Citius, Altius, Fortius

That’s the latin motto for the Olympics and translates to “Faster, Higher, Stronger”. I am very interested in the Olympics, and being a Canadian, obsessed with the Winter Olympics. I can’t really explain why, since I’m not the sporty type. I am was a really fast runner, and when I was in school I held the record for the 400m sprint (until my own sister broke it 5 years later), but that’s really my entire experience with competitive sport. I don’t ski (I have a high self preservation instinct that won’t let me strap sticks on my feet and throw myself down a hill). I toboggan, but draw the line at speeds exceeding 120km/hr. (Do you have any idea what kind of nasty bonk you could get?) I can skate, but not backwards, and maybe…maybe all of my own incompetence is the reason that I find the Winter Olympics so gripping. Men and women, rising above, meeting a challenge, striving to be the best they can be. It’s inspiring.

Then I got to thinking that knitting is really my sport. I got to thinking that maybe I would knit Torino. (The Dale of Norway Olympic sweater for these games. For anybody new to these sweaters, the Dale of Norway team designs a sweater for the ski team for each of the Winter Olympics.) Then I thought maybe I would just knit a Dale Olympic sweater…Then I got an idea. (I know, I know. Everybody gets scared when I get ideas.) It came to me.

The 2006 Knitting Olympics

Eligibility: Any knitter who, embracing the “Citius, Alitius Fortius” ideal, would like to challenge themselves while embracing the Olympic spirit, and is just whacked enough to play along with me.

Concept: You must cast on a project during the Opening Ceremonies of the Winter Olympics (Feb 10)- and finish before the Olympic flame goes out (Feb 26). That’s 16 days.


1. The project must be a challenge for you to complete in 16 days.

2. There are no rules about what a challenge would be. Like the real Olympics, there are many areas to compete in. If you are a new knitter, then a garter stitch baby sweater might do…If you are experienced, well. I’ve already considered Torino. Use your own conscience.

3. While this is intended to be somewhat difficult (like the Olympics) it is not intended to ruin your life. Don’t set yourself up for failure. (Olympic athletes may cry, but they do not whine pitifully, sob and threaten members of their family with pointed sticks because they haven’t slept in five days. ) This is intended to (like the Olympics) require some measure of sacrifice, and be difficult, but it should be possible to attain.

4. No casting on before the flame is lit.

5. Finish before the flame goes out.

6. You may swatch before the games. (I consider this “training.”)


The Knitting Olympics has only a gold medal. (There is only do- or do not.) Finishers get a gold medal button for their blog, their name entered into a draw for a chance at a prize from me, and the joy of knowing that they are an Olympic level knitter, no matter how experienced they are. You are only competing against yourself. (Well. And the Olympic schedule.)

Who’s in?

If you’re just crazy enough itching to be part of the Knitting Winter Olympics, leave a comment (or send an email) telling me who you are, what you’re knitting and a link, if you have one. I’ll list you in the sidebar. Consider carefully. Done right, this will suck up 16 days of your life and be an epic work.


(Crappy button made by yours truly. Really good button for finishers will be made by Franklin. Feel free to swipe and save to your own server.)

What am I knitting?

Hardangervidda. (I fully admit to choosing this because “Danger” is in the name.) How’s that for a challenge? I figure that if I’m going to propose that you all take this on, that I set a fine example of being so completely out of my mind it’s almost scary embracing the ideal.

16 days, many knitters, one dream. The Knitting Olympics.

1,376 thoughts on “Citius, Altius, Fortius

  1. Man…if I weren’t working at Stitches West smack in the middle of the deadline, I’d sign up for this, as it is right in line with my resolution to FINISH my knits! Great idea though!

  2. Ooh, this one’s too good to pass! I’m on a yarn diet in February, and my plan was always to make myself a sweater of leftover Lopi yarn during that time. The yarn is sort of bulky, but there will be colourwork (which I totally suck at). Count me in!

  3. Count me in!!! I’m gong to do some fair isle work. Haven’t tried fair isle yet, but it was on my list of new techniques to try this year. I’m thinking a reindeer scarf for my sweetie, but I’ll spend the next couple of days figuring it out (I’ve also been eyeing the Andean Treasure Sampler Vest over at knitpicks).

  4. I won’t be knitting along, but I’ll cheer from the sidelines! And Hardangervidda is incredible–must add that pattern to my collection.

  5. I am SO in. I need a bit of time to decide exactly what the challenge will be though. It has to be worth risking my sanity, marriage and child’s happiness for so it’s gotta be goooood. I’ll let ya know what I go for.

  6. O.k. I’m going to knit a project that’s been languishing on my back burner for over a year now … the Classic Aran from “The Children’s Collection” by the Scottish Designer. Since I am also participating in the Stashalong, I will have to knit this using something that’s already in the stash … thereby upping the difficulty level and making it a project worthy of the challenge.

  7. I’m in. For my country (U-S-A U-S-A chant) I will knit a chenille pull over vest. This will be my first garment. And it will fit. And I will not throw down the needles, fling myself face down on my bed and cry like Tonya Harding when the going gets tough.

  8. This is right up my alley! an Olympic sport that i can actually take part in. Too good to be true ! Knitting Olympics, here i come !

  9. Oooooo…a challenge. Ok, I’ll play. Finishing anything in a reasonable amount of time is a challenge in and of itself for me. Think I will go with ‘Sweet Mary Jane’ over at Knitpicks, but don’t quote me on that. I’ll let you know when I have made my final decision.

  10. i’ll participate! i’m going to knit a lace shawl…not sure if it will be the Pacific Northwest Shawl, the Sheep Shawl, or the Southwest shawl but…i’ll decide soon!
    go uhh…canada!

  11. OK, I now Know that I am crazy. (BTW – I feel the same way you do about the Olympics. Also crazy.) Since I do have a 3-day show in the beginning, I am choosing fine-gauge lace socks FOR ME. Possibly out of handspun. I want to know that I can finish socks in 2 weeks, not 6 months. Pattern still to be determined – I’m teaching Spindle Engineering 101 to guild tonight, and I am so NOT ready… Now tell me about this Stashalong??? My burgeoning closets tell me that this might be a Good Thing…

  12. Count me in! I’ll be attempting the dangerously darling Baby Bootikins from Nancy Bush’s “Knitting Vintage Socks”. They’re a triple challenge for me – I’ve never really knit lacey stuff like these, I certainly have never used US size OO needles before, and while I’ve knit socks, I’ve never used double pointed needles to do so (I’m a two circular method girl). This is just the kick in the pants I need! Thanks, Stephanie!

  13. Oh, this sounds like fun. I may have to start the kilt stockings for my brother for this one. Or maybe something else. Hum, that would be 8 days per stocking. I’ll have to figure this one out.

  14. I am going to knit a baby aghan. I’ve been trying to work up a bunch of yarn fast so I’ve been crocheting, but I’ll break out the needles for this.

  15. Yea! My sentiments, exactly! I am so not physically able at sports, but competitive in spirit and an Olympics lover, especially the Winter Olympics. I shall undertake a Cat Bordhi felted moebius basket having never heretofore tried a figure-eight cast on or moebius anything. After the beginning, it should be easy going, leaving one hand free at times for fingernail biting during the figure skating finals. Count me in, and best wishes toward my fellow competitors!

  16. OK, this is the first time I have commented on your site. I just learned how to knit in November and my experience consists of a few scarves, a kitty pi cat bed, a couple pairs of wristwarmers, several hats, and a felted purse. When I first found your site, a month or two ago, I become totally obsessed with you and spent about 7 company paid work days doing nothing but reading through all your archives. I was then gifted with both of your books, which I read cover to cover in a matter of days. I seriously have a total girl-crush on you…
    My knitting resolution this year was to learn to knit socks. I was not going to attempt this for another few months since I am terrified of DPNs and nearly every encounter I have had with them has ended in tears. However, I *just* learned the magic loop method of knitting last night, so I wonder if a pair of socks would be a suitably challenging project for me to complete in a 2 week time span? Reading sock patterns still makes me cry (heel flap? Kitchner? Grafting?? wha?!), but I think the thrill of being recognized by you is enough to propel me into this.
    I am going to look around for a good beginners (but not too wimpy) sock pattern and I will re-comment with the link as soon as I find one.

  17. I see steeking is involved in your project. For me, 16 days would probably be enough time to work up the courage to steek, including a trip to Newfoundland to get screech. I have an idea, but my idea is slightly too insane, so count me maybe.

  18. Yes, Stephanie, you are crazy. But — aren’t we supposed to have four years of training before we enter these events?
    The worst part? I looked at your sweater and thought “Well of course she can do that in 16 days.” I think I may have to do a Latvian mitten. Singular, you’ll observe. . .

  19. I have an afghan that’s been nagging me to get made in a particularly intricate cable combination. Thank you for the excuse to get started! Um, tell me (not having a TV), um, when does the starting gun go off? I’ll count up to 16 from there.

  20. Oh. My. Gosh. You are so Evil. How dare you challenge me to a feat of this magnitude? Do you know what you are doing to me? (All this said in increasing volume, intensity and pitch, mind you.)
    All right. I’ve ALWAYS wanted to learn entrelac.
    Off to find an entrelac ANYTHING.
    If we try a felted entrelac bag, does it have to be felted before the end of the Olympics?
    Oh. My. Gosh. Do you know what you are doing? Oh. My. Gosh.
    Must have a little lie down now.

  21. Count me in … USA USA USA … I too am obsessed with the Olympics and watch every minute that I can. I have never, ever completed a sweater so I think I will start with Samus from the fall Knitty!
    I would love to make myself the Dale Torino sweater, but I think that Fair Isle sweaters will have to wait for the next Olympics!

  22. Dude! Quite the challenge! I really want to commit to this, but the full time job – young son – husband out of town combination may be too much for me… What the hell – I’m in! A Fiddlesticks Florence scarf!
    Not as ambitious as Hardangervidda, but for me the challenge will be all about time management. I already have a Whisper scarf on the go – I will count that as my swatching…

  23. Count me in, please – I’ll be attempting my first ever pair of socks, the yarn for which is in some UPS van headed toward Tucson as I type. Oooh, is it weird that I’m totally excited about waiting a few weeks to start a new project because someone I’ve never met, who lives in a completely different country, suggested I consider it?
    (I hope I can do it – I gotta whole lotta birthday knitting to do at the same time!)

  24. USA, USA, USA, I’m up to the challange. It will be making an afaghan I need to knit for a class I’m teaching (I’ve already started on the blocks, 12 in all, but I’ll need to make a shop copy and that will be a challange to make the blocks and get them knitted together with sashing in that time limit.) I LOVE a challange

  25. I think,though it sounds great and interesting, that I am going to have to pass on this one unfortunately.
    School has started back up today and what with homework and tests, etc. I might not be able to put the time in on it.
    Hopefully you’ll do something like this again in the spring or summer (not necessarily an olympics theme) and I’ll be able to take part…once school is over with.
    Best of luck to all who take part!

  26. Count me in. I will be knitting a pair of socks for myself. This will only be the second pair I have ever knitted. I am not sure which pattern yet, but I am leaning toward Jaywalker or something from Vintage Socks. More specifics when I decide.

  27. Count me in! I’m not sure what the project will be just yet…a couple of ideas. Possibly an entrelac baby blanket for cousin in Italy.

  28. 1. The key to skating backward is to wiggle your butt. No kidding. It works! (Also, having good skates with proper ankle support and sharp blades helps a lot.)
    2. Oh so tempted to join the KAL. That’s right around when my Sweaters From Camp KAL is starting, but there’s no way in hell I can pull a Wendy and finish a fingering weight fair isle in 2 weeks. *Maybe* I could finish the body if I didn’t do anything but knit during my free time, but probably not even that. But have fun! I can’t wait to see all the wonderful challenging projects being feverishly worked on during the Olympics. If my KAL weren’t starting that week, I’d even have the perfect project for that time. Oh, well. 🙁 (Insert Nancy Kerrigan-esque “WHY? WHY MEEEE? here.)

  29. I am SO in!! I’m not sportive at all, but I can knit. I’m wavering between a lace shawl and a felted something…nope, I’ve decided. I’ve never finished any lace before, so I will make the Flower Basket Shawl. Not a hope in hades that I will finish, but hey, you can call me the Jamaican Bobsled Team of the Knitting Olympics.

  30. Ooooh! I’m in. I’m thinking Trellis from knitty. It’ll be a challenge mostly because we’ll be right in the final stages of finishing the kitchen reno. Lay some floor tiles, knit a couple rows, put some primer on the walls, knit a couple rows. Oh yeah, I can see it now…

  31. Oh, I’m so in!
    I’m going to make the “Weeping Willow” shawl from Two Old Bags/Wool You Order. My second lace project (“Kiri” was the first), but way more complicated than I have done before. I’d say it fits — hard but not impossible. Not quite impossible!
    And, about that drug testing issue: Is caffeine on the list of acceptable drugs?
    Woo-hooooooo! Let the Games begin!!

  32. Um. I’m going to be a total wussie and give you a definite “I’ll think about it.” The amount of time it takes me to knit anything is such a crapshoot. 70 inch scarf? Four days. Socks? Four months. Totally unpredictable. Plus, there’s the matter of having no appropriate projects lined up, and a serious dearth of money to go out and acquire new yarn. So, I’m at a very strong “we’ll see.” If I can bring myself to make a commitment, I’ll let you know.

  33. I am SO IN!!! I am addicted to watching the Olympics and was feeling sad because my daughter won’t be here to watch every minute with me so this is GREAT!!
    I am going to knit the Sampler Shawl from FOLK KNITS. Will probably use Eliz. Lavold Silk and Wool unless I am called to us another yarn when I visit my lys next week.– after all, I wouldn’t want my stash to start shrinking….
    Off to swatch & drink more coffee – this training is fun…..YEAAAAAAA!!

  34. ooooh, genius idea! I *think* I’ll participate, but I need to find myself a challenging, yet do-able with two small children anda FT job project. Plus I need to finish two throws/ shawls and my jaywalkers before then. Yipe!

  35. I won’t be taking part either, but shall be cheering from the stands. Mind if I link to this as advertisement? This is a great idea.

  36. Before I come to my senses and back away slooooowly from the computer…count me in. I too want to live the dream!
    I’m going to knit Bianca from Rowan #38. I bought beautiful wool for this sweater in the fall and have ignored it steadily every since. Why? The beads. 740 beads. More or less. (Who’s counting?) And then there’s the matter of the #1 and #2 needles, but everyone who knows me knows I’m a closet gauge snob, so it’s kinda fitting.
    Thanks for the challenge, Steph, and good luck everyone!

  37. I’m in. It will be some kind of fair isle since I’ve never done fair isle before. Maybe the skull mittens at Hello Yarn which I’ve been coveting. May not seem like a big deal but I’m terrified of fair isle. I think it has to do with the fact that I might need to use the thing that hangs, totally useless, on the left side of my body. Yes. That would be my left arm/hand.

  38. I’ve not been much of a joiner. Besides, my strengths consists of lying to family members in order to meet knitting personalities, and in casting on more projects than I can reasonably knit in six months, let along sixteen days. I’ll opt out and cheer from the sidelines.

  39. My first post! Ok, I’m in – not sure what the project will be yet. Something small and painful like socks (to me a form of medieval yarn torture) or my first attempt at fingerless gloves. And I still haven’t gotten over the goat stink series – that was priceless.

  40. I just finished knitting Hardangervidda for my dad as a Christmas present. The name was too long, so I shortened it and called it Danger the whole time I was knitting it. Made the whole thing more fun.
    I’m going to have to ponder whether I’m up for the challenge. Fortunately, I’ve got some time to decide. Either way, I’m looking forward to spectating. Danger took me considerably longer than 16 days.

  41. Ok, I’m in. What fun! I will be knitting the “Gull Stitch Cardigan” from this edition of Interweave Knits. 16 days, eh? I need to find me some yarn and start swatching!

  42. Knitting anything during the Olympics is a challenge as I like to WATCH!
    Hardanger is a style of Norwegian embroidery that I love to do (and don�t any more). The sweater has motifs that remind me of many of the stitches. It will be beautiful. I�ll get back to you as to whether I could handle the stress of competition or would rather be a fan rooting on the sidelines.

  43. Hello fellow Stephanie. I’m a relatively new knitter who’s been wanting to try socks for a while now, but always shied away with excuses to finish working other projects first. But let’s be honest, I’ve really just been afraid. This hasn’t stopped me from downloading sock patterns and buying sock yarn.
    So for the 2006 Knitting Olympics I will knit socks. (Well maybe just one sock. I don’t want to get ahead of myself here.) Possible pattern ideas are:
    Broadripple from Knitty
    The 56 Stitch,56 Row Sock
    Do have any better ideas for my first pair? I’d love to knit Jaywalkers, but I think that will have to come later.

  44. I have a red beaded scarf (yarn, beads and pattern) that has been sitting and waiting for me to finish my first pair of socks… So, a dual challenge: first the time trial to get on the team (I’m just through the heel turn on sock #2, there’s hope), then the olympic knitting effort itself. I’m even color-appropriate: blue socks and red scarf (go USA!), and the red can do dual service as a tribute to our host country, Canada. 🙂

  45. I take you up on the challenge! I’m originally from upstate NY and I love the Winter Olympics too! I’m an advanced beginner so my project will be the Big Bad Baby Blanket from SnB. I have some hand-spun and hand-dyed bulky wool coming any day now from ebay to match my friend’s daughter’s Pottery Barn Pink Island crib set. It’s a great set with lots of vivid pinks, greens and blues. It’s definately more fun to knit with bright colors than with pastels for me.
    I can’t wait, and thanks for the challenge!! I hope my project isn’t too simple.

  46. OK, I’m in. I think I’ll do the ladybug hat and sweater from Dale for a baby. I’ve never done fair isle, steeks, or a pattern from a chart. I think this will quailfy as a “challenge”.
    I have no baby right now, so I will stick this in my “grandmothers hope chest”. It will join the beautiful blue Aran sweater and the yarn for the lace baby blanket that my MIL wants me to knit for her grands-to-be from a pattern to be determined, but that she wants to reflect the Scottish heritage. Yeah, right.

  47. this is so against my better judgement, but i’m in. like mindy, i think i’m going to attempt the jaywalker socks. these are exactly the second pair of socks i will have ever made and the first time i’m using teeny tiny #1 needles. and classes just started. i must be out of my head.

  48. What has happened to me that I now find myself led down the path of your insanity? I don’t know what I’m going to knit yet. Lately I feel like finishing anything could be my ultimate challenge. However, I must make it a really good one in the proper spirit. I think finding the proper pattern, getting the yarn and swatching all will count toward my training. I haven’t bought yarn since August, so I might be out of shape. I just hope I don’t get any injuries of the stealth knee crushing variety.

  49. Oh, I want to join. I have been looking at Fair Isle Hat patterns for my first colourwork. However, I am suppose to finsih my PhD thesis during that time, since writing is cutting into my knitting time. I may join at a later time. Will these tallies count in the medal standings?

  50. Count me in – I’ve only been knitting since Thanksgiving…and classes start tomorrow! I have no idea if I will have time for this but I can’t resist.
    I think I will do my second pair of socks, but I don’t know which pattern yet. Something a little harder than the basic ones I did to learn with, though. I’ll let you know soon.
    What a great idea – Thanks!

  51. This is the best and I am so in – I don’t even answer the phone when the Olympics are on. Well, to honor Italy, I will use Italian yarn and I will make an item using the 5 colors for the Olympic rings. Because I concentrate so hard on the athletes, I will try a felted handbag which won’t involve a lot of counting, etc. Curling is my new found favorite sport.

  52. Oh, I love knitting TO sports, so knitting AS a sport seems only natural!! I just happen to have a sweater for which I’ve already done a little training (sleeves swatches which need to be frogged, already frogged back) and for which I have a self-imposed deadline AND it has a rather Nordic sounding name — perfect for downhill skiing and LUGE! I’m in for Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton’s “Williamsro.”
    Oh, what fun!

  53. Ok, part of my training will have to be choosing a project, but I have several in mind that will definitely be a challenge to complete in 16 days!
    But I’m definitely in!!
    Wonderful idea!

  54. Apparently, I’m insane.
    Sign me up. I’m going to push myself harder by making my piece the pirate mitten from
    Did I mention I’ve never done fair isle before?
    I’m expecting tears.

  55. I’m currently home sick with a fever, so this seems the right time to jump into a contest like this with both feet……
    Um….The Peacock Shawl from Fiddlesticks, in laceweight from SweetGeorgia. I’ve knitted heavier weight shawls before, but I’ve never knit anything truly laceweight cause the blocking process scares the hell out of me, but what the heck!

  56. This is *such* a freakin’ good idea. You. Are. Brilliant. (And I love your button. It is so not crappy. Although I have full faith that Franklin will come up with something excellent.)
    Sadly, I have just come off an Olympic-esque knitting marathon of my own that nearly killed me and I have promised myself (and my long-suffering family) that I am going to take it easy on the knitting for a while. So I will not be participating. But, much like the real Olympics, I bet the Knitting Olympics will be incredibly fun to watch. 🙂

  57. Oooh, I’ll join! Maybe I’ll try a pair of fair-isle mittens. I have some nice wool I dyed to make Lovikka mittens, maybe I’ll try those! I’d really prefer the fair-isle ones, but I don’t have any patterns for nice Norwegian/Swedish style mitts. Suggestions, anyone?

  58. Hey Yarnharlot. I had decided not to read this blog after the debacle of christians vs. ateists, but really, that seemed silly to me after contemplating it a bit…
    I’ll be in on the Knitting Olympics, and comparing to real life I think ski jumping is probably the equivalent to what I am embarking upon… A full-size shetland shawl, square, with a field of flowers (or bed of roses) middle, tree of life border and rose diamond edging… in 16 days.
    Good luck to everyone, and remember… faster, higher, stronger!

  59. Okay, count me in. I’ll knit the Lisa Lloyd Cable Moss Vest that I’ve been promising Dale forever. It’ll be my first “big” thing with cables.

  60. If I knit that Hardangervidder sweater, will that good looking young man thats modelling it come to my house and and try it on for me?????????

  61. This is not a good time. But dammit, I cannot resist a challenge. USA USA USA
    I’ve only finished 1 sweater in my life (that took 7 months), but I’m going to knit one. In 16 days. I don’t have a pattern yet, but I’m thinking very basic – maybe try top-down – that would be new for me. Hey, there’s even time to order yarn.
    Now I just need to get the courage up to press that “post” button. There’s no going back after I click it. USA USA USA

  62. Since one of my main goals this year is to knit more sweaters for myself from stash, I’ll play along. I’ll be knitting the Wishbone Sweater from EZ’s “Knitter’s Almanac.” I did one a few years ago and it took me a month, so this should be enough of a challenge to qualify, no?

  63. I would love to. I’m a beginner. I’m learning how to knit socks soon, like this weekend soon. So maybe that will be my project. As I have never worked with DPNs before. Oh my.
    Of course, it’s in February. And it’s the weekend of a college audition. So I probably will forget about it.

  64. Given that I was going to spend a large portion of those two weeks with my butt parked firmly on the couch knitting, this doesn’t sound like such an impossible task…is it? I’m considering Torino, but given that I’ve never done fair isle before… nope. Maybe a nice aran (will ponder further)

  65. I’m in. With Clapotis. It will be a challenge to finish anything in 15 days, but I can do it.
    My husband thinks I’m definitely insane. We won’t talk about how he feels about you. 😉

  66. Well, heck, why not. I’ve never done a KAL before, but there’s no time like the Olympics!
    My sister’s birthday is in early March, and since I’ve already bypassed knitting something for her for Christmas, I’d better get going. It will be the Nordic Mittens from Winter ’04 IK. (Karlie, maybe you could try these?) Starting this plus my second semester of grad school… sounds like fun!

  67. You are E-VILLE! At first I thought, “No F-ing way!) But after 30 seconds of careful thought, I decided I would. Hell, why not?
    I chose to knit a gingham slip stitch sweater from a knitting magazine that is about 20 years old. I have started this sweater twice before and have given up both times. But now, with your inspiration, I will triumph!
    As they say at the top of the mountains, “It’s all downhill from here!”.

  68. I’m totally in! This is a fantastic idea. I’m not sure yet what I’ll knit, it’ll either be my first attempt at lace or a version of the ribby cardi from chicknits. I’ve only ever made one adult sized sweater before and that took forever. I’ll be sure to post back about which I choose.

  69. Wow, what a gripping idea! Of course, I had decided I was going to pull out and finish an abandoned sweater during the Olympics, but I have several days to consider your alternative plan. Have to decide which is the more Olympian feat for me: (a) finishing a sweater I’ve lost interest in, or (b) starting and finishing something “challenging” in 16 days. Or do I go completely crazy and compete in both events?
    Do nonbloggers get to go out and buy themselves gold colored yarn if they succeed?

  70. Ok. I’m not knitting MDK’s perfect sweater, so I’ll do this instead. Put me down for a cabled vest of my own devising in Merino Chunky. I’ll be competing in the paralympics surrounding the regular olympics, too, because I have to get two Weasleys done, one for Feb 19 and one for March 4. But they’re kinda little, so it’s challenging but not impossible….

  71. Ooh, this DOES sound fun! The size of the projects people are picking scares the bejeezus out of me, though. Don’t any of you people have to work?? (grin) I know there’s no way I can get an entire sweater knitted in 16 days . . . or is there? But a shawl? Well, maybe!
    Something, though, because I’m an Olympics-nut, too. Not only do I love to watch (although unless there are 5 Rings, about the only sporting event I ever watch is the Kentucky Derby), but I love the idea of the Olympics. (Am I the only person to love the miniseries from the 1980s about the first modern-day Olympics?) So, sign me up, and I’ll start looking around for a pattern that I feel I can accomplish in just a little over two weeks…. Woohoo! Wonderful idea!!

  72. Oh, fun! I’m in. I’ll do a pair of socks, because a) I have started many pairs of socks but finished very few and b) I will be traveling for over half the time and need to be SOMEWHAT realistic here. The exact pattern etc. will be determined during the “training” process.

  73. I am in…. There was this lace shawl (my first lace) that was kicking my butt all over town before Christmas (it was a failed Christmas endeavor) I ripped it back 3 times, only to rip the whole dang thing out and scrap the project.(It has haunted me ever since because I spent $27 on the yarn).. I just might be insane afterall….
    Is there a root canal and natural childbirth category instead? Literally I would rather go through my 25 hour natural vag breech VBAC birth all over again than start up that shawl..
    Thanks for the challenge Steph…

  74. you are a seriously bad influence. already, in the past month, i found myself up late reading your book instead of preparing for the next days work in the trial i was in the middle of at the time. so, i guess instead of doing any work in the end of february, i will indugle my love of the winter olympics and knit. hello crockpot. sorry husband, all social commitments are off. what’s a girl to do when the yarn harlot beckons?
    i have no clue what i will make. i’m a relatively new knitter. i cast on my first pair of socks this weekend, only to discover double pointed needles terrify my. but i do have four ounces of handspun blue face leicester–the first spinning i’ve done that i’ve been really happy with. perhaps i can find a pattern with slightly larger double points so as to be a little less intimidating and make myself a hat? off to look through the alter knits book and the others that are spilling off the bookshelf next to my bed. suggestions welcome, though.

  75. *gulp*
    Just found this place last week and just finished reading all the archives and am reading bookbookbook (don’t know if it’s one, two, or two and a half).
    This scarf, afghan, shawl, and sweater knitter will attempt for the first time EVER to use dpns and do (I feel faint) . . . . sox.
    Oh, heavens. I feel a moan coming on.

  76. Count me in too. I’ve never done fair isle so I think its time. Count me in for the Northern Lights mittens at Knitpicks.

  77. Count me in for the Olympics. I’ll be working on my 2nd-ever knitted baby blanket. Something similar to Sam’s blanket, I’m thinking. I’ve always crocheted them before because they’re faster, but I’m also off from school for a week during the allotted time. AND, 4 babies will be arriving before June!
    Now to finish DH’s sweater and my Ribby Cardi before I can cast on…!

  78. Oh, and a question: if I remember correctly, the flame is not actually lit until partway through the opening ceremonies (?). Does this mean that we need to knit something else while watching the beginning part of the TV coverage and then switch when they lit the flame? Or can we cast on when the opening ceremonies start?
    (You will notice the insanity: I am planning to watch the opening ceremonies. I have to be on a plane at 4:30 the next morning. Maybe I just won’t bother sleeping.)

  79. Oh. My. God. Did I just commit to this? Why, yes, yes I did. So I may be commited to the funny farm part-way thru this, you evil Harlot you.
    I realized this sweater has all of the Olympic colors in it, how fun. Now, does the hat count as training for the sweater? And I think us non-bloggers will have to buy ourselves a gold medal winning wine to celebrate when we finish.

  80. I’d be in, if we could do it with a UFO. I have a pair of Sanquhar gloves that are nowhere near to being a pair. They’re maybe 1/2 a glove right now, and 16 days would definitely be a challenge for me to finish them! I’m planning on not starting any new projects until I get through a couple of the UFOs that backed up in 2005.
    Maybe I’ll start the alternative “UFOlympics.” 🙂

  81. Count me in. I have no idea what I will be knitting though. I will have to assess my knitting ability and my mental health, but I am so in it isn’t even funny.

  82. I am SO in! I’ll do the Yoga Wrap from the new Vogue Knitting. I am dreadfully slow at lace so this’ll definitely be a challenge for me (but a FUN one!)

  83. Okay. I already have the proper equipment to make a Dale sweater, but we’re moving during those two weeks. I know! Lame excuse! So I shall start with Wendy’s Baby Norgi and pray I can knit and paint a bedroom at the same time.

  84. I’m in, but I’ve got to go home and do some consulting with the stash to pick a project. Too many choices is the real problem.

  85. Hmm. I hope that I am up to the challenge. I need to make the Felted Cow Slippers (Knitters’ Moos) by Lucy Neatby for a friend’s April birthday. I’ve been putting it off, because I thought they looked difficult. Perhaps this is just what I need! 16 days….8 days per moo…. For the record, I do work full time, but maybe we have midwinter recess during that time!! Here’s a photo:

  86. OOOh! Me! OOh OOOh. (that’s not very olympic, sorry, but remember, i’m only 16). I’m in.

  87. Okay, I’ve changed my mind, I’m going for the fair isle vest at Knitpicks instead. Seems like more of a challenge worthy of a knitting olympics, almost guaranteed to make me crazy in that short time!

  88. I’m in! I wanted to do the sock-a-long but couldn’t figure out how to knit one without cursing and stabbing things so…I’m going to knit my boyfriend some socks as my challenge. I just ordered some yarn and needles so I hope they come in time!

  89. Hmmm. The patriot in me is tempted to knit a Hudson’s Bay blanket (I’m more of the endurance-type) but I’ve always secretly kinda hated the colours.
    I’ve been dementedly finishing the Christmas knitting (just in time for the 43rd day of Christmas, of course) by dangling IK’s Lacy Kerchief Scarf and some Handmaiden lace silk in front of my nose. Can I resist casting it on till February???
    Or maybe I’ll do the Lattice Stole in cracksilk?
    Clearly, much training is required to be ready for these elite levels.

  90. “I fully admit to choosing this because “Danger” is in the name.”
    Huh. So is “Hard”
    and “Dang.”

  91. I’m in! I need someone to light and Olympic fire under my arse to get things done! I haven’t picked a pattern yet, but I’m thinking about a top-down baby sweater for my baby on the way.. suggestions are welcome!!!

  92. I’m in. After many failures, I can only sign up to knit a sweater for myself. Yarn and pattern to be determined.

  93. this reminds me of the national novel writing month project my sister does every year. you have to write a novel in 30 days..i forget how long. she’d love it if i did this so i will give it a go. I don’t know what my project will be yet so I’ll post again

  94. Ok, I’m in as well. I’ve been putting off making myself a pair of gloves, never before attempted and I’m not doing a simple pair,no! I’m creating a pair, by combining a couple of patterns (I’m picky like that) and to top it off I’m doing the trim from Miss Dashwood’s hat
    I’ll admit, I’ve made the hat before, and I liked the lacy edge so much, I thought that would make a beautiful cuff for gloves, and I have this gorgeous purple Touch Me that’s been calling to me for months. So, hooray for me-let the games begin.

  95. I may have to join, provided I can find a suitable project; I’m in a knitting funk at the moment. I, too, find the Olympics very inspiring. I’m moved to tears at times.

  96. you crack me up! and not just because of the knitting olympics (though it is a maniacal idea)
    but where I come from(and this is j-u-v-e-n-i-l-e in the extreme) “bonk” is a slang term for casual sex…ok, now that I have finished laughing over the “nasty bonk” I will grow up, thank you.

  97. Can’t believe I’m doing this since I’m already working on FLAK and St. Ciaran from Aran Knitting! No way could I finish the Crossed in Translation cardigan in 16 days, so that will have to wait.
    Okay–I’ll either be working on a shawl from Folk Shawls–possibly Wool Peddler’s OR
    Jaywalker socks in STR yarn that arrived last week. I haven’t done Jaywalkers before, so for me, this will be a challenge. OR
    A to-be-determined baby pattern for a family at church expecting their 4th in May.

  98. Well, one of my good intentions for this year is to use up as much stash as possible, which limits the techical aspects of challenge rather. On the other hand, there’s a psychological aspect to competition, and for me sticking to one project for 16 days is a huge challenge, so I will knit Ene’s Scarf (which is actually a shawl) using (from my stash) some lace-weight alpaca from La Droguerie. Faster fingers, higher hopes, and stronger will.

  99. I pledge to knit my very first sock during Torino. I’d commit to making a *pair* of socks, but I knit. real. slow. Must go start training right now — with carbo loading.

  100. I’d like to join the knitting Olympics. My goal is to make my first shawl. I’ll start looking for a pattern. I have four kids and I homeschool. Knitting anything large in 16 days will be a miracle.

  101. Ooo. Good post and quite the challenge! I never knit anything for myself, and I have an embarrassingly large number of shawl patterns I would like to do. I’ll look through my stash for one tonight, but considering I’ve never knit a shawl that wasn’t plain garter with increases, this would be a challenge for me. Especially in 16 days! Likely candidates are FT’s Pacific Northwest or Peace shawls, or Fiddlesticks Creatures of the Reef or Lotus Blossom. I’d like to knit it out of stash yarn, which means it’ll probably be one of the FT shawls as I have a cone of 50/50 wool/camel blend in a green…. Hmmm! What a great idea. Thanks Steph. 🙂

  102. I am in, too! Going to knit a pair of fair isle socks for my daughter to match her Philosophers Wool sweater. My handicap is an adorable, 6 weeks old tommorrow little boy named John. (and #6 child)
    Might as well say one arm tied behind my back!!!
    Wish me luck!

  103. I’m in! After consulting the stash, I pulled two beautiful skeins of Kaalund Classic Two, lavender, which where a Christmas present, and I’m doing the Ella scarf from Knitty. Ooh. Lace and TV watching (like you, Steph, I’m glued to the TV during the winter games) at the same time. A double Axel, as it were.

  104. Love the Olympics, and the Knitting Olympics is a great idea! I have just ordered yarn to make a Rogue for my 17-year-old daughter, so that will be my Olympics project. I think this will be the first thing I’ve made for her, other than a scarf. It’s good to have a deadline, too.

  105. Oh god. Oh god. *breathes deeply* Okay. Now I know friends are right and I’m insane. I’m in. *gulps* Despite the legal preps. Heck, I’ll be watching anyway; never figured out Winter Olympics attraction; I can’t skate, ski or sled. . . maybe it’s because snow equals yarn?
    Uh, what to knit? Can I get back to you? Socks — never in 20 years tried ’em. But DPNs are sanity-killers to me. Oooorrrr there is that Alice Starmore pine green Bainin sitting there, bought for her Barn Sweater. Which I’ve cast on four times, knit one row, looked at the pattern and went — uhuh. Then rolled it up and put it way way way in the back of the armoire. And I love that sweater . . . Or there’s the steel gray alpaca or the multi-tan Manos I bought for Elsebeth Lavold sweaters — has anyone knit them — are they really truly insane to knit? I’m thinking of the one with the flaps, or the cute gray one with the cool hat — um, if I do that one, do I have to do the hat too?
    And, on the drug-testing issue — can I assume wine and coffee and chocolate are not prohibited substances?
    Get back to you on this one . . . *plans to rummage through armoire full of yarn after work*

  106. I’m in! I’ll commit to making this sweater vest my grandmother has been asking for – it’ll help me get my feet wet for making a real sweater later this year!

  107. Fantastic!!! I am going to knit a “Knitting Pure and Simple Top Down Pullover” for my 3 year old daughter. I have some Lorna’s Laces Worsted that has been patiently waiting for this moment. I have never finished a sweater, of any size, in under 3 months. I thought my first lace shawl would be a good idea, but when I was trying to start one earlier today, I cried a bit, and ripped it out. Let the games begin!!

  108. I am all about the winter olympics baby!! My honeymoon was at Lake Placid!! I am in.. and hey.. just about anything is a challenge to me..
    hmm 16 days.. wow. I gotta think.. and get back on the project!
    think think.. going off to my thinking spot..

  109. I’m in….thinking of socks…..but want am going to take my time to figure out my “event.”
    Can hardly wait!

  110. Oh this is a splendid idea!! I think since I tend to do smaller items (not so big on the sweaters & such), I might participate in a heptathlon of various things that I have to clear out of my overflowing knitting queue.

  111. Ah, me. I don’t need to get sucked into this with all I have going on…
    OK, I’ll either design and knit a top-down mistake stitch cardigan(been wanting one ever since I saw your “Sweater That Shall Not Be Named”) OR knit a Pi are Square shawl out of some special handspun. That still needs to be spun. Two timed projects in a row would likely kill me.
    Looks like a cardi for me-unless I get REALLY motivated.

  112. Hhhrrrrmmmmm. Well, I started Torino on the New Year, and I might just finish it before the start of the Olympics, so I’ll have to choose another event…I’m thinking maybe Dale baby blankie with moon and stars for my actual event. I’ll need to knit two of these because the recipient is going to have twins, but I think I’ll stick to one blankie in the sixteen day span or I’ll just be dooming self to failure. (Imagine being the recipient, who is having twins at 42 when her other two are just getting civilized at 8 and 10. Better her than me.)

  113. Oh crap. You *would* do this in the middle of the damn Stashalong. So, now I have to not only figure out a pattern I might actually complete in 16 days, but also figure out how to do it from stash. Harrumph. Thank God for socks.
    And, since someone is already channeling the Jamaican Bobsled Team, I’m going to channel Eddie the Eagle. Even though I’m terrified of heights.

  114. I’m in. I’ll do the Rosebud Cardigan from Simple Knits for Cherished Babies. Given that I’ve not done any sweaters (though am working on a garter stitch baby sweater at the moment) this’ll be challenging enough technique wise but I’ll also stand a chance of finishing.

  115. Oh God no… any other time maybe. I’ve had enought of speed knitting from the holidays. However I will gladly run with torch for your opening ceremonies. Perhaps the torch should run to different blogs? 🙂

  116. I’m in!!! Course, y’all will laugh when you hear what my “challenge” will be. Just remember … “remedial knitter”. K? K! Okay, I’m thinking a stuffed animal for an infant. Not sure which yet … all I know is it involves a WHOLE lotta techniques I don’t know how to do. Combine that with the fact that I’m a slow-ass knitter (that would be a “slow-arse knitter” to all y’all Canadians out there ;)) AND I work full-time AND I try to maintain an active social life (read that: trying to meet boys) then I’m thinking figuring out this stuffed animal WILL be a challenge to do and finish in 16 days.
    (that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it!!!)
    Thanks, Steph!

  117. Oh man. Baby due Feb 3rd, or I would so be there. I’m thinking the baby will probably cramp the knitting style for at least a little bit. I will be cheering from the sidelines though (when I’m not nursing or not sleeping or changing diapers…)

  118. Moebius.
    This might just be the time and place to cast on that Thrummed Moebius that appeared in my mailbox. (Did I order that? When? WHY?)
    This is SO your fault. I really expect to see a finished Harlot moebius in the blog before the Olympics start. You know… for motivational purposes.

  119. I’m in! I will be doing the “Rogue” sweater. I’ve only done very simple sweaters up to now, and only about 3 of them, so this will be quite a challenge! With cables, no less!

  120. Mermaid in 16 days!?! Now that is insane. Even if I was on vacation I don’t think I could even come close to that one. Of course, I started knitting in August (or was it September?) of last year.
    I’m considering a pair of Jaywalker socks. I’ve never knit any socks, let along Jaywalker.

  121. Holy crappoly….can’t believe I’m doing this, but count me in. I want to actually finish a sweater – any sweater – just to prove to myself that I CAN!!
    I’ll get around to a pattern later, but for now, yes, I’m joining the insanity. Maybe staying at home knitting will keep me from going out and spending money I don’t have on beads I don’t need. It’s a plan, anyway.

  122. I’m in for the challenge as I’ve been looking for an excuse to re-attempt your Snowdrop Shawl. I tried to do it before Christmas and messed up pretty early on. I tried to fix it but then I messed it up even more. I know what I did wrong now so maybe this time I can get it right!

  123. Okay. Count me in. I’ve read both of your books (twice) and have been following your blog for a month or so. My project? The Flying Geese Gloves from Robin Hansen’s Favorite Mittens. While I’ve knit socks, I’ve not done gloves (with fingers) yet, and have been wanting to try two-handed color work. This ought to be enough of a challenge. Now to find appropriate yarn …

  124. I’m in. I have the pattern ready: A hat for my friend for next Cristmas. The hat is probably not the big challenge but there are supposed to be beads knitted in and I have never done that before.I’m exited to be knitting along with people not only from Norway. And I must say I’m impressed that you have taken on “Hardangervidda” in 16 days!!!! You go girl!

  125. I’m in. I started PreOlympic Stash Diving last week. Results for the preliminary round were posted today. This week is the Qualifying Round! I love that I’m not the only person who feels like she has to plan out what she’ll knit for the Olympics – almost a month away. I have no clue what I’ll be knitting next week, but Must. Plan. Olympic Knitting! USA USA USA!

  126. I’m IN! DH says “Oh this must be Camp Harlot!”. I will attempt the world map sweater from Vogue Magazine umpytee years ago. I have the pattern somewhere and have been afraid to try the instarsia. What better symbol of the olympic than the whole world without borders. BTW do I need to start a blog before the beginning of Feb? Luckily the tech support is taking some time off from college :).

  127. Oh, dear. You would post this today. Today, five days from when I will be packing my entire life (yarn included) and moving 500 miles north for school.
    Erk. Let me think about it. *hums llama llama duck while talking to llama hand* (Yes, packing has made me slightly insane, why do you ask?)
    Okay, I’m in. 😀 Now I must resist the temptation to UNpack my knitting books to find a pattern that is suitably high on my “oh f**k” scale.

  128. What, waiting for the Torch to be lit?! That’s missing some major knit time. Can’t we amend the bylaws and say… Once we finish the B’s in the name game? Or first Country you correctly identify the geographic location for?

  129. Quel idee!!! (That was for those north of the border!) Count me in!!!
    Steph, this is a GREAT IDEA! Since there are never any winter olympians from Texas…I feel the patriotic need to represent the Lone Star State! And to make it a truly international effort, I will be knitting the sweater on the cover of the Katia No. 35 book in “Nepal” for my 9 year old! (Maybe I’ll only read the intructions in espanol!)
    Let the First Knitting Olympics of the Modern Era Begin!!!

  130. Count me in but be aware that I’ll have to frog anything I knit while Matt Savoie is skating – he is just too fine to concentrate on stitching!
    I’m going to do a Pi shawl – I’ve never finished a shawl before after multiple starts so this will be an endurance event.

  131. Knit on one thing for 16 days?!?! Now that alone is a challenge for me. I’m up for the challenge so count me in! Should we post pics on our blogs or submit them to you to showcase when it’s all over?
    Now to figure out what to knit…

  132. I’ve only been reading this blog for about a week and a half, but I am already sucked in to the challenge. Since work and school will be a factor, I’m thinking of knitting the urban/rustic gloves from knitty. I’ve never done gloves before, and part of the warm-up will be finishing another project for the needles before Feb. 10. My backup project in the case that the gloves turn out to be easy, is finishing my first ever sock. (I’m a pretty new knitter).
    Good luck everyone!

  133. OK, I’m in, and I don’t even have a blog. (I may have to get one.) I don’t know what to knit, either, but I’ll think of something.
    I presume there will be drug testing to make sure we are consuming the requisite amounts of caffeine and chocolate.

  134. I would love to join. I’ve always secretly wished I was skilled enough to be in the Olympics, but never had a sport. I still need to decide at what level I’m at, but I’m thinking about the child sweater from Knit’n Style’s February 2006 issue for our littlest one. A good beginning to colorwork I think.

  135. Ok, I’m delurking to join in — I can’t resist the challenge! I will knit the Fibertrends Baltic Sea Stole, my first lace project. Thanks for the inspiration to go for it.

  136. Oh, my! Before March, I have to finish a baby sweater (my first) and a pair of those baby jeans from knitty. However — I think I’ll take this opportunity to knit my second pair of socks – the Crusoes from Knitty Spring03. I’ve never used Koigu before (although I have some in my stash), and I’ve never knit on size 1 needles, AND this pattern is written for 4 needles, and my one pair of socks was done on 5 needles…. but – 16 days sounds like a long time! I can do it!

  137. Count me in. I have a niece due to arrive in the world March 3rd. And I have a project. Actually I have many projects. I’ll have to choose. I’ll send you an email with a link to the impossible.
    The gauntlet has been thrown!

  138. Just the challenge I need — I’m in! I think I’ll make a stole or shawl (maybe my own design?) using Cherry Tree Hill Merino Lace. I’ve never been able to finish anything in laceweight, and I’ve just retired the mittens I was working on because it hasn’t stayed cold enough her for me to remain in the mood to finish them. Hopefully the challenge will force me to finish the stole!

  139. From the woman who knit Rhinebeck for Rhinebeck, I expect nothing less than a challenge like this. Awesome idea. For me, a challenge would be to knit a pair of socks in 16 days. Plus, I’ll do it on 2 circs for the very first time. Remember I have an almost 2 year old! Count me in.

  140. Ohhh, I’m SO in! I’m a brand-spanking-new-beginner knitter, and I’ve not made ANYTHING yet, so this is perfect! I’ll be making a boring ribbed scarf in Cascade 220. I know, it sounds painfully easy & fast to you all, but for me, this truly is a challenge. Woohoo!!

  141. I could use a challenge, so I’m in! I’m not sure yet what my project will be — either a lace shawl or a pair of fine-gauge socks. (I’ve never done either socks or lace, so either will be new and challenging to me!)

  142. Fantastic idea! And I have no excuses not to join in because I’m off work the week starting the 21st and the boys will be back at school! haven’t quite decided on my project – perhaps Fibertrends Landscape shawl in Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in Black Purl. Given that I’m more Eddie the Eagle than Torville and Dean (UK winter olympic references!) that would certainly be a challenge. All those pesky little picots!

  143. Crap. You can’t just send out challenges like this all Willy-Nilly! You should know most of us can’t pass something like this up. Even though I will be at Stitches West a full 4 days out of the 16, you can count me in! The competitive knitter in me says I have to play along.
    What to make? Cables? I haven’t done colorwork yet. I’ve done cables but not a full Aran sweater yet. I think that might have to be it. Plus, I’ve got a ton of yarn for one of those in my stash. I’ll find a good one and get back to you.
    Let the games begin…

  144. I’m with you – and I will be knitting either the Filigree Lace Jacket or the Angelina Vintage Jacket from White Lies Designs – whichever I can find suitable yarn for, from the ginormous stash. So, my “faster, higher, stronger” knitting will be either a fitted lace jacket, or a 2×2 rib cardigan with a lace shawl collar and long bell cuffs. Yummy!
    Oh, and a shameless plug for my new blog – CanSock is a new blog for Canadian sock knitters to display their finished pairs of socks, or share the dismal lessons they learned while destroying perfectly good sock yarn. Will someone else please send in their socks for posting? Please? Mine are getting lonely.

  145. I’m in…insane, that is.
    I have 150 gr of lace weight mauve alpaca. When I bought it, I was thinking knee socks, but I have since realized that this yarn needs to be a lacy shawl. I don’t wear shawls, but this yarn has a mind of its own.
    Now I have to go figure out what pattern to use. After I finish my charcoal pullover, which will happen after I start my charcoal pullover. At least I should finish the Aran stockings (from Meg Swansen’s book) tonight!

  146. Hmmm… this might be the opportunity to pull out that lace project I’ve been putting off. I haven’t done anything with lace yet, so something simple like the leaf lace Fiber Trends shawl. Does it have to be blocked by the time the flame goes out?

  147. I love a challenge. I was planning to do a pair of socks in February, so now instead of having the full 28 days I will push myself to finish in the Olympic Timeline. To make it more likely that I finish I’ll do a peasant heel on them. They will be for a friend of mine, so I will do a nice little Jolly Roger on each ankle.

  148. Okay, I’m in. I’ve been planning/stalling on making a pair of Sanquhar Gloves which terrifies me a little bit because they’re knit using lace weight yarn on 1.50mm dpn’s. I’m feeling queasy already but I love a challenge.

  149. Great idea! I’ll consider if I have a project on my to-do list that could work as an olympic project.
    Just thought I’d correct you on the Dale information. It’s true that Dale have an olympic sweater each 4. year, but they actually design a new sweater for the Norwegian Ski team each year. Three out of four years they call it a World Championship sweater, and every fourth year it’s an olympic sweater. It always gets the name of the town/city hosting the championship/games.
    In the “golden years” of knitting (80’ish) it was really prestigeous for every Norwegian knitter to whip out the annual ski sweater as soon as it was released.
    The ski team are obliged to wear these things, so they really get a lot of publisity too.
    And just to calm your nerves – Hardangervidda has nothing to do with danger! Hardanger is a district on the west coast of Norway (where the Hardanger embroidery comes from), and “vidda” means “plain”. This is the name of the plain/mountain area east of Hardanger.

  150. Yikes! So many UFOs, do I *really* need to start another project? Of course!
    Mine will be Wavy from Knitty, since I tend to never finish anything. My extra challenge, just because nothing is ever easy in my world, is that I’ll be spinning this from handspun. My rulebook says I can spin before the opening ceremonies.

  151. I’m in! My hubby loves all things Olympic and will be glued to the TV for 16 days, and now I have something to get excited about. I’m either going to do a cabled wrap that I saw in a Brook’s Brother’s ad in Vogue while waiting to get my hair done…. or cabled socks. Will be determined by whether or not I can determine a pattern from the fuzzy photo on the Brook’s Bro’s site. I’m rooting for any and all countries who have pretty flags.

  152. Hey Kat — stuffed animal? Have you seen the book from Kath Dalmeny — lots of nice stuffed aminals (as a three-year-old friend says) and they don’t look that hard. I’m thinking of doing the Husky for my brother, as he has one as a companion.

  153. I’m in! Now what to knit…
    Here’s the short list:
    1. Clapotis
    2. Eris
    3. Layette that I need to do soon anyway
    Which to choose? Stay tuned to find out!

  154. Okay.
    I’m going into training for this.
    I am currently knitting a scarf for OFA’s Red Scarf Project… I have 14 days to finish and mail an elegant red cabled scarf. Part of the challenge there is that .. well… I don’t do scarf.
    I’d planned to knit another scarf for a friend (which I must design) by MardiGras. That one will be much more complicated, as I must create a color-masterpiece, and so is likely to take more time. I will debate for a time whether I’ll use it as my Olympic Knitting project, or I’ll come up with something that at least _sounds_ more challenging.
    I promise to update you with a real decision.

  155. Steph, you are an evil enabler.
    I’m going to make Kiri in Elann’s baby cashmere, some of which I just conveniently got in the mail today.
    Evil. Stinking. Lace.
    I blame you.

  156. I am *so* in for this! What a terrific idea – thank you, Stephanie, for once again inspiring me! I will, for the Knitting Olympics, make my first-ever Feather and Fan shawl, out of “Alpaca Peru”. I like the idea of a shawl for this, kind of like the towel around the neck or blanket over the shoulders at the end of an athletic event. Symbolic and warm and so so soft… wow, I’m looking forward to the Olympics even more now! Although I’m not sure how I’ll do during the hockey games – I may need to switch off to something simpler whilst we Canadians capture double-gold hockey sticks again! 🙂

  157. OK, *GULP* I’m in. It scares me, Steph, because you knit fast and I knit *S*L*O*W*. I think I’m doing the Northern Lights mittens from KnitPicks. I just ordered it and a couple of other patterns and “Latvian Mittens” and a whack of yarn from KnitPicks, so I’d better do *something* with it all. But there’s also a pattern for slightly lacy socks on the Straw Into Gold (aka Crystal Palace) site using their version of cracksilkhaze that’s pretty tempting, too. Never done fancy mittens, never used cracksilkhaze, never made superfineweight socks. All is tempting. Hmmmm…
    Wonder if I should even mention it to my husband… Sure, I will. It’ll be worth it just to see him roll his eyes. Then I’ll get his opinion on what to knit.
    Of course, there’s Stitches West right in the middle of it, and I’m taking the Bohus class. Nice and easy, that is. Maybe I’ll do something from that class for the Olympics, maybe mittens.
    (WHAT have I gotten myself into???)

  158. I love the olympics, I’m in. I am going to make my daughter a sweater from a free Caron simply soft pattern. I ordered Rowan yarn for the first time from Ebay so this is a double first. First time knitting for my duaghter and first time using Rowna yarn. This will be my second sweater I am still knid of a beginner so this is a Garter stitch sweater sized for a 5-6 year old.

  159. I’m in. I’m tempted by a variant, though… Can writing a pattern in sixteen days substitute for knitting a project in that same timespan? Feels like more of a challenge to me, somehow, and with less risk of actual damage to my wrists.

  160. Okay, Hand Knitting – New Directions by Alison Ellen. Page 117.
    Here goes, I’m pressing the Post button.

  161. This is such a great idea that I’m finally de-lurking to join in! I’ve been wanting to try socks for while, but I’ve been too afraid to start, so I’ll do that. I’ve been playing with Magic Loop, so I think I’ll try a modification of the pattern in that booklet.

  162. I’m game. I know that wrestling is a Summer sport, but I just have to deal with the Fabulous Manos Pullover that isn’t so fabulous. So I’ll start over, with a new pattern, better swatching/training, and I think I can do it between the 10th and the 26th.

  163. oh how fun. i immediatly thought of Michelle Kwan! i know she needs some gloves with the mitten flippy top and i need to learn some intarsia because i’m just not good at colorwork.
    yay! count me in!

  164. Oh, I’m in. What will it be? Could it be the shawl that I started in December (my very first) that I now have to rip back and start over? It may well be. Either that or a pair of socks, since I am only part-way through my first pair of Jaywalkers. I’ll let you know.

  165. Ooooh! Ooooh! Me too!
    I just … er … don’t know what I want to knit yet. 16 days? That’s like, maybe 30 hours, tops. Hmmm….

  166. I’m in. I’m thinking something mobius. I’ve had the books for a year, but not the courage to start. This is my chance! LYS here I come!

  167. I am hesitant to join this knitalong as, not only would it be my first knitalong, BUT I am currently on the injured “athlete” list. (First Fair Isle project and tendonitis, sigh)
    I will be consulting with a physiotherapist about my injury tomorrow… It is up to him and my coaching team to decide if I can be ready in time for the Olympics. If I am cleared for competition, then I, in the spirit of Elvis Stojko (who skated despite many injuries), will join!
    As an injured competitor, I may cut the quadruple jumps from my program (um, no sweaters for me!) in favour of a Lucy Neatby mitten pattern. I’ve never knit mittens before and it would be a personal triumph if I finished them both!

  168. I’ve never thought I was a joiner, but I can see the serried ranks of knitters all chanting “Wimp! Wimp!” at me if I decline this challenge. Sigh.
    *If* I have enough of the wool I’m thinking of, I’ll try the cropped version of Inishmore ( (I’ve made the full-length version once already, but that doesn’t disqualify me, right? Like, the Canadian hockey team has all played hockey before, right? It’s the timeline that’ll be the challenge for me.)

  169. the timing is AWFUL for me but this sounds like something i *must* strive to do. giving 16 days to something is not in current plan BUT. i need to come up with some kind of child’s swing top in bulky chenille, so i’ll make that my olympic knitting project.

  170. Me too! Me too! I will knit a fair isle hat and a pair of matching mittens in 16 days! Whoo-hoo!
    Worsted weight Lamb’s Pride in bright Green, bright blue, and charcoal grey. And it’s my first project in two-handed fair-isle.
    Can’t wait to start, can you?

  171. My First YH Comment, My First Knitalong – okay, I’m going to take a leap of faith and say “Yes! I WILL knit my first socks!” (Who cares if they’re for a one year old – they’re still socks! They count!) I might even get them both done in 18 days……maybe! Here goes!!!!!

  172. You are making THAT sweater in 16 days????!!!!!! of COURSE YOU CAN – I have absolute faith that YOU, our Harlot can make that sweater in 16 days – your sanity by the end of the 16 days I can’t vouch for! lol Ok, I’m in and I’m NOT making a sweater – too much happening in this nuthouse of mine – promotion at work – 4 kids and sports – I have been dying to make a pair of cabled fingerless mitts – I have never attempted cables before so this will be a challenge for me. Count me in – you are too much! I love it!

  173. I’m in but I need to figure out what I’ll knit. I promise to post on my blog by February 1st. Yay another excuse to go Yarn shopping!!!!

  174. OK. I�m in. I�ll be attempting the �Armagh� sweater from Alice Starmore�s Celtic Collection. I�ve been circling it since dinosaurs roamed the earth, but have always chickened out for five (IMHO darned good) reasons:
    1. Steeks
    2. More Than One Color in One Row (stripes yes, as many colors as you like; stranded even �only� two colors, uh�not so much)
    3. Steeks
    4. Can�t get �Rowan DDK� for love or money and am too great a coward to attempt substitutions (especially since the Great Yarn Substitution Disaster of 1994, courtesy of the same book [Cromarty pattern])
    5. Steeks
    But since somebody {ahem!} pointed out to me how LAME it is to be scared of �hard� knitting � OK. I�ll bite. I�ll do the two colors and I�ll substitute yarns and I�ll even brave the steeks. Probably biting off more than I can chew by braving all three at the same time, but here goes�
    I couldn�t find a link to the actual pattern, but here�s one to the book:

  175. Count me in! I will be doing the Sweet MaryJane Cardigan for knitpicks. I’ve had the kit in my stash for a while but have been to scared to start it. This seems like the perfect challenge!

  176. I’M IN!!! What to knit, what to knit. I am dying for a sweater for me, me, me, but don’t knof if it is even humanly possible for me to finish a sweater in 16 days AND work AND sleep and TAKE CARE OF THE CHILDREN-some of which are too small to take care of themselves…i’ll come up with something. Great idea, love your blog…

  177. Ya, I’m it…this should be interesting…16 days straight on one project…
    I think I will try my first pair of socks. I have never done them before. Or maybe that shawl that my mom wants…oy, the decisions…

  178. Okay, I cannot resist a challenge. My family will think I have lost my mind, but it will not be the first time.
    I have done Dale, Fair Isle, Cables…
    I will knit a lace shawl in 16 days. Have I ever knit a lace anything before, of course not. Lacework has always caused a sense of fear. I will take the plunge and conquer my fear.
    My challenge will be EZ’s Pi are Square Shawl in lace weight yarn.
    Now to explain to DH why I need to buy more yarn.

  179. Long time reader, first time poster. I’m in! I get a huge amount of knitting done during the 3 weeks of the NCAA college basketball tournament by not leaving the TV unless I have to so I’m sure I can do it for the Olympics too. I’ve got yarn for a couple of sweaters ordered so I’ll decide which to do then. It will be either the Blue Sky Alpacas Snap Cardi or a Rebecca Cabled turtleneck. The challenge in the meantime will be to finish up a couple other projects so I’m not too tempted to drag them out during those 16 days. 🙂

  180. Wow. The perfect challange. I forsee schoolwork going neglected, my poor residents (I’m an RA) wallowing in their neglect and a boyfriend who will beg for some attention. I haven’t chosen a project yet (there are too many particulars to consider without careful pondering), but I’m sure I’ll find something. This is going to be fun (like going to the dentist, lol) – great idea!

  181. Count me in! I’ll be st, st, st, steeking for the first time on this one. Small sweater, b-i-g freakin’ steek.
    (What have I gotten myself into?)

  182. I’m in! I’ve been wanting to learn fair isle, so I’m going to make the Fair Isle 101 Pullover from the Winter 2005 Interweave Knits.

  183. Oh dear. I’m in. I think my project will be my first pair of socks. Just have to find a suitably easy and idiot proof pattern

  184. First time post, long time reader. Haha…as if this were AM radio but I couldn’t resist. Count me in!! I will be knitting a baby blanket for DH’s best friend’s baby which is due in February. We are going to see the baby in March so this will be the perfect incentive for finishing the blanket, rather than mailing it to them when the baby turns 3!

  185. Count me in! Like many who have joined already, I’ll be working on some fair isle. It’s one of my goals for this year and I’m going to be watching so many hours of television that I might as well make it productive! I’m thinking about making a Threadybear sweater, but will need to do some research to make sure.

  186. What a great idea….I am in. I’ve been in a sort of limbo without any great ideas of something exciting to knit next, this will no doubt start the grey matter churning again.

  187. Okay *takes deep breath* I’m committing here. Steph? Everybody? Don’t let me back out. Please?
    Alice Starmore’s Na Craga sweater. In Jamieson’s Moorit/Eesit. Never knit an Aran before. Even more of a hairbrained challenge to me, departing from the pattern to include a nice, loose, floppy turtleneck-ish neck.
    Why? Because *sobs* I just took a look at my favorite brown/gray Aran oversized turtleneck sweater that my ex-boyfriend brought from Ireland a decade ago. The one I live in all winter, that I’ve camped in at outdoor concerts, that I adore. With four holes in the rear, elbows worn through and cuffs fraying into non-existence. When I opened the armoire, the package of Jamieson’s landed on my feet in a brown/silver splendid pile.
    *gulp* I’m committed. I’m crazy. I’m off to drink large amounts of Merlot while wondering what the heck I’m doing . . .

  188. OK, I’m in. I’m going to knit my first pair of socks, although dpn’s make me cry miserably. I have some lovely self-striping sock yarn from Knitpicks on the way to my house as we speak, and I need to prove to He Who(Thinks He)Must Be Obeyed that I spent that money for something useful. Pass the vanilla vodka please and the dpn’s please…

  189. I’m in.
    (after careful thought, lots of calendar checking and thinking about if this is something I should even be considering, I’m in.)
    This starts at the end of rotation #4 (heme/oncology) and will end during rotation #5 (to be determined for sure tomorrow, but perhaps peds?). Can’t think of a better way to go about the transition.

  190. I am in too! I will be knitting the hourglass sweater from Last Minute Knitted Gifts… The challenge to this pattern is that I have 5 small children 😉

  191. You are out of your everloving Canadian mind!!! That sweater in 16 days!!! I am starting a Dale sweater for my husband, similar style, but with student teaching plus two other grad courses I can’t commit to something that big. But, I will make EZ’s tomten sweater for a child I know–challenge is that EZ never makes her directions complete and I will be student teaching in a 2200 student high school!!

  192. The temptation. It is so strong. The insanity of it. It is so overwhelming. Already. The planning. It may be beyond me. What I would have to finish in advance. A lot. Why, oh why do you do this to me?
    I’m still thinking.

  193. Ooooh, sounds like fun to me! Since I have been wanting to start knitting socks and I’m still afraid of dpn’s, I think I will knit the Jaywalker Socks in Knitpicks Sock Memories.

  194. I’m in! I’ll be knitting the Baltic mittens from the “Folk Mittens” book. This will be my second pair of mittens, but my first attempt at patterned mittens and knitting mittens from a chart.

  195. You’re Crazy! … count me in. 🙂 Have to decide what to knit.
    Have ~24 days to finish up what is currently on the needles… first ever lace weight shawl(only 30 rows before the borders. YEA!) Your shawl’s are SO beautiful that I have been wanting one. Scared shi*less to block it. may make a small square (hmm what do you call an after the fact swatch?):-) to practice blocking. also needs must finish hubbys socks before then. Must go crawl through the stash to see if I have the makings for a sweater.
    Happy insane Knitting everyone!

  196. This will be my first knit along, and my first time making socks. I’m going to do the “pippi kneestockings” from the Stitch N Bitch Handbook. I hope I can finish in time! Well, I hope I can get down to the lys in time.

  197. Hi Stephanie
    I think I might have to join in on this one! I work full time as well as look after 2x grand children for 3+ days a week so will have to keep my challenge low. Perhaps the knit/woven shawl I have been planning for the past week or two.
    I will have to use lunch times for this one.:-)
    Will update you later!
    Not sure if I will get to watch much tho with the time difference and we don’t get skyTV. Not sure how much will be on the National TV. But will knit on in spirit!
    Great idea.

  198. You threw down the proverbial gauntlet! (hand-knitted, of course)I’m in, too. I’m nuts, too. OK, I’ll take a giant leap off the ski jump and knit my first afghan. My son’s been nagging me for an afghan and I thought I’d start it now so it would be done by Christmas…I’m used to knitting small projects. Might as well go for something big and have it done in February.

  199. I would like to order one in blue, please. Make him 6’2″ about 195 # and….what? OH, you mean I can only order the sweater?! Silly me! I’ll let you know later about the Olympic project! Darn, and he was cute too!

  200. What a fun idea! Readers of my blog already know that I’m rather, um, enthusiastic about the idea of knitting during the Olympics (and have done that for the last fifteen years at least). I’ve got two and a half weeks off from work and I’ve got my kit ready. I guess I’m doomed to failure here, but my project will be the 1994 Lillehammer sweater by Dale. I like a good challenge 😉
    And it’s good to know there are so many (knitting) Olympics fans, I was afraid we are a dying breed.

  201. Oh, heck, why not. I love the Olympics. I’m going to make a pair of socks. I’ve only made one pair–I haven’t officially finished the second one yet, and it’s been four months. So this will really be a challenge.

  202. I’m going to nod to one of my favorite knit-gurus and knit Mrs. Zimmerman’s Pi shawl (as seen here, knit by Wendy in 16 days.
    It’s not supposed to be easy. Its supposed to be inspiring!
    Thanks for this, Steph! I don’t have cable, so I’ll likely miss most of the Olympics themselves, but now I get to compete!

  203. Ooo, this is too cool to pass up. I live in Berkeley where there aren’t many t.v.’s per square mile, so I’ll have to watch the Olympics at someone’s house. This project will make me watch them! I’m goint to knit the Hourglass sweater in Cascade Sierra (lapis blue). This will be my first sweater, and my first garment seaming. I’ve knit Tivoli in the round, but of course no seaming. Bring it on! Thanks for the inspiration!

  204. OK, I’m on board! I bought the kit for the Peacock lace shawl because I aspired to it. Perhaps this is the time to try it out. Gads, there is a good chance I end up on the ground weeping like some athletes do when they injure themselves or trip over a hurdle or something. But I will have lived up to the grasping for greatness theme the Olympics epitomize to me.
    Now for the Olympic knitting I will have to do to get February knitting obligations done so I’m not blowing off birthdays for this fun event…

  205. Hardangervidda, are you mad woman?!! Wow! Ok, count me in-I’m going to try a shrug I’ve been eyeing-quite scary for me (I’ve never picked up stiches before….) Woo-hoo, let the games begin..on Feb. 10th-great idea Steph!

  206. OK, count me in. I am notoriously slow, but I will think on it and make my decision before the olympic flame makes its rounds.

  207. OK now. I’ve never done anything like this before but I need to actually start and finish an order for a shawl. There wasn’t a time limit placed on the order so it’s been just gathering dust, waiting for me to get my priorities straightened out. The shawl is called a Long Bodywrap and the colorway is called Abstract #10. I was inspired by a painting titled the same at under Abstract, Expression & Impression, first page, near the bottom. Maybe I’ll have a way of displaying the piece on line by the deadline. Actually, I probably won’t have the time to figure anything out except knit the dang thing. It’ll take me up to 30 hours to knit a Long Bodywrap and I have a full time office job to keep up too. Sigh. Well, here we go!

  208. Great plan to chase away the winter blues — I’m in, in, in!
    I’ll do the wildflower sweater from Lucinda Guy’s Handknits for Kids, in Jaeger Matchmaker merino 4 ply. My granddaughters live in Australia and their climate is too hot for fair isle, so it’s time to make friends with intarsia; that’s the challenging part for me. The other challenge is a project at work that will suck up an annoyingly large amount of valuable knitting time.
    Stephanie, you are a firecracker!

  209. I’m in. Knitting my first ever pair of socks. I leave for Vienna on the 26th and I will surely need warm socks. I have been reading sock-knitting directions before I sleep and am uber intimidated. But, it shall be done.

  210. I’m in, too. Thanks for the challenge, and all the inspiration you give us knitters who won’t post our colorwork mistakes and the anguish of fixing them for everyone to see. Or our frustrating socks that we later just disappear. Or our ambitious plans to handspin the yarn to make a sweater for someone (how’s that going, btw? haven’t seen any updates lately). Your perspective, sense of humor, and fearlessness are a pleasure to read.
    Since I’m a lurker and blogless, here’s my background. I’ve been knitting for about five years, and in that time I’ve played with all kinds of knitting, starting with texture patterns, diving right into lace, moving on to knitting with two colors, cables with and without a cable needle, dense fabric with tiny little needles and skinny yarn, and–most recently–a passionate affair with socks (oh, Lorna’s Laces and Trekking and Opal, how I love you all!). But in that time, I’ve knit only three sweaters–all seamed, and all from patterns. The first two sat for years, missing buttons or a zipper, and with lots of helplessly waving ends. I finally wrapped up the finishing work on them over the holiday season and am wearing them with pride. (The third still awaits seams, collar, and closure.)
    So my Olympic challenge will be my first self-designed, top-down, aran-like sweater (I have the Barbara Walker KNITTING FROM THE TOP book for companionship and inspiration, so it’s not quite as insane as it sounds). It’ll also be the first sweater I’ve knit in the round. Oh, and I’m planning to try out a steek so it can be a cardigan. But I’ll be using thick yarn and 10.5 needles, so I think it’ll be doable in 16 days. Especially since I can do nothing but breathlessly sit on my couch ogling the Olympics when they’re on. This year, I’m getting cable TV just for the extra channels (and the slim chance of avoiding the execrable all-human-interest-story-no-actual-competition primetime programming).
    Thanks again for proposing such a stimulating challenge!

  211. Oooh – I was hoping someone would do something like this! I love me a challenge. If I can get the yarn in time, I’m thinking I’ll tackle the “We call them pirates” hat from helloyarn. My first Fair Isle. If not, the Union Square Market Pullover from Fall(?) IK – such a small gauge sweater will be a challenge! Especially since I haven’t knit a sweater yet! Yipes!
    But I really do want the pirate hat…….

  212. Yippee! Count me in. I’m going to do Voyage (two color–not that beaded whoo ha) from Rowan’s Denim People. This should be interesting…

  213. Okay! Now, this sounds like some fun! And now I’ll have an excuse to watch all the games and knit. I am busy working on a Dale cardi right now, with a group and will now aim to finish that by the 10th – so that will not be breaking new cardinal rule of not casting on any new projects until I complete one (although I have slipped off the casting-on wagon a couple of times this month – but they only said it was a 12 step program, so I don’t think that all the steps must be going forward).
    I have 2 kits I bought at Stitches MidWest from Philosophers wool that have been calling to be knit, so I’ll do one of them. I haven’t decided which one yet, although the Colour My Own Ocean Spray is already wound.
    Color my own – Ocean Spray
    Kilim Deep Sea
    Will decide by cast-on, but consider them equally challenging to complete. The instructions say that they take on average 50-100 hours to complete. Well, thank goodness that I have 4 children (ages 1y – 10y) so I’ll set up a system where the 10yr old babysits the 7yrs old, and the 7yr old babysits the 4 yr old and so on. I’m not sure who I’ll get to babysit my husband.
    Can’t wait to start!

  214. Oh yes, I’m in too! Not sure what to knit that I can finish in that time, with a 9-month old around. But we get very into the Olympics and watch all day, then tape at night. This is perfect.

  215. This is insane, but I’ll knit a baby sweater for Davis, who appeared shortly before Christmas and still doesn’t have a sweater from me.

  216. Well, I havn’t seen any Aussies yet so I will join for my mainly snowless country. What I will knit? Hmmm…….
    My dp needs more socks but they aren’t challenging enough. Jaywalkers for me are possible, havn’t knitted top-down yet. Though a vest in fairisle with armhole steeks and possibly v-neck steeks using 8yo stash….. Will think about it. But count me in.

  217. i am in! let me think about what i’m making though… pregnancy induced fatigue/sleepathons and inattentiveness… um, um… let me get back to you on what i am choosing! fun!!!

  218. I would love to particpate, but I am a CPA, so no big knitting projects can be maintained during the tax season. I will be lucky to do a few socks. I will be cheering from the sidelines.

  219. Ok. Whoa. 258 comments? Honestly, I have no expectation that anyone will read mine. But I’m leaving it anyway. I love the idea (as, clearly, does everyone else in the Western world). I’m not sure whether I can participate but I’m going to seriously consider it. Frankly, as the single mom of a 2 year old, and a relatively novice knitter at that, the idea of completing a swatch in 16 days could be a challenge. But I have several projects I’ve been itching to take on, so maybe I’ll try it.

  220. Whew… well, Steph… I love the Olympics, so I’m definitely in, but as for something of a challenge… I’ve been planning a baby sweater for, well, five months (due in 10 weeks) and haven’t yet decided… will I add an intarsia motif to a Debbie Bliss pattern? Throw some fair isle in to boot? (The patterns I’m looking at are really very plain…) Should I cave and actually knit something out of sport weight yarn? Should I blow off the baby stuff and try to knit my older daughter socks? (So far I’ve knit 1 sock. It sock-sucked. I’ve been buying sock wool in search of A. redemption and B. denial of the approaching new person for whom we still have no room…) Should I knit a blanket with lots of cables? (So far I’m a very simple kind of cable person… one kind of cable…) Or should I bow to my own limitations and just try to finish something, anything, in 2 weeks + 2 days… Wow! The planning is almost as much fun as the execution! But I’m definitely in…

  221. Okay. I’m in. I’ll knit some Moebius thing. Hope that I can figure out how to do it by the Opening Ceremonies.

  222. YEOW! I am reading your HARLOT book and JUST finished the article about you and your Dale of Norway and steeking and here you are trying to do another one in 16 days when that one took 156 days? Maybe I am misunderstanding!! At any rate, good luck to all of you possessed knitters. 🙂

  223. I love the idea. I don’t know what I will knit yet, but I’m in. I will get back with you when I figure out what I am going to knit. Don’t have a blog yet.

  224. Oh, Steph – this is SUCH a cool idea, and I’m amazed at all the comments to this post!! Well, I’ve got to say – I’m IN. Don’t know yet what I’m gonna knit, but I’ll let you know in a few days…and I’ll also update my knit blog, and leave the link to that next post, too –
    Thanks for this GREAT idea!! GO USA!!

  225. I’m so in!!!!!!!!!! I’m making the African vest from Cheryl Oberle’s Folk Vests. My second steeking project ever. I am looking forward to meeting you at the Madrona Fiber Arts Retreat in early February in Tacoma, Washington USA. I will be working on my “training” program there–getting my swatches done. Oh, goody! This is soooooo fun. You are a frigging GENIUS! Mary B

  226. Uh, Steph? I took a look at your Olympic Challenge Sweater, and well…? Are you out of your freakin’ MIND?
    It’s beautiful, and lovely, and the model’s hot, but wow, what an way to demonstrate death-defying, gravity-fighting, crazy-making knitting!
    Crazy. And you’re taking all of us with you. We’re. All. Crazy.

  227. this is somthing i HAVE to join in, becuase i’m gonna be in torino working on the olympics. i just have to find some time during the supremely busy 16 days to knit. as to what, hmmm i’ve just started butterfly from rowan (38?) but i’ve already started so can’t do that. i’m sure i can find somthing equally as hard as a lace top knited with furry dental floss (aka butterfly)

  228. I will enter this challenge–does it have to be knitted with needles? Can it be loom knitted? No idea what to make yet, but I am in 🙂

  229. I would love to join in….I’ll be knitting 2 pairs of socks( one mans and one womans ), and a baby blanket. That’s a huge challenge for me. THis is going to be fun!

  230. Ooh, count me in! I’m not sure what to make yet, but I’ll find something that will be a challenge to complete in 16 days *and* that uses yarn from my stash.

  231. I must be nuts, but count me in! I’m going to make a first attempt at Fair Isle with a headband kit I got for Christmas ( I’m doing “Telemark”). With everything else I have going on at that time and the fact that I don’t have a clue what I’m doing, it will definitely be a challange.
    I must also call your attention to something I discovered the other day. The Caliban Bassoon Quartet has recorded an arrangement of the “Hockey Night in Canada” theme ( I almost died with happiness (as I don’t get CBC TV here in CT). Just thought you should know. 🙂

  232. As if I needed another excuse to vegetate in front of the T.V. for the Olympics…I am going to share this challenge with the Wednesday a.m. ladies at Prairie Lily Knitting and see what the reaction is. I am definitely in, but have no idea with what. Possibly a shawl, as it’s been at least weeks since I knit one. Is it wrong to avoid shaping? Would they notice at the bank if I called in sick for 16 days?
    re: the drug testing question: Does it matter? Is coffee a drug?
    Rock on, Harlot.

  233. Um, well, um, stashalong in process… However, I have 9 skeins of Rowan Magpie in a lovely pumpkin color staring at me or the hat I am designing for dh… Not sure of the project, but count me in! ACK! I too have the handicap of a full time job, dh in med school and a 3 yo! Not much knitting time, but we’ll see.

  234. I’m in. I have only been knitting since April, and have never felted anything on purpose. Thus, as my personal Olympic challenge, I will make either myself or my husband the Candy Stripers Laptop Bag from Stitch’n Bitch Nation. It also has a horizontal herringbone stitch that would be cool to learn, and some interesting assembly challenges.

  235. I’m in! I’m going to do the Fair Isle 101 sweater from the Winter issue of Interweave. I’ve been wanting to learn colorwork and this is my opportunity!

  236. Hi! This is the first time I’ve left a comment at your site but I’ve been an avid reader for many weeks and love your site.
    I’m rather new to knitting, mostly making socks that don’t fit well. LOL! Sweaters terrify me at this point!
    I’d love to join your KAL, Glampyre has a shrug pattern I’d like to make but I have no idea if I can finish it in 16 days. Guess I won’t know until I try. 😉 *sigh* my DH is so going to laugh.

  237. Ok… I definitely want to do this, but I don’t know which project yet. I have a bunch I to choose from, but I don’t think I couldn’t possibly complete any of the sweaters in 16 days, so they’re out.
    Right now, I’m leaning towards the Flower Basket Shawl, although Backyard Leaves from Scarf Style, Scarfilicious, and a pair of socks (possibly Jaywalkers… or, I could do my Lacy Scallops socks if my first attempt – I got through the heel flap, but they’re really too tight – could count as a swatch).

  238. OH MY GOODNESS – can there be anything more awesome about knitting and watching olympics all rolled into one?!?!?!
    i am in,in,in – i just have to decide which project i can do and still feed my two under 3-year old children. they don’t have to eat EVERY day, do they?
    i am thinking a cabled sweater – never done cables before..
    will let you know

  239. I’m in! I too have zero natural athletic abilities, so this is my kind of Olympics! I will knit a sweater using only a French knitting pattern, a French-English dictionary and my friend, a native French-woman who does not knit (she keeps asking” what does ‘knit three times over to the left mean?’ and therefore is pretty much no help at all.)
    I have the yarn, I have 4,I have a GOAL!
    Proudly trying to bring GOLD to the USA this 2006

  240. Loony bin here I come… frankly “harlot” I don’t give a damn, sign me up anyway! :o)
    I will need to be committed but I am game. There are three weekends during the games, two I will be working and the third I will be at Cub camp (the trials of being a Cub Scout Leader), but I will make the following baby blanket…
    I have never managed to complete something of this size in under 3 years, let alone less than three weeks, but succeed I will. This will be the perfect project to keep me awake while my girls are laughing loudly and hysterically at camp. I’m sure you’ll hear them LOL Hopefully it will quickly become long enough to keep my lap a little warm.
    This is a wonderfully, crazy idea. Woo hoo–go Canada!
    aka Hamster Brain

  241. In! I want to attempt a nice lace scarf out of mohair. I tried to knit with this stuff only once before and failed miseralby…I tore out my own hair–now I need mohair (sorry, bad pun!)
    Great idea!

  242. I’ve recently returned to knitting after about 30 years. So far, I have knit a scarf for my sister. Currently I’m knitting cushion covers with a cable pattern.
    I’ve been wondering what I would do while my significant other is away in February. Now I know ! I will watch the Olympics and knit a sweater – “flax jax” from the book Minnies. I’ve been meaning to do this since a young friend’s baby, Hector, was born in November. You’ve given me the impetus I need.

  243. Mother of two toddlers, de-lurking to join the Knitting Olympics. My challenge will be to finish without committing infanticide – another ancient Greek tradition.
    I’ll be knitting a Garnstudio alpaca shrug – the first garment I’ve ever made for myself. The pattern will not be a challenge but the fitting will, so if I get it done I’ll definitely be podium-worthy.

  244. I’m seriously debating joining in on this – and considering I haven’t picked up a pair of knitting needles in at least four years, probably longer, and barely knit before that… (I learned how in 1996, with a pattern that I think is a Fair Isle, though it’s still sitting on the circulars *g*) I think knitting *anything* would be a challenge! 😉
    Can I put myself down as a serious “maybe”? *G*

  245. YAY!!! Something to look forward to!!! I am totally addicted to the Olympics (being so very uncoordinated and unsporty) and as a Canadian I feel it is my duty to help out my national teams by yelling at the TV during the whole thing…
    Count me in. I will attempt Alice from Magknits ( which is far more fair isle than I’ve done before. (It won’t be red and white though. is that okay? haha)

  246. since your olympic link took your readers to the site about the crazy ones who go too fast–which includes my brother (jeff pain/skeleton who will be in torino competing at his second winter olympic games) i feel somewhat compelled to take up your olympic challenge. i, like some others, are without knitting blog, but i have been a constant knitter for the past five years (i learned at a much younger age, but the bug bit for good a while later). however, illness has prevented elaborate and complicated knitting for the past couple of years. so for your knitting olympics, i am not quite sure what my project will be…the only certainty is that it will involve stash…
    brilliant idea, by the by…

  247. This will be a real challenge for me with 4 kids 3 under 5 yrs old…but I’m in. Can’t resist a knitting challenge. I think I’ll try the Elann free pattern for the Aran lace shawl. I joined the knitalong but haven’t casted on yet. WooHoo!

  248. If you can do it, so can I. Finnskogen, from Dale Book 121. For the Boy. Mostly endless stockinette, but some (eep) colorwork on the sleeves.
    Let’s rock!

  249. Ok. I’m there as well. Looks like I’ll be working on a knit cable purse!
    And you are EVIL for introducing me to the Dale of Norway Sweaters. DROOOOOOL…

  250. Looks like you’ve done it again….started quite the avalanche! When are you going to find the time to knit that amazing sweater when you’ll be so busy updating and monitoring the collective progress? Are you knitting it for Joe? Doesn’t that mean it will have to be XL? You could knit it for me…I’m small! I’d love to join but I’ve several unfinished projects that need to be dealt with first. I will definitely be watching and cheering everyone along.

  251. dear stephanie,
    i am 11 years old and i would like to enter your knitting olyimpics. i think i am going to knit your “very harlot poncho” since i was already planning on knitting it this will make it more of a challenge:)!
    you rock!

  252. Hi – I am on the Canadian team with you and I will knit a shawl – my first! Reading all the comments is some kind of Olympic trial, eh?

  253. well holy moly… I’m in… my yarn is on the way, my pattern ( Eris) is printed and you know I’ll be itching NOT to start on Eris until the flame is lit… what a challenge! I wonder if I can get 16 days off of work?? ;~)

  254. What a fantastic idea! I am in. Although….halting all other in-progress projects in order to obsess on just one new one makes me feel…..well….like a harlot!
    My first thoughts ran to a Falkenberg (Mermaid?) or a Starmore from the Celtic Collection, but then I started to think about the 16 days – not a lot of time to knit given job, kids, life, etc. (Although my Grandmother once famously knit an Aran sweater in 2 days for a church fundraiser – not a wimpy Aran, but one with all the cables, honeycomb, bobbles, bells & whistles that you can imagine.) I can’t call in sick to work too many times during those 16 days! I am off to ponder the possibilities…….

  255. Okay…I’m in, but for the Love of God, I have no idea why. I have to look at my calendar. When do the Olympics start?? I have a couple of things that I want to make. This of course will break the “don’t-start-something-else-until-you-finish-the-sweater” rule, self imposed upon myself at the beginning of the year. Mind you, when I looked at the Dale of Norway Olympic Sweater links you provided, I had a heart attack…I’ve never done fair isle, and I don’t think that this is a good time to start, lest I go insane in the 16 days. Not that knitting something in 16 days isn’t going to make me nuts to begin with. What am I going to make? Crap. No, I’m not going to make crap. I’ll email you with my decision. Okay? Okay. Egad. In the infamous words of The Mask…”Somebody Stop Me!”

  256. dear stephanie,
    my name is becca, i’m 11 years old and i would like to enter your knitting olympics. i am going to (try to) knit your “very harlot poncho”
    this will be a really BIG challenge becuse i have only ever knit a hat and one (slightly lopsided and crumpled) baby bootie.
    i don’t have a link but i can email you a picture when i’m done

  257. I’m in. I’m knitting a shawl with my new Peace Fleece yarn. I am a little worried about my tension during medal round of the hockey games!

  258. I’m in – I’ll have to get back to you on which event I’ll be competing in – er, which project I’ll undertake.

  259. So…
    You want to kill yourself knitting and you want to take all of us with you, is that it?
    Sigh…why am I not surprised?
    I was ready to demur, but then I notice I’m being outfaced by an 11 year old knitter…so…
    I’m thinking, I’m thinking!!! I’ll have to visit the yarn store, first of course…more later…

  260. oh oh oh I want to play! I’ve never ever ever knit a sweater for my severely ample self, maybe now is the time to do it! Can I get a sweater cast on, knit, blocked and wearable in 16 days? Its exciting just thinking about it!

  261. Me too. Technically, I should be finishing all those wip projects for the Naked Stix in 2006, but since my current fiber muse is 3 balls of Kid Silk Spray in some fabulous magenta-ish colours, I will be attempting something lace-ish. Given that my only real experience with lace was the Branching Out Scarf (in the NSin’06 pile still) this will be very challenging. I have Sivia Harding’s Fantasy Lace Shawl pattern but I think that may be over my head as yet…still time to choose.
    Thanks for throwing down the gauntlet!

  262. I’m in. I’m going to spin the yarn, too. Black and some kinda handpainted I don’t know what, but it has to make that skull hat from Hello Yarn look like a Grateful Dead hat. Cause that’s what I want.
    I reserve the right to change my mind and use someone else’s spun up yarn. Because I’m crazy but not certifiable…

  263. I’m so in, this sounds like a blast! I think I’ll tackle Tubey from the current Knitty issue. I’ve never done anything remotely close to a sweater before, so it should pose a proper challenge.
    First time poting on your blog, by the way, so hello!

  264. I’m in. I’m not sure what I’ll knit yet, but it’ll probably be either an cabled sweater or a lace wrap, as I’m not in the mood to do complicated color-work. What, we’ve got 3 weeks before we can cast on? Just enough time to design the item and order the yarn.

  265. Count me in. I’ll be knitting a simple summer tank, but with a four month old baby in the house, I consider it a challenge, even if it’s not of high skill level.

  266. Oh lordy.
    I’ve never commented before, and I’ve never knitted a sweater or lace before, so it seems like a fitting time to start.
    Count me in. No idea which sweater yet, but I’ll figure something out based on what I’ve got in my stash.

  267. At the risk of being the knitting equivalent of Eddie the Eagle (remember from 1988 games in Calgary? ), I want to try to learn two-color knitting and finally knit the Estonian mitten (Helgi)that I’ve been looking at for over year. I’m just saying ONE mitten as this is all very, very new/foreign/scary!

  268. I’m in. I don’t know what I’m making but there will be fair isle. Using more than one color (besides as stripes) scares the pants off of me. In fact, I feel a little queasy just thinking about it.

  269. I am in. I will be creating a bag for my daughter. It will have her name on it. So the creation as well as the colorwork will be firsts for me. Now lets see if I can accomplish all that in the time period.

  270. OH Stephanie, what have you done????
    Ok, so I’ve sat here staring at the screen.
    With two teenagers, one who is the Battalion Commander and the other being the S2/3 for their high school JROTC, me being the JROTC drill mom, and there being practices 5 days a week, staff meetings and the like , with my usual weekday starting at 5am and not ending til late at night, being in the Almanac-Along and a myriad of other February deadlines, the challenge for me is not just what but when. So, I am going to do a linen trapeze tank top for my best friend who is pregnant and likes loose normally.

  271. It is so nice to see that there are other people who love the olympics as much and even more than I do. (I get cable every other year for that 2 week period).
    I will be competing with the lighthouse socks pattern from Peace Fleece.
    I have had the kit for about 3 years now, and every once in a while I take it out, look at all the little balls of yarn, look at the charts, feel lightheaded and put it all back in the closet.
    It will be my first time with intasia, first time following a chart, and my mom will be in town visiting for one of the weekends…
    oh my…..

  272. as a beginner kniter who is also a fulltime collage student I will knit JoLene M. Treace’s Elizabeth I scarf ‘dainy bess’ in some knitpicks gossamer or alpaca cloud
    then I will give it to my sister and cry for days

  273. I’m from the US and currently living in China. Does that mean I get to start 13 hours earlier than everyone else? It’s either the Koigu leaf lace socks from Interweave Knits (winter ’05) or a cashmere shawl. (I will have to locate the yarn – an Olympic challenge in and of itself!)

  274. I’m IN if I can do this instead of one project: 20 pairs of preemie baby booties and matching hats for donation to a local hospital that cares for preemie babies of low-income and/or homeless families. Booties and hats are pretty quick to knit up, even for me, so this should be do-able.
    Whaddya think, folks? Anyone else game?

  275. 327 posts!!!
    I think I’m going to take on the challenge. I’ll be knitting a square baby blanket; which is a challenge to me, because that’s fine yarn and a big project! And I’m a slow knitter.
    And I just found out tonight that a friends friend is expecting; the the blanket will be a surprise gift for my friend to send to her friend.

  276. Team CANADA! Woo!!
    I’ll be knitting a shawl. Out of cashmere. Or Fleece Artist 2/8 Blue Faced Leicester. I haven’t decided what kind of shawl to knit, but I’ll pretend it’s my top-secret routine for the games. Top secret. So secret I haven’t decided.
    Um. I’ll discuss it with my coaching staff (the cat) and then start practicing.

  277. Ok Ok, first idea is a fair isle hat from Hats a knitters dozen, but due to a previous addiction and some handspun cashmere/merino, I may do a Magical Moebius lace pattern. It would be my first lace ….but, not to be outdone by Harlot, I have been commisioned by the ski team to knit all of thier sweaters. JK..Ha they would be in nursing homes by the time I got one done!!! Count moi in!!!

  278. Well, given that it’s the Olympics, I think I’ll pledge to finish the shawl I started for the Tyler Hamilton foundation. Hamilton won the 2004 Olympic time trial in 2004 Summer Olympics.
    I have the main body knit but I’ve got nearly 20 feet of edging to do and I’ve ripped it out 3 times now.

  279. Wow, a lot of lurkers are outing themselves on this one–including me.
    I’ll be knitting the Hermione hat from This is a challenge for me because I’ve never knit cables or bobbles before, have never used DPN’s, and I doubt that I’ve ever finished a project in sixteen days!
    Thanks for the nudge!

  280. I’m in! I just got back from visiting my grandfather who is in the last stages of cancer. My grandmother asked if I could make her a handknitted sweater – she wants it to be red, mashine washable, zipper front cardi, with cables. So, I’ll do a lot of swatching before, but for your knitting olympics, I’ll be making a custom designed aran cardigan. I want to get it done quickly, as she’ll need a bit of cheering up soon – as will most of us.

  281. Oh yes I am in. An evening bag of beads on a silver frame..0000 needles and silk thread. When the Olympics were in Norwary my hubby fell for the official ski sweater. Could I knit it? Yes before closing ceremonies? Yes if I did nothing else I replied. I started the next day and I finished it in plenty of time but his message in the sleeve read “I don’t cook or clean I knit”! That is what I did as he is an extra large. This time the item is for me what fun.

  282. I’m in. I’m supposed to have a thesis committee meeting sometime in mid-to-late February, though, so I’ll stick to sport-weight socks for my knitting.

  283. I’m in. It may be just a TAD dull, but I am going to make a PAIR of socks. Not one. Two. In the same yarn, too; none of this “but Mom needs Fuzzyfeet!” nonsense.
    Those who are committing to sweaters of cables or colorwork scare me just a bit.

  284. Holy comments, batman – 335+!
    I’d like to blame Carole for the sheer insanity that I am undertaking (like I did with my DFS) however I cannot. This insanity is all my own. Not sure if it is the challenge or what but…I’m in. Not sure if I’m going to knit Rogue, Eris or the Huntington Castle pullover from IK Fall ’04 but it’ll be one of those.
    Do I have to finish the DFS first? OhGod what am I thinking….this is insanity…

  285. Has anyone but me noticed that Turino sort of, uhm, emphasises the twin peaks of the wearer? Is this really the look we’re going for in an insanely difficult sweater- Rack Awareness? Otherwise, I’m in, except I’m not good at remebering when things are on tv. Is It ok if I cast on just during Feb?

  286. You are all CRAZED. Sixteen days, folks, just sixteen days. And you probably need something that you can knit WHILE you watch the Olympics, eh? Knitting Olympics? We may ending up calling it the Carpal Tunnel Invitational.
    Yeah, of course, I am in. Kathy Zimmerman’s Age of Aquarius pattern which I have always loved and wanted to do. Only I will do it from the top down with saddles.
    Will I finish it in 16 days? No possible way. But I can certainly START with the lighting of the flame. And I will deeply enjoy reading Yarn Harlot blog and comments while I lament my inability to do so.

  287. Ummm that Torino sweater has building-like objects centered RIGHT over the breasts. We all want them to be uplifting and pointy but that is ludicrous.
    Hmmm knitting olympics. I’ve got three sweaters in the works now… what’s another?

  288. I’m in, too. I will make something for the baby girl my friend Heidi is adopting from China, due sometime between now and June. Not sure what, yet, but if I can’t find the courage to to a sweater and decide to make *just* another afghan,I’ll choose some cool pattern I’ve never used before.
    Looking forward to it!

  289. might i make a suggestion? i do a lot of charity knitting, and while i would love to join the olympic challenge, i can’t short my charity. i’ll go look and see what february’s project is, and is it acceptable to set myself a goal for a certain # of knitted objects? just curious.

  290. I’m in! A pair of socks. I am an extremely sloooow and infrequent knitter so this will be a challenge.

  291. I’m in. I’ve got lots of Mission Falls wool that’s waiting to be a Kepler sweater. And since this starts right after my birthday…it’ll be my birthday present to myself. Thanks for the challenge.

  292. You are insane. I would happily buy a couple of front row seats to your closing ceremonies for Rams and myself. (these things are always so much more enjoyable when you’ve got a friend to comment on the festivities with) I’ll bring wine.

  293. I want to try too. I rarely join knit alongs or things like that. I figured I may as well give this a whirl. I will be knitting some “tall” socks. I am unsure of what pattern exactly, still looking. Have a great day!

  294. Me, me, me! Even though the majority of my knitting is socks, I think I’ll challenge myself with a pair of socks… But these will be intricate with colorwork and different designs. Fun!

  295. I’m in. Now to figure out what I’m going to knit. I need to find a project that I haven’t finished yet. I’m on a yarn diet.
    Dympna in San Francisco

  296. Can I get away with knititng something more simple and actually COMPLETING it? Starting tomorrow, my second semester of vet school starts and the knitting competition is rough:
    10 classes for a grand total of 22 credits, one class that is stuffed into Feb 9, 10, and all day on Feb 11. Also, one soon to be absolutely neglected husband’s birthday on the 10th (who has not had a weekend birthday or birthday party in years).
    I knit during class (shhhhh), but it’s gotta be simple since sometimes I gotta put it down for days…weeks.
    Just the getting done would be fun challenge even if it is a mediocore hat or plyed spindle of yarn!

  297. I’m in! I’ll do a lace shawl, designed by moi. And, for once, I shall watch the Olympics, and knit on my Olympic shawl!

  298. Cool! Count me in! I have no idea what I’m doing yet, though. I’ll think about it in court tomorrow… (After 10 hours I had in the office today, I’m actually looking forward to jury duty. Sad, huh?)

  299. So many things in this blog made me want to comment. And I find myself so enthused that I want to knit faster. Are there many people who knit Continental (yarn on the left even if you�re right-handed?)
    One person mentioned Entrelac and I only figured out this month it’s the pattern I wanted to try. Only I want to do it for an afghan.
    And someone else mentioned using up one�s stash which is exactly what I�m trying to do. Thankfully, I met the head of the Rdd Cross Warm Hearts, Warm Hands Committee in town. And so I��m knitting up partial projects and anything I can think of, knowing that I can give it to someone who needs it. It�s really helped get me moving.
    And each time tonight, as I�ve read every comment, that I see a pattern name I don�t know, I google it and find out more interesting things. I�ve bookmarked about 15 patterns tonight. Funny, I bookmark them under Recreaction. And on the Vail sweater I�ve just seen the Celtic type knots that I love, so another thing to mark.
    And you know another thing that�s exciting is how many people are saying that they�re new to knitting…but they�re doiing it. You�ve really hit the right button for a big group of us.

  300. Me, too.
    Going to do Tempting 2 from knitty, but in Bartlett’s 2 ply, with long sleeves and 2×2 cables instead of ribbing, I think. So, really, not exactly ‘Tempting’ at all, but /based/ on it. =)
    The idea of that much knitting in two weeks is enough to make these procrastinating fingers cringe.
    Go, team, go, rah rah etc.

  301. Oh good gosh – have you ever had this many comments at once?? Oh who am I kidding – this is your blog 🙂
    Ok – well I think I might just join you in being out of my mind! I have been promising my hubbie a sweater for years now (2 to be exact) and since this is officially our 7th year of marriage (the wooly year thanks to Hallmark) I promised I’d knit him wooly gifts all year (hats, scarves, socks, sweaters, etc).
    I can’t officially say what pattern I am going to use yet – but it will be challenging as I haven’t knit him a sweater yet (actually been dreading it) so I am in for the challenge… it may not be bobsledding (or a Dale Sweater) but for me it’s close (and I’ll have one happy hubbie at the end!!)
    Great idea Steph! (PS – I just finished your latest book – it was terrific but having just had a miscarriage a few months ago, the “tiny sock” story made me cry my eyes out…and since I read it on the train it made for one interesting ride!! I kept thinking… this is supposed to be a happy knitting book – so why am I crying…. but I loved it just the same!! Keep up the great work!)

  302. Sounds like this challenge has been answered by many. So would like to join in. Have the kit for a vest from Sheldrige Farms with sheep done in shadow knitting. Have read how to do it but never tried so will go into “practise” this week and do the vest during the Olympics. What a perfect excuse to just sit and watch the events.
    Love the community idea of joining so many others!

  303. I’m in as well! I will be knitting the Funnel-Neck pullover from Sally M’s new book. I will make it out of stash!

  304. OK, I’m in. My project is the second sock to a pair I started over a year ago. Pathetically small project, I know, but I don’t have a lot of knitting time these days. I’m still recuperating from tendonitis/bursitis in my shoulder and haven’t been able to knit since before Thanksgiving, so no pre-Olympics training! (I’m the one who had two wonderful friends who volunteered and finished my Christmas knitting for me!!) Physical therapy has gone well this past week, the pain is much better, and I have been DYING to try knitting again, but haven’t had the nerve. Hope the injury doesn’t sideline me during the big games!!

  305. A double challenge — knit an item in 16 days and update my blog! Okay, I’ll do it.
    My item: EITHER a toddler boy sweater OR the Birch shawl OR a lace scarf OR . . .
    This is the perfect winter time “sport” for me. I went kayaking last summer and lost a toenail (although I nearly drowned, so the toenail alternative is really okay) and this winter while playing volleyball I scratched my cornea on a wayward ball. I just can’t handle such extreme sports!

  306. What a great challenge! I don’t know if I’ve ever managed to finish anything in 16 days, much less a sweater, but I’m going to give the Clover Lace Wrap from SnB Nation a try. I’ve had the yarn for it sitting in my stash for almost a year, so now I finally have a reason to use it!

  307. I am cheating; my challenge is to finish a sweater I started last spring for someone I promised a grey sweater. I have most of the back done, but I don’t like the upper part of it. I’ll design and swatch something for the upper body and resume the knitting as the flame lightens up. Since it is knitted in a mix of acrylic/wool with much more acrylic than actual wool (not my choice! I hate hate hate hate it!), I really need some sort of commitment to go back to it! Now my question: am I allowed to rip off the upper back beforehand or does it just replace the cast-on???
    I am a little worried about the Dale Sweater, indeed… See “Veni Vidi Steeki” in BookBookBook 2, where Stephanie tells the story of a Dale sweater knitted in… 166 days! Sports are all about improving yourself, but just consider that trying to do it in about 10% of the time it took last itme may be… well… quite entertaining for your readers! 😉 I don’t blame you though, as this is about how long it took me to knit ” Finnskogen” (which is way less difficult, no steek, way less fair isle) for my dad for Christmas.

  308. So many ideas. So many projects. So little time … Being challenged, I have to do this. I literally have so many project ideas though that I can’t commit yet. Maybe I’ll try actually finishing the boy’s “lellow socks” before his birthday. I have the yellow cotton (hush, we live in SoCal!) already cast on for swatching. Even finishing the *swatch* in 10 days is a challenge, so finishing 2 complete socks — even for a newly-5-year-old — qualifies as Olympic effort! Especially if I get crazy and do a little color work around the edges …
    Oh, dear. I must lie down now. I feel faint.

  309. Another voice from lurkerdom: ohmigod, ohmigod — this is seriously crazy — but count me in! Maybe I’ll learn socks . . . or maybe a project to be determined later. When are the Olympics anyway?

  310. Woohoo! I love a challenge. And it will be a challenge for me to finish anything in 16 days. I will be doing Susan Lawrence’s 2-Needle Fingerless Gloves from KnitPicks, because I’ve never made gloves before, fingerless or otherwise. Hurray for the knitters from Arizona!

  311. You are certifiably insane. And the worst part is the number of knitters you are taking down with you.
    Dale in two weeks, eh? I already have an unrealistic deadline in place for that time period, but I’m sure as heck going to pull up a chair. Mad, mad I tell you.

  312. Count me in! I’m crazy too. 🙂 Dunno what yet, maybe a second lace shawl, something more complicated than the first. I’m not quite crazy enough to spin the yarn for it, though. Maybe next Olympics.

  313. In and using stash! I’ll be knitting the Mohair Cowl Pullover from Interweave Knits Winter 2004, with Mountain Colors yarn. The challenges will be knitting with mohair, and finding a tv to watch the olympics on (our house is tv-free).

  314. I’m totally doing this, but I have no idea what I’m doing yet. I’ll probably decide with -15 minutes to spare. Knowing myself.

  315. WOW!! You have gotten a ton of responses! I am in… we have just opened 2 restaurants in 6 months and I am working 12+ hour days 7 days/week, but I miss knitting!!! It was one of my greatest stress relievers and god knows that I need to relieve stress right now. I will knit my 1st pair of socks. You rock harlot!

  316. WOW!! You have gotten a ton of responses! I am in… we have just opened 2 restaurants in 6 months and I am working 12+ hour days 7 days/week, but I miss knitting!!! It was one of my greatest stress relievers and god knows that I need to relieve stress right now. I will knit my 1st pair of socks. You rock harlot!

  317. This is crazy, but okay. I’ll do Purple Passion from “Quick Knits to Wear” in half the time that I was planning. May not be skipping sleep, but definitely cooking and cleaning.
    Phew, I’m starting to sweat already.

  318. I’m going to make a garter stitch sweater. It will be my first garmet, and, although it’s not superfancy, I know it will be a challenge for me to knit at all. I’m juggling five AP classes, choreographing and teaching the Colorguard, volunteering at the library, and working.
    I’m also with the people who need to destash. I think I’m going to use some of the brown Australian handspun my stepmom gave me.

  319. Well. 16 days. Plus from now until then…..the training. I will commit. I will clean the WOOL ROOM and find a worthy, challenging project from the many, many kits that are up there in that scary room. I will let everyone know that I am committing to this insane challenge and then they will commit ME! (Do I have to start a blog, too, because I’ll knit but I’ll never get a blog done in a month of Sundays!)

  320. OK – count me in. I will rip the (all of 3 rows) of Alice Starmore’s Zauberflaute (sp?) and give it my best. As I am in South Africa may I just cast on anytime on the 10th as they aren’t likely to show the opening ceremony other than on the news and I don’t get the pay channels that ARE likely to show it.
    No blog yet, but this seems like a good reason to start one. Will post link when I have it.

  321. IF I am not in the middle of moving at that point (which I am likely to be) I shall join in – however at this point unless the moving company can come early (and get me moved sometime BEFORE the 10th) theres not too much chance… So I shall not mention an item until I see what is going on… if it looks like I can participate only a little then I can choose a more appropriate item at that point (at this point if I was already moved (and therefore lacking friends and a social life for a while) I would probably be tackeling my first sweater (albeit a sleeveless shell)

  322. Wonderful idea, I’m in! (despite the papers and studying and exams that will erupt right around then) I’ll be making Festive from the latest issue of

  323. Knitting Olympics! What a great idea. And I am ready for something new. I have been doing nothing but socks since late July and I am getting a bit “sock happy” I have been dreaming about doing ANYTHING but socks lately. Hmmm, there was a nifty cropped sweater with funky little loopy things on it made out of Koigu in the latest Vogue Knitting. Olympics worthy? I think so.
    By the way, the Hardangervidda sweater is really great. Hardanger is a region in Norway, and a traditional form of embroidery in Norway. Imagine Hardanger Embroidery as embroidrey with steeks – you stitch, then you (gasp!) cut the places you haven’t stitched and then do a little weaving afterward. Pretty cool stuff, easy to learn, but don’t do your cutting in the car. Boy did I learn that one from experience!!.
    Off to find a Olympics worthy project!

  324. Oh no! Oh yes – I am in! I saw someone else mention this on their blog and before I’d even looked at the details here (or thought about whether I could or should do it), I knew exactly what project it would have to be. I’ll be knitting Meg Swanson’s lace shawl from the Fall ’05 Vogue Knitting, shown here on the bottom left. It’s more (and more difficult) lace than I’ve done yet, but I have the yarn already and might as well. Did I mention that I’m the full time working mom of a three month old and a bit crazy?

  325. Ooo, this sounds like fun! No idea what I’ll knit, though. And this gives me a big push to finish the cardi I’m working on now before Feb 10th!

  326. fantastic! i will make a vest for my dad from the tricoter book ‘simply beautiful sweaters for men. it has a lot of cables/ twists that are intimidating. i have the yarn, and will start the training/swatching asap!

  327. Against my better judgement, I’m in. I agonized over what to pick, and will go with Sam, from the Debbie Bliss Cotton Angora book. It is admittedly not a complicated sweater, but it’s a sweater in 16 days, which given my job and grad school will be quite a challenge!

  328. I’m in, I’ll be making the Hardcore sweater from the mens issue of knitty. Only I’ll have to completely redesign it to say Cool Girls Knit and make it two times smaller since I don’t want a hip hop inspired sweater. Finally! A sport I’m good at! And luckily this will occur during reading week, so I don’t have to completely neglect my school work. Score!

  329. There are not enough perameters here, Harlot. Dudette, you gotta tell us–what’s in, what’s out, what substances are banned???
    Susanne the Knitting Savant

  330. I’m completely mad, but count me in…don’t know what yet, but it will be fun deciding. Love all these comments; it feels like a real team event!

  331. I’m in with another Flower Basket Shawl, in Elann Baby Cashmere. Was already planning to make this for a May birthday, so this is the kick in the pants I need! The challenge will be sticking with a repetitive lace pattern and actually completing it in 16 days. Does that include blocking?
    May also have to figure out this whole blog business to keep up with the rest of you…

  332. OK, count me in! Although I’m only doing a wimpy scarf, I have yet to finish any previous project (scarves or baby blankets) in less than several months – things just keep coming up – and so if I can finish any project in this time span, I will feel oh-so happy! Thanks for the challenge!

  333. did you know knitting has effected outcome of competion?
    in the 1950’s norwegians dominated speed skating.
    then, at one olympics, the a US skater, (who was hailed as a great skater) and who had spent all the practice time skating in the standard uniform, (wool trousers, and woolen sweaters) –and had continuously been been slower than the norwegians–appeared in his sleek, form fitting, new (then) synthetic body suit.
    the suit lowered ‘drag’ and he sped past those norwegians in there baggy clothes, and for the first time ever the US won a speed skating competition.–and clothing was the deciding factor!
    since then most sports have abondon conventional clothing, (and sweaters), and now most competitors wear sleek low drag clothing.
    and the beautiful norwegian (and other scandinavian designs ) that had become wildly popular Post WWII –(when there was wide spread TV coverage of the games) faded from popularity.
    We knitters keep the designs alive, but for a brief while, scandinavian sweaters were the clothing of champions.. and very desirable.

  334. Can-a-DA! Can-a-DA! I am going to knit a hat for DS15! It is going to be black, with a skull-and-crossbones on it. Aaarrr! Or maybe flames. Haven’t quite decided. Let the games begin! Yeeeehah!

  335. It’s my first comment, and I just have to join, against my better judgment. I’m going to do a cabled cardigan from the last Family Circle Easy Knitting. It’ll be my first large garment, and I hope I can finish it in between school and work. Who am I kidding? I’ll put anything off in order to knit. Thanks for coming up with this knitalong!

  336. Well I must be insane too, since this sounds like lots of fun. I don’t have a project yet, maybe a lace shawl, that would be a real challenge. Or maybe a scarf would have a more realistic chance at getting finished. I have to check the stash…

  337. Okay, I wanna jump in on this too! I’m still a very beginner knitter with no one to teach me, so I’m rough on patterns and stuff, but I want to make myself do something! I’ve never done anything but straight knit and purl, and never knit an actual object not on a loom, so I’ve got to challenge myself! But should I knit:
    1. Socks?
    2. A cabled mobius?
    3. A sweater using the huge amount of grey yarn in my stash?
    4. A scarf or purse using the grid I made up on my computer forever ago?
    I guess I’ll have to think about it tomorrow, so I can go out for supplies by Thursday! 😉

  338. Count me in! I’ll be knitting the Lace Leaf Pullover from Loop-d-Loop. Hopefully it will get my sweater knitting off to a good start for the year.

  339. I love this idea. I usually work on several projects at once so I have no idea what I can accomplish with 16 days focused on only one thing. It will most likely be socks but I have to mull it over a bit. I guess we’ll be kicking off together at Madrona?

  340. This is so neat! I’m in (and a knitting beginner) and I think I’m going to work on the Big Sack Sweater from the Stitch N’ Bitch handbook. I’ve never worked on a “people” sweater (just one for my puppy) so it will be an interesting experience I think. 🙂 Plus, it will give me something productive to do while I spend my time watching the endless Olympics coverage (which I love to do!).

  341. Aha a challenge! So in the spirit of combining knitting and my favorite winter sport I shall attempt a hockey stick cozy. Now I have an excuse to design one and learn to turn a heel correctly. I may even attempt color work of some sort.

  342. I’m in! My challenge is a cardigan with, of all things, bobbles. You heard me right people. Bobbles. Gold for Killarney, here we come!
    PS Killarney in Australia. Har!

  343. Yahoo!!! Count me in and sign me up, I have a Debbie Bliss COTTON patterned jumper to do for my nephew and have been too scared to start it…… till now, this is a fantastic idea, I am inspired, excited and ready to train!!!!
    You are a legend Steph!

  344. Watching sport at TV and knitting are two obsessions i have, so i’m totally in! I’d like to do something, where i can put my emotions in, when Estonians will be successful.Bag or big shawl maybe.

  345. Does it have to be a kind of sweater? I still haven’t got past my first hat, and my first sock ends on the gusset…..I was considering doing a clapotis for a friend…that’d be challenging enough. Could I enter with that….or maybe a long, cabled scarf?

  346. I’m considering it. I have a shawl/wrap that I am making for a future edition of Magknits. The pattern is written, the yarn is almost selected and it needs to be finished in time for a deadline- this may be just the push I need :-). A lot depends on whether the selected yarn can be delivered in time. we’ll see

  347. As I am a new-ish knitter, I haven’t figured out increasing and decreasing yet. Or cables. Perhaps I’ll try something like that. I’ll get back to you. Great idea, btw!
    – A

  348. I am so in. The real challenge would be “Fitted jacket with embroidery” by Kari Haugen in Norsk strikkedesign, but there’s no possible way I could do it in 16 days. I have work to do. Instead I could make Brier by Kim Hargreaves, but that I feel could happen if I just put my mind to it. The question is, do I want to have a gold medal or do I just want to participate and challenge myself? The latter I guess. If I can get the yarn in time, the Fitted jacket it is.

  349. I decided to join in. I have been oogling the Clapotis pattern for quite awhile now and this should give me the the push I have needed to get it done. Now…where to fit in in with home schooling the 5 kidlets, spinning, and working on my Master Spinner’s class, not to mention the challenges of being a housewife to an Army hubby and all that goes with that. But I am IN!

  350. Wow… a chance to be recognized by the infamous Harlot. I think I’ll do mittens … I’ve never done them before, so this will be a challenge for me!
    (Note that this is not the more notable Knitting Wendy, just another Wendy who knits.)

  351. I am here to confess that I am TOO an olympic junkie. Especially the Winter Olympics. And so I must join!
    I’ve been procrastinating designing and making my own perfect cardigan (Ribbed…nothing too crazy and hooded) for a while and I do swear that I shall cast on on opening day.

  352. Yes, you’ve sucked us in again…the ladybug set…been on the gotta try this even tho it has steeks for years list…thanks for the challenge…
    Now Harlot…about Joe’s gansey…perfect time for it…with a deadline you might even get it finished and he so deserves it BEFORE the next bookbookbook tour…

  353. Fun idea! I am knee deep in knits right now, not wanting to start anything new – but I will watch all of the progress of these knitters.
    I too love the Winter Olympics!

  354. Aie, aie, aie! I have the project, the yarn, the swatch. Alas! I can not participate. Instead, I will substitute creating, administering, and grading* an ecology exam for 300 undergraduates.
    *Grading can be completed while viewing Winter Olympic highlights. However, I can not grade, knit and watch Olympics. *sigh*

  355. And my goal was not to start anything new until I finished a few things, but it’s only 16 days right? Maybe I already have some stash yarn because I can’t break the yarn diet, too…
    Please, count me in. I haven’t decided what to do yet, but it will probably be a shawl that will be impossible to do in the time allotted. Thank you!

  356. Count me in too! This sounds like fun. I think I will be doing a pair of socks…because I can never get them done that quickly, knitter’s ADD 🙂 Plus I can take them on campus with me for in between classes knitting, and outside with the kids, etc…

  357. OK–I’m in. I don’t know what I’m knitting, yet. I’ve recently been told about the Elann contest to design a shawl, so….I guess my first design will be the challenge for me! I now need to work on a design…..

  358. Ya know, I have not yet moved past scarves and hats and one baby afghan, so I should probably just cheer ya’ll on. Socks put the fear of God in me, and to be honest, I have not yet addressed the phobia of using two different color yarns for a scarf. Yes, they are silly fears, but all mine, none the less.
    However, I do have a total of four request scarves to make (one for my PT, one for my mother and one for each of my children). Not sure if I could manage four in 16 days, but what do you think is reasonable? Or should I just cheer?

  359. I am going to make the Wall Street vest for DH out of “The Best of Knitter’s Arans and Celtics”. The challenge will be knitting cables from a chart, and more importantly, finishing on time. This is so exciting! Thanks for doing this 🙂

  360. Holy crap. It felt like the olympics just to scroll down all these posts to get to the comment box lol. I am def in! I’m thinking of fair isle socks from folk socks. Great idea Steph.

  361. I’m in!! Can’t believe I’m doin’ this but I need to use up stash and I love a knitting challenge. Don’t know what that will be yet. Haven’t done socks yet, although I have made gauntlets with dpn. Have done some simple colorwork, but nothing as serious as fair isle. Have done simple lacework, but not a full shawl. Soooo, appears that I’m ripe for Citius, Altius, Fortius!!

  362. I’m in! I’m going to do the pomatomus socks from the latest issue of knitty-i’ve only done 2 pairs of socks, both really basic, before, so this should be a challenge. But I am up for it!

  363. Oooooh…Stephanie: what have you gotten yourself into? I’m number 400something to sign up! My project: Kiri in Lorna’s Laces lion & lamb. It was going to be clapotis #2, but you’ve inspired me to go higher, stronger and [I hope] faster.

  364. Well, I have to join up. I’m going for endurance knitting. I’ll be knitting a top-down raglan for my husband (50″ chest with long torso and arms). He wants a red sweater to wear to hockey games, so this is perfect! I don’t know if I’ll be watching much of the games themselves, but go USA.

  365. Count me in–I don’t know if I am Olympic material, but this is perfect for me . . . I have been fretting about the love of my life traveling to the middle east during this exact time period . . . I was planning to keep myself occupied with a project, and now I will have all of you to keep me company!
    Project to be identified soon—I am still contemplating my potential gold medal status . . .

  366. I would love to join, but I *just* cast on for a Norwegian sweater in fingering weight wool. I’m not going to have it finished before the starting time. If the timing is right, I could perhaps work on a sleeve? I will have fun thinking of what I would make if I could join in the challenge, though. Maybe I’ll even pencil the event in for the 2010 Winter Olympics. Athletes do start training early, you know!

  367. Yes, I too will compete, I mean participate. I will be knitting a lace bookmark on size 000 needles with little thread. Doesn’t sound hard enough? Well, I’ll also be in the throes of the last semester of nursing school (you know the part where we do 18 weeks worth of work in 12 weeks). Citius, Altius, Fortius, Dementius – that’s my motto.

  368. Oh, this sounds awesome! It’s a good reason for me to really “get to it” on a big, huge project that I’ve been wanting to do but am a bit frightened of (ok, it’s just a hat, but I’m not a great knitter, and it’s a complicated hat with ear flaps and such). Very “winter olympics” of me 😉

  369. Harlot, you are truly a genius! What a great way to celebrate the Olympics. I would love to try Torino, but I’ve not knit Fair Isle before and trying to do so with a two week deadline is far too much pressure. So, I am going with a great cross-over sweater from Garnstudio:
    I’m a sucker for the Winter Olympics, too. Though I grew up in the US, it was in a part of the States where we got only Canadian tv (channels 2 and 4 out of Thunder Bay!). I think that’s why I’m so hooked on skiing, bobsledding, the luge, figure skating, hockey…though the appeal of curling still confounds me.

  370. Wow–what a huge number of interested people!
    I’ve got a QUESTION for you, though–a logistical one.
    Can we start casting on during the Opening Ceremonies, but before the actual flame is lit?
    Because that usually comes pretty near the end, and if I have to sit through the March of Nations without knitting in my hands, I’m going to go a little crazy . . .

  371. I’m going to have to give it a go! Not much of an athlete, so knitting seems fine. 🙂 I’m just not sure what project. I’ll have to think on it.

  372. What a response! After thinking about it a bit, I realize that I do have two colorwork kits that I could choose from – a Mission Falls Chullo hat or Norwegian mittens. And colorwork was one of the things I wanted to work on this year. I’ll pick one of these and join the multitudes…

  373. I’m in! I’ll either be making the Sweet Mary Jane cardigan from knitpicks ( since I have the yarn in stash and I’ve never done lace or the brioche raglan from IK Fall05 since I ordered the yarn yesterday and I haven’t tried brioche stitch yet, let alone doing it in the round.
    Oh yeah, I also have the challenge of staying focused on my 3rd year of pharmacy school.

  374. OK, I’ll knit Mermaid (Hanne Falkenberg)in pink and grays. I have started and stopped this project several times, the i-cord start has stumped me (imagine picking up 191 stitches from dark gray i-cord knit on US size 3 needled???)

  375. How about a “Special Olympics” for finishing UFOs?
    My first choice is the new socks, on, made with Shelridge Farm yarn, which I actually have, and have been trying to make into socks for years. It would be patriotic too, to support a farm based business from my (almost) local area.
    But really, TWO socks? In TWO weeks? With a TWO month old, and TWO other kids? I must be delusional with my lack of sleep.
    So, I’m going to knit myself a pair of gloves with some fine alpaca my (now American) SIL brought back from Peru. I’ve been wanting some nice gloves that fit my tiny hands, and I hardly ever knit for myself.
    Now, do they light the flame at the start of the opening ceremonies, or at the end?

  376. Yeah, you’d better cound me in on this one. Even if we are supposed to be attending a wedding out of state the day before the Olympics end.

  377. Oh Brother!! What’s with all the USA USA USA chanting???!!We Canadian knitters have to band together to give the Americans a run for their money!!!!!

  378. As long as I get my tax refund and subsequently my wool from knitpicks in time, I’m totally down for this. The challenge: the Essential Stripe Sweater, which is knit top down on circ’s and has many, many stripes and ends to weave in.
    (Can I claim a handicap of a few extra days if my wrist pain acts up? Just kidding, I can be a quitter if harm to my body demands it.)

  379. I’m in! I’ll start my steriods tommorrow, so I’ll have a man face, and a deep voice to scream at the kids, so they’ll leave me alone to knit. Who needs dinner anyway, it’s so overrated. I’m going to do the “Birds Nest Shawl” from “Folk Shawls” in J wool/silk. I’ve tried lace, but I always end up crying, in the fetal position, sucking my thumb! God, I hope this doesnt end up with me in the garage, car running……

  380. This is a fabulous idea! Came upon it through hopskipjump. Not sure what to knit just yet though…Thanks!

  381. i’m in israel, so i’ll most likely not be watching the olympics every day, but i’ll join in. but what to do? i’ve been collecting lacy sock patterns for months, but have yet to make anything beyond basic socks, so maybe that…but of course there’s the Cozy shawl I bought all that alpaca for that I still haven’t cast on for….
    great idea, great blog, great everything!

  382. I’m in. I’ve been keeping things “simple” lately and this is the perfect kick in the pants to take my knitting up a notch. Which, for me, is a pair of lace socks with a short-row heel. And the lace will be worked from a chart, NOT from a written-out version of a chart. Bring it on!
    I see you’ve already got 450+ comments (and who knows how many e-mails) – wow!

  383. I’d like in. Maybe the Ribby Cardi isn’t particularly challenging in and of itself, but finishing anything for *me* with 3 boys under 7 deserves a medal, especially if I can do it on a deadline :o)

  384. I’m in at comment 450-something. I didn’t think I had a project, but I just received the yarn and pattern for a mitered squares baby jumper that I need to complete for a Feb 28th 1st Birthday present. PERFECT – as I have never done mitered squares and small enough that I may actually complete it in the 16 days considering I do have a day job and a household to keep! LOL The laundry and house cleaning may suffer!

  385. I’m a weaver…addicted to fiber but I just can’t take it with me like you knitters. Count me in for the Olympics. I want to tackle a new rug.

  386. Add me to the group of Peacock Feathers Shawl knitters. I’m using stash yarn of Cherry Tree Hill Merino Laceweight in Life’s a Beach colorway. This will be fun, no wait, interesting, no, um, beyond entertaining for the people around me who watch me go crazy while doing a lace shawl for the first time.

  387. Hi Steph. An actual Dale Sweater, in 16 days??? For the first time I thought to myself “Maybe she is crazy…” That said,
    Good Luck! If anyone can do it, you can! Canada is depending on you!
    I will be representing the USA, in the Latvian/Norwegian Mitten category. Specific design TBA.
    Will there be drug testing, or will you look the other way while we use certain “protein powder” drinks to “enhance” our knitting skills?

  388. If you get to this comment by the start of the Olympics, you should consider yourself a winner! Count me in, but my goal is going to be slightly different, if I may. I have a started afghan languishing at the back of my closet. I’m going to go for perserverance and knit only that during the Olympics. And that’s truly difficult for me to stick to one project for that long! I hope to get it finished, but if I can knit only that for 2 weeks, I’ll consider myself a winner anyway 🙂

  389. Great idea, Stephanie. I couldn’t care less about the actual Olympics but count me in.
    I’ve only been knitting for a few years and have yet to take the plunge and make a sweater. I bought Meg Swansen’s Knitting before I knew how to knit and it inspired me to learn so I’ll be making the Fair Isle Cardigan from that lovely book. I’ll be changing the colors of course because I just can’t leave well enough alone. This will either make a great Knitter out of me or it will push me right off the edge. Should be fun.

  390. Challenge? Challenges have my name written all over it. Count me in. I’m going to really challenge myself. If I’m going to get a gold I’ll surely deserve it. My challenge knit will be Baltic from Alice Starmore.

  391. Count me in for the good old USA! I will knit the Mock Cable Cardigan from the Susan Bates My Knitting Teacher book. Great idea!

  392. im in. I am going to do my first knit lacework, liesel scarf, i found the pattern online for free. but now i have to find the right yarn. is stash diving considered apart of the knitting Olympic experience?

  393. I’m a newbie knitter, obviously with some ‘who does she think she is trying to knit something lacy so early in her career’ nerve, but I’m in. I’ll be knitting a mere beret, but lacy. I shall have a Knitting Olympics tattoo tattoo’d on my Olympic-sized backside as a great reminder of this momentous event. Or not. But, yeah, I’m in!

  394. I’m in. A shawl, although I’m not certain whether it will be Fiddlesticks Peacock Shawl or one of the shawls from Myrna Stahman’s book. Got to be realistic about this – I have a quilt retreat to include in there – and that’s time away from knitting.

  395. Well, if there’s a bandwagon involving sticks and string, I’m on it. This sounds like a lot of fun, and real incentive to get a project done quickly.
    I’m not an advanced knitter by any measure, but I have in mind a fishtail scarf in Noro silk garden that has some new things for me – and this means that, if successful, I can have it done in time to still wear it this winter. The real challenge will be to finish my current projects in time to start this!
    Go Canada!

  396. This is perfect, but I’ll tell you first that I’m going to cheat because my project is cast on already. But it’s been cast on for over a year, as it’s a sweater my husband & I designed in yarn he picked, so of course we made a terrible mistake and started with the wrong yarn (WAAAYY to many st/inch – should have doubled it immediately), and I have so many challenges to overcome with this sweater that I’ve been overwhelmed and just set it aside in favor of other projects. I have to learn gussets, and how to put in cables starting above the waist without puckering, and how’s the neck gonna be, etc, etc, and I’ve never made an adult sweater before (or designed a sweater before). So I figure the challenge to finish in 16 days will be great. I won’t pick up the project until The Flame Has Been Lit! Meanwhile I will read heavily in Knitted Ganseys and Gladys Thompson’s book, etc. YES! I’ll have it done when my husband comes home from sea!

  397. Ok, I’ll bite! It’s a great idea and I’ve been wanting to challenge myself more with my knitting this year. I’m not sure what i’ll be knitting, but I’ll come up with something in the next week or so and let you know. Thanks for the rally! Looking forward to it all. BTW – good luck with your project as well.

  398. I would love to get in on this olympic festivity, it sounds really fun. I’m somewhat new to blogging land and I’ve never been part of a KAL before. As for a project in mind, I was thinking a pair of socks. I’ve been knitting for two years and have never knit socks so I think that will be challenge enough. I will start looking into some patterns right now….:-)

  399. I love this idea. Just crazy enough to be fun. I’m not sure what I’ll do yet. Either Rogue, Keplar or maybe something similar to this sweater I loves me some cables.
    Tough but achievable I think – there will be many hours of hockey watching going on at my house. I wonder if anyone will be able to plant a loonie in the ice this time around?

  400. Brillant idea! I’m not a huge Olympics fan but I’ll watch the skating for a while. Count me in – I’ll be doing 2 socks on 2 circs at the same time. This is my knitting “personal best” goal for ’06, so what better time to give it a try? :}

  401. Seriously, how can I resist such blatant insanity? The siren song has me hooked, even though my brain is desperately trying to remind me that this is my final term of grad school and the only term I’ve had a full-time job and full-time school schedule. Plus this will overlap with the end of the Scarfalong (due 2/15). Plus I’m working on my first-ever Fair Isle cardigan (Lopi, so at least it’s bulky). And about 8 other WIPs.
    So… my project will be a pair of Fair Isle gloves from Folk Knitting in Estonia. Can’t remember their name off the top of my head, but I have been wanting to try them since I got the book last spring. I’ve only made mittens in the past, and barely done Fair Isle, so this should be quite the challenge.
    If I flunk my classes and don’t graduate, I promise I won’t blame it on you, Steph. It is my own inability to resist a challenge.

  402. My dog broke my tensioning finger for me and I’m just getting back to knitting At All, I can’t do one big project, but what about several small ones, like the atheletes who enter into several events instead on just one?
    Two pairs of socks and a pair of Pop-top mittens? (My finger isn’t in great shape and if I push it knitting may go by the wayside for another three months. Insanity!!)

  403. Delurking to join in. I’m just finishing up a cabled baby blanket and I’m fairly indecisive so it just may take until the 10th to settle on my next project. And since I generally only get an hour or so of knitting a day, I’ll have to choose carefully. I’ve been thinking about doing some baby/toddler sweaters to give to a local women’s shelter… maybe that will work. Maybe something in Fair Isle. I need to recheck my stash.

  404. OK, would knitting my second ever item be a good enough trial??? Especially since my first one had some major stich increas problems at the end that I didn’t even notice??? LOL
    For me it’s a simple (YEA RIGHT) wrap. the challange will be the yarn. I’m going to thin! Simple pattern, sweaty hands, silk/mohair yarn.
    Oh and the fact that I won’t be able to cast on till the 11th since I’m on a boat in the Caribean on the 10th and won’t know when they light the flame!!

  405. Yay! Knitting Olympics! I love the idea. Even though I’m going to Mexico right in the big middle of it, count me in. No idea what I’ll knit yet, but I’ll figure it out.

  406. Wow, there are a ton of comments. I don’t know what I will be making but sign me up! I need to clear the decks first…..maybe I will do that sweater I have had sitting around for 2 years, am I disqualified if I have a partial sleeve made but haven’t touched it in years? This could be my Olympic feat just finishing it!

  407. BRING IT ON!
    I’m in. It is the motivation to get Jason’s sweater started.
    It will be a self-designed drop-sleeve ribbed cardigan with Cascade Ecowool for my hubby. I am assuming that it is only the knitting — not the designing — that is part of the competition.
    Can’t wait to watch Canada kick some ass.

  408. I’m in! I’m crazy, ’cause I’ve got so many other things in the queue, but I’m going to make a sweater for MYSELF. I’ve been waiting to do Rogue, I’ll go for that!

  409. I’m in. I have two skeins of Lacey Lamb that have been calling to me for a while from my stash. It will be a shawl, naturally, although I can’t say just which pattern yet. I’ll be sure to decide that soon.

  410. I’m in, too. I’ll be knitting the Rockport Vest from Oat Couture. Okay, so I’m making it easy – no sleeves. My daughter’s in, too. Her event will be finishing her first sweater..a rolled raglan. Finishing can be a challenge, right?

  411. I am definitely going to do this. I haven’t decided what to knit yet, but since my holiday falls right in the middle, it will be awesome to have the motivation.

  412. Not sure yet what I’ll make, but I’m IN! May be a perfect opportunity to use some lace-weight I bought in a smoky purple.

  413. I’m in…I love the Olympics and consider it a patriotic duty to sit glued to the tely and cheer…and I always cry when I hear the national anthem.
    I’m thinking about the Debbie Bliss rosebud cardie that’s in the q.
    let the games begin 🙂

  414. Ok – you got me. Way too much fun to pass up. I am going to do Henry VIII from Alice Starmore’s Tudor Roses. I have a yarn from Jagger that I think will work for this very gorgeous and complex pattern. This will be a challenge for me – a very complex fair isle in 16 days – WOW.
    Great Idea Stephanie!

  415. im so in! im going to knit ribby cardi- i know its not challenging to many people but im not much of a pattern knitter not to mention i rarley assemble the sweaters i knit 🙂

  416. I would like to enter another American entry – to LEARN SOCKS and finish a pair (which would also use stash yarn) for my challenge. I do not have a blog of my own, but Purlewe would display my gold medal on her blog, if I was to be victorious.
    We can have a coaching staff, right? And somehow the idea of an internet Olympic village of blogs seems quite fitting.

  417. I’m going to learn how to make socks – I got sock yarn for Christmas and feel grossly incompetent. I vow to avoid the Jaywalker compulsion gripping blogland (at least until I’ve got one pair under my belt). Just to make things more difficult, am also signing up Cami, my friend’s daughter who just yesterday told me she wants to learn to crochet. As Cami has cerebral palsy, we’re improvising a clever device to hold her crochet piece so she can work the yarn and hook with her good hand: being fabricated as we speak! Sign us up!

  418. Today is a great day. First, I call the yarn store and not only do they carry the yarn I was looking for but it’s on sale. Combine that with your challenge and I have no choice but to knit the dinosaur sweater in Lucinda Guy’s Handknit. It will be the first sweater I complete in–can it be–seven years??? (stunned silence).
    Now I’m depressed…

  419. I’m in, what a fantastic idea, keep me challenged.
    I’ve decided on the spring blossom shawl knit with some hand spindled yarn I just finished. On you mark, get set, “wait for it”…. GO.
    Good luck everyone.

  420. Sigh. Never one to back away from a challenge, I too will be competing. Bring on the Spirit of the Southwest Shawl from Fiber Trends. I had started it before Xmas, frogged it, and have let it sit. This should be the perfect way to get it done!
    Now if someone could just tell me how to post a button on my blog, I’ll be in good shape. (Knitting I do o.k.; computing, not so much.)

  421. I am in. But since I am a total Olympics addict, I have to pick something that I can knit and watch TV at the same time. So fair isle doesn’t seem like a good idea, and lace may not make it. I think I have to do something of a large enough scale for it to be a challenge. So it may be a pair of socks for my son in Opel (I knit looser in the round so socks often end up on circular zeros) or a clapotis in Brooks Farm. Stitches West is in the middle of this insanity so I will lose some time. Full-time job shouldn’t interfere.

  422. The cutest little pig on the cover of family circle knit toys. Does he have to be stuffed by the end of the big show?

  423. I am So There. I’ll be knitting “Branching Out” from It will be an adventure in lace and speed knitting for me.

  424. Poncho (I have two to finish for twin daughters – I have started neither). This way maybe they’ll actually happen before spring and the girls will be able to wear them before they outgrow them next year. Thanks for the inspiration. (My friend Jane suggested that I would wimp out, but I’m not, so there!)

  425. Count me in, with a Liesel scarf (thanks to the knitter before me who brought it to my attention), not sure which yarn yet. Lace has always defeated me in the past, let’s see if I can lick it this time!

  426. I’m in! I’m not sure what the project will be yet, but since I’m a rather slow knitter it might just be “Socks for Bigfoot” – one of my little brothers has enormous feet!

  427. I think a knitting olympics is a great idea! I’ve already stolen… err… borrowed the button to add to the sidebar of my blog. I am going to do a version of the felted Booga Bag for my entry. I’m calling it the HBC Booger. HBC because I’m adding Hudson’s Bay stripes to it, and booger because I’m making a bigger booga.

  428. I’ll be trying Tubey from the 2005 Winter Knitty as my second sweater ever, and my first using all-natural fibres. Here’s hoping I can find the time between work and classes!

  429. Hey Steph! Denny gave me the heads up on this one and I’ve been thinking about it for a few days: I’m going to make a cabled sweater out of Rowanspun 4 Ply. Count me in!

  430. Okay! I decided I’m going to do Color my own – Ocean Spray
    I sat up late last night and set up a blog – so that I will have to post to show progress. The site could be a little screwy though as I didn’t start creating the site until after I had taken my sleeping medication. Which I suspect I will not be taking during the entire Olympic games in order to finish on time. What can I say, I’m dedicated to the sport of Knitting and take it very seriously.

  431. I would really love to do this, although I’m not very competitive. I have many things to finish, including a lace sock. Unfortunately my aunt is visiting from new york from the 20th to the 28th which takes up 6 of the knitting olympic days. If I did it, would I get an extra prize for finishing before the Olympics ended? 6 days before? I guarantee you I would not be able to finish anything with my chatty aunt around. I’ll cheer you guys along though!!! Good luck!

  432. I’m so up for this. I’ve already signed up for a sweater knitalong (my first), and am too far into that to qualify that project, so I think I’ll tackle another fear of mine – knitting on circulars. I’ll be making my first 100% knit hat – I usually chicken out and switch to crochet when it comes to shaping, but not this time! Pattern tbd.
    With a 16 day goal (and a bribe for the E. German judge of tantalicious yarn), I should be sitting pretty by Closing Ceremonies! 😉

  433. I’m going to regret this. I’ll post about the Challenge Sweater later today–I’m starting to freak out about the procrastination I’ve done already today.

  434. I’m in for the Olympics…what a great idea! My goal is to finish a single sock as I’ve never made socks before.

  435. Me for the cable and rib tunic from Debbie Bliss’s Quick Baby Knits, I’ve never knit in cotton before, I had cast on and done the first pattern repeat to see if I could get gauge, so I’ll count that as my swatch! You’re a bad influence though as I have far too many WIP’s lurking but I’ll see how many I can turn into FO’s before then!

  436. I’m in too! I’m still deciding what though. I have an idea but I’m waiting a couple days to say for sure. Is it bad that I’ve already considered taking a day or two off of work?

  437. I do believe I’m up for this. I’m planning to knit the Hourglass Sweater from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. Now to find the yarn!!
    This sweater does not appear to be difficult but I work fulltime (day and night shifts) and have a 13.5-month-old who is overly interested in whatever I am currently knitting. Knitting time will most likely be reserved for nap time and that one hour between when he and I go to bed. But I have faith in myself!! Bring it on!

  438. I will take the Olympic challenge, and like the lady above, Lorraine, I will knit my first sock. I am a seasoned knitter, but haven’t made socks, unless you want to count the one I made that would fit a giant. I practiced one with LARGE needles and LARGE yarn to get the idea of sock knitting and now I thnik I should use it to fill at Christmas. And, it has a really funny shape…the toe points down. So, this will be my effort at a sock….I do have lots of sock yarn in my stash, so………I’m prepared. From sunny South Dakota…………..a crazed knitter!!!!!!!!

  439. I’m scared – 16 days isn’t a lot. It’s not even a whole month. I’m going to knit a cabled scarf. It’ll be a challenge because it will require the purl (oh how I hate the purl) and I’ve never done cables, not even on a swatch. I’ve got 3 skeins of some cranberry wool of the andes waiting to be my 1st cabled scarf, now I just need the right pattern.

  440. Woo! I’m in! My project will either be teh Cookie Sweater frlom Miss Bea’s Rainy Day, or the Leaf Socks from the Knitter’s mag socks contest book. Both totally fabulous patterns!

  441. Ooooh – I thought about it, and I think I know what I’m going to do.
    Please count me in, and add me to your list. 🙂

  442. I gotta do it, you know it’s exciting to be involved in something bigger than me, the challenge of it all. I’m forclempt. Excuse me. I will be knitting a sweater and hat for a new cousin. Maybe throw in a blankie if I get done early…

  443. Eep better late than never! Despite TAing, grade courses, research and other assorting cruft I am so there. I’ll be making a pair of socks.

  444. I hope it isn’t to late to join this challenge. I will do lace knitting, either a shawl or a tablecloth/dinner cloth. I’ll look at my patterns tonight and pick one and let you know. I hope that is satisfactory.

  445. I’m in. Still deciding what to knit, but something entrelac – probably in the form of a scarf. I keep saying I’m going to learn entrelac and this time I’ll really do it. 🙂

  446. I’m in, but I can’t decide on what yet. So many options!!!! Probably some circular lacy thing with over 100 rounds, but less than 200.

  447. I’m going to hold off starting the Cherry Blossom Shawl for this! Memorizing the pattern counts as training, right?

  448. Wavering between hat and scarf FOR ME, or fun striped socks FOR ME. I haven’t ever made socks. I don’t much *like* making scarves, but I need a new one. Thinking, thinking…

  449. Wow! I can be an olympic athelete! Or at least an Knitalete! Count me in and I’ve invited my knitting group to join in as well. I’ll be making a child’s cardigan (Debbie Bliss pattern) that is for a baby gift for a 1 1/2 year old girl. A forced deadline – just what I need.

  450. I’m in, please. Something from “Modular Knitting” that I’ve been eyeing for yeeeeears. And though I’m American, I’ll knit for Finland… because I want to Finnish.

  451. I would love to be a knitting olympic athlete! I browsed through all of my old projects today, and decided, once and for all, that I will knit the paisley lace shawl. I have started it before, but I lost track (and hope) – along with about 15 dropped stitches. I will be recasting for this event, and hope to finish that puppy in the sixteen days. Thanks for doing this Stephanie!

  452. OK, I’m in. Now do I get an extra gold medal because I’m also planning my own wedding (for April 8) at the same time? Do I dare knit a wedding dress….no! OK, I’m going to make a sweater for myself. Pattern and yarn to be announced. I almost never make sweaters, so this is a real challenge! I’m more of a glove, mitten, sock, bag, shrug, capelet, etc. type knitter. I will knit sleeves. I think it will be a cotton lace sweater from the new Rebecca. OR a modular sweater/coat.

  453. Wow, I may have to join. I’m an intermediate knitter, but I’ve never gotten around to making a sweater because I’m so paranoid about making things that actually have to fit. Heh. Well, let me look around for some patterns and I’ll be back.

  454. I have never done anything like this but it seems fun and I think I am ready for my first knitting challenge. I have been off and on knitting for 4 years but I am pretty much a beginer..In fact today I am dealing with my first double pointed needles..My biggest knitting challenge is that I am impatient I pick small projects I can finish in a few day max (hats, scarfs, potholders, dishcloths and the occasional teddy bear). So I am going to try a baby blanket, not super hard for most but it will be a challenge for me to stick with it and not move on to another project, Plus I want to do a big one so it should take me the whole time to finish. I have 2 patterns I am toying with A striped garter stitch blanket done in strips and another garter stitch blanket that looks like one of the dishcloth patterns I use. It is knit on the diagonal lots of increasing and then decreasing.(I am very proud of my newly learned yarn overs)

  455. I’m a new blogger — and want to be an athlete too!!! I’m going to do the Lady Elenor shawl (entrelac) from Scarf Style in Noro #92.

  456. I think I’ll attempt Clapotis from I’ve always loved the pattern and I’m determined to keep myself focused on it for long enough not to screw it up.

  457. I want to join! I have yet to do a sweater so while I don’t have a pattern choosen yet…I will be knitting a sweater.

  458. I will join and knit my first pair of socks. I have made the Fuzzy Feet slippers, but socks are much different and more challenging…Now I need to find a good pattern….

  459. socks. I will make socks. I will stop coveting the sock yarn at my LYS and buy a skein (or two, depending on how much I need…I have bitty feet) and finally make socks.

  460. Well, I’ll try. I’m not sure what I’ll do yet, but something small (I’m the slowest knitter in the known universe). It’ll probably be Harry Potter related 🙂

  461. Darn!! It’s just killing me that I really can’t do this..sounds like such fun….I’ll just have to live vicariously through all of the Olympians…oh, wait..I already do…

  462. I will rise to the challenge! And a challenge it will be, no matter what I decide to do. I don’t think I’ve finished anything but hats and scarves in under 16 days. But I’m going to use this as an opportunity to push myself and will be attempting to knit my first “completed” sweater. I plan on doing a top-down raglan, either the “Somewhat Cowl” or my own scoop neck design.

  463. I’m in, too. Thanks to my friend – Yvonne. I am designing a cable vest for my Master Knitting Level II vest.

  464. I’ll bite! I think my challenge will be my First Pair of Socks. They’re cast on right now, but in the wrong size, so I will frog and wait until the 10th.

  465. I’m in too! My challenge will be my first pair of gloves. This will keep the gorgeous Koigu I just bought on sale from going into the stash, never to see the light of day again.

  466. I will rise to the challenge! And a challenge it will be, no matter what I decide to do. I don’t think I’ve finished anything but hats and scarves in under 16 days. But I’m going to use this as an opportunity to push myself and will be attempting to knit my first “completed” sweater. I plan on doing a top-down raglan, either the “Somewhat Cowl” or my own scoop neck design.

  467. OK, I am in – the SPECIAL Olympics, please. My first attempt at socks resulted in a nice cover for a golf club. So, my stellar olympic project will be (drum roll, please) baby booties. (a set mind you – a left and a right!! Oh, geez, panic attack, must breathe into paper bag.

  468. I must join.
    I will do a mitered pillow, creating my own pattern. There we go, two new challenges in one!
    My pillow must be stuffed by the time the flame goes out to count.

  469. Still OK to join in?? Winter Olympics is my favourite.
    I plan to knit at least one pair of socks from my soon to be HUGE sock yarn stash. I have no idea of pattern though.

  470. Just got a minute to read your Olympic blog (and I think I’m going to have time to knit?) Have you remembered that you are going to be in Tacoma the weekend of the Olympic opening? Hope that is still on as that is the reason I signed on. As well as finally getting a chance to meet you, I am taking something called Komi Mittens. That will be my challenge – to try and finish whatever we start in that workshop.
    I hope you do decide to take over the government – given our current options, it sounds a great idea!

  471. Ok – I think I’m in – I am going to do my first felted project – its a straight needle holder … I found it at FC Easy Knitting. My yarn should come in anyday for it so I will be ready – And like every one else I would be knitting during that time anyway!!

  472. I’d like to join the challenge – I plan on spinning ( two ply worsted) and knitting a shawl in this period. Nothing fancy, something big and warm.

  473. I’d like to join the challenge – I plan on spinning ( two ply worsted) and knitting a shawl in this period. Nothing fancy, something big and warm.

  474. I’m definitely in! I will be knitting knee socks with some fabulously fun yarn I bought as a treat last week (for a steal, I might add!)

  475. WOW I about feel out of my seat when I saw the # of comments you have on this one post.I mean I knew you were popular but WOW.
    I would love to join this challenge although I am not to sure what I will knit yet let me see what the Feb patterns are on some other web sites and go throught my books again I am thinking intarsia though!

  476. I’m knitting hardangervidda!!!!
    Of course, I’ve been knitting it since June (and in between finished 2 other sweaters and a few shawls)
    I won’t be playing the olympic games, but maybe my 16 day goal will be to finish the sucker.
    I had already knit Bjerk so I didn’t think it would be to bad. Men’s sizes are so much larger than women’s! This sucker takes forever. The part that makes me most nervous is setting the zipper, but I just read the end of the section I’m on and realize I have to knit back and forth with multiple colors. I’ve never purled and stranded at the same time.
    If you do it in 16 days, you will be my knitting God.

  477. My dad’s claim to fame is that he set a record for the cross country team when he was in high school that still stands today.
    We’ll ignore the fact that right after he set the record they changed the course…
    I’m going to start thinking about what I could possiblly do. I’ve never done a sweater before, this seems like a good way to get one under my belt before winter ends!

  478. I’m going to do some sort of lace thing. I haven’t chosen the exact project yet (I’m desperately trying to finish my Red Scarf Project before I plan the next thing or three), but I’ve done very little lace, so this is going to be a challenge. But speaking generally, I’m going to do a loooong scarf or a lace shawl of some sort, with several different lace patterns in it.
    (I’m not used to blocking, either, so this should be a challenge in several ways!)

  479. Please add me onto the list! I would like to knit two pairs of socks and finish all unifinished projects sitting in my knitting baskets (so far, one thrummed mitten, one cabled baby sock, and one and one-half wildefoote yarn socks).

  480. I am in…I think I will be knitting the Kimono Shawl from Folk Shawls.
    Yeah I am so excited…the 20 ridges of Garter stitch at the beginning are going to kill me…LOL
    Thank goodness I learned how to knit continential.

  481. I don’t have a blog but I’d love to play! I’ll be making the “Fairly Easy Fair Isle” from Stitch and Bitch Nation. BTW I’m a huge fan. Have both books and am looking forward to #3 (no pressure)!!!

  482. Okay….this was a tough choice but I think the thing that I want to dedicate myself to least is the desinging of my own ribbed sweater, knit in the round. I am completely mathmatically disinclined. Sign me up!
    Competetive knitting– what a fun idea!!

  483. Count me in for the Knitting Olympics! I’ll be making a raglan sweater for my toddler (no link available for pattern).

  484. I am in and am knitting the Greek Pullover from the Fall 2005 Interweave Knits. I have been lusting after it since the day I bought the magazine. This will be a challenge for me because I have never ever knit myself a sweater in under a month, AND it has a row of single crochet around the neck and I have never ever crocheted. Ever.
    Looking forward to it!

  485. Oh!!!! I am so excited!!!!
    Count me in. I am going to knit a sweater, something cabled. Perhaps even cabled enough to qualify as an aran.
    I must be insane.

  486. Ok. I really want to do this. Or at least THINK about doing this. No, I want to do it. I’ll DO IT!! YES!!
    I’m spinning mohair that I dyed…I want to make a huge sweater…cardigan..either from the top down or from the bottom up, without a pattern. Its been many years since I actually finished a sweater; usually I do only small projects partly because I spin for them. If I can finish the spinning for this sweater, I’ll do the olympics! Count me in!

  487. Wow. 588 posts. I *almost* wasn’t going to post, you know- out of concern for your having to read it, but then I thought heck. I’m in.
    I’m going to knit Blackberry from Knitty’s Fall 2005 issue. The real challenge comes from all the cableing *while* watching the Olympics! I’m a bit of a die hard…
    Let the games begin!

  488. I am going to do it! I have been planning a vest for my husband in sport weight yarn. I am planning on carding and spinning all of the yarn (not from fleece thank god).
    The hardest part (are you sitting down?) is that I am going to knit it all in stockinette stitch. There shall be no subtle texture pattern, no fancy ribbing, no interest at all (besides my handspun yarn of course).
    I thank you for this challenge, I would probably avoid the project indefinitely if it weren’t for you and the Knit Olympics.

  489. Brilliant …..and evil.
    I wish that was all I had to say on the topic, but I must also add that I’m in. Either Latvian or Komi mittens, pattern to be determined this week. Having never attempted any color work/fair isle before, this seems sufficiently insane, but we’ll see.
    Did I mention brilliant?

  490. Omg… I think I have to do this…
    Not sure what I’ll knit yet… possibly a shrug or a pair of socks… I’ve not made anything wearable other than a beanie/scarf set…

  491. Ok, so if you are doing something in handspun, are you allowed to spin it beforehand, or is that part of the Olympic time as well? I’d like to make a lace shawl since I have a boatload of alpaca to spin up and potentially dye, but barring the spinning part, I’ll make Stornoway from Alice Starmore’s Fisherman Sweaters. Again. I did it once, but then I learned all about gauge, and how my husband doesn’t have a 60″ chest. This time I promise I’ll swatch (or make a size small on #2 needles instead of an XL on #3). Either way, I’m in.

  492. Hi ::waves:: newbie lurker here. 🙂 I’ll give this a shot, sign me up for a pair of socks, I’ve not managed to knit a sock successfully yet.

  493. I’m in too. I’ll knit a Faroese-style shawl. I’ve never knitted a shawl so this will be a challenge for me.

  494. ok – i’m in. good luck sorting all these out! i couldn’t even read them all. i will create a pair of socks using the trekking xxl i just bought. small potatoes to some but i suffer from chronic second sock syndrome. i WILL knit both socks i tells ya. i will knit both socks.

  495. I love the olympics, and a what a great excuse to have so that I can sit and watch them instead of doing housework. Sign me up for the Baby Hooded Pullover in the March Creative Knitting magazine. I will also FINISH one of the two projects[Butterfly shawl and cardigan sweater] that I will be taking classes for at the time.
    Ye Haaa let the games begin

  496. OK, count me in, too. Recovering from surgery, watching Olympics AND knitting…what sould be better? I’m attempting a Shishmaref Shrug (design by Kelly Bridges) I got at Stitches Mid-west last year!! Let the training begin!!!

  497. Awesome idea! I will be knitting the Kristina bag from Black Sheep Bags. I have never done a bag before, or two color work, or felting, or anything with a zipper, so this oughta be fun. Oh man, I can’t wait to see the strange looks from my coworkers when I tell them that I am an Olympic knitter. Oooh, maybe I need to make a Tshirt that says it for me and I could wear it everyday of the olympics just like a uniform will be my uniform. Hmm, now how to get around the dress code? 🙂

  498. Oh, I wish I could join… I think I would make myself mental trying though. I’m returning to work from mat leave and holding up the fort around here since husband commutes 1.5 hrs each way, and I can’t seem to find the time to knit enough as is. Boo! Babies are totally worth it though. I’ll cheer you all from the sidelines. I should start training for the *next* winter olympics. By then I’ll be ready for some crazy lace or entrelac. Right now I think I’m more the “20 hats challenging” variety. Best of luck, all!

  499. Count me in, I love a challenge. I think I will try my first lace shawl. Good luck to all contenders.

  500. I am so in. And for my project, I will make my first pair of socks. Too bad I don’t have a blog to put the button on.

  501. Wow, look at all the sheeple. Baaa! Count me in.
    Clearly, I am insane. But I’m in good company.
    I don’t know what I’m doing yet, I’ll get back to you.

  502. Woohoo! Count me in! I’m a newbie knitter, so my challenge is only going to be a hat with cat ears. It’ll be my first actual project, something tangible and useful, rather than all the rags that just get pulled apart again. Thanks for the motivation to get it done!

  503. Sign me up! I will knit Marnie MacLean’s Bella Paquita sweater with an as-yet unchosen yarn from my stash….or from Lettuce Knit. Funny how it’s so much easier to find stuff at the LYS than in the bins and bags of the stash. This sweater will challenge me in pattern alteration, lace and speed.

  504. Very excited to have a fire under my butt! I just got yarn in for a throw for my friends’ wedding, something I am planning to design myself (unless anyone out there knows of Hawaiian/tiki/beach themed throws, but I’m kind of liking the idea of an original project), so I’m going to get to sketching…

  505. At last, an olympic event I can take part in! I’ll be knitting the Clapotis. I’ve never knit on a bias before, and all those yo’s are intimidating, but I’m more than game.
    I love your blog! Thanks so much for coming up with this amazing idea!

  506. I gave in to temptation. I’m in. Even if I don’t know what I’m knitting yet, exactly. Hm.

  507. I am in… the knitting olympics… and I always thought it would be for figure skating…hmmm…
    I am going to knit… well, I am undecided on that, but it will be a challenge.

  508. Alright. I’m in. I know I must be crazy, but that’s just part of my charm. I’m a relatively new knitter. Only been doing it since october. I LOVE Sonnet at
    I have some funky bulky vintage yarn my mother gave me for it, and considering the amount of time I’ll have to work on it, completing a whole sweater in 16 days will be quite the challenge.
    I considered trying to complete the aran sweater my dad wants in our Clans pattern, but I quickly realized that there is not enough liqour in the world to get me through that in 16 days. Sonnet it is. 😉

  509. I had already planned to do this � a Jeffrey Buttle Knitalong, for my favorite Canadian figure skater. And I’m not even Canadian…so, count me in.
    As was planned, I’ll be doing the Tweedy Vest from Interweave Knits Knitscene.
    In grey. Like his long program shirt used to be. Before he changed it. Yes, I’m obsessed. I knit for Jeffrey!

  510. I’m in – a small throw in two different lace stitches from a stitch dictionary (to be determined.) The challenge is I’m just a slow-ass knitter so I am not shooting for too complicated on the lace patterns, just for finishing the darn thing in that short a time. Oh, and conveniently enough that means I would have it done for my best friend’s wedding, since she move it from January 07 to April 06!

  511. Wow, there will be lots of furious knitting during the Olympics! I will try to knit Accordian from knitty, whether or not I’m official. Thanks for the idea and inspiration.

  512. Ooooh, i’m in!!! I’m going to try for my first lace project. So far i’m leaning toward “Branching Out” on Knitty, but i’m open to other suggestions!!
    Oh, how fun!! Great idea!!

  513. OK, I’m up for the challenge–and what will my challenge be? To Finish knitting my shawl that is about 20% done now. Finishing is my weakness, I’d much rather start new projects than complete ones I’ve tired of. Also the shawl is a lot of boring knitting!! It will be a good challenge for me.

  514. I’m in, but only as an honorary athlete, okay. I’m not going to cast on something new, but rather finally finish the 2X2 ribbed, cabled sweater I started for dh’s 30th b-day (he turned 33 last Sept). So far, I have one sleeve and about 1/3 of the back. Even though it’s not a new project, I figure it’s taken me 3+ years to get that far, finishing it in 16 days should be a an Olympic-sized feat.

  515. What a cool idea! I’m in the midst of Hardangervidda for DH, in the grey colorway. It should be done way before the Olympics start, so… hm… maybe I’ll take on the lovely cardigan kit that’s been waiting patiently for me for a couple od years now. Yeah, that’ll be cool.
    Hope winding the skeins into usable balls ahead of time is ok?
    The cardigan is the one with leaves on it in pink and shades of green from Poetry in Stitches. I think I’ll do the sleeves first, then the body. then I’ll really know if I’m insane. 🙂

  516. i shall be knitting knitty’s branching out (the lace scarf). ive never done lace before and with the fact that it takes me forever to knit (just a tad bit of a perfectionist) i think this would be a great project.

    I briefly considered joining, but then remembered I still (barely) have my sanity! GOOD LUCK THOUGH! It sounds fun (for crazy folk!) 😉

  518. I’ve been making nothing but small projects (socks, hats) this year. For some reason I seem to have a sweater-phobia. So, my olympian goal is to make myself a sweater. In my salvation-army-sweater wool. It’s 6 sts/inch, and I’ve never made anything bigger than socks in that gauge before. And I think I’ll do it gansey-style, another first for me.
    16 days, huh?

  519. A knitting friend told me about this insane event, and my first thought was “I MUST JOIN!!” So count me in, with the pattern Aran Weight Victorian Lace Shawl that I just discovered tonight. The challenge for me will be finishing it in 16 days with two young children! I’ve never finished anything but really really small items in that amount of time. Sleep? Who needs sleep?

  520. Wow I am like poster 632 or something. I want to particpate. So challenging to me would be the irish hiking scarf. I here some people snickering in the background. But for me this is a challenge I think I can do a scarf in 16 days with cables and all. I know I can’t do a sweater in that time.

  521. …. okay!! Since I usually have a grandstand of people in my head cheering on my projects, I will make this the year of the Grand Brown Sheep Lambspride Oatmeal Cable. Yeah!! I will have a beautiful sweater at the end of the Games!

  522. OK I’m in too. Please include me Stephanie. Did you realise you would have this HUGE response. I’ve been eyeing off clapotis for almost 12 months and as I’m a very slow knitter to finish that in 16 days would for me be a gold medal effort!!
    Cheers! Stripey in Australia

  523. I’m definaltely in on this. I love to watch the olympics too. I’ll tackle Jaywalker socks. That’s big for me in a short time.
    I have the yarn, needles and pattern.
    Let the games begin.

  524. I’m in – another Aussie weighing in.
    I’m going to make Mariah from Knitty – my second cable pattern (first from a chart and definitely the most complicated) and, if I get Tubey off the needles before the Olympics, my second wearable knit!

  525. I LOVE this idea! When I read about the challenge the little voice in my head said”learn to cable!” I made the voice be quiet and decided to do something more reasonable then I told my 12 year old daughter about the olympic challenge and she said, “learn cables!” I hate that she knows me so well….
    I am in…pattern to be determined

  526. I am so in! I have no idea what I’ll knit, though, so I’ll have to figure that out. So fun so fun so fun! I’ve always wanted to be in the Olympics, but they don’t recognize clog-dancing as a sport. You’ve made my dream so much more achievable! Off to research.

  527. I was trying to avoid joining in, but it seems I cannot. I’m going to make the Hourglass Sweater from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. Yarn choice a bit undecided for now. URL to my blog should be in my comments. Thanks for hosting!

  528. I have been reading here for months, but never post because I am a shy novice knitter, but I am inspired by the challenge and would love to be a Knitting Olympic Athlete! I will be working on a raglan pullover for me, which will be a challenge!

  529. That’s an awesome idea!
    I’m in!
    I’ve never made a sweater before but I fancy myself ready. I’ll be making that cable sweater from the first S&B.
    Go Team Canada!!

  530. Count me in – I’m going to make the Boats for Cameron baby blanket from Knitting along with Debbie Macomber.

  531. Long time reader of your blog, I never comment but I couldn’t resist joining in on the Knitting Olympics! What a fantastic idea.
    I’ll be working on the Rosebud scarf from Scarf Style. I’ve never done any sort of color work other than stripes before.
    Remember the Special Olympics oath while you work on your projects! “Let me win, but if I cannot, let me be brave in the attempt.”

  532. Count me in–Branching Out scarf from Knitty. I’ve never done “real” lace before and I’ll be using a double strand of lace-weight alpaca (never having held two strands together before). It’ll be….interesting. And I know I should’ve picked up that bottle of Screech last time I was in Canada.

  533. I’m in. I have the perfect project that will definitely test my knitting.
    Happy Knitting !

  534. This is such a kick *** idea, Stephanie…I have Torino..and despite going to Stitches West, I think I’d be able to do it..yeah, I’m going for it…

  535. OK – I’m in too – I read the blog and thought about it. I’m pretty new to knitting – only a year into it. I’ve done hats, scarves, and socks – so I’m going to do a Debbie Bliss baby raglan sweater for a new nephew born in December. Never attempted a sweater before… Good luck to all who have taken up the challenge.

  536. I need to get some baby presents done, so my event is Baby Set, hat and sweater, 2 sets, details: on #2s and #3s, these are good friends reproducing. Maybe using the tried and true equipment, the Dale baby book that is falling apart at home, or maybe a quick trip to my now favorite shop Wool Pack in Littleton for a new book. This is for the good of the team after all.

  537. Late to the field, but can you count me in please. I have no idea what I’ll knit, though I’ll narrow it down to a cardigan or jumper, in either dk or aran yarn. I will be looking through the stash and patterns tonight. Probably Rowan’s felted tweed or rowanspun.

  538. I’ll be on the Jamaican Cabling Team…
    A’La Cool Runnings, mon!
    Cork sweater with a US 10.5 Handicap.
    it’s true, we don’t need sweaters or bobsleds…but we’ll be cabling like a lion in zion anyway…
    Count me in!

  539. Another one with Knitty’s Branching Out scarf – my first lace attempt. Yarn will be Knitpicks Merino Style in Cornflower.
    Let the games begin!

  540. A pair of big loose-fitting socks for my grandad (he can’t always manage to put shop-bought ones on himself…) I might do them DK, or just big in sockweight, but swatching will tell me. Toe-up pattern (not done before!)

  541. I’m new to knitting (learned last year) and new to blogging but I want to do this. I got my Koigu yarn yesterday and I’m gonna go for the jaywalker socks by grumperina with the picot edging like amelia raitte did from my fashionable life. I made all my X-mas presents so I really got good at knitting fast! Wish me luck!!

  542. Awh man, I can’t resist. As a Minnesotan, I am obsessed with the Winter Olympics, since I have at least tried most of the sports. I was planning on knitting Torino during the Olympics anyway, maybe I’ll just have to step it up to a 16 day project!! So, count me in!

  543. Are you really keeping track of all this? Been contemplating (read getting up the nerve) to do this — I’m in — allowing for that fact that it runs right through Stitches West — I’m doing the Luminous Vest (2 colors, with buttons) by Effectiveness by Design.

  544. OK – I’m in. My plan is to design and knit a lace shawl in HipKnits laceweight cashmere. I’m planning to use a full 1500 metre skein of yarn and don’t want it to be the typical triangle shaped shawl that I usually knit. Adventurous or insane, who knows?

  545. My charity project for 2006 is socks for CIC. I’m going to try to make 16 pair over the course of the Olympics;1 pair per day. Gotta go wax my needles and find one of those stretchy one piece suits to cut down on wind resistance.

  546. I’m in. I was planning on starting some Latvian mittens soon, so I think that will be my project. Since I was inspired to the mittens by this blog, and I’ve never done colorwork before, it seems like an obvious choice!

  547. Love this idea! An Olympics in which I can finally participate! I’m torn between beaded socks and a shawl. Stephanie you truly are a gem!

  548. I’m in and will decide my project in the next 48 hours. For me it must include using yarn from my stash…but that would still allow to knit enough items to probably give one to each competing country!! SCARY!

  549. I’m in! I plan on attempting my first PAIR of socks or a child’s sweater – either would be a good challenge for a person who’s motto is “why finish a project when you can start a new one?”.

  550. I’m so in! Project: a yet-to-be-designed shawl or stole of some as-yet-to-be-determined appropriate complexity. The real challenge will be sticking to something in my stash!

  551. I will give it a shot. I think I will do a felted purse, (unless of course I change my mind, which is entirely possible!) I have never felted anything before and have minimal experience knitting in the round.

  552. Can’t. Resist. I’m in!
    Something Fair Isle (my new year resolution to learn), small and in the current stash.
    Unless of course you are insisting (do! do!) that we purchase yarn for this KAL. I mean, if its a “rule” and all – then the hubby can’t complain, right…?

  553. You’ve got sooooo much to do, could you add the above URL to my name on the knitting olympics page? I’ve entered myself in the gold metal round of afaghan knitting. My name it up toward the top of your list. Thanks

  554. um, just had my year anniversary of first cast-on so, I am in. What pushed me over the edge? A lovely roll neck sweater in the llbean kids catalog with a frog on the front that doesn’t come bigger than a 4T and my I’m-not-a-baby-anymore (INBA) needs a 5. I think first charting and intarsia counts as a challenge. Thanks for the motivation and the excuse to sit and enjoy the olympics.

  555. I want to join!!! Just the motivation I need to start and finish a baby blanket before the baby is old enough participate in the Olympics herself!

  556. Fun, evil, evil, fun!
    Count me in! I have had some yarn begging to be used for a project like this for a couple months. I will be knitting a shrug, which will also be of my own design, since I don’t have a pattern for it. And it’s my first item with sleeves, so I think it counts as a challenge…
    I am looking foward to the cast on, and driving my boyfriend nuts toting the project around, lol!

  557. I’m in. I’ve set myself some very do-able parameters on qualifying – I’ve got to finish 3 projects first – but that will happen. and then I’ve got to decide what to knit for the Olympic Event – so I put up a poll on my blog. We can cast on at Opening Ceremonies right?

  558. I would love to join if the knit along’s still open. I’ll compete by knitting Ene’s scarf. I just bought blackberry ridge lace yarn for it. Yeah!

  559. Hey Stephanie, if I enter, does it then make it the “Special Olympics”? Ha! Well, in any case, I’m in! Jen’s been plugging away at making buttons for the different “teams”. She has them up on our blog.
    What a great idea you have here!

  560. Count me in. I will be doing the Chaos sweater from the winter Knitty. Yes, a baby sweater will be a chalenge. I have a two year old and an 8 month old (and a husband) that require regular feeding and maitenance!! Will there be Team Canada buttons???

  561. Ok I couldn’t leave the comments section at number 666, so I figured what the heck, I’m crazy, I knit, I’ll join the Olympic Knitting Challenge. I will be knitting as many hats as I can for the SHIPS project. For those of you who don’t know what it is, check out this link:

  562. I just started reading your blog today (just call me fashionably late). Count me in for the 2006 Knitting Olympics. I’ve been eyeing the Clapoits shawl on (found here
    Yes, I am just crazy enough to try this. And I have the 20th off which gives me a good chunk of stitching time going into the home stretch.
    How fun! I’m so glad I finally got to your on line home!

  563. It sounds like a great idea! I’m planning to knit the 125th year anniversary sweater from the new Dale yarn book. I’ve made Shetland sweaters but never a Norwegian where you have to sew the sleeves in. The last project of stranded knitting I did took me five years; this should be a challenge to do it in 16 days. But I’m game to try.

  564. Oh, I’m definitely in! No clue what I’m going to knit yet, but I’ll figure it out by 2/10!

  565. I’m a sucker for a knitalong of nearly any sort. I think it’s the combo of camaraderie and competition. So count me in!
    I’ll be making the Fairly Easy Fair Isle from SnB Nation–a big enough project to be a challenge to finish in 16 days, but not so big that I’ll set myself up for failure. And it’s appropriate for the weather!
    A bigger challenge will be finishing up my current WIPs: a pretty-but-uninspiring (read: boring me out of my mind) garter-stitch Sophisticated-Rustic Jacket (finished the back, halfway through the left front), and my 2nd Hurry Up Spring Armwarmer (SnB Nation: WTF? What do you mean, “reverse all shaping” on the chart? I don’t keep a mirror in my knitting bag!). Oh, and I need to make my little sister those felted clogs I promised her for Giftsmas.
    Stephanie, your ‘Danger’ sweater looks amazing–you’ve set the bar incredibly high. I can’t even fathom finishing a project of that magnitude in 16 days.

  566. I heard about this from a poster on the Aranknit list. Sounds fabulous and totally nuts! 🙂 I’ll be doing Kiri in Skacel Merino (100g/1250m). I added my blog URL, but I’ve got some setting wrong and can’t get it to update. I hope DH can figure it out tonight.

  567. I’m knitting a baby blanket. The pattern is not intricate but enough of a pattern that I WILL have to pay attention! My challenge will be starting and finishing in 16 days.

  568. Oh, I’m so in. I’ve been afraid of KSH so far so I’m giong to suck it up and try Kiri in KSH for this one. Now let’s just hope the baby has some Olympic naps….

  569. Okay, I’m in…I’ll either do: full size, reversibly-cabled blanket (NOT a baby blanket), OR a set of four socks (if I can still find my fixation I bought to do thm with about 5 or 6 years ago), OR a collection of moebius wonders. Guess I’ll post again after my swatch trials.

  570. Training is done and I’ve just finished knitting the official number to wear on my knitting uniform. 019 in case you’re wondering. I’ll work on my flag for the opening ceremonies tonight!

  571. Heck yes!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am going to try a tricky square to add to my heirloom afgan… i am an on again off again knitter who has now caught the fevaaaaaaaaa

  572. So…the comment from “nancy” who will knit her first garment during the Olympics……in which she will not have a fit like “tanya”…..
    Tanya….Nancy……will there be another showdown?

  573. I’m in. I’m going to try to make 1 sock. Not a pair of socks, but just a single sock. Socks are the 1 project I keep meaning to try but still have not tackled. I think it would be impossible to complete a piar in 16 days but a nice challenege to try to complete 1 in that time. This will be exciting!