A whole pan of shortbread

So, I’m knitting along, keeping to the schedule, trying not to think and ignoring the gloating tree. (There is gloating shortbread now as well. Sugary arse of a snack.)


Could someone convince me that I will not feel better about Christmas stress if I eat that entire pan of shortbread with a good cup of coffee? Could someone else convince me that it is not pathetic that my main concern with eating an entire pan of shortbread is not that I would have single handedly and swiftly consumed an entire pound of butter, but that I shouldn’t eat it because there is no time allotted in the schedule to bake another pan? Anyone?

The scheduled knitting proceeds apace.



This is a super charming Sophie bag, almost finished. (That puts me about 35 minutes ahead of schedule. If I can keep scoring time I might be able to eat the shortbread. Then again, if I’m ahead of schedule, I might not have an emotional need to eat the shortbread. We’ll see.)



Hank’s spiderman mittens. Here, for your perusal, is the ridiculously easy chart that I worked up. Choose a mitten pattern that uses a multiple of 6. Fudge the rest.


I thought about doing something more complex, but remembered (right before I spent more than the allotted amount of schedule time, that it is just as likely to be rejected for not meeting a four year olds complex set of criteria if I spend 50 hours or 10. Simple decision really. Rule #9. Keep knitting for fickle four year olds simple so that your heart isn’t broken when they throw it at you on Christmas day for being the wrong shade of red). Hank spent yesterday afternoon here..interrupting knitting (though he’s so cute that I could almost forget that he cost me a chance at shortbread) and playing gingerbread person tic-tac-toe, and singing his favourite Christmas Carol:

Helize and your dad.


Who wouldn’t knit mittens for that face?



Socks. Super cool socks with Pablo Neruda’s “Ode to my socks” written on them (in the original Spanish.) Adapted from Socks, Socks, Socks. (Note: I have linked to Amazon for convenience only….check your local Independent if ya can). Seriously adapted. Like, “don’t even try to figure out what I did to the pattern” kind of adapted, or “holy cow I hope I can repeat this trick on the second sock” kind of adapted. These are behind schedule. (By about 2 pans of shortbread, for anyone who, like me has learned to think about knitting in those terms.)

You should all be aware that I am considering dumping it all. Every bit of it, and dedicating what is left of my days on this earth to eating whole pans of shortbread and knitting THE LITTLE TINY LATVIAN MITTENS (scroll down to December 7th) on Susan’s site. Be still my beating heart.

Gifts for Knitters Day 14

Anything of the really beautiful kits from Fiddlesticks Knitting. Darn this stuff is purdy. You can’t go wrong either. Dorothy’s patterns are extremely clear and concise. For Canadians, there’s the added bonus of buying (and shipping) Canadian, and for Americans…the bonus of the exchange rate. I love her stuff, check out the brand new “loopy scarf” kits. (The real reason it’s today’s pick, though what knitter wouldn’t want the blocking wires at the bottom of this page? ).