d like to contribute something wonderful for our retreaters, we’d love to hear from you too. We’ll do our best to showcase it.