100 things

1. I live with my love, Joe.

2. We have three daughters.

3. I never wanted a son.

4. We are not married.

5. In the last 17 years there has only been 10 days that I did not knit.

6. I am a vegetarian. I don’t mind being at the top of the food chain but I think eating meat is hard on the planet.

7. I eat one slice of turkey at Christmas. This always gives me a stomach ache.

8. I hate having dirty feet, but love bare feet.

9. I wash my feet before bed every night

10. I am very shy.

11. I am the oldest of four children. Two boys and two girls.

12. One of my brothers is an aboriginal Canadian.

13. I talk to my mother and siblings almost every day.

14. I love Joe’s family.

15. I was a La Leche League Canada Leader for 10 years.

16. I am an IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) and have been for 8 years.

17. I am not religious.

18. I love to play the SIMS and will take the game from my own children.

19. Ken is my best friend. We have been friends since I was 15.

20. I am a writer.

21. I am a birth doula and a childbirth educator.

22. I think it is a profoundly cool thing to be the first human to touch another person. I keep a private list of the names of people I touched first.

23. If there were only one food I could eat forever it would be wasabi rice crackers.

24. I am not a very organized person.

25. I try very hard not to ask a question until I am ready to hear both answers.

26. I talk a lot. If I am nervous, the amount is alarming.

27. I get a lot done, even though I am not a very organized person.

28. I work well under pressure. I will often procrastinate to create this pressure. This

occasionally backfires.

29. I was either pregnant or nursing for a continuous decade.

30. I like socks better than shoes. I only own 4 pairs of shoes. ( I am presuming that we are not counting skates.) Snow boots for the winter, Blundstones for the fall, Birkenstocks for the summer and a pair of black dress shoes in case some event comes up. This is a personal record number of shoes.

31. Joe is not the biological father of our children.

32. I am only 5’1”. Most people think this is a lie. They think I’m taller. This flips me out pretty seriously.

33. If I could change one thing about myself, I would be taller.

34. I am afraid of the dentist.

35. I am very proudly Canadian.

36. I can play the piano, but I suck pretty fiercely.

37. I use Canadian spellings and can get a little hostile if corrected.

38. I do a lot of yoga, but am often too self conscious to go to class.

39. I think I am a very fast knitter.

40. I hate doing the laundry.

41. I hate cleaning.

42. I like my house very clean. I understand that given #24, #40 and #41 I am doomed. This is a

constant source of irritation to me.

43. If unsupervised, I would spin and knit all day.

44. I am afraid of spiders though I pretend I am not so my kids won’t inherit it.

45. I try very, very hard to put people before things.

46. The younger a human being is, the better I like them.

47. I am often told that I am an empath. This worries me.

48. I like canning.

49. I don’t like cooking.

50. I like baking bread, but cannot make a decent pie crust. I don’t mind, since I hate pie,

especially apple. If you are an American, just let it go.

51. I feel like a good mother when I make soup, even though neither me nor my kids cares for


52. I am not graceful, and I have fallen “up” stairs.

53. I am mostly blind in my right eye, and am often startled by things happening on that side.

54. If I have writer’s block I take a bath. It always works.

55. I take a lot of baths.

56. My house has no shower.

57. I have a plan to take up a pack a day (maybe more) smoking habit when I am 80.

58. I love thunderstorms and extreme weather of all kinds. This has lead to a completely obsessive relationship with disaster movies.

59. I only recently learned to type well. In high school I once told my typing teacher that she had to pick. She could have it fast, or she could have it right. Not both.

60. If I am busy, I can forget to eat.

61. Due to a fixation on Joe’s part, I have seen every James Bond movie ever made many, many times.

62. I sort of like James Bond.

63. Good manners are very important to me.

64. I would never bungee jump.

65. I don’t usually wear makeup.

66. I don’t like to sleep and consider it wasted time. I seldom “sleep in”, never nap and always go to bed too late.

67. I drink a lot of coffee. I don’t ever drink decaf.

68. If there is no cream for my coffee, I won’t settle for milk, but will instead take it black.

69. I think sugar in coffee is gross.

70. Despite being an impulsive person, I really like schedules.

71. I grew up in Bramalea, a suburb of Toronto that is famous for having the entire city in alphabetical order. My house was in the “E” section.

72. I will not eat a peach unless it is peeled. The fuzz on the skin creeps me out.

73. I love crosswords and I’m pretty good at them.

74. If I have more than 2 drinks, I’m loaded.

75. I get lost all the time, and if I tell Joe I think we should go North, he turns South. Despite all this evidence that I do not, I believe I have a good sense of direction.

76. I have had most of my friends since high school.

77. I would rather drive a standard than an automatic. It feels safer.

78. I love airplanes and am thrilled if I get to take a plane somewhere.

79. I get very passionate about politics. I am very left wing.

80. My middle name is Anne.

81. I am a good public speaker, even though if frightens me.

82. I recycle and speak harshly to people who do not.

83. I have never, ever returned a ball of yarn to the store and furthermore, I can’t imagine doing so.

84. I hate the winter, but I don’t care how hot it gets.

85. Even though I hate the winter, I don’t think I would live somewhere that didn’t have one.

86. I love lists.

87. I have never had much money, I would rather have time.

88. I think cell phones are a nightmare, and don’t have one, or want one. When Joe lost his I was thrilled.

89. I can stay awake for more than 24 hours without really minding.

90. I love to travel. I would go anywhere.

91. If I could be a movie star I would be Jennifer Aniston. I know this is wrong.

92. I am a pacifist.

93. I have a very quick temper, but am never angry for long.

94. I dance in public. Sometimes on the sidewalk. This embarrasses my children.

95. I can’t sing, but wish desperately that I could.

96. When I am older I am going to learn to play the cello.

97. I worry a lot about big things like war, racism, poverty and human rights.

98. Except for parties, I don’t carry a purse. I don’t know why I carry a purse at parties.

99. I keep ALL my yarn in ziplock baggies of varies sizes, due to an almost pathologic fear of moths

100. I try very hard to be a good person.

(PS Elise in Brooklyn won the thrum kit. Congratulations!)