Knitter Down!

Wow. As I typed that I had the oddest feeling that I’ll be writing it lot over the Olympic period.

This is overwhelming. Completely overwhelming. Half of the knitters are now on the Athletes page, and the remaining ones will be added…as fast as I can. When I have it all up (with the help of the remarkable S.Kate, comment princess and database genius) I’ll have you guys look it over and tell me about errors. Until then, hold your water…I’m working on it.

I was doing OK too. Tuesday I felt hopeful. I was coding the emails and comments as they were coming (well…I was behind, but I felt good about my chances…) even though every time I clicked “get mail” I realized that I had really, really seriously underestimated the knitterly urge to be an Olympic Athlete. About 4:00 I quit for a little bit for a visit to the doctor about a sore spot on my leg, and after a thirty second visit with him…


I was in the ER. (Doesn’t the knitting look sort of nervous?)

Turns out they felt I was experiencing a DVT (a very scary way of saying a blood clot) and I was appropriately frightened. Seven hours later (non HTML coding hours, I swear I could feel my inbox filling) I was given a shot (in my stomach…how inhumane) of “low-molecular weight heparin”, and sent home, with strict instructions to lie low (I suck at that) keep my leg up (you can’t spin with your leg up. I tried.) and return the next day for an ultrasound.

I laughed when the Dr. said that because they thought I had a DVT I should return to the hospital if I had “shortness of breath or the symptoms of a stroke”. Dude. With or without a DVT wouldn’t you go anyway?

I did go back the next day and the bizarre hour long ultrasound revealed that while I am far from perfect, my leg veins (at least the ones on the right) are the picture of perfection. (It’s good to know that part of you is perfect.) Best part? Maybe it was the Heparin, maybe it was the rest, but my leg feels great. (My stomach, where I got the shot, feels like I was hit by a car…but you can’t be picky.)

For the record. This:


is exactly how much of a Dale of Norway baby sweater you can knit during that time in the hospital. We’re all set if it’s ever a question on Jeopardy. The upshot is that all the time at the hospital was time that I didn’t handle adding names to the Athletes list…so bear with me. If you’re not on the list, I’ll get there. Losing 24 hours was easy, making it up? My first Olympic challenge. I can do it. (I’ve already given up cleaning the bathroom. See that? The sacrifices I make?)

Word on the street is that some knitters are calling into question the sanity of the Olympic knitters.

It’s 16 days of dedication to a sport hobby we all love.

Knitting Olympians (unlike real Olympians, who don’t get to decide how high the ski jump should be) set their own goals. It’s only as crazy as you make it, and a little self-directed inspiration can change your idea of what you are capable of.

I’ve been really proud to see people interpreting the challenge within the context of their own lives and searching for their own personal best. Knitters deciding to learn lace, knitters trying to finish something, knitters attempting one sock because they know that they have other obligations. Lene, a very good friend of mine who had to give up knitting because of the challenges of Rheumatoid Arthritis is taking part in the Knitters Olympics. She’s going to knit one stitch a day. One stitch. It’s her personal best, it’s her best effort…and she’s an Olympian. At the risk of encouraging more people to sign up (thus leading to more HTML…) I find this inspiring.

You other Olympians? Do your best. Aim high. Push yourself within your limits. Set an attainable (but challenging) goal and be all that you can be. (Wait, that’s the US army isn’t it?)

For people who aren’t interested knitting as a sport, get your cheer on. The Olympics are nothing without the roar of the crowd. We’re going to need you sometime around day 12. Bring chocolate and encouragement.

307 thoughts on “Knitter Down!

  1. Aaacccckkkk! Take it easy! We can’t have our inspiration sidelined, can we?
    Best wishes for your health.

  2. I hope everything is OK. Quick ? What if we change our minds on what we want to knit after our names are on the Olympians list? Not that it would happen to me I’m just asking πŸ˜€

  3. I think you’ve done already more solid work than the members of the IOC ever have. Congratulations! And seriously, if there’s any way you can offload some of the organizational duties, I’d be glad to help. Delegate by country, maybe?
    (I’m having guilty attacks that my choice of project (Inishmore) isn’t enough of a challenge for me. My rational mind is telling that part of me to shut up. I might compromise by picking a second project for if I finish early.)

  4. Wow! Your dedication to the craft is legendary. The plus sign to all that drama is the amount you got knit on your baby Dale. A friend of mine was telling me how she was going to sit and wait for 4-5 hours while her husband was having a colonoscopy and procedure at the hospital – sadly, there was a part of me that was jealous for her uninterrupted knitting time. Knitting has obviously fried my brains.
    Possibly erring on the side of wanting too much info – what does a potential DVT look like on your leg? I promise, I won’t sell details to the Inquirer.
    Feel better soon!

  5. Our first injury! Glad your veins are fine. Good it was a leg (well, not so good for Joe’s gansey) and not your arms. What would you have done with all that time if you couldn’t knit?

  6. I hope you’re feeling much better now!
    A year ago, my hand turned blue for some unknown reason … possibly a clot, but it was gone by the ultrasound. It certainly made knitting a little more interesting.
    Lots of light your way!

  7. Wow, I’m glad to hear that your veins are fine! What a scary thing to have on your mind!
    Well, if finishing is OK, then count me in too. I have 60 hours + blocking on my Mom’s Christmas Wrap, and since she wants to wear it in March I kinda have to work on that no matter what. It will be an olympic effort none-the-less, since it means about 200 more bobbles are in my future. I hate bobbles. They’re evil. I read that somewhere….

  8. OK… that hospital trip was too scary. I am SO GLAD that your OK.
    Lene is inspiring… when I read about her in your book… I cried. I will send her good thoughts for non hurting hands.
    Thanks Steph… you really brought a community of Knitters together with this challenge!

  9. OMG Steph! I’m so glad you’re alright! And as I was reading this I got a flashback, cause a clot in my right leg was the reason I learned to knit!
    When I was 19, I ended up in hospital with a clot from a running injury, and was put on a heparin drip for 7 days. The doctor told me I had to stay completely still, or the clot would break off and kill me. Which immediately made me want to run away from the hospital and reality! Mom taught me to knit to keep me from moving around. In 7 days, I made my first-ever sweater from a simple pattern of knit and purl rows.
    And we’re not crazy, we’re proud Olympians. Great athletes. Dedicated knitters. And as one friend put it — lemmings going over the cliff! But we’re gonna have fun on the way down!
    So glad you’re okay.

  10. Me, I am devoting this spring to learning all about low molecular weight heparin and why it is a SQ injection and why not to rub it afterwards. And other drug-related arcana. Knitting can wait until the semester is over. Except for the hypnotic zig-zag jacket in multi-reds.

  11. Count me in too. I don’t know what yet, either finish my husband’s crew neck sweater or get the body of my aunt’s sweater cast-on and done. Realilisticly, just getting the body done w/o worrying about the sleaves will be a challange, as it has a charted pattern – new to me – and buttonholes. I guess I’ll need to shop, as I don’t know if there’s enough wine and chocolate in this town for these Olympics.

  12. Oy. Glad it all worked out ok. This is not something to fool around with, as I guess you KNOW.
    But your story (sans the knitting) reminds me of the time I was sent in for a bone scan of my shoulder. Bad, bad pain for months previous to this, and it was the last resort. It was so freaking scary to go down to that NUCLEAR MEDICINE section of the hospital, and the procedure itself nearly killed me — it’s a claustrophobic thing. But after the procedure, I had NO PAIN. apparently I needed to be injected with a little toxic radiation. who knew? I’ve been a big fan of toxic radiation ever since. I try to get it wherever I can. πŸ˜‰

  13. My cheer is already on for all you whack Olympians! Just a correction: it’s no longer “Be All That You Can Be.” I think it’s “An Army Of One” which is starting to be interpreted as an unfortunate double entendre, what with falling recruitment/retention.

  14. What they all said about yikes, scary, take care of yourself.
    I still don’t know what I’m making. I only know it’s a sweater. I will cure my sweatophobia once and for all! Or break a leg trying. (Figuring out how to break a leg knitting will be part of the challenge.)

  15. I’m too much of a wuss to join the Knitting Olympics, but I am so relieved that you’re ok!!! Stay well.

  16. Glad to hear that you’re okay, and that your veins are now the picture of perfection. πŸ™‚
    The US Army is no longer “be all that you can be” but is now “An Army of One.” I suppose that would only be good for us if knitting were a team sport… πŸ™‚

  17. Good for you for listening to your body and taking care of yourself. You would not believe the amount of people (especially women) who do not go the ER, even with shortness of breath or symptoms of a stroke. My aunt passed away 7 years ago from a stroke, but had complained of a pain in her neck in the days leading up to it. Perhaps if she had listened to what her body was telling her, instead of passing it off as stress and fatigue (we are all quilty of that, aren’t we?), she would be here to see her two girls grow up. It is so, so sad. I am glad everything turned out a-ok for you, and as far as you may have got behind, we would rather have you healthy. πŸ˜‰
    Ok, off the soapbox. This whole idea rocks. I am so geeked to be an “Olympian”. And how cool is Lene? Too cool for words, that’s how cool. I will think of her everytime I feel like I can’t finish in the 16 days, and remember that my personal best is just that-personal and unique. Thanks for reminding me.

  18. About the HTML writing and number of responses. Have you thought about creating a form for participants to fill in. Submission appends to the already growing list and HTML is generated for you? (would be easy with some perl cgi scripts) Maybe next time. Good luck. Feel better.

  19. Like Cathy said, ‘An Army of One’ (still trying to get an answer to the question – One what??).
    Glad you’re okay. A DVT can be scary. And yes you would think that shortness of breath or stroke symptoms would send one to the hospital post-haste… alas, this is not the case.

  20. What a scary Dr. visit! The knitting is always a good sanity saver in those situations.
    I do feel a bit off my rocker for joining the knit Olympics with the 14 month old, part-time “real” job, teaching three knitting classes a week and a tutorial group on weekends plus annoying symptoms of pregnancy (hey, you know about this stuff, got any cures for REALLY sensitive feet in pregnant peeps? I can’t SLEEP!). But, hey, all good athletes make sacrifices and I can too! If I could only choose a project….

  21. Wow … that was pretty scary to read. I imagine it was even more scary to live through. So glad you’re o.k.
    I’m not at all surprised that knitters want to be Olympians, too. People think we’re just sitting around waving sticks in the air … but we aren’t! Knitting takes skill! And dedication! Just like figure skating!!

  22. Please take care of yourself…. we can’t have our fearless leader on the Disabled List before we even get the torch lit!

  23. I am so happy to hear that you are ok!!
    I plan on joining the challenge, I just have to decide on the project. It looks like it will be a rectangular shawl in crack, um, KSH. I’m not a big lace knitter and not sure how well I will do with the KSH so it will be a real challenge for me.

  24. I’m glad that you’re ok. I’m looking forward to the insanity and am in training trying to teach myself how to run the TIVO remote with my toes so I don’t have to stop knitting.

  25. Glad all turned out OK… your comment about chocolate at day 12 put this in perspective. it’s just like running a marathon (only with less sweat and more wine!)

  26. Ok, I’m in too. I’m a beginning knitter and I plan on making a clapotis. In a much thinner yarn than the pattern calls for, yikes.

  27. So glad to hear that the ultrasound was good. Also glad to see that you are sacrificing for the Olympics. Following your lead (yeah — really!), I also will forego cleaning bathrooms. (Ooops. I already do that. Well, I’ll forego cleaning SOMEthing!)
    Take care of yourself — we don’t want any more knitters down!

  28. While spinning with your leg up may not work, you don’t need no stinkin’ legs to knit! So, take care of yourself – there’s lots of knitting to be accomplished. And don’t you have a couple of teenage daughters who should be cleaning the bathroom anyway? My mom sure thought that was one of the only benefits of teenage girls – slave labor. I’m in the cheering section. I’m pretty sure someone somewhere is going to want wine with that chocolate and maybe screech (can’t remember how to spell that and I really haven’t a clue on how to get some, but I’ll think of something – it IS the Olympics after all).

  29. I won’t sign up for the Knitting Olympics. It’s one less you have to contend with. No one woman can manage this without affecting her health!
    I for one will knit by the sidelines and keep thinking positive thoughts and praying for good health for Stephanie.

  30. I hope the Doctor ordered you to stay off your feet for a few days, and that you are getting lots of attention and special treatment from your family. Milk it.
    I read in the comments the other day that you are going to be in Tacoma, Washington. Will there be a book signing involved somewhere, or just at the venue? Unfortunately, this is the first I’ve heard of the event and the classes I’m interested in are all full.

  31. yes, but how did the steeking go????
    FWIW- I was knitting socks in pre-op last spring when the dr came in and said “you know you can’t bring that into the OR” he was, however, reconsidering while I was having a panic attack waiting for the “good” drugs to kick in… the nurses let me leave post-op when I told them to get my knitting from DH. BUT the adorable pink ruffly socks were done in time for DN’s bday!

  32. Every once in awhile life has to remind us that we are not in charge…I thought perhaps you had gotten enough of a reminder over the winter school break but apparently not…
    Your knitting under fire is an inspiration to us all…(I would have been seriously freaking out…).

  33. OK, you don’t hear from me too often, but I just have to jump in to say that I’m glad you’re all right. And please please follow doc’s orders – DVT is nothing to screw around about. We don’t want any serious “knitter down” occurring during the Olympics! Or afterward, actually. Right, so… keep your leg up while you knit! It’s not Tuesday, no need to spin, right?

  34. What is so insane about something-over-five- hundred knitters simultaneously taking on their own self-determined challenge? Who’s twisting anybody’s arm? I signed up because a boot like this is just what I need. I don’t watch television or the Olympics. But being in concert with that many knitters at once — what a chance to feel the vibes!
    Can you see it now — yarn stores all over the world see a sudden upsurge in business while sales of wine and chocolate spike. Do you think all of those flying needles will create some kind of extraordinary energy flow?

  35. Yeah, the Army is only “of one” now because no one wants to be in it. Hey, I’m allowed to joke, I’ve been there…Here’s to hoping being a Knitting Olympian results in less injury.
    Stephanie, I’m glad you’re okay. And when I have to tell my husband that we need to drive to New Jersey to go to Trader Joe’s for more chocolate I’m going to tell him it’s per your instructions. πŸ˜‰

  36. Did I mention I make really good chocolate? Truffles, flourless cake, truffle cookies…Send me your address?

  37. I know when I called into question the Rabbitch’s sanity, I was teasing (sort of).
    While I don’t think I will be participating, I will certainly be cheering from the sidelines.
    Truly, I’m impressed that the Rabbitch has decided to attempt lace. It took me some time to work up the nerve for that. And, unlike her predictions, I do not think the Rabbitch will mess up.

  38. count me in… I will be casting on for birch in the lovely alchemy haiku I got on a great trip to toronto last weekend with my sweetie. Lettuce knit was an inspiration. Thanks for your undying inspiration!!!

  39. I’m so glad your ultrasound evidenced perfection. I’m impressed that you went to the doctor in the first place. I’m afraid I wouldn’t take a sore spot on my leg seriously enough to get it checked out.
    Ok, I’m in. I’m going to do one pair of Straight-Laced socks from the Knit Socks! book. I really only think I can do one sock in the allotted time, but we’re supposed to be challenging ourselves. It’s kind of a double challenge for me, as I’m going to want to finish the current socks and the legwarmers before I start the new ones (I’m weird like that).

  40. Stephanie glad to hear that your leg is okay. Shots in the stomach are a b#@*h, been there recovering from that. Now that I will be off from work recouping from the blood clot/surgery, include me in the knitting Olympics – have to finish that Dale of Norway I started 2 yrs ago before it was sent to time out.

  41. Please add me as well… I’ll be on the Lace Knitting Team and will be knitting Branching Out (from Knitty) or another lace scarf. Thanks:)

  42. Dude. DVT is serious. Glad to hear it’s ok (the stomach shot sounds crappy,though.)
    “Word on the street is that some knitters are calling into question the sanity of the Olympic knitters.” – ummm, I think that particular street is called NowNormaKnits2. But I’ve said it from the beginning that I’m insane for doing this. But sanity is not necessarily all it’s cracked up to be.
    A big “woohoo!!” to Lene – if that’s not inspiring, nothing is. Way to go Lene!!
    Sandra of Team Canada Lace

  43. Darlin’ – I’ve been there. All of it. Except I was flying back from Mexico, go in to see the Rx that same afternoon, spent the next 7 hours (is that the standard time?) in the ER, then another hour on a cold slab of a table with ultrasound goo from navel to ankle checking for DVT. This was the day I gave up smoking (Feb. 14, 2001).
    Also, despite all this inspiring Olympic knitting, my seven WIPs and I are going to cheer from the sidelines as I tackle Crime and Police History 328 & Minorities in Broadcast Media 340.
    Go you wild, free-stylin’ knitters, go!

  44. Count yourself very lucky you didn’t have a DVT. I had a very similar thing happen to me about a year ago, except I did have a DVT. Six months of pills, constant doctor visits and lots of finger pricking ensued. I felt like my body was letting me down at only 28. It was tough. And as a result I had to make some lifestyle changes. Including, self-injecting that heparin in my belly every time I fly as a precaution. Blech!

  45. Woof! Glad you are OK, Stephanie! Take care! Glad you had knitting to do in the hospital — I am finding more and more that I resonate with what you said about impatience in your book, that it’s not that you can knit because you’re so patient, but that you knit because you are so impatient! Knitting has given me calmness and equanimity in traffic, in lines, on long phone meetings…
    Also, you’ve totally inspired me with the Olympic challenge. I got an idea for a new project to design and knit, and then realized that I really should submit it to Knitty! So I am doing the “prelims” by designing, knitting, writing and photographing a project in 14 days — spring deadline is Feb 1! After that, who KNOWS what I can accomplish during the Olympics!

  46. Aieeeeee! Take care of yourself please. And if you need any other help with this project, let me know. Thank you for everything you do for us.

  47. Yay! A challenge! I’ve been really wanting to make something for myself for a while. I now have to pour over patterns and decide what that something will be. I’m thinking of a sweater, something relatively simple, because this will be my first finished sweater. “Tubey” from comes to mind. There is also a shrug that I’ve been kool-aid dyeing yarn for….we’ll see. COUNT ME IN!
    my blog:

  48. ohno! Pobre tu! Feel better :o)
    (Feeling some slight guilt here, cuz I’m getting all my friends to join) I’d be totally willing to help with web “stuff” – I’m pretty good at HTML, and I love avoiding my art history homework πŸ˜€

  49. Me too! My wonderful step-daughter is PREGNANT!!!! so I’ll be making a baby cardigan and hat, from stash – Baby Ull and a pattern called Royal Baby I ordered from Patternworks while expecting a son who has managed to grow over 6 feet (with size 13 feet) while the yarn mellowed.

  50. Glad to hear everything worked out! Something like that can really give you a “thrill”- the kind you can do without.
    Lucky you to have your knitting with you in the ER, the EMTs wouldn’t let me take mine with me after an accident in November. I guess they were afraid of what a woman with a head injury (minor fortunately) might do with pointy sticks. I was stuck in the ER, waiting, with nothing to do. Feh!
    To Regina: You are not a wuss, you are a woman who values her sanity.

  51. Now wait, I can understand you took your knitting to the hospital, but your camera? Now that is dedication and I’m thoroughly impressed. Now keep those legs up and no more overdoing it. We need a healthy and fit Stephanie to keep us laughing!! Hope you’re feeling better. Best wishes from Germany!

  52. I think your lovely daughters should learn some HTML and help you so you don’t lose precious knitting time coding. (I could help too, although I don’t know how you feel about some random chick in the southwest desert getting all up in your blog.)
    Also GO LENE!!!!!!!! YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!

  53. Wow – dodged the bullet! I’m so glad.
    Went to my knit at night group (every Wed. 6-9pm) and they were all talking about Knitting Olympics! Sounds like this is taking on a life of it’s own.
    Stay healthy!!

  54. and here i was getting upset that you hadnt updated your blog yet.
    but i understand. i had a friend who at 28 yrs old developed blood clots in her lungs for no reason and ended up passing out and waking up in ICU. She is now fine but it was scary we thought she was gonna be vegetable. turns out the clots formed because she was taking the pill.
    im glad you are ok – hugs you tummy will get better and fortunately you will live to knit another day.

  55. I’m glad to hear that everything’s ok (well, other than the puncture wound in your stomach, of course).
    You must go over to JenLa to see their amazing Team Fair Isle button featuring a modified Torino motif… I like to think of it as “Torino skier on Screech,” myself. πŸ™‚

  56. Ack! I’m sorry to hear about the scary blood clot, but very relieved that it turned out to be nothing. Yikes!
    Please, add me to the list of Knitting Olympians! I’d definately love to participate in the Knitting Olympics. I’m not sure what I’m going to make yet, though. A cardigan, I think. Or maybe an afghan. But probably a cardigan.

  57. I just read about Lene last night – in your book! I cried and it makes me excited to hear that she’s joining the fun.
    Stitchy and I are in the midst of plotting our entry into these here olympics. We will have the support of a TEAM! We’re taking the insanity one notch higher my friend. You’re an inspiration. The Huggy Coats are going to be busy with this hoard.

  58. Okay, I might have been one of those people that used the word “crazy” – refering to those knitting adult size sweaters in 16 days. But I meant it in the best possible way! (grin) It’s very inspiring, and I’m wondering if I’m wimping out by knitting some measley little Latvian Mittens….
    Your story about the doctor’s advice made me laugh. A few years ago during a routine eye examit it was discovered my retina is thinning on one side. The Opthalmologist’s advice was to “Avoid sharp blows to the head.”

  59. Count me in! Sorry to add to your workload, but I’m in! I’ll be doing my first-ever garment (as opposed to the loads of increasingly complicated accessories and socks (are those garments or accessories?) I’ve been doing). A baby sweater. I don’t know who the recipient is – one of my babies or someone else’s baby? Or the pattern or the yarn but… I’m figuring that out now!
    So glad to know you’re all right. What a scary thing to go through. Though glad to know how much of a DoN sweater can be knit during that time in the ER. I’m sure that’ll be on Jeopardy! eventually. πŸ˜€

  60. Glad to hear the leg is ok…
    My participation in the Olympics will be as a “pit crew” of sorts. Erin doesn’t get NBC and doesn’t have cable… therefore there can be no Olympic watching. I am to call periodically with Olympic sports updates and sanity checks. (Sadly I am too far from her to bring wine and chocolate).
    Think of me as the runner up to the team πŸ˜‰

  61. Gosh, Stephanie, how scary! I’m glad your right leg is certified perfect by your doctor.
    As to the Olympic Knitting… …I just think you enjoyed IT so much that you want a replay; I’ll sit this one out, perhaps cheering and passing the (fair trade) chocolate.

  62. Glad your veins are well and happy. And you laughed at the notion that one wouldn’t go to the hospital if one were feeling shortness of breath and the symptoms of a stroke… but admit: if it were the evening before the Olympic deadline (or, say, Christmas) and you were thisclose to finishing your knitting… you’d totally consider not going, right?

  63. Promise you will never, ever scare us (or yourself) like that again, and I will happily bring you chocolate and wine for the duration. And since my Dad’s doing so well, I still may join in the festivities, albeit in a modified way. I stand by my earlier comment about your sanity, but that’s not just based on this one thing. :o)
    I felt a bit guilty about enjoying all the knitting time my Dad has inadvertantly provided me this week, but it sure helped to have it.

  64. Hi Stephanie, I am so happy to hear you are ok. We can’t have injuries before this thing even happens!
    After two days of looking through all my fair isle patterns imagining knitting everything from a little purse to a whole sweater, I just took the plunge and ordered a Bohus sweater kit (large collar). Oh yeah, that will be soooo much easier….

  65. Dear lord, what you won’t do to get out of spinning day.
    Amylou — Trader Joe’s I understand — but for chocolate, not for Two Buck Chuck? Judging others by myself again.
    And Lene, watch out — you’re a gold medalist in the endurance events, but this new protocol sounds like gateway knitting to me. First one stitch, then two, and the next thing you know they’re booking you a double gurney in ER with your enabler.
    Forget the knitting — my current challenge is FINDING that Habu alpaca in this chaos. Maybe I could call it by singing KnitNation’s anthem? “Here’s a llama, there’s a llama, there’s a very little lalama…” (By the way, I nominate Lene and her wheels to be our flagbearer — we’re all agreed on crossed needles argent on a field grassy, are we?)

  66. (Just snorted inappropriately at your headline, hearing Mike Meyers calling out “We’ve got a piper doon! We’ve got a piper doon!”)

  67. Glad to hear that your leg is just as perfect as the rest of you! And now you can officially count me in on the Olympics. I will be doing a double challenge – the cabled shrug from last Fall’s Interweave Knits (I will be learning to read a chart!), AND the yarn I am using is from my stash!!! Amazing! Knitting something and not making a run to my LYS!!! Such control! Such discipline! How does she do it???? That stash use has to give me extra points on techincal merit, doesn’t it??

  68. I loved reading about Lene! And I’ve decided to participate too. What I really want to do is make a Rogue sweater, but since I have next-to-no cabling experience, I’m going to do something smaller first: the Hurry Up Spring Armwarmers from Stitch n Bitch Nation. Probably in a red Merino. Hmmmm….

  69. Hi. I want to participate in the Knitting Olympics. I want to knit a pair of toe-up socks. I am now knitting my first pair, cuff-down (started in November 22 and still haven’t finished the first…) and want to knit the next socks toe-up. As you can see, it will be a challenge to knit the pair in 16 days (and I need to finish my thesis…). Still have to find a nice lacy or textured pattern, as I don’t want a stockinette sock for the Olympics…

  70. Well, how can I NOT be in it? I love the logo. My challenge will be to spin and ply my last pound of luscious roving I’ve been working on, on and off, for the past 3 years. Yes, 3 years. I do have 2 lbs. spun and plyed but still, that’s just pitiful. Now I feel part of the group again and what a reward I will have at the end of the olympics. What a great idea!
    I’m sorry you had such a nasty health scare but am glad to hear it’s over with and you are fine. Continued good health to you and yours. And I’m sorry to add to your load of email madness.

  71. Alrighty, count me in the Knitting Olympics, too. It will be something small–TONS on my non-knitting plate currently. Eagerly looking forward to seeing my fellow Knitter Olympians’ works!

  72. My stomach absolutely sunk as I read the blog. I suddenly realized what a dependant I’ve become- needing my Yarn Harlot fix each day. Please stay healthy. And for goodness sakes, let your friends & family help you, even if it’s not their idea, lol. For the sake of your health & all knitterskind. The Knitting Olymics depends on it!! We are a team & will leave no knitter behind!
    And yes, please count me in. I am going to attempt my 1st pr. of knitted socks &/or a knitted cardigan. Both of these would be a challenge to me as I’ve attempted neither in the past. And I am so proud of the lady with the arthritis; amazing. If you don’t have time to post my comment or sign me up, please don’t worry ’cause a group of us are going to keep track of ourselves anyway.:) Peace out.

  73. Okay, I’m about 85% set on my second scarf. I’ll be doing the irish hiking scarf for one. The second one would probably be a kind of Basket Weave scarf with each end in lace…but I’m not set on that yet.

  74. Hey, I’m glad you’re okay, but take care of yourself!
    I, too, would like to join the knitting Olympics. My goal is to finish my half-way finished Rogue! I will have a sweater finished before winter is over!

  75. Figured it out. The Mamluk socks from “Folk socks.” A friend gave me the yarn for these a few (more than 5) years ago. That way I won’t have to piss-off DH by buying more yarn.
    And I didn’t realize there were so many “Beths” that knit!

  76. We’re (the dog & I)sitting here sending good thoughts your way! Lene has inspired me to join the Knitter Olympics also. See, you really shouldn’t have told that story…
    Take care of yourself –

  77. I’m so happy to hear that you’re well and I’m so sorry to hear how difficult it is to even get all the names up…perhaps a coding genius will be kind enough to set up a database with forms for future knit-along mega-events such as this. Tickity Tonk!

  78. Glad it worked out. Our DD has to inject heparin 2 x a day for the duration of her pregnancy. (She took Coumadin pills before, but they’re risky for our grandson-to-be.) DD’s belly looks like a train wreck – one big bruise. Medical staff at first ask if she’s been beaten! “You TOLD me to do this!” is her response! VBG! Happy ending: she is allowed to eat all the greens she wants while on the injections. No more “brocolli deficit”.

  79. Alright! I can’t resist the challange, I bow to peer pressure (look I’m even commenting). I’m in, I’m going to set a personal best time for a sweater. I’ll knit Tubey from Knitty, *unless* the perfect sweater pattern comes in time and I decide to knit that.
    ~~Erin (first comment πŸ™‚

  80. Oh all right!
    I can’t NOT join in, being that I am a hopelessly impressionable knitter and if YOU’RE knitting something, I have to knit that SOMETHING too!
    So count me in for Birch shawl in a lovely Sissi color (that’s a name of a yarn, for those of you who are laughing) and I think all the Birch shawl knitters ought to log in when they get done. You are recording finishing times, aren’t you? Aren’t you? How are we going to know who finished first in the Hardangervidda sweater, the Birch shawl, or the Branching Out scarf events if you don’t?

  81. I am the world’s laziest knitter, with the world’s most lackadaisically updated knit blog. Hopefully your knitting Olympics will launch me into the wonderful land of FO and make me accountable to my stash.
    So thanks, and I hope you are feeling much, much better.

  82. Dear Steph,
    Please take very good care of yourself. We all love you dearly. Glad the very scary thing turned out ok.

  83. Dear Steph,
    Please take very good care of yourself. We all love you dearly. Glad the very scary thing turned out ok.

  84. Yikes! I’m so glad you didn’t have a DVT! I know firsthand what a scare that whole DVT thing can be–I had a severe clot that moved around into my lung…the doctor told me I was lucky to be young and fit (I was 29), or…well, you know. It was a horrendous experience, but it taught me to pay closer attention to aches and pains. I truly thought I’d “just” pinched a nerve and that with rest it would improve. Ha!
    It’s important for knitters to remember to move around. My clot developed partially as a result of sitting, knitting on the couch for several hours. So stop once in a while and tap your toes, walk around in circles…anything to keep your blood flowing. As a result of my clot, I have a permanently damaged vein, am permanently on a bloodthinner, and have to wear a whole-leg compression stocking every day for the rest of my life. No fun. So get up and do the hokie pokie or something!

  85. I have decided to join in. I am going to try and knit the plaited scarf from Debbie Bliss Home.
    I am pleased all is well Stephanie.

  86. Heparin shots. Acckkkk! Flashback! I was in the hopsital for 2 weeks after serious abdominal surgery and had 2 Heparin shots a day, everyday, in the stomach. Those things are NASTY. Make sure everyone understands that when you say your stomach feels like it got hit by a car, you are not exaggerating. Show the kids the freaky little bruise you get after one of those puppies, and it might (just might) merit you some sympathy.
    DVT’s are very scary things, and I’m glad to hear yours turned out o.k.

  87. Ok, Dude? A DVT is not the sort of thing we want you coming down with! Or anyone else for that matter… So glad to hear you’re fine now.
    Let the Games begin! At least, after I’ve dyed my wool… good thing I still have a couple of weeks to get on that one! And as for Lene? Well. Does it sound silly to be proud of someone you haven’t actually met? I got a lump in my throat. Way to go Lene!

  88. Ouch! I’m feeling for you with the evil injection. I had three surgeries to sort out my broken ankle last year and was used as a pin cushion every day I was on hospital – I could feel the pain through the drugs and I was on some strong drugs!
    Do take care of yourself and don’t let being a one women IOC overwhelm you.
    Team GB Knitting Olympics 2006
    (That’s GREAT Britain just incase you hadn’t noticed our national rebranding)

  89. I think Lene wins for being the ultimate Olympian. Learning lace (what I’m doing) is nothing to knitting through the pain of RA. Give that woman a crown of olive-leaves!

  90. First . . . so glad you are okay!!!!
    Second . . . you took your camera to the ER/Doctor?? For the love of yarn why???
    Third . . . I am thinking, will let you know about the olympics, I am mulling over starting my first lace (gasp) project.
    Four . . . what will you watch on Thursdays? The Olympics or Survivor????

  91. I second Judy: get up and exercise. Historically most production knitters have knitted standing up and walking around. There is even a neat drawing of one with a gadget strapped to his hip that held two balls of yarn so he could knit two strands at once.
    And about the sensitive feet: Do they still sell that spray-on anesthetic for sunburn pain reliever? Do they sell it where you are? It stings at first but the feeling goes away for a good twenty minutes and by then you might be asleep. Ask at the pharmacy.

  92. Fearless Leader, please do take good care of yourself! The Olympic Challenge just wouldn’t be the same without your wit and wisdom. Take your time on the athletes page, we need you healthy more than we need to see our names on the page!

  93. Just bought your book! I am a novice knitter, but love it. And I’m getting such a chuckle out of “Yarn Harlot”. I read only a chapter (yarn??)
    at a time. I won’t tell you where I read it, but they are just long enough!
    Anyway, keep up the good work!

  94. I shall cheer you on from the stands,my sweet !
    Take good care of yourself.
    I still maintain that you’re all slightly crackers ! My kind of people. :0)

  95. Just bought your book! I am a novice knitter, but love it. And I’m getting such a chuckle out of “Yarn Harlot”. I read only a chapter (yarn??)
    at a time. I won’t tell you where I read it, but they are just long enough!
    Anyway, keep up the good work!

  96. I am glad that you are feeling better, well parts of you are feeling better. Take care of yourself!
    I read daily and knit sock groupies but, somehow, I have never posted. The opportunity to participate in the Knitting Olympics was something I had to be a part of. After several days of debate and searching through every pattern book I own I have decided to take my first stab at lace, a lace scarf to be exact. I will be visiting Phoenix the weekend of the opening ceremonies and will just have to work a little harder when I get home on Monday to catch up, I am not overly worried about it, what would the Olympics be without a good come from behind victory? If anyone knows of any knitting stores that I should visit in the Phoenix area I would appreciate any suggestions.

  97. Just wanted to say “thanks for writing such a wonderful book”. This is my first attempt at your site…I recieved both of your books for christmas and had a blast reading them…keep up the good work.

  98. Just wanted to say “thanks for writing such a wonderful book”. This is my first attempt at your site…I recieved both of your books for christmas and had a blast reading them…keep up the good work.

  99. Eek! I’m so glad you’re okay.
    Again…if there’s anything I can do to help you out with this massive project you accidentally started, let me know.

  100. How is it that doctors can always manage to scare the crap out of you all the while being unsure of exactly why you should be scared? Can they never complete a physical exam all in one day? What is it with coming back the next day for results?
    Glad you’re okay:)

  101. Thank heaven’s it wasn’t a DVT. That’s nothing to fool with – and the Canadian medical system certainly knows that. The Americans? Not always on the ball with that. So glad to hear everythings fine!

  102. I just went to the Olympics page and can’t get over how many athletes are challenging their knitterly skills. Good for you!
    I know it would be a technological nightmare, but boy, I would love to see photos of what everyone accomplishes!!

  103. stephanie – i’m glad to hear your physical health is fine, cus i’m guessing your mental health must be topsy-turvy right now…
    anyhow, not to add to your burden, but my daughter Irena wants to enter the knitting olympics. her challenge will be a very long finger knitted chain. She’s 7 and has caught the bug!
    this is sooo crazy! i love it!!

  104. Take care of yourself, the HTML will still be there in the morning or afternoon, oh hell, next week even πŸ˜‰

  105. Wowza, girl. I’m glad they were able to fix whatever’s been wrong, and the Olympics can -wait-.
    We’d rather have our harlot be okay than all the opening ceremonies out there.

  106. Ugh… heparin. I broke my leg when I was 14 and spent 2 months in traction. So, for those 2 months I got 2 heparin shots a day with a blood test on Fridays. Of course, I didn’t mind the heparin shots as much as I minded the fact that I couldn’t have breakfast till they had drawn my blood.
    Glad to hear you’re ok! πŸ™‚

  107. I thought I had finally approached a semester of school with no extra-curricular work/deadlines to throw me into my usual finals-anxiety-attack. But no. Not meant to be. You’ve inspired/enabled me into deciding to try a technique I’ve been avoiding for some time now. I’ve ordered the Baby Ull and the pattern. Count me in for a Dale of Norway fair isle sweater – baby size (a girl’s gotta know her limits.)

  108. glad you’re feeling better–(you know heparin is also used as a rat poison don’t you?) DVT’s are serious..
    and when you get a chance.. well add me to the list.. no blog, (i’ll post photo’s in my gallery) i am a designing a ‘Not a scandinavian sweater’. Stranded (most black and white, but some motifs will also have red) with a ‘snowflake’ design, steeked, but a very untraditional sweater. a simple shape boxy (but it will have a underarm gusset since i really hate unmodified drop sleeves)– more red in the neckline/saddle shoulders too.

  109. As previous posters mentioned, a confirmed DVT (deep vein thrombosis for anyone curious) would have only been the beginning of the shots and pills and tests. Trust me. Been there, done that, three days in the hospital, shots for six days (twice daily) and six months of followup. And yes, the traditional estrogen BC pill is a prime culprit.
    Now back to my training! I’m reading and re-reading my pattern…lol

  110. I have avoided knitting for fifty years…the knitting Olympics sounds perfect way to hurdle that obstacle called avoidance. I will start & complete my knitting sampler following the instructions of Jacqueline Fee in The Sweater Workshop.

  111. Sorry to add to your list, but could you put me in it? I don’t know what I’ll be knitting, though… I decide soon…

  112. My husband has been dealing with a blood clot in his leg. He was admitted for 24 hour observation, then sent home where he had to administer his OWN heparin injections into his belly over the next 4 days. Let me tell you, he scared me silly. His leg is still slightly swollen and he’s tired all the time. I’m glad your experience had a happy ending!

  113. Count me in, I’ll be finishing WIPs a) the DH’s second sock, b) the DH’s second mitten, c) the morning sunrise shawl, and d) the premie great nephew’s hat.
    And take care of you!

  114. So glad you are okay… Is it too late to get in the olympic parade? I’m thinking of a lacy/cabled scarf from alterknits…

  115. ok, after much contemplation, i want to be in the olympics. can i make a sweater in 16 days, a grown up one? well i am going to attempt it.
    the hoodie sweater for my husband is begging for me to at least try.

  116. ok, i am going to do it! sign me up! 5 hats. that is my goal, and maybe some beer huggers. they might come in handy while i am knitting. hope your leg is ok, please take care of yourself. don’t know what i would do if i couldn’t read your blog!! maybe your loving family will help out. hee hee, quilt is your motherly right!

  117. I’m glad you’re okay, too, Steph. Really–a trip to the hospital is like a “Get out of Coding FREE” card. Your health is more important than the honorary list of athletes!
    Speaking of–I’m not sure yet, but I think I’m going to try an Icelandic pullover of some kind . . . that seems like it might be possible to do in 16 days, don’t you think? I mean, gosh, it’s just a sweater–who cares if Mom’s birthday is right in the middle of the Olympics and I need to bake her a cake, right?? (grin)
    Stay well!

  118. Jeeze, scary stuff there. I’m glad to hear everything is nice and dandy!
    And many thanks for setting all this up, by the way. That’s a ton of work, and it’s very appreciated.

  119. Wow– most of the other commenters pretty much have it down–good news–lots of knitting time, bad news–lots of exhausting time trying not to freak out and ordering adolescents to clean the house (almost as exhausting as cleaning the house yourself, we both know that…) So glad all is well– I wasn’t even stressing about the list of olympians… I figured you’d get to it… (I’m currently grading papers I’ve had for 8 weeks and in an extremely expansive mood… go figure…) And now, hey, Harlot, deadline postponed until your world is spinning smoothly again… no stressing, understand?
    Shanny Mac

  120. If the doctor knew you, he (she??) would have said “ABSOLUTELY NO MR. WASHIE” as well…

  121. Glad that you’re okay, do take care of yourself!
    For those claiming it’s not madness — you’re crazy. It’s insanity and we like it that way! Muahahahahaha!
    I like Juti’s image of 500+ knitters simultaneously challenging themselves (and entertaining the sidelines). Needles a blur, expressions intent (and maybe content), focused, adrenaline rushing…

  122. sooooooooooooo glad you’re better!! I have a friend who almost died because her DVT turned into a pulmonary embolism. I’m glad you went to the Dr.
    Can’t participate in the Olympics, much to my chagrin, I’ll be on holiday with my family & they won’t take too kindy to not seeing me the whole time I’m hanging out with them. πŸ™

  123. Blessings on your head ummmm…….leg. Everyone seems to have a story, so here’s mine. After c-section I developed clots in both legs, this was a loooong time ago, so the Dr wanted to use iodine to check for DVT and didn’t realize that I am allergic. I was on the table getting prepped for the IV when someone asked if I am allergie to shellfish (don’t know, never ate it), Dr decided on a scratch test. Yup, seriously allergic! He used some sort of radioactive tracer and I couldn’t breast feed for a week. Luckily DH was willing to get up in the night and feed Sam with a bottle. So I’m in the bathroom pumping milk and throwing it out while he and the kid are in the nursery. Sam’s Dr said he never saw a Mom so dedicated to breast feeding! Make sure to walk around while knitting, maybe to the kitchen for some chocolate, I think I read somewhere that it’s good for the blood (if not it should be).
    Bonnie for Team Intarsia USA

  124. hope you’re feeling better. there are no injuries allowed just before the big event!
    alright you evil temptress… i’m in. I’ve just ordered all the ingredients of Dale of Norway St. Moritz. i’m afraid i may have just paid good money for a nervous breakdown. hehe.

  125. Glad to hear you’re perfect! (or at least one leg, which is more than the rest of us can say)
    Not to add to the workload, but I’ve been inspired to sign up as well. I’ll be knitting a sweater for myself and am currently wavering between Audrey (from Rowan) and Tubey from knitty. I wish every decision in my life was so pleasant!

  126. If it takes a while for my name to show up on the page, or if it doesn’t end up there at all, that’s ok as long as you take care of yourself! I mean, it’s cool to be up on the internet as participating, and I’ll certainly appreciate it if I can see my name there, but when it all comes down the main thing is that I challenge myself in a community of others doing the same. And I’ll know I’m in that community no matter what.
    Thanks for what you’ve done so far and good luck getting the health stuff taken care of and sorted out.

  127. I have a confession to make…….once in a while I fantasize about breaking my leg, or having my appendix out (something below the waist that is easily recoverable from – I’m not a masochist!) so I can have more time for KNITTING! If I could just have a week or three, have everyone wait hand and foot on me, and knit and read; I would be in Heaven!

  128. Wow! After scanning the list, I see a lot of us going Rogue. We’re going to need tacky matching tracksuits — with celtic embroidery on them of course — and a secret Olympic handshake.
    Is calculating out the mods ahead of time cheating or training?
    Nadia for Team Cable Canada

  129. I am glad you are feeling better. Hopefully your stomach will be better soon… ouch!
    I, too, am surprised at the response to the Olympics. I’ve seen it posted on several knitting groups, on LiveJournal, in people’s blogs so the word is really out on this one. If there’s any way I can help, let me know!

  130. Right now I’m taking part in the mad, mad, mad training that takes place just before Olympics qualifying! I’ve agreed to make a 30X50 inch blanket for a friend’s father. It’s in SugarBabies. Yes, COTTON, my friends.
    Since Sunday I’ve managed to do almost 10 inches. I’d have more if I didn’t have to work or agree to overtime. Stupid election! (Just joking – I voted early).
    Which is just a very long way of saying: Count Me In! I’m going to try to make a pair of socks – from the cuff down. Although with my luck with heels I might be eliminated in the first run.
    Who knows – I might even update my blog!

  131. Hope you and your leg are perfect!! We know already that your knitting and your dedication to your art and your fans are perfect!

  132. Glad to hear the DVT turned out alright.
    Sorry to add to your workload, but I want to knit too. I will do the Essential Stripe, a pattern from Knit and Tonic. I will be jet lagged, as I don’t fly back to Canada until the 11th, but I figure its better to aim high than not at all.

  133. Now, Stephanie, please rest that leg and stop scaring us like this! “Knitter down!” is just not something we need, especially not our intrepid leader. Knowing now that Lene’s going to be an Olympian, I’m going to fully challenge myself and try for a *pair* of socks. Does this make me a “Pair-Olympian”?

  134. First off, I am an internist and glad there was no DVT in your leg. I am very impressed with the medical system that gave you a shot of low molecular weight heparin, sent you home and finished the workup next day. we are not so efficient here in the US.
    Second, my olympic project is the umbrella sweater from Kaleidoscope Yarns in VT. It is for my new niecey, just adopted by my brother and his wife. Baby Skylar is from China and she is darling and needs a darling sweater. The challenge will be finishing it in time AND sewing it together. I usually weaney out and have someone else do it

  135. OK, I too will challange myself with the Knitterly Olympics. Lace socks, I think. Been wanting to make some, but too chicken so far. And you should cheerfully ignore computering lists if it interferes with your knitting or resting with leg elevated. Please take care of you. After all, you are the only one of you that we have!

  136. Dearest Harlot–
    Thank goodness your leg is improved! DVT’s are indeed scary! (I’m an anesthetist…they petrify me!) I can’t bear to think of you on our IR (Injured Reserved) list! Especially with all of the crazy knitters out here!
    BUT…a word to the wise knitter…get UP AND MOVE! DVT’s strike sedentary people…generally people who sit for hours at a time (sound like knitting?!?) It is VERY important to move your legs, elevate them (as in a recliner), or extend them every few minutes. When you sit, you reduce blood flow from your legs. When it gets sluggish, it clots. When those clots break loose and hit the lung, it is called a pulmonary embolus…the heart, a coronary thrombosis… the brain, a stroke….BE CAREFUL AND MOVE, EVERYONE!
    Enough medical…I’m already on the list…so I’ll end with the cheer… USA USA USA USA!

  137. SO glad you’re okay – and yea, I did worry when I read the title today!!
    I did notice that my name isn’t on the list yet, but I will be absolutely patient, while you do what you do. πŸ™‚
    I’ve been trying to find the right “challenge” and not “swan song”…so far, I’m thinking I’ll try to knit a bunch of Chemo Caps for a friend of my sister – the friend is going through chemo, and is always cold – so I know there’s a need there – and I love the hats, just haven’t ever tried one that wasn’t simply Garter stitch, purl, then seam. Haven’t quite settled on that, but am getting close!
    Take care of yourself – Yes, this is fun – Hey, it just occured to me – do we post pics on our blogs of our daily progress, or some such?

  138. And here I was picturing those wicked scissors and a nasty steeking accident. Glad you’re ok, although that sounded like it sucked. Lene, you’re amazing and you put us all to shame! πŸ™‚

  139. Steph — whoa! I hope you’re okay. Shot in the tummy does NOT sound good.
    I just wanted you to know I cried when I read about Lene. (Yes I am a mushball, and a sentimental mushball to boot.) That is just awesome. I am cheering her on every step of the way.
    I haven’t made up my mind yet what I’m making…I’m waiting for my Cat Bordhi book to get here…then I’ll let you know.

  140. I so envy the humor you face your life with. I’d be a wreck if I were you. I’m so glad you are perfect (we already knew that-even with your “imperfections” such as they may be).
    Still trying to decide what my challenge will be. Thinking…….thinking……..

  141. Glad you are feeling better — we can’t have our captain under the weather!
    I’m throwing in my hat (sock actually) into the ring. I’m going to knit my very first sock. The second sock might have to wait for the summer olympics in two years!

  142. Count me in! (Sorry, I know you’ve got a lot of people to sign up…) I don’t know if I’ll have time to finish, thanks to normal high school stressors (and exams – blech), but I’ll try. My goal is to knit a pair of socks, although SSS may set in and make me only knit one. I’ve never knit them before, and I randomly got a craving to about a week ago and bought some Trekking XXL thanks to your praise of it!
    Lene is wonderful and inspirational. I read her story in bookbookbook 2, and that made me cry. Send her my love, and tell her that she rocks my world.

  143. Wow, I hope you’re okay! Nice to know the leg veins are in tip-top shape, anyhow. It’s probably all that touring. The blood rushing down out of your head when you face all those crowds has kept them limber.
    I totally understand if the Olympic roster is full at this point, but I’m going to be actually in Torino, and I’m also going to attempt to design and finish a capelet that’s been kicking around in my head.

  144. Crikey! (puts megaphone to mouth) “STEP AWAY FROM THE KEYBOARD! YOU! Yes, YOU! STEP. AWAY. FROM. THE. KEYBOARD” (puts megaphone down)
    Dudess! Stop fretting about typing and lists and code, oh my. We’ll still be here (all stalkery-like). You don’t think a minute about anything but making sure your family still has you around to take advantage of for years to come.

  145. Dude. I’d love to meet you again, but not in the stroke unit. (Although you would totally understand why the camera AND the knitting are in my hospital bag…)
    Glad to hear your veins are gorgeous. There is no other desirable way for veins to be, so take good care of yourself, okay?

  146. Doesn’t that shot sting? I’m glad things are looking okay for you and your limbs.
    I’m desperately trying to resist the urge to commit myself to something way beyond my knitting speed. However it seems that all of my friends have decided to have twins, so this challenge is really a blessing in disguise. I think I’ll attempt to make 2 of Debbie Bliss’ Lace and Bobble Throw.

  147. On the news that NBC and affiliates will be showing 26 curling matchs – 16 live – I’m in – WOOHOO! I shall make…a shawl.
    Which means I have to finish those other projects before then. Now, debating whether to use my own design or one of the 2 patterns I have in mind for my lovely navy blue alpaca. Decisions, decisions! I’d have said the Dale Rose sweater that I’m just dying to make, but I need to order the yarn. The alpaca has been sitting there, all lonely, wanting to be made into a shawl for over a year….it’s been in training.

  148. Jeez, don’t scare us like that! Glad you’re doing ok, tho. Take it easy, no one will be upset if the coding isn’t done this week. Now go put your feet up, knit, and bust out the chocolate πŸ˜‰

  149. Ah, sweetie… I am so glad you a) went to ER, b) were pronounced perfect in part. I think it’s safe to say there are many of us “out here” who love you, perfect or not!
    Thanks so much for the Sirdar Baby pattern reference. I don’t know if a bunch of other YH readers beat me to my LYS, but I “HAD” to get a different book because they were out. but I’m on the list when they re-order.
    Best wishes, and as dear old Mr. Rogers used to say, “speedy recovery”!

  150. Glad to hear you are feeling better! Please sign me up for the olympics. I am entering the “finally knitting the Dyed in the Wool Gumbo cardigan bought oh so many years ago” event!!!! It is red and for ME!!:)

  151. Thank goodness everything turned out ok!! No amount of html is worth that! But seriously… glad you have been given a clean bill of health for the Olympics… maybe we should all be required to get a physical before we start? πŸ˜‰

  152. The picture came up, and I gasped. Hospital bed, hospital curtains, what are… I was hoping you were helping at a birth, but no, not with that headline. Goodness, Stephanie. I’m glad you got in there. Take care of yourself.
    I’ve decided I’ll be tackling a project I’ve wanted to do for years–Kim Salazar’s Mountain Laurel counterpane, done up as a full size afghan–but don’t put me down, you don’t need the work, and if other things come up that need to be knitted for somebody just then, I’ll do them first. I’ll just do MLC on my own–but I want to say, thank you for the excuse to push it onto the agenda and get past my lack of desire to knit several dozen center-out lace circles. (I have neuropathy, I drop all those fiddly dpns at the beginning.) I have just the yarn. Now it’s going to happen. And that’s enough. You go be well, and give Joe and the girls a hug from me: things like this are really rough on the people who love you best.

  153. Hi,
    Please sign me up for the Knitting Olympics, I’m going to attempt my first sweater with Blackberry from
    I’m glad to hear that your leg veins are the picture of perfection.

  154. I’m excited about the knitting Olympics too! I’ll be doing a shawl collared vest, which involves steeks which I have never done before. I have a video. And I have chocolate. It will be fine. πŸ™‚

  155. and she even quoted the US Air Force too without realizing it – “Aim High!” LOL
    And yes – the US Army is now “An Army of One” – which my Army brat best friend even has to admit is corney and stupid and whatever…
    Go Air Force!

  156. I hate to add to your database & HTML drudgery, but count me in as well! I will attempt to start & finish a pair of socks. I usually get lured away by another enticing yarn before the first pair is completed, so sticking to one whole pair will be a good challenge. I’m signed up for a yoga intensive that first weekend of the Olympics, so casting on will have to wait until after that. Or maybe I can sneak a sock onto my mat for the seated poses….

  157. I see at least one Knitting Olympics competitors is participating in the affiliated Spin-O-lympics. Sign me up, and I will be pushing myself to the limits by spinning 7 colors of wool into one yarn, and then knitting something with it. The only multi-colored yarn I’ve done was from a prepared kit with instructions, so the scary part for me is not crashing on the grand sloloms, but making a decision. (Do I get extra points by being a figure skater in a previous life?)
    It’s interesting to hear just how many people have had experiences with DVTs and the such. I’ve been thinking of making a fanny-pack sort of bag to use to knit while I’m walking. Maybe your scare will be my impetus!

  158. and I should have added that yes I was ignoring the Army’s recruitment retention problems 1) because they’ve always had the worse – its why you could make rank faster in the Army and 2) because a year or so ago, the US Military was still having to TURN DOWN people because they were having a troop reduction something another plan (rolls eyes)
    Yeah – anyway, as a USAF brat who lived a good deal of her childhood on an Army base – the Army is certifiably crazy… especially the hospitals – but we won’t go there…

  159. Word on the street is the Olympians are insane?
    Count me in!
    I’m going to knit Clapotis out of pink koigu and some mohair yarn.

  160. Hi~~First I want to say ~~ I am soo glad that your ok.
    I am going to challenge myself to making a sock
    yes a sock, not a pair — but if I find the time I’ll go for 2 golds and knit the secend one.LOL
    this is a first for me– one in posting a response and two in doing the Olympics, never thought that i would be in the Olympics!!
    This is way to cool. Thanks for the opportunity
    to do this!! I have just recently started knitting and I am excited about the challenge.
    Lori in Florida πŸ™‚

  161. My father had blood clots in his legs, but he initially got misdiagnosed. Once properly diagnosed (after a week of leg tingling) he had to stay in the hospital, immobilized, for 48-72 hours. He had to do this so the clot(s) wouldn’t travel to his brain. During his ultrasounds they found that he had had clots before. He is on blood thinners now and is doing well, but all of this is to say: I’m glad you went to the hospital ASAP because the longer you wait the worse it gets. Stubborness and health don’t mix well, I guess.

  162. First – Happy to hear that you are OK
    Second – Two words – “drop spindle”
    Third – I thought we only had 10 days, not 16. Somehow my brain thought that “16” was the day in Feb that we had to stop. Maybe I’m not quite as nuts as I thought.
    Forth – I now have a blog – will send you the link once you’ve caught up a pit.

  163. I’m glad to hear your visit to the hospital turned out well. I’d like to enlist for the Knitting Olympics. As I’m a novice knitter, I’ll be working on a baby sweater from Special Knits by Debbie Bliss (probably the cover sweater). Thanks for hosting this event!

  164. Glad you and the leg veins are ok! I’m ready to sign up for the Knitting Olympics, with the Lady Eleanor Entrelac Stole (my first entrelac).

  165. After reading your post, I hate to do this, but I have been coerced into the knitting Olympics. I will be working on a Falling Leaves scarf. It will be a challenge because I have issues finishing things (starting? no, all too easy).
    BTW glad the clot went away… scary stuff

  166. I’ve decided what I’m making for the Knitting Olympics.
    I’m going to dye and knit up some of my own homespun into a Jayne hat. If I have enough yarn left over (and I might), I may make something extra to match.
    Dyeing will be included in the event just so it’s not too easy.

  167. So glad it wasn’t DVT!!! Do take care!
    As for the Knitting Olymipcs…Does it have to be a new project? Let me explain (long rambling explaination on my blog…)…
    My friends in China made over 100 squares and shipped them to be to be made into afghans for the victims of Katrina. I’ve recieved said squares and now want to do beautiful joining work to make said afghans really special. For me, piecing together over 100 squares would be HUGE.
    Also — is this only for personal best…or can it be a team sport?
    Reguardless…sign me up…but I am curious about the rules…I can always pull out another idea!

  168. I’m in. A mosaic wrap is to be made out of 8 hanks of Happy Wool that I liberated from the evil overlords at the Dogana (customs office) here. If I don’t do it now it’ll never get done. A fine project Stephanie, happy to read you are well, sounds like some scary stuff there. And because one can never say it enough, thank you for the laughs.

  169. Stephanie-Read your book my parents gave me for my birthday–so funny! Just started reading the blog (and finding out what blog meant), and will participate in the knitting Olympics. Want to make a lap afghan for someone in a nursing home. I never make anything to keep for myself. Julie

  170. Hey there, I ditto everyone who tells you to take care first! Then, only after you’ve done that, please add my name to the Olymics list. I’m going to try to knit a sweater from a pattern and actually follow the whole pattern, with no changes or substitutions from my own head. Impossible?

  171. I’m told alcohol is good for thinning the blood πŸ˜‰ Take it easy!
    PS ‘Army of One’? Who let him approve that? Is it something to do with cloning πŸ™‚

  172. A dead harlot is no good to us at all. DVT comes first! And how on earth did you get one of those – by sitting coding all of us onto the list? (Thank heavens I call myself Lynne S of Oz, otherwise I’d be one of three Lynnes so far)

  173. Sign me up! I will be knitting a summer sweater of some sort……..with yarn from my stash. I’ve narrowed it down to 3 patterns, but the final decision might not be made until they light the torch.

  174. Keep that leg up! Glad you are better. Is there anyone out there that would make us Olympic pins based on your knitting marker design? I would love to buy one. Even the Jamacian Bobsled team got a pin! I would wear my pin proudly (probably as I finished my self-imposed knitting event in March or April…..) LOVE IT!!!!

  175. Keep that leg up! Glad you are better. Is there anyone out there that would make us Olympic pins based on your knitting marker design? I would love to buy one. Even the Jamacian Bobsled team got a pin! I would wear my pin proudly (probably as I finished my self-imposed knitting event in March or April…..) LOVE IT!!!!

  176. Look at the Landslide you started…isn’t it amazing you are the guru of the knitting world. You are making knitters all over the world, pick up thier needles and rise to the challenge. It is so funny to see the avalanche you created…by one little suggestion. Do you realize the power you have? As long as it’s for the good (and it is) I am not getting anything done, traveling on this blog trail from one to the other checking out what they are doing…help me. One stitch at a time is how everything gets done.

  177. Please take care of yourself! Rest and knit ( like you need me to tell you that!) Seriously, take care. The world would really suck without the Yarn Harlot.
    As for the Knitting Olympics, I will be finishing Alice Starmore’s St. Brigid. I’ve been working on it since September and I just want it done!
    Jenny W.

  178. I’m in. I tried to resist, but I can’t. I’m not 100% sure what I’ll be knitting, but I’ve been wanting a pair of blue stockings for awhile. (I’ve recently gone back to school. ^_^)

  179. Sorry that spinning is on hold for a while! I am so glad that you are alright….you are, after all, the torch lighter for all of the knitting olympians.
    I am going to store the Dale of Norway Jeopardy knowledge in the back of my mind somewhere….I am knitting my olympic sweater out of Dale, so I am heartily cheered by your progress (yet petrified because I am nowhere near as quick as you are!)
    Take care of ourself and stop trying to spin….stop it! At least you can knit with your leg up, lets all thank God for small favors! πŸ™‚

  180. I’m really glad everything turned out okay at the hospital – take care of yourself!
    And is it just me, but didn’t you just knit that sweater? Are you actually making the same sweater, twice in a row? Seems un-Harlot-like.

  181. Stephanie — it’s great to hear that you’re feeling better and that your clot has cleared. Hang in there!
    And your inspirational post has made me re-think the mittens. Perhaps in honor of you and your dedication, I’ll do the Very Harlot Poncho!
    Take care…

  182. Glad you’re feeling better. DVT, they really think you sit still long enough!?!
    Olympic challenge, I’ll finish the design and knit my coat.

  183. Go Knitting Olympians!!! Consider yourselves encouraged. I’ll keep the chocolate though, don’t trust you guys to use it right πŸ™‚
    I will not be participating, only because my group, the Knitting Bitches, is about to start a Super Spiral Shawl Knitalong here in Jax, and as I’ve never really worked lace yet, I’ve got my work cut out for me. Good luck everybody!

  184. OK. I’m going to start Rogue. Finishing is unattainable but so would be entering a real Olympic event but that shouldn’t stop me from trying to keep fit, not that I have been…

  185. I am a brand new knitter (3 weeks) and have decided to enter the challenge. I have picked a throw to do. The women at the Knitting Corner where I take lessons say it should be shorten, but I can do it with just three lessons under my belt. Let’s hope!

  186. Add me to the list of olympic knitters!
    I am going to try a cable shrug I have been eyeing for a while now and just got the yarn for it.
    Good luck to everyone!!!

  187. Holy tamales, look at all the Liz’s on the list already! I’m still in, more definitely now, with a leaf fair isle from Poetry in Stitches. Which I will post a pic to on my blog any minute now.
    Now I really have to finish dh’s Hardangervidda before the Olympics start. Weirdly, I hadn’t parsed the “danger” in the name before, just the “anger” part. No idea what that means, but there you go.

  188. I am glad that it was a false alarm. Think non-congealing thoughts!
    I would like to join in with Team Canada Lace and knit Birch. I just got my rear-end kicked all the way down the 401 by River (not the pattern, rather my misinterpretation of the pattern), so this should be a more than suitable challenge.

  189. Eeeek! What am I doing here? I read your blog, and fantasized that I’d join your Olympic challenge but knew better than to sign up. Yet here I am; the computer brought me here against my will and I AM SIGNING UP to your challenge.
    Probably a lovely lace scarf that I’d intended to do for Christmas. But maybe I can procrastinate on that some more and do the afghan that I’ve been dying to do. It’s very complicated color work and for a near newbie like me it just never seemed possible.
    Here goes!

  190. First: glad you are ok. Guess all that plane travel got your md’s attention. take care!
    Second: I’m in for the olympics. I think it will be my first pair of socks ….maybe. Fun idea (At the start anyway.) I’m the world’s slowest knitter.

  191. Team GB have insisted I get into the games – so sign me up please!
    Project will be decided nearer the date and will depend on how my hands continue healing. If all is well I aim to do the Yoga Wrap in the current VK. If hands are still bad then it will be a Flared lace Smoke Ring.
    I’m going to be working at a Knitting show for the first 3 days of the Olympics so will not have time for much personal knitting – I must be mad…

  192. So glad to hear that you’re okay! I’ve decided to join in the fun after all and will be knitting Branching Out, my first real lace project (real being not ripped out and given up on) in my Anne yarn. Please stay healthy, we need you!

  193. Not to be too personal but I wanted to let you know that oral contraceptive, ie birth control, can place you at increased risk of deep vein thrombosis. Therefore, if they believed that you had a transient episode of clot while on birth control, they may want to consider other forms of prevention. If not on birth control, then I would ask them to investigate other possible causes of DVT. (some disease states can cause us to clot more, not to scare you but for example some cancers.)
    It is something to be thoroughly followed up by your physician.
    I wish the best for you and are happy to hear that you are feeling much better.

  194. I’ve been following along since the summer. Your adventures keep me up and smiling — Thank you
    So glad you’re OK. I’m with the folks who say farm that HTML stuff out. Unnecessary stress and charted patterns do not mix and you have already set yourself a “danger”ous project to finish by the end of the games.
    Me? Yup. I’m in. Whisper Scarf in KnitPicks Alpaca Cloud. Never blocked anything before. Not sure I have enough space in my house to lay something out. Oh well. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. 😎

  195. This is for the “double L” Allyson,from the “single L” one. Go for the sock! But I guarantee that you will become addicted and do sock #2 pronto! There is something cool about knitting socks. I have been doing almost nothing but for the past 6 months. So my Olympic goal is to do something that is NOT a sock! Most of my socks are pretty basic and I want to branch out into something prettier. But living in a house with nothing but boys/men, the lacy sock isn’t a popular item around here. Finding non-girly sock yarn is accomplishment enough.

  196. Wow. That’s scary. Take care of yourself. without you I never would have found the strength to rip back and re-knit without mistakes. We need you!

  197. Please add me to the Olympic knitters, this should be good incentive to finish a project. I will be knitting a hooded sweater.Thank you for the inspiration.

  198. Glad that things worked out for you. Pretty scary I know! I decided I’ll join the Olympics (as if I needed another project!). I’m going to do the Baby Norgi.

  199. I’m so glad you’re okay. Count me in the Knitting Olympics! Ingenius idea. My two projects will be the Venus shrug by Berroco and a pair of socks. And may the best knitter win.

  200. Umm. DVT. Not good. You’re very fortunate to have had that caught at the right time. We don’t want you winding up with a stroke and drooling on your handknit sweater.
    So far the most Olympian task I’m having is choosing what to do. Socks? I can whip up a pair in a week. Two pair? Can I stay focused that long? I’m a Gemini. Lace? Must have quiet time which during that time span will be impossible. Shawl? That’s a possibility, but it must be at least DK weight yarn. Sweater? Another possibility; I would have to design it with the three yarns I have. The challenge is that during that time I will be travelling to NYC to rehearse then perform in a group choir singing “Sing For the Cure” at Carnegie Hall the 19th. Prior to that will be prepping for that, including an all day retreat. After that I’ll have more free time.
    Yeah, I know. I don’t HAVE to do this. But what a challenge!
    Put me down for the self-designed sweater, Steph.

  201. I have this bizzarre idea, you can yell at me if you want, but what if we use the knitting olympics to raise a few dollars for the medicines sans frontiers? Everyone at work asks me to buy stuff for their kids schools, or sponser someone for the March of dimes walk-a-thon or whatever, what if we ask people at work to sponsor us for our knitting olympics projects? “two bucks if I finish, a buck if I get close?” I probably wouldn’t get much, but it’d be better than nothing and I’d have the double whammy of racing the clock and having someone besides myself to answer to.
    Questions, Comments, Concerns . . .

  202. So glad to hear your leg is OK!
    Can I sense the makings of a new BookBookBook about the Knitting Olympics? What a concept! I’d buy it.
    I’m not planning to take least not officially. I have a scarf in a lace pattern (a first for me) to finish and I know it’s going to take me too long. However, I will try & will see what happens! I’ll be cheering everyone on and helpfully consuming chocolate along with you all.

  203. So glad you are OK. I will not be knitting but I am claiming mysylf an Official Olympic Fan. I will be out there cheering for all of you!

  204. Gotta do this Olympic thing. Just gotta. I will pick a project this afternoon. It’s a toughie for me to think of something that would take 16 days. Possibly DH’s Dale sweater that’s on 3’s…I could tink it and start with the flame, it’s only an inch in progress.
    DVT is something all handcrafters should think about and take seriously. I personally sit for too long. I started getting on the bike every morning to get/keep the blood flowing. It is entirely too tempting to sit and knit all day, which is a set up for DVT. I consider myself reasonably active, but the continuous stretches I do of sitting and knitting without a walking break, or a run up and down the stairs are just me asking for it!

  205. I would love to join your Olympics, but I’ll be getting married and on my honeymoon during that time. Somehow I don’t think my new husband would enjoy that..So I wish you all good luck. Maybe next time!
    Oh, I read your book. I have to say I love it, except the bit on crochet. I enjoy crochet as much as knitting!

  206. Wow. Hope everything is okay soon.
    I’m looking forward to the challenge of making a sweater (dibs on Ribs)in 16 days.

  207. Personally, I’m thinking you’re doing this Olympic thing to see if you have mind control over enough people to take over the world.
    Me: I’ll be rooting for Lene.

  208. OK, peer pressure… I’m in! I will try a lace stole. Getting nervous already. Keep your leg up and take it easy!

  209. Like everyone else: Take care of yourself and try not to get too alarmed at what could have happened!
    Lene–Way to go, girl; you are an inspiration to all of us.
    Wish I lived closer to TO to come help out and “persuade” the girls into doing all chores around the house for you.

  210. Knitting is a great way to pass the time in the ER. I only wish I’d known about it when I was going there all the time with my daughter!
    Please add me to your list of crazy knitting athletes. I’m going to do a baby sweater.

  211. I’m glad to hear that you’re feeling better. Take it easy – your health is way more important than your inbox. HTML be damned! =)

  212. That leg ultrasound is truly bizarre. I had it when I was pregnant with my first and got a hard raised spot by my knee that alarmed my OB/GYN. Nothing like having ultrasound goo all over your leg! I ended up in the clear as well.
    I’m in the Knitting Olympics with a baby blanket; mitered, from stash yarn, to be donated to charity after completion!

  213. Whoa! Now you have the whole delegation alphabetized!!! I see there are 11 different Mary’s listed – which could certaintly be from their own country of MARYKNITSYLVANIA…come on all you Merry Marys out there – join us!

  214. Like everyone else, I’m extremely glad to hear that you’re doing well. That’s some scary stuff there. Also, thanks so much for organizing this, but don’t be afraid to take it easy. We won’t like it, but we’ll survive without you πŸ™‚

  215. Well I hope that you can stay on top of all of us “atheletes” and the sign-ups. I plan to do a vest with Black Water Abbey Yarn –Cable 101/ Take advantage of this time and take good care of yourself. Nothing to ignore. cecilia

  216. Ok, Lene has inspired me to be an Olympian Knitter! I’m not exactly sure what my project will be yet, but I haven’t tried lace or color knitting yet, so I’m thinking something that incorporates one of these techniques.
    Anyone have any suggestions for me?

  217. I’m so glad you’re ok! It’s a scary thing, going to the doc and being shuffled off to the ER. Yikes. St. Joe’s I take it? Or maybe they all have those weird curtains. Either way, it’s good to know your leg is perfect (and sorry about your tummy).

  218. Steph, this project is great. I’m afraid to sign up, but for sure it’s making me work hard.
    For Kimberli; I crochet my squares together zigzaging diagonally across the afghan. I think it’s stronger than stitching too. At least mine is. If we can figure how to get in touch without my posting my e-mail, I’d explain my idea. I think there is also something in a mag I picked up called Afghans. It’s got a fun fur afghan on the front.

  219. Well I hope that you can stay on top of all of us “atheletes” and the sign-ups. I plan to do a vest with Black Water Abbey Yarn –Cable 101/ Take advantage of this time and take good care of yourself. Nothing to ignore. cecilia

  220. Citius Altius Fortius Faster Higher Stronger The motto of the Olympic Games. The motto of the Olympic Knitters. Go , Stephanie and take care of yourself, Judy

  221. Steph
    Take it slower and take it easy. I was about to say “cut back on the coffee” but I won’t; maybe the diuretic effect of it is useful, getting you out of your chair regularly. I know I ought to get up more frequently; maybe I’ll up my tea intake for the same reason. And it has enough caffeine for me to get buzzed. Yeah, I know, just a wuss. Can’t drink the “real” stuff – you’d need a paint scraper to get me out of the ceiling.
    Just be good to you; you’re the only you we’ve got and you’re NOT replaceable. Get those girls to be a serious help, or I’ll come to TO from Berkeley and lay a guilt trip on them that they’ll never forget. I’d even give Joe a little talking to. Harumph.

  222. Sign me up for the Olympics!!! I’m not sure what I will make–need to get into serious training!!

  223. Ok, I’m in. I’m going to do socks the old fashioned way, with several different colors of yarn stranded together.

  224. I have no idea if you’re even going to read this, let alone anytime soon, with all the emails and entries you’ve been getting.
    Hm. I wonder how much responsibility I have for my little ads. I posted one each in three knitting groups on Livejournal, plus one in my own blog on Diaryland…
    Yes. Perhaps some organization can come into it, if it’s done again in two years? With more than one person handling it? Just so you’re not overwhelmed with all this.

  225. Count me in. Finding time to complete the lovely rabbit in Joelle Hoverson’s Last-minute Knitted Gifts–in between bouts of thesis writing, research group meetings, and conference proposals–should be challenging for me!

  226. For once in my life, I’m going to lean towards sanity and bow out. We’re putting our house up for sale at the end of next month and are scrambling crazily to get everything painted and fixed, so if I knit at all, life will be good.
    Glad to hear that you are OK, but sorry that there was so much scariness and hours at the hospital to get there.

  227. Take care of yourself!!
    Very new newbie knitter here. So new that it was just two nights ago that I finally figured out why every time I purled I doubled my stitches. In order to experience the Knitting Olympics insanity to its fullness I have decided to knit SOCKS!! I am freaking at the teensy size of sock needles. Thank you for putting this together!

  228. Count me in! I will either attempt a lace scarf (my first lace, so probably not the best choice for this) or felted slippers for MIL. Probably the slippers. Or maybe I will make the lace tam from “Gathering of Lace.” It is small, but will be a challenge since it is new to me. Nearly any project will take me a while, being a mom of a kindergartener. I am looking forward to this!

  229. Hey, Steph, thanks for changing my project on the Roll of Olympic Knitters! You’ll be happy to know that Hat #2 is finished, Hat #1 is well on the way, and we’re not speaking to Hat #3 until the officials let me out of the penalty box. Onward!

  230. Hey, Steph, thanks for changing my project on the Roll of Olympic Knitters! You’ll be happy to know that Hat #2 is finished, Hat #1 is well on the way, and we’re not speaking to Hat #3 until the officials let me out of the penalty box. Onward!

  231. Hi, Stephanie,
    It’s Norah from KnitLit 3. I won’t be knitting a coin purse this time–instead I’ll tackle a cabled sweater during the Olympics, if it’s not too late to join the game. Thanks for doing this–it should be great fun!

  232. Hi Stephanie,
    I’m certainly up for an exciting challenge. I will knit Tempting 2. I know, not to complicated but at my knitting speed, very challenging! I noticed another Valerie also knitting Tempting 2, so you might want to list me as Valerie M.
    Thanks so much!

  233. I’ll be making the shell patchwork shawlfrom The Knitting Basket at Lake Tahoe. A good incentive to dig the wool out of the closet where it’s sat for 3 years. What fun!

  234. I’d like to join the knitting olympics, if I may? I’ll be knitting a back zip baby sweater, which may sound easy, but has me all tangled up.
    Thanks a bunch!

  235. I’d like to sign up for the Knitting Olympics. I’ve never done Fair Isle so I have my heart set on doing KnickPick’s “Andean Treasure Sampler Vest” (there’s a link on our MIT blog) … I’ve placed my order and it on it’s way in the mail now. So I’ll be knitting a swatch or two for gauge and then I’ll be ready for the countdown. πŸ™‚

  236. I would love to be a part of this. I am new to knitting, have only been knitting since shortly before the holidays. I just got the book by Iris Schreier called Modular Knits. I’d like to do a project from her for my competition. Depending on how the swatching goes It will either be her “Multi-Directional Scarf” from her book or her “Silky Tie Wrap” from the January 2006 edition of Creative Knitting. Thanks Josie Dinwiddie

  237. Glad you’re doing okay!
    Sign me up for the Knitting Olympics! I’m still somewhat of a novice knitter, but I’m “going for the gold”. I’ll be attempting the Irish Hiking Scarf…I *love* cables!

  238. My comment that I left last week seems to have disappeared! Did I eat it?? In any case, I hope you’re not getting this for a second time.
    I really enjoyed your books and my children got some good laughs when I read them some particularly relevant parts.
    I plan on making a thrummed something for an infant. I have no idea how to go about this… the idea has solidified but not the plan! Oh, and I’ve never thrummed anything before.
    Sheesh, guess I should be aswatching!

  239. I will join Team Canada. I’m going to knit a pair of Jay Walkers. This will be my first pair of hand knit socks. (I have machine knit socks before.) This is definitely crazy. The Olympics start during my first week of practice teaching. I not be on the TTC — my primary knitting location — during my practicum. I will have to almost immediately reveal myself as a knitter to new co-workers, as I obsessively knit through my lunch breaks.

  240. I don’t see my name on the Knitting Olympics so I will try again. A Pair of socks in blue stripe. I have knit socks but never this fast. I am a slow knitter. What fun is this?????

  241. Ok, I’m in. I hail from bonny Scotland, so will be a member of the Scottish team if there is one. I think I’ll be making a Shilasdair sweater. I’ve prevaricated for long enough and this will give me the impetous to do it.

  242. Ok, I already posted to the first invitation to join….So My dear harlot, please do not over HTML on my account, I just wanted to update my project…
    I will be knitting Jo Sharp’s Women’s Cabled Sweater from the Contemporary Knitting book. The gorgeous yarn is sitting here looking at me, begging me to swatch it but I am afraid if I do it so early, I may want to start knitting and that would not do! I will resist the pull of the yarn and continue on one of the many other projects warming needles in my stash!

  243. I’ve always wanted to be in the Olympics and now I finally have a chance! I’m a member of the Pasadena morning Stitch and Bitch and we are all excited about the Idea. I am entering with the “Branching Out” scarf.

  244. Count me in for one Cottage Creations Wonderful Wallaby or Cottage Creations Tunic Sweater. It depends on which yarn order shows up first.
    Good luck with the DVT, etc.

  245. I would like to join the knitting olympics. I will be knitting one mitten thumb, two wavy gravy scarves, and as much of a lacey shawl as I can finish.

  246. I will be knitting the Shifting Colors Moebius from Cat Bordhi’s “A Treaury of Magical Knitting” in Noro Kureyon.

  247. I am a brand new knitter as in I taught myself to cast on and knit last night. I’m in but I’m going to be working on a scarf like item. If I learn how to pearl before the Olympics start I may pick a pattern to try.

  248. I’ve never been on a blog before, no time..or so I thought. But I was captured by the radio piece with you on “The World” about the Knitting Olympics! Can I join in, I’m not even sure this is the right way to do so. But I will knit a simple sock pattern from flame in to flame out. Flame on KNITTERS! Thanks Stephanie and friends!

  249. Knitting Olympics, yes! That baby sweater done in the round that is complete up to the armholes and tossed back in the closet? I will rip it completely and start over and FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS this time. AND I WILL FINISH IT FOR EXTRA POINTS. I just finished Faina’s scarf last night and I guess I just feel giddy.
    Mary Kay M.

  250. OK OK OK OK, I am in for the Olympics! I will be knitting the Octogon Purse from Loop-d-Loop as part of Team Abundant.

  251. Hey, I’m glad to hear you are allright! My migranes are similar to that hospital trip. I was actually trying to sign up for the K Olypics,but didnt find any other area to sign in…so ill leave some info here and keep looking.
    I am Sam Slick, I am in the southern US, and i will be creating a spiderweb/diamond lace shawl for the event. I am 20 (and counting down to 21, 3 more months! Whoopie!)

  252. OK – I’m in. I’ll be knitting a Fair-Isle cardigan in various shades of heathered wool. I’ve been assured that I’ll catch on to the double knit technique with no problem. Right — and if you believe that ….
    I’m in Denver, so am part of the Colorado team.

  253. Re: Knitting Olympics — count me in. I’ll be knitting a Celtic knot sweater (modified Alice Starmore design). I’m in southwestern Virginia, so add my name to the Team Appalachia roster. 😎 Many, many thanks. This is going to be fun!

  254. I’d like to join in! I’ve never finished a pair of socks, this’ll be the perfect chance to actually try to get all the way through both of them.

  255. Can I still sign up for the knitting Olympics? Sounds like just too much fun!! I plan to knit a hooded sweater for my gransdon.

  256. I’m itching to be a part of the knitting olympics. I am leaving a million scarves and moving on to a Knitted Cape.

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