If this is Wednesday, I must be..

Dear blog,

I miss you very much. I am very lonely here in front of the computer with my browser closed and my “you’ve got mail” sound turned off so that I cannot be pulled into the world of other knitters. This is probably best since I’m existing on a really stupid amount of coffee (like…I can feel my hair growing) and chocolate (thanks Emma!) and slowly coming to believe that I’m going to meet the March 1st deadline with room to spare (should be at least 20 minutes of leeway, though I may only think that because of the sleep deprivation.) I did take a break yesterday to work a little on the yarn for Joe’s Gansey.


I couldn’t face Cassie again with nothing. It’s all Gansey all the time with that chick. I don’t care if it is her birthday… I can’t take the pressure. This is about 176 metres of three ply yarn (rethinking that 3-ply decision, let me tell you.) this means that I have, since beginning the gansey gambol, spent about 10 hours washing fleece, 12 hours flick carding, carding and drumcarding it, maybe 3 hours pulling it into roving and then….then I started spinning. Each full bobbin takes 2 hours, three bobbins make about 250 metres, so I’ve probably spent, what…12 hours spinning, and then about 3 hours plying (I’m not adding the time spent untangling the singles from the lazy kate because I forgot to tension it, thus ensuring that the very first time I gave the wheel a really good turn and by extension, the kate a good yank, that the kate spewed three strands of singles into an enormous glob of tangled curly crap on the floor. We are not counting that, because I’m trying to forget what a dumbass I am.)

Total time spent…about 40 hours, for slightly more than 500 metres of yarn. Since I have calculated (though mathematics has always been a trial for me….) that a gansey for Joe will take at least (AT LEAST) 1800 metres – Well. Lets not discuss it any further. Suffice it to say that if there is anyone who doubts my love for the man, this aughta shut their yap.

In other news, I have finished the mittens for Tupper. (Yes. I know. They were Christmas mittens and I have clearly delayed and procrastinated until I should be ashamed. I am.)


and…since I’ve learned that you can’t check these things too many times:


Laurie’s back tomorrow with her dye-o-rama. (Get it? diorama? Like in school? Those little boxes with the pictures in them that you have to do for book reports? C’mon. Mine was “My friend flicka”.)