I’m a little under the weather these last few days and it turns out that I can’t come up with an entry that hangs together. (Good one eh? See me? Pretending that they USUALLY DO?) Instead, rambling. (Again..hardee har har. I’m cracking myself up today.)

Things That Do Not Hang Together That I Am Thinking About.

1. I’m trying to use bloglines. So far I’m not sure that I have subscribed to any blogs, (but I may have…I clicked some things while I was panicking) I sometimes get asked to choose between two feeds. “index.rdf” or “atom.xml”.

Since I have absolutely no idea (I cannot stress this enough. I have no working concepts here. I understand what an index is, and I’m familiar with an “atom” but my understanding of these two things seems to give me absolutely no help in this context.) Can someone explain to me in very, very quiet, non threatening language which of these two feeds I want and why I’m being asked to choose?

2. Actually? Screw that. Don’t explain anything. Just tell me which feed I want.

3. It is very cold again. The fuzzy feet have returned.


Luckily, it is the same pair. I was saved from casting on another pair by two factors. A) it only warmed up for a couple of days. B) I don’t put anything away until it’s been hanging around for a couple of weeks, not days. When my feet got cold again last night and I thought “Wow. I wish I could do something about my cold feet” the fuzzy feet from the other day were still sitting on the end table by my cup of tea.

4. I’ve started the second of the fuzzy feet before finishing the first. I have done this because I am worried about running out of the navy colour.

5. I am striping them so that they do not match, on purpose.

6. I am doing this as a personal development challenge. I don’t know if any of you have noticed this…but I can be just the tiniest little bit whacked out of my freaking mind, anal-retentive, focused on my knitting. I’m trying to loosen up by deliberately not matching these slippers.

7. It is making me crazy.

8. I don’t know if I can do it.

9. If I can actually KNIT unmatched slippers, the question that then presents itself is, Will I be able to WEAR unmatched slippers.

10. This is hysterically funny to me because nothing about what I am wearing today (or any other day) could be called “matching”. It is both a shame and a relief to me that every single bit of meticulousness, tidiness or ability to match that I have in my life is directed toward knitting.

11. You can pre-order my book on Amazon. Something about this makes it feel so much like “a real book” that I am a little woozy when I think of it.

12. The MSF mittens are going to be done by Monday.


For those of you who asked, I’m using pattens found in “Latvian Mittens: Traditional Designs & Techniques” (Lizbeth Upitis) you won’t find the pattern in there exactly as I’m knitting them, since I’ve combined charts 67 and 68 and added the diamond back..but if you wanted to knit the same ones, you could do that too.

I’m using Patons Kroy on 2mm (size 0) needles.

13. I am using the old “Kroy” not the new “Kroy socks”. They are different in a subtle but critical way. This notice is not intended to be taken as a huge honking slag toward “Kroy socks”, simply a warning that the two yarns are different and I am not using “Kroy socks” right now, but may in the future, especially as the worlds supply of plain old “Kroy” runs out. I will take a moment to point that anyone who believed that I might have looked a little bit silly when I bought what may have been referred to as “a surprising amount of Kroy” for the stash is not giggling so hard now that they can’t get it. Suckers.

14. I am happy that the Mittens will be done on Monday because Monday is the day that we begin the giving of thank you gifts to the generous and kind souls who contributed some of their wealth to MSF. You are making an enormous difference in the live of people in places like Burundi, where 85-90% of the population somehow survives on $1 a week. This is only one of the places Médecins Sans Frontières will spend your money, bringing healthcare to the most impoverished and desparate people in the most dangerous places. Tricoteuses Sans Frontiéres/ Knitters Without Borders (LOOK at our total) is making huge change. To celebrate, all next week we give out the many phenomenal and generous thank you gifts. Can’t wait? Go get yourself a present. (All profits to MSF, and many thanks to Abby for all her work making her original button bigger.)

15. My blogiversary is Sunday. One year. I’m so glad I met all of you.

90 thoughts on “Slow

  1. On bloglines, I use whatever feed has more subscribers. You can see this by clicking preview and looking at the info bar thing at the top.
    I am very proud of you for the non-matching slippers. I am not at all sure that I would be able to handle that.
    Off to preorder your book…

  2. I’m not worthy to be the first poster, so I probably amn’t. But I wanted to tell you that you, your published stories and your blog have made my life brighter and I thank you for that.

  3. Stephanie,
    If you run out of Kroy, there is a LYS in Orangeville where they sell LATVIAN wool.
    Incredible quality. Lots of colours. Great yardage. Highly inexpensive.
    All you need to do is – get to Orangeville!!

  4. Let’s trade! You make things that don’t match and I’ll make things that match. (I love things that don’t match, especially when other people don’t notice, because it’s like you have this really great secret and you don’t have to share. And that way, I can also tell which one goes on which foot.)

  5. Congrats on your 1 year! I’ve been reading you since February, and have thoroughly enjoyed it. Immensely. Best wishes for your health and happiness. (I’ve been watching Pride and Prejudice again).

  6. I’m only a little “detail oriented” about my knitting being perfect. I can knit two socks that don’t match. The fact that there is now a “left” and a “right” is not a weakness. ;-P

  7. Happy Blogiversary! It seems you should have been here longer than a measely 12 months. You seem such a pro at it all (well, with the exception of feeds and resisting the power of the slightly evil Rams {you know I groove with ya, Rams}) – and for all the Latvian Mitts of Lust you’ve created in me…
    BTW, I’m SCARED TO DEATH to try them now. First, I have this –><– much experience with DPNs. And those needles one uses for these Mitts of Lust? Sized -92 mm? Those are something you give your most loathsome craft-oriented female relative along with embroidery floss and tell her to knit you a 100 yd. x 100 yd. tapestry as karmic retribution for imitating the Prince of Darkness’ babysitting you during your developing years.
    Okay, I’ve a few issues to work out with this person.
    Really? Who thought it would be a good idea not only to knit with toothpicks but elongating them and using three or four of the mothers at one time? Almost as bad as playing with a BB gun, I’m just sayin’…

  8. Bloglines? Sounds complicated.
    It’s been a terrific year! I’m so glad you offer this (almost) daily gift.
    Your fuzzy feet are fraternal twins, and that’s terrifically stylish and avant-garde in a fashion sort of way. Go with it. You know you want to.

  9. Happy bloggiversary Stephanie!
    It’s been so much fun I don’t know where to start. Special thanks for the entertainment your archives provided me in August when I was staying up nights nursing my newborn baby. Having something like your blog to read might have saved my mental health. (Although I’m not sure if it was good for my housemates’ sleep, since I laughed out loud quite many times.)
    Come on over on Sunday, I’ll make you coffee and bake a cake. πŸ˜‰ Umm… on a second thought, it might not be possible to arrange a trans-Atlantic flight on such short notice.
    I love the mittens. Too bad I’m not in for the draw. I’ll keep donating to the Red Cross though. πŸ™‚
    Who could have guessed your appeal would inspire donations for more than 50.000! And that doesn’t count us who donated to other charities than MSF.
    See, now I’m rambling too. It’s contagious. Better stop now. πŸ™‚

  10. Happy, happy anniversary. You’ve made the universe of knitting a tad bit brighter for all of us. Oh, and those mittens are amazing! Sigh! Sigh! Oh, for a pair of those mittens, made by the Harlot herself!

  11. It has been wonderful to meet you, too. Who knew this would be such a caring and supportive community. Congrats on the book. I’m hoping it arrives on my b-day!

  12. Bloglines is awesome. And addictive. I have no idea which feed to use, I choose randomly. There are so few areas of life where I live dangerously, I take small chances when I can. πŸ˜‰
    I saw the page for your book (on Amazon) a few days ago. But–if we want signed copies–will we be able to order them directly from you? And do you know where you’ll be going on your Book Tour? Do share!

  13. re: #9 – you’re going to have a hard time. Trust me on that.
    re: #13- I’d like to know what the difference is, however subtle. Esp if its critical.
    re: #15-a very happy blogiversary to you.
    re: #16: How’ the gansey?

  14. I’m so glad to see you are making mismatched striped Fuzzy Feet, and I feel sure that I was the one who inspired you to do so. Subscribe to whatever feed you want. It makes no difference –I’ve chosen either one, and they both work. I have no idea what it all means, either. I preordered three copies of your book several weeks ago, and Happy Blogiversary to you! I just wish your comments would remember my identity when I visit. That’s all I wish for. πŸ˜‰

  15. I love mismatched things. Though, that may just be because I so seldom match, so I decided to ‘like’ it that way and call it a fashion statement.
    I just preordered your book.
    My sister and I read your blog and then discuss it later. In every conversation, there is at least one “Did you read the harlot today? she said…….” Followed by great laughter.
    Keep writing, I will keep reading, and buying if that is the case.
    Blessings to you.

  16. If you use the search option at the top of the bloglines page and just type in the name of the blog you want, then you can just click “subscribe” and it won’t ask you which feed you want, just which folder to put it in. It’s the easiest way, although not everyone with an rss fed comes up in the search; for these, I just emailed the bloggers and asked them what their feed url was–easy peasy!

  17. My children are not let out of the house unless their clothing is matched (and at least mostly clean). My husband can not leave unless his clothes match (this is sometimes a challenge). I, however, should never leave the house-I am a mismatched disgrace. But my knitting always kicks-ass, and everyone tells me how cute my kids look. Oh well…something has gotta give.
    Happy Blogiversary (if you give me your address I have a little something for you to help celebrate)! And btw, I ordered the book on Amazon awhile back-I am counting the days till it is on my doorstep.

  18. Thanks for putting up the TSF goodies on Cafe Press! I got the tote bag and mug to astound and amaze all the folks at work…and the profit goes for a good cause too. Can’t ask for better than that!

  19. Happy Blogiversary! You’ve got quite a readership for only being 1 yr old. That can mean only one thing… you are quite the talented writer!
    The TSF shwag is pretty awesome. Thanks for posting the link.

  20. fuzzy feet are a good idea. I find myself thinking about insultating the basement ceiling to see if that would warm up the floors. Who cares if they are mismatched. Who sees your slippers? And how often does it get this cold in Toronto?

  21. DOnt’ feel too illiterate about the tech stuff… blogging is pretty “do-it-yourself” still.. in fact I need you to tell me how to put the knitters without borders button on my blog. I have been learning by trial and error when it comes to blogging, even though I have been using computers in my various jobs for 20 years now, and teach desktop publishing in high school. thanks and I love watching the mittens progress – isn’t colorwork fun?!
    Small town life and politics, lots of knitting, and travels with and without my five burros

  22. Happy blogiversary! Or however you spell it. πŸ™‚ Also, once upon a time I sent an email wondering if you would like something from me to contribute to the gift pot. Let me know if you got it? And stay warm!!

  23. re 1. – As with many technologies, there are different standards out there. The Atom (ones ending with atom.xml) feeds are based on a newer technology. RDF feeds can be read by pretty much any RSS reader out there. Blogger only provides Atom feeds in its setup. It really shouldn’t matter which feed you pick – both should have the same information. I like the “whichever has the most subscribers” option. I’ve also subscribed to both, and checked if one does a full feed and one does a partial feed – I much prefer full feeds.)
    Have you looked into non-web-based applications for RSS reading? I know you use Ecto (like me!), and think you may like NetNewsWire (). I’m using a 2.0 Beta and LOVE it.

  24. Hi Stephanie – Missed you yesterday, and hope you are feeling better. Most everything I knit is mismatched. I find it more interesting to pattern the second slipper, mitten or sock differently (also fronts of vests and cardis, and sleeves too if the truth be known). Most of these items are gifts and people seem to love the mismatches, so relax and enjoy the adventure!
    Congrats on your year of first – anniversary, book, traveling w/o family (as I recall)… hope your next year is even better!

  25. I choose between multiple bloglines feeds by previewing them. Things that influence me:
    If one has more recent posts, I’ll choose that one.
    If one shows more complete entries (esp. pictures) than the other, I’ll choose that one (even though I almost always choose the option to just display the titles).
    If all else is the same, I usually choose the one with the most subscribers.
    Oh, and congrats on your book! I can’t wait ’til it’s really, REALLY available.

  26. In most cases, the two feeds are equivalent. Why are there two? because not all feed readers understand both. Bloglines does. I usually pick “atom”, since that’s what blogspot produces.
    If there are lots of feeds, some just have summaries, whereas others are longer. Use “preview” to see if there’s any noticable difference.
    I’m enjoying reading your blog. πŸ™‚

  27. Happy Blogiversary, Stephanie!
    Your blogs have brightened my days ever since I *stumbled* upon your site! Just keep doing the good work ya?

  28. Oh, Stephanie, it’s been so great to meet YOU! It is *we* who are lucky, and we thank you thank you and thank you.
    When I made my MSF donation I tried to make it in your honor, but couldn’t do so without a snail mail address. Be aware, however, that we know you deserved the credit for this outpouring. My family had already contributed to the Red Cross, but your ringing endorsement pushed me to add this donation as well. Good for you!
    And as for the mis-matched fuzzy feet, my own personal concern would be whether my klutzy self could *walk* in unmatched slippers! I’m afraid I’d get dizzy and fall down…..

  29. Preorder your book on Amazon? That’s old news, m’dear. I’ve actually ordered five copies, and I’ll order the other seven when I run out of the first batch. I’m betting on about March 20th or so… …and when you know what cities your tour includes, *do* tell… …I may need to coordinate travel plans, y’know, for signing all the books I can afford…

  30. I recently signed up for Bloglines, too, and had no idea what the difference was between the two feeds. I noticed that sometimes (but not all the time), the “atom” feeds seemed to have a more recent “update” date/time, so I just went with those.
    Happy Blogversary!

  31. Happy Blogiversary!
    (Can you believe I’ve been reading your blog from the beginning??? Obsessed, yes I am.)
    Meanwhile, I am here twitching at the thought of the mismatched foot warmers. I’ve had the “oh, I’ll just make them delightfully mismatched and get over myself” thought too. I’m sad to say, in my case it did not work, and now my mother has a new pair of socks. (Actually, I blame the yarn; you’d think two skeins of the same color pattern would match, or at least harmonize, but noooo…)
    Here’s to many more blogiversaries! πŸ™‚

  32. Happy Anniversary! There’s a TSF mug in my immediate future. I am going to be the coolest coffee-drinker on campus!

  33. New Kroy versus old Kroy — now how do you know the difference? (Aside from when you bought it, that is). I like the thicker four-ply, but I remain uncertain about whether it is new or old.
    Also please fill us in on the full process of picking for prizes. I feel sure that the Harlot will have an intriguing fiber-ridden method. Now that I think about it, however, the number of participants is probably too large — back to the random number generator, eh?

  34. OMG! Something I can post knowledgeably about on a knitting blog: the computer stuff. Heh.
    Sometimes one version will contain full HTML and photos and the other version will only be an excerpt. Except you kinda have to look at the feed to figure out which one is which. I’m a big fan of the PREVIEW link bloglines puts next to each listing.
    Otherwise, Madalyn is right: look for the feed with the most recently update timestamp.
    Happy blogiversary!

  35. Happy Blogversary!
    I am so glad to have met you, too. You give me a(n almost) daily lift, and I- like so many others- thank you for that. It has been quite the year! You’re a very talented writer. Thanks for sharing it with us.
    Can’t wait to see the finished MSF. They look wonderful. As for the fuzzy feet? Go with it! R and L as has been suggested…
    I have also tried to use Bloglines, but with no success so far. I was hoping someone here could set me straight! I thought it was supposed to notify you…? Oh well. We’ll figure it out someday.
    I hope you feel back to your regular self very soon. Enjoy your weekend. Celebrate! πŸ™‚

  36. “Blog lines”? “Atom feeds”? You might as well be talking brain surgery.
    Pre-order the bookbookbook? Ha, I’m ahead of ya there…did it 2 days ago!
    Happy birthday, Harlot Blog! Here’s wishing you (& us) many many more!

  37. Happy Blogiversary! May you have many, more. I only discovered your writings several weeks ago and I’m already addicted. I’ve got your book in my shopping cart, now I have to go find something else to get me to free shipping…darn.

  38. Stephanie, I’ve been looking closely at those mittens, and going back to pictures of their earlier life. And I think I’ve determined that your resisted that niggling little voice and didn’t rip them out. Just like we told you, the contrast is more than adequate. They truly are a thing (two things?) of beauty.
    On the slippers — I happen to like pairs of things that are mismatched (the same but different). But if it drives you crazy, why not just accept that about yourself and make them the same? You don’t need to push EVERY boundary .
    Feel better!

  39. Umm … at the risk of raising Lene’s ire … but whatever happened to the … gift … you were making for her? We never did get to see the finished product in all its fuzzy, zippery, fruity, battery-powered glory.
    And happy anniversary! You’re the greatest!

  40. Happy blogiversary! It’s great having *met* you, too. A real pleasure and I’m looking forward to the book. So cool. Bloglines — I love it, don’t understand it. I noticed a difference in posting times between atom and the other and usually choose the one with the most recent. I like it best when I’m not given a choice; hate it when there’s no feed available at all.

  41. Hmmmm… I usually just select whichever bloglines lists first. It seems to be working so far, but that might just be dumb luck.
    Happy Blogiversary!

  42. Hee Hee. The other suggested books on the Harlot’s Amazon page are relaxation and meditation books. I wonder if they’re trying to tell her something? *G*

  43. Bloglines is a great convenience for me because I can read blogs at my temp job without putting all my bookmarks on the company computer :-).

  44. I think that the fuzzy feet shouldn’t be lableled as “mismatched,” but “co-ordinating.” (Here at the Fac. Ed of UWO, we don’t like to label things/people/children. Too stigmatizing.) symmetry is well and good, but a little bit of “co-ordination” to mix things up is wonderful, too.
    bookbookbook is going on my b-day list
    congrats on your bloggiversary? blogversery? blogiversary?

  45. I just ordered a tote bag and a t-shirt. I like to buy presents.
    Happy blogiversary, I am glad I met you, too.

  46. i pre-ordered your book from a local independant bookstore:) I can’t wait to read it.

  47. make MSF donation – done
    find prize – done
    order Lativan mitten book – done
    order Staphanie’s new book – done
    finsh a curry scarf – I knew I was forgetting something
    Happy blog-versary!!

  48. When the MSF challenge on your blog came up, I had already given what I decided I could afford to Mercy Corps, who are based in my hometown. However, I just placed an amazon order (your book shall be winging my way in early March, hooray!), and in honor of the wonderful things you are doing here, I’m about to go give an equivalent about to MSF. Thanks for all you do, and happy blogiversary!

  49. This is definately one of those times when a “me, too” comment is in order –
    Happy Blogiversary!
    Speaking of order: Ordered bookbookbook many weeks ago and now today one of those delightful tote bags from CafePress –
    What a wonderful community you have fostered! We are glad we have met you –

  50. Hmm. NEED new bookbookbook? :/ Stephanie would be mad at me for calling that a need. Resolve to donate same amount in addition to the money I’ve saved for MSF. There. That might do it. I do need it, but only so much that I can match my donation, kk? I so solemly swear that I will not yarn-bargain this way. ‘Cause luckily you’ll be done with the mitten and the LYS yarn sale isn’t until NEXT month. But I’ll be sure to tell a ball of yarn that I don’t need it and others need the money more, though I’m sure they would also love a ball of yarn as cute as it is. Then send said ball of yarn to thailand, which wouldn’t help at all unless some poor knitter got washed out of a stash, so I will send money instead.
    RSS v Atom. Yeah, ditto what the others said. Two different formats. Pick whichever one you like to say more. Neither has complete hold in the market. I love bloglines. Your blog is in my first-10-to-look-at (among ahhh over 6,000 “articles” in my bloglines) every day. Thanks for posting today πŸ™‚

  51. Ohmigawd — we can buy stuff for TSF? *Totally* cool. I’ve just conspicuously consumed 2 t-shirts. And misspelled ‘conspicuously.’ Twice. I think.
    CONGRATS on being a year old!

  52. Mitten is totally cool. So are you. πŸ™‚ I’m personally glad you blog, because I’m not sure our paths would have crossed otherwise. Imagine. A world with no harlot? Blashphemy!

  53. P.S. I made my sister a pair of mis-matched Fuzzy Feet for Xmas. They looked rad. She loved ’em. Break the mold, dear Steph — disdain symmetry!

  54. Holy schniekies! Did you look at your RANK on Amazon? I’ll give you a hint — I have a dear friend whose book’s rank has seven digits,two commas, and first digit is not a one. You’ve got four lousy digits (on AMAZON) you’re much closer to no comma than to two. Phew.
    Now. Everyone go back and read Valerie. What she say. This is all about word choice, a subject dear to a harlotheart. “Mismatched” is simply not the right word. I don’t even want to hear you thinking it. Yes, “fraternal” is better. “Original” “unique,” “theme and variations,” “co-ordinating” we’re rolling.
    (Not but what I do bless my eldest daughter, who in high school chose always to wear violently different socks. Her six-years-younger sister found this the height of cool, and for years I never had to pair socks, bless ’em.)

  55. LisaK has it right – mismatched fuzzy feet means that you can have one for the left and one for the right foot.
    Now which was for the left and which for the right?
    I’l have to preorder your book cos we’ll not see it here for at least six months after it is published in the US/Canada.
    Stephanie, it is *our* privilege to have you share bits and piece of your life. I’ve been reading your blog since June, our winter, and it is the first blog I check.
    And thanks for the weather updates – you are reinforcing my Canadian teammate’s ideas about staying In Melbourne πŸ™‚

  56. Thanks for the link to the TSF buyables. I’ve been needing a new mug for work, and the TSF one was just perfect (although the one from Knitty which says “Yarn Ho” was a close second).
    Matching is boring. I purposely wore non-matching socks to school everyday for years, then I learned to knit my own non-matching socks. Think of it as a form of self-expression. Or at least a way to force yourself to get over your nueroses.
    Happy blogiversary. πŸ™‚

  57. That picture of the fuzzy feet is menacing me. Too many pointy objects…
    Matching is one concept that still hasn’t set in with me. I am obsessive-compulsive about many things (I have this thing about folding paper…) but if my socks match it’s because the gods have smiled upon my sock drawer and two socks in the same color and style happened to be near the top of the pile. Generally I just go for the same weight and length and call it good. I think if I ever tried to knit socks I would go mad, since the socks feeling the same is the crucial detail, and as a painter I take a “so what” sort of approach to EVERYTHING.

  58. A very happy Blogiversary to you, and count me among the many who eagerly await your entries! Preordered your book as soon as I found out I could, and very impressed with the huge donation number. I’ll definitely have to get myself a little something from Cafe Press with the TSF logo…Great idea!
    Thanks for everything!

  59. 1st – Happy Blogiversary!
    2nd – About bloglines, I usually just let my “mouse do the walking” and just pick one. Doesn’t seem to matter much.
    3rd – Congrats on getting published! I love reading your blog so I can just imagine how great the book will be. πŸ™‚
    4th – Your Latvian mits are amazing. When I grow up I wanna do something that cool.

  60. Given your power over TSF/MSF donations, I hope that your book becomes a best seller. If it is half as good as your blog, it should. Congratulations on the mismatched fuzzy feet and on making such a difference in the world. Happy blogiversary.

  61. Steph,
    Frankly I think that your entry today was perfectly coherent and cohesive and followed a logical train of thought! I *have* been tippling in the Nyquil bottle, but it all fell together for me!
    Congratulations on a year! You have broken boundaries and opened new vistas for so many of us. In fact, by your encouragement I have learned to Nupp and Vikkel! And on the way to preorder (and pay!) for your book I also snuck in Lizbeth Upitis’ Latvian Mittens book and Nancy Bush’s Folk Knitting in Estonia, and Annie Modesitt’s Confessions…dh handed me the MC very sweetly and didn’t ask any questions…only requested that I finish his triple strand black alpaca Natalyas (fingered! so he can work outdoors in our -36F weather) before I lose myself in Latvian and Estonian mittens!
    Thank you for bringing such humor, irony and excitement to knitting and knit blogging. And fie on you for starting me on the blogline road to spending too much time reading and not enough knitting! (just kidding!)

  62. I feel your pain, after struggling with Blogger and Blog-City to get my Blogrolling sites where I want them in the sidebar and formatted how I want them. Yarn Harlot is at the top. I have gone to Amazon to order THE BOOK. And BTW, it was 65F today in Alabama.:) We might have snow flurries on Sunday, due to the cold air coming from the frozen North-thanks a lot. πŸ™‚ DH was wandering around barefoot in the yard today.

  63. ok, i’m a sucker, i ordered a sweatshirt. now, i’m confused. gifts? did i miss something? or should i read previous posts, lol?

  64. Happy Blogiversary!
    My FEET don’t match; so why should my socks?
    Why should yours? Congratulations on Amazon rank and listing. Smart promoter… and fabulous example as a knitter, writer AND Mom. (I’m still impressed with the bagels before breakfast trek.) I’ve been re-reading the IW Knits article on gloves…. do you do gloves? or “just” mittens?

  65. looking forward to your book!!! how exciting is that eh??? and i am so gla dyou came onlien and began blogging, you have made my beginning knittign adventures a delight! i absolutely lvoe reading your entries …moreoften than not i laugh:) and tha tis much needed in my life!!!!
    happy anniversary! and huge congrats on the book!!!!

  66. Congrats on your anniversary! way to go blogging on such a regular basis, I don’t know how you do it.
    I’m glad that there are detail-oriented people like you in the world otherwise there’d be nothing but knitting mishaps (such as my Mutant Glitten, just posted on my blog) all over the place.

  67. I recently made a pair of striped fuzzy feet and they are mirror images of each other. It makes me happy to look down at such silly stripes on my feet. Also this way I know which one is the left one and which is the right.

  68. Happy Blog-aversary! A published book, Knitting Without Borders, what a great way to end your first year! I’m glad we’ve met as well.

  69. Happy Blogiversary!
    I’ve been reading off and on for the past year.
    I’ve only just begun to blog myself.
    I wrote to say thank you for the Harlot Poncho.
    I used it to make one that I just finished tonight. I took a few liberties with the pattern and added some yo’s to make some other peek a boo type lace, other than the original increases.
    Thank you again for such a wonderful and speedy pattern!

  70. Happy blogiversary, Harlot!
    I don’t understand Bloglines at all. I like the idea of it, but I know my blog doesn’t show up on it for other people, and I don’t know why, and clearly I don’t care enough to actually FIND OUT. So good luck!

  71. Happy Early Blogiversary! It’s been our treat, really.
    P.S. I’ve preordered your book. This is big, I never have the where-with-all to preorder ANYTHING. (I haven’t even preordered Harry Potter 6 – see where you fall in my priorities!)

  72. My youngest daughter has always worn mismatched socks, I’ll have to tell her that she’s trendy.
    Happy Blogiversity! I caught my 18yo son reading your blog on his own computer. Quite a compliment harlot, you didn’t know you could compete with online RPG’s and magma did you?

  73. Queen of Harlotville, My humblest congratulations on one extremely successful year of providing us humor, heart and some kick ass knitting. The blog world will never be the same. Who knew that mere sticks and string could be the catalysts to break borders and build goodwill. Huzzah!
    My tardy condolences on the Tamagochie death. My daughter’s died during my father’s funeral…I kid you not.
    Be well!

  74. Harlot, go with the “fraternal” fuzzy feet. I have a pair of fleted clogs I made myself ;ast year. They have formed to my feet perfectly. The only problem, is since they look EXACTLY the same I’m always putting them on the wrong feet. My next pair of slippers will be fraternal.

  75. I belong to a yahoo group of crafty people. One of them sent in your address and I decided to pop on over and check you out. I love finding new crafty people, places, and ideas. I love your blog. I felt almost as if I were sitting in a chair across from you and watching all the goings on. Thank you, I smiled and laughed, and because of the passing of you-know-who, bowed my head for a quick moment of silence. πŸ™‚

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