Forgive me

Dear New Favourite Cardigan,
I’m sorry.
finished noname
As soon as I was done sewing up your seams I could see what you were trying to tell me. Please forgive me for the 3 1/2 years that I neglected you. I was so wrong to stuff you in the knitting closet. I could see that it hurt you, but I was selfish and I thought I wanted all that imported wool. I find their accents so charming, I forgot what a nice Canadian wool I had at home. I’m sorry for teasing you by taking you out of the closet and working three rows on you every couple of months. I know I was leading you on and I’m sorry. I’m especially sorry for thinking that putting you the clear plastic zipper bag that the duvet came in was a nice way to keep dust off you. I realize now that I was only accentuating your loneliness by forcing you to view the world through your rippled, clear prison.
Now that you have your strong ribs around my shoulders I never want to be without you. While I may wear other sweaters some days, know that my heart is always with you.
(PS, even though I’ve sewn the buttons on lots of other stuff, with you it was really special)

5 thoughts on “Forgive me

  1. Well, the socks may be in the Neglected Knitting support group, but I’m glad to see that the cardigan was able to overcome, LOL….
    Looks good!

  2. Oh, thank GAWD!! I was getting really tired of the cardigan calling me at all hours of the day (and night), usually in a drunken stupor, whingeing about how you’d been neglecting it, how you were the love of its life, how it couldn’t live without you…
    I think I need compensation. Like maybe a lace scarf. Y’know… the Value Village stuff…

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