Again with the chairs

When I arrived in Canada on Saturday night/Sunday morning, I walked up to the Customs officer, handed her my Canadian passport and stood there. She said “Welcome home, what American city are you arriving from?” and I stood there and looked at her. For several minutes I said things like “Boston? No, Phila….no…oh, maybe Washington? I mean, I wasn’t in Washington but I changed planes there. What airports are in Massachusetts? Was it Hartford?” We eventually checked my ticket stub. Hartford. (Which, for the record, I don’t think actually is in Massachusetts.) The last bit of that leg of the tour were so big and so fast and there were so many knitters and they were all so cool and there was so much yarn (I can’t tell you. So much yarn.) that writing a blog entry about it is formidable. I keep thinking of one of my favourite quotes from one of my favourite movies.

“Let me es’plain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up.”

12:00 Cambridge. Linda and her kindly husband Jay (who was starting to look like he might be rethinking his affection for me by the end of it all) picked me up in Cambridge and trucked me to, um…(Hold on. I’ll call Linda and find out where I was.) Wild & Wooly in Lexington MA.


This is a very nice store. (Big basement. Go to the basement.) I was shown nice things, interesting things (I may have bought a little of that Bearfoot I find so fetching) and I met this guy.


I think his name was Jim. He’s the Noro guy. (I am ashamed to admit that my brain completely disregarded his name once I found out that he was the Noro rep. Apparently my brain only saves the really important information about people.) He goes travelling around with boxes and books and samples of the new Noro stuff and the new Noro colourways. I warned him not to accept my offer to help him carry the yarn to his car. As I post this, I guess I should have warned him to keep his car locked at red lights, since I’ve just shown a whole bunch of knitters what a man with a car-full of new Noro looks like.

From there, the sock went to a local historical landmark.


This is the minuteman statue who marks the spot (I believe…forgive this Canadian her sketchy knowledge of American history.) where the rebellion of 1776 started. (Yes. Everything I know about America I got from poems and that Schoolhouse Rock thing that was on all of the US channels. Any other Canadians have “I’m just a bill” drilled into their heads during The Flintstones?)

From here I was driven (again by Linda and the patient Jay) to the event at Classic Fibers of Grafton. The first thing I learn about this shop is that it is small. (This isn’t usually a problem with yarn shops. In my experience, yarn shop owners have an almost supernatural ability to pack yarn into a shop.) At first, my self-esteem tells me this is no problem. No-one is probably coming anyway. Wrong again harlot-knitter.

I arrive and am ushered in through a side door to find a crush of knitters. There are knitters everywhere. Everywhere. They are hank to skein, needle to needle. They are shopping, talking, knitting, laughing…there are a lot of them. I can’t even see them all they are packed in there so tight. I catch sight of Mamacate and Sandy in the back…a glimpse of Kat with a K‘s birch in progess drifts by, Claudia is on the floor in the front, Marcy beams at me from her corner, Laurie finds a spot somewhere, eaten up by the wave. Carole is somewhere back there, Kellee, Jackie, Maryse (I can see the top of her head) and it dawns on me that if I can’t see them, then they can’t see me…and wonder-Jay procures a stool for me to elevate my 5 foot self on to give the talk. Eileen, the very welcoming shop owner keeps smiling and being friendly and handing out cheese and crackers and saying that she wasn’t warned (two points for not running away even though she looked sort of surprised.) I start wondering if the knitters even want me to talk. I wonder if they would rather that I just signed so they could Go. Sit. Down. I teeter up on the stool and ask them.

Talk. They say. Ok. I say.

(My apologies for the blurry pictures. Doing this from atop a stool when you are freaked out is harder than it looks.)



I talked. I answered questions. I did not (and this accomplishment is the one of which I am most proud) gesticulate wildly enough to knock myself off a stool into the sea of pointy knitters. (This prompted me to think that a mosh pit at a knitting event would never work.)


This is Paula. Paula had the coolest metal needle thingie. I was so impressed with it that she gave it to me. ( I tried to decline, but that Paula has conviction.) Check it out.


It’s a metal tube with a slot that runs the length of it, and your needles slide in and the sock hangs out the bottom…


Then you put the cap on and bingo. Hermetically sealed sock-in-progress holder that keeps your work from coming off the needles in your purse, poking a hold in your juicebox, or impaling the side of your leg purse. Seriously cool. (I know you’re going to ask. It came from Woolworks Ltd. at Jeremiah’s Antiques. email is This could save socks. Possibly lives.


Our friend Monica, holding the travelling sock and modelling her Olympic project, Dyed, spun and knit in 16 days. (I am not worthy.)


Kristen and Theresa med students who knit.


Susan and her Olympic Aran. (What was she thinking?)


Amy, making an introduction between my sock and hers.


and a gift from my beloved Stitchy McYarnpants, a pop/beer can wallet, a promise of things to come (may the wool goddess guard us all) from her from her forthcoming and extremely exciting book. (I can’t wait to see this one.)

I staggered to dinner afterwards and discovered a nest of bloggers in the wild….(Rumour has it that they partied on long after I had left…I faded sort of fast. Probably because I didn’t have enough of whatever the obviously non-alcoholic beverages littering that table are.)


I was then carried away back to Linda’s house where I collapsed face down on her guest bed (in my clothes) for eight solid hours to brace myself for WEBS. Which was incredible, which I will tell you about tomorrow and you can read about while I’m on a plane on my way to St. Louis.

I promise to never say there are too many chairs at an event again.

PS. Grenyrn (Who are you really?) won the sockyarn with this comment left on my mystery message to myself yesterday.

Hi Steph. Great to see you last weekend. Just following up on that question I asked you re that green striping sock yarn. Also please don’t tell my son about this as I’m making the socks as a surprise for him. Thanks for leaving me the message that you would check on it.


She totally sealed it with the fake email address. Email me your real name and address peaches…I’ll put the sock yarn in the mail.

You guys all crack me up…and Rams? Pet? I’m spinning.

141 thoughts on “Again with the chairs

  1. I love your writing the same way I love that of Anne LaMott, Haven Kimmel, and Sarah Vowell. You’ve got a gift! Thanks for sharing your travels and knitting adventures with us. BTW, you get brownie points for The Princess Bride reference as well…it’s been the number one movie at our house for a long time! πŸ™‚

  2. I want it noted for the record that St. Louis is very much south of being smack in the middle of the US. Come to the Quad Cities. Email me, we’ll put together a caravan to drive you up here. It’s only five or six hours north of St. Louis.

  3. Does Jim know what a rock star he is to the likes of us? Does he even comprehend his power? He looks like he thinks this is just another sales gig.
    I think he should be wearing a cape and have an entourage.

  4. Please tell us who ‘Grenyrn’ is when she reveals herself. I checked the email addy when I saw the comment last night. Too perfect.

  5. Let me es’plain. Ello my name is Inigo Montoya. You keelled my father. Prepare to die.
    Of course if that is not the right movie, then I can curl up and die….
    What a great trip, if a bit whirlwhind!

  6. it was great meeting you friday. i’m sorry you weren’t feeling well later on that evening — we did have fun (by the way, it’s always like that when we get together.)
    enjoy your time at home!

  7. Imagine my confusion when my ex mentioned randomingly googling his way through knitting blogs (?) and told me my picture was in one. I don’t remember you taking pictures and I am even more baffled as to why he was surfing knitting blogs.
    I’ll be back at the canyon cafe toninght-maybe my memory will return.

  8. Great job at Webs, they went straight from you to me at the register with their boatloads of yarn and they were all so giddy.

  9. Ah, the “I’m just a bill” song. I remember it well. And a few Christmases ago we got my younger BIL the complete Schoolhouse Rocks collection on DVD. It was an extremely successful present. Indigo has it online if you’re tempted to get your own copy.
    (“Buttercup is marry Humperdink in little less than half an hour…”)

  10. Ha ha! You fool! You fell victim to one of the classic blunders! The most famous is never get involved in a land war in Asia, but only slightly less well-known is this: never go in against a knitter when NORO is on the line! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha –
    Ok.. so I altered it a bit!
    have a great trip to St. Louis! Take the sock to see the arch!!

  11. Ha ha! The fool! HE fell victim to one of the classic blunders! The most famous is never get involved in a land war in Asia, but only slightly less well-known is this: never go in against a knitter when NORO is on the line! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha –
    Ok.. so I altered it a bit!
    have a great trip to St. Louis! Take the sock to see the arch!!

  12. I *love* that movie! (Inconceivable! …I do not think that word means what you think it means.)
    Yeah… I remember that “bill” spot. πŸ˜‰

  13. Grenyrn absolutely deserved to win the sock yarn! I bow in homage to her/his/their cleverness.
    Hope the next leg of the journey isn’t as frantic.

  14. Canada didn’t have its own version of Schoolhouse Rock, and had to live with someone else’s history lessons intruding on their Saturday mornings? I find that very sad. (though of course the math and grammar and science ones would work well in both countries.)
    Must. Have. Cool. Metal. Thingie.
    I would also like to know what yarn that is poking out of the cool metal thingie. I think it’s Trekking, but what colorway?

  15. Love hearing about your adventures in travelling! Can’t wait to see you in STL tomorrow night…we are camping out tonight to make sure we get one of those many chairs!

  16. Dear Harlot, you are correct: Hartford is not in MA but in Connecticut, our neighbor to the south. You are also correct about the Minuteman statue.
    Grenyrn, tell us
    All modern knitters are jealous
    How’d you invent such a scheme
    Of which we all did not even dream?

  17. I’m just a Bill.
    I am only a Bill.
    And I’m sitting here on Capital Hill…
    Oh, yes. I remember those very well. Remember the Chopper – the guy with the leather jacket who ate celery sticks? Exercise those choppers, really chew – chew – chew! Amazing how those things stick in your head!

  18. Ah, schoolhouse rocks. I remember it well. My fave was “Conjunction junction” (what’s your function – hookin’ up words and phrases and clauses).
    Why oh why is my memory for things from my childhood so good when things from this morning zip out of my head instantly.

  19. Stephanie, is that the same sock you were knitting on at the Loop in Philadelphia 2 weeks ago? Or is it the second in the pair? Have you been knitting on other things, or are you really a slower knitter than I thought?
    Ps- the minuteman statue is near where the U.S. American Revolution [or colonial rebellion, depending on your point of view] began. Its a cool place to be this time of year, a very pretty time, and not too hot like it gets in July and August.

  20. Welcome to St. Louis. I flew up today from Dallas to see you tomorrow night! My sister wants me to teach her to knit this week & she’s coming with me to see/hear you!

  21. The Princess Bride AND Schoolhouse Rock in one post? Oh my. (We have both on DVD at my house, BTW. There’s nothing like hearing your 2yo try to sing, “Lolly Lolly Lolly, Get Your Adverbs Here.”)
    I can’t believe you remember anything from Massachusetts–what a crazy trip!

  22. Thank you! Thank you, thank you, and thank you. I have spent at least three hours over the past few days looking for the rough equivalent of that sock/needle holder. I even went so far as to post a plea for help on my blog.
    p.s. Were the ziploc bags big enough? πŸ˜‰

  23. Ok, call me a sexist, or a knittist, or whatever, but how unfair is it that the person peddling Noro is (1) a guy and (2) probably not even a knitter? It is cruel. That should be my job!
    Don’t forget to flash your new stash, okay?

  24. Tomorrow at St. Louis, and I have to take the car in for transmission work. Life hates me, seriously. St. Louis is about 3 1/2 hours away from me, close enough to get there on a day trip. I should know, I have done it before – my husband is a coaster enthusiast, and there’s an amusement park there!
    I don’t suppose I could talk you into making a 3 1/2 hour drive to a tiny yarn store in Southern Indiana who would have no clue you were coming anyway to sign the book of one sorry knitter with a busted car? Yeah, didn’t think so. Okay, all the self-pitying crap aside, have a good time in St. Louis! It’s a very cool town, I always enjoy myself when we go. If you have time, I highly recommend the Sock take in the view from the top of the Gateway Arch, and be sure to walk down and dip your feet in the Mississippi River. That was always the high point of family vacations for us when we were kids! πŸ™‚

  25. Martha Who?
    I was part of the WEBS contingent (Hartford is in Connecticut, BTW, about an hour due south of yarn heaven) and for the first time in my life I was speechless. I mean, Martha doesn’t scare me. My mother did what she did 50 years earlier, backward (it was the 50’s, we were all a bit backward) and in high heels. But faced with a clear mind, perfect delivery, and great knitting, I realize the difference betwen a trained professional and an enthusiastic amateur. I may be a lowly fiber slut, but you are truly the Yarn Harlot. A title to be worn with pride.
    Oh, yeah, I also bought a car on Friday. Why not Saturday? I was afraid I might miss the talk. And because my new Honda Fit has more storage space (41 cubic feet, I am promised) for all that lovely yarn I pre-ordered. I mean, a vehicle like that lasts for only a decade or so. And fiber is forever.
    My name is Gaila. I am an addict….

  26. The Noro guy has to be a non-knitter, April. Imagine if they gave the job to one of us??? We’d just hide away somewhere in our car knitting it all up. None of it would ever get out to the rest of the knitters. (mwahhahahhahhaaa)
    But imagine being Mrs. Noro-guy.

  27. It was great meeting you at the Grafton book signing! It was a real treat to see you in person.
    I was the girl making the Christmas tree stocking as my first attempt at socks and who had broken her wrist right before the Knitting Olympics.

  28. Sorry… I was responding to “tree”. Who like the rest of us posted on April 25th. Today. I think I was just distracted by the possibilities of a car full of Noro.

  29. Grenym – you’re brilliant. You absolutely deserve the yarn.
    Stephanie – I am so impressed you managed to totally entertain everyone while balanced on a stool. Way to go!! Tell us, what yarn HAVE you bought on your travels. Better still – can you SHOW us??!!

  30. Grenym sounds quite Welsh, but with too many vowels.
    Damn, those 18th C. soldiers were hot and gay-looking.

  31. Hey! That’s MY Lexington you were in! That’s MY Minuteman! And that big ol’ white New England church at the other end of the Green belongs to ME! Well, I was dragged there until I was nine and then we moved, okay?
    And then Hartford is MY capitol, so you see, your trip was all about me. Sorry I couldn’t make the gigs. πŸ˜‰ I console myself with the Connecticut Sheep and Wool Festival this weekend.

  32. Don’t worry Americans only know what little we do about our history from Schoolhouse Rock too. (The box set is sitting right here next to me.) In fact, no American between the ages of 25 and 40 can recite the preamble to the constitution. We can only sing it.

  33. I was just wondering what was behind the neat metal sock-holder thing. I see a cable and love the color.

  34. “Let me es’plain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up.”
    Ah, the Princess Bride. My all time favorite movie. It’s inconceivable that not everyone would love this movie.

  35. Yes, yes, the Princess Bride – I don’t think that word means what you think it does. . .

  36. Sigh… I miss all those girls already! I had to nap all day Sunday to make up for the evening out on Friday so I can only imagine your sheer exhaustion.

  37. I think “don’t ts” means Don’t tell son. Just a thought. The rest remains a mystery. Don’t feel too bad if you can’t remember though. I just finished my first pair of socks (which I am so totally excited about that I keep showing them to everyone until they get that sort of pasted on (frightened) smile on their faces and begin backing away from me…anyway I was on such a high after completing my first pair that I immediately began a second pair only to get 4 inches into the ribbing when my brain appartently did an all-clear and I suddenly had absolutely no idea which direction I should be going in. Clockwise or counter clockwise? Should I be working the stitches on the front needle or the back??? How could I suddenly forget what I was doing after two and a half socks? I guess next year I’ll be hiding my own Easter eggs…yikes!

  38. Our tour guide in Toronto told us we were all rebels against the crown and that the War of 1812 was the offical ending of our war for independance. Really, hearing history from someone else’s point of view can be refreshing. You probably know more about American history than we do of Canadian.
    Lin πŸ™‚

  39. Do you think there’s a significant correlation between people exhibiting the behaviour of fiber blogging and committing the script of The Princess Bride to memory? Surely my first viewing of the movie in the theatre 20 years ago was not a causal factor in my learning how to knit 17 years later… Inconceivable!

  40. It was so great to see you in Grafton, however briefly. It’s always a pleasure to hear you read. You’re brilliant, and funny, and sweet.
    But not even your precious wool goddess can help you once I unleash the full power of crocheted cans on the world. I’m telling you, it’s the most decadently mindless thing you can do with yarn. Plus, it’s kind of like recycling! Go ahead, admit it, you’re kind of curious, aren’t you? You’ve been eyeing the cans in the bin all day, haven’t you? Giving them a precarious poke with the crochet hook you usually use to rescue dropped stitches. Wondering where that old acrylic yarn went to. Go ahead. I’m sure you’ve got scissors and a hole punch lying around. Just try a little corner, what harm can come of it? I won’t tell anyone . . .

  41. “How would you rate your pain on a scale of 1 to 10, and since this is for research, please be honest”
    Glad to hear you had a good time. Also, don’t feel bad about not knowing enough American history. Most Americans don’t know any American history.

  42. There MUST be a correlation between knit bloggers and Princess Bride. Count me as one of those who (along with my family) have memorized the movie. “Pleeeease say it mommy” says my 3 year old son, brandishing a handy stick: “Allo. My name is Inigo Montoya….”

  43. Schoohouse Rocks rocks!!! I so remember those growing up. Used to watch it between a lot of different cartoons on Saturday mornings. Don’t forget about Conjunction Junction (what’s your function…)!!!

  44. Stephanie –
    You said that the metal needle holder thingie came from:
    Woolworks Ltd. at Jeremiah’s Antiques. email is
    This doesn’t work. Google (the repository of all knowledge) says that there’s no such webpage as
    Please, please, please can you find out where it comes from? I have a Christmas list to shop for!
    Karen T.

  45. I love Bearfoot! I just finished a hat with it, and I picked up some more to make the Pomatomus socks, which I notice you also just started. πŸ™‚ Sorry I missed you in Philly, I couldn’t make it out that night.

  46. Ah, Schoolhouse Rock – Conjunctions, Nouns, Exclamations… not to mention all the US history I learned.
    I remember in high school – we all corrected the teacher on some point, and we all knew it from Schoolhouse rock!

  47. Go easy on her. She’s had a rough day. If you
    don’t have your health, you don’t have anything.
    (I could do that all night — but big points for knowing “Humperdink is marry Buttercup in a little under half an hour.)
    By the rude bridge that arched the flood,
    Their flag to April’s breeze unfurled,
    Here once the embattled Harlot stood
    and held up the sock seen round the world.
    (with abject apologies to Ralph Waldo Emerson AND to the good citizens of both Concord and Lexington)
    And Harlot? Call me “pet,” and you can spin on Tuesday or not — as you wish.

  48. So glad you’ve recovered from your Whirlwind tour!! Grafton was a LOT of fun, and we all had a blast seeing/hearing you talk…I have the “Mutual Sock Blogging” photo on my blog, and – LOL – to be honest, it’s my desktop’s wallpaper now, too.
    πŸ˜‰ I’m a knitting geek, and I love it!

  49. Hi! Loved your talk in Grafton on Friday. So many knitters, so little space, and no Muggles muttering about madness.
    I was trying to look up the knitting style you use (production? something Irish??? …you see what I’m up against…). Where can I learn about it?

  50. Glad to see you survived yet another leg of the tour, which has yet to come to Milwaukee πŸ™
    I have to say that The Princess Bride is my favorite movie too!
    Oh and I so want the cool new gadget!

  51. Once again the Harlot reigns supreme….Princess Bride and Schoolhouse Rock in one post? You da woman! We also have both bits of priceless culture on video and are carefully indoctrinating our children. (“Wuuuuuuv…..twoo wuv” and “he’s been mos’ly dead all day” are favorites here.) Can’t wait to see you in Lexington!

  52. “Have fun storming the castle! (aside) You think they’ll make it?”
    “(aside) It would take a miracle.”

  53. “But we’ll never survive the fire swamp!”
    “Nonsense, you’re just saying that cause no one ever has.”
    Is there any end of excellent quotes from that movie?

  54. I am a little queasy just thinking about all that yarn and all those knitting friends and the traveling, NOT TO MENTION THE PUBLIC SPEAKING.
    I think I ‘m having a case of the vapors…you are a brave brave woman.

  55. We California kids had to do a “Constitution exam” in 8th grade. Part of the exam was memorizing the preamble. The teacher freaked out when everybody started humming the Preamble song from Schoolhouse Rock! I guess we were the first “generation” of his students to have been exposed to it. I still remember the full preamble (with the one error in the song corrected… do you know what the error is?).

  56. Love your blog, it lifts me up each day and gives me a chuckle. Small yarn shops and book stores are the best !! LOVE the pictures, it all looks like SO much fun. Take care and enjoy this next leg of your wurl wind tour.Congrats to grenyrn who ever you maybe. I would like one of those tube thingys too.Sure hope some yarn shop in Canada stocks them soon. I tried the web site and for some reason can’t get to it. SAFE TRIP

  57. Ten miiiiiiillion people comment on your blog…so mine will probably get lost in the shuffle, but, yeah, Inigo is my hero. And only someone with no TV can make this comment with a straight face: Did you know he’s on that show “Dead Like Me”? Every once in a while his character (1st season at any rate, love them DVDs) will go off on a diatribe and I keep wondering when the Inigo accent will crop up…

  58. Raleigh! North Carolina!
    Not St. Louis! I will be green or purple or rainbow with jealousy and envy because you will be in my home town and not where I am now. Aaaaugh!

  59. You are forgiven for not knowing that Hartford is not only IN Connecticut, but is the capital thereof. I have no idea where Toronto is….

  60. I’m usually just a lurker, but I couldn’t resist this post.
    “Wooohooohooo, look who’s so smart. It just so happens that your friend here is only mostly dead. Mostly dead is slightly alive… with all dead there’s only one thing you can do….go through his pockets and look for loose change.”
    You do realize the Coke can thingy involves, perhaps I should whisper this, *crochet*?

  61. For the curious, I found the snail mail address & phone number for the tubey thingy:
    Woolworks Ltd. at Jeremiah’s Antiques
    26 Front St.
    Putnam, Ct 06260
    Email :
    I haven’t tried the e-mail address myself, but an 800 number is almost as good. And I gotta get me one of them tubey thingies, too! Hoo-wee, that’s slick!
    And yeah, I hear in my mind “I’m just a bill, yeah, I’m only a bill…”, complete with the sound of maybe one too many drinks in the singer’s voice. — But mostly I remember “Hey Little Twelvetoes, I hope you’re well…”
    and every other Multiplication Rock ditty out there.
    As for the Princess Bride, it may be the single best movie ever made. I mean — action, adventure, romance, explosions — AND you can watch it with your kids! What?! Every movie ought to have explosions in it.
    Stephanie, did you see what Rams said?! I think the heavens may have just opened up just for you.
    Yup, I hear angels singing. No. Wait. Sorry. That’s “Conjunction Junction” I hear.
    Never mind.

  62. TPB is on your favourite movie list?
    I knew I loved you before, but now, now?
    Well, this is just unhealthy.
    (I recently posted a photoshopped version of myself and my husband – word on the street is that we look like younger versions of Miracle Max and Valerie.)

  63. OMG – have you read the book? You’ve got to read the book. It’s about a thousand times better than the movie, if that’s possible. What makes it really, really good is when you use the characters in the movie to act out the book in your head when you read…
    wha? men in white coats? no… tell them I’m busy.

  64. Ah, this was a wonderful post.
    I can’t wait to see you in Lexington Saturday! (Dad’s driving the four hours on condition that I find two recipes and make them both once to take the pressure off Mom for cooking every night.) (I’m such a klutz with cooking.) (This could be bad.)
    Anyway, could you give us a few details on when you’re speeaking in the Bluegrass Books Festival? Is there a certain period of time, or will you be there for the full six hours? *bliss*

  65. Ah, this was a wonderful post.
    I can’t wait to see you in Lexington Saturday! (Dad’s driving the four hours on condition that I find two recipes and make them both once to take the pressure off Mom for cooking every night.) (I’m such a klutz with cooking.) (This could be bad.)
    Anyway, could you give us a few details on when you’re speeaking in the Bluegrass Books Festival? Is there a certain period of time, or will you be there for the full eight hours? *bliss*

  66. hey! THE PRINCESS BRIDE IS MY FAVORITE MOVIE TOO!!! WEIRD! glad you got some sleep, have fun wherever you are going next. maybe the yarn shops should hold up signs while you are talking to let you know where you are and what day it is, that might help.

  67. You get to sing “I’m just a bill” and I am stuck with “Caillou”…. ack you Canadians…. we love you here in the old U.S. of A!!!

  68. Has it occurred to you yet that you’ve become the knitter’s version of the Grateful Dead, and there are hundreds of us, following you along on your tour for the summer, showing up at event after event and we will soon begin to salaam and shout STEPHANIE, STEPHANIE when you take the stage? Just saying.

  69. St.Louis is waiting to welcome you with open arms, or they would be open if we were not bringing our knitting with us to hear you. There will be no empty chairs here.

  70. Oh please, please hurry through St Louis so you can see us in Nashville! I have a pair of socks who are dying to meet you!!!!

  71. Rams, Grenyrn – well-played, well-played.
    and now, the quoting:
    Iocaine. I’d bet my life on it.
    Fezzik took great care in reviving Inigo.

  72. I suspect your knowledge of American history and geography now exceeds the average American’s… despite the fact you’re not certain Hartford is not in MA. πŸ˜‰
    It was great to see you again! Go write another book and swing by later this year!

  73. Thanks for swinging through MA; I really enjoyed your talk at the hotel in Northampton, and your frantic Webs run! And of course I got a good laugh from the “New England Paperweight Collectors Association” convention going on upstairs! Ha, and people think fiber obsessions are weird…

  74. If the guys at work only knew that Dave’s picture is now within a post in a knitblog… I don’t know if their little knit-oblivious software minds could handle it. πŸ˜‰
    I’m blown away that the Noro guy is a maybe non-knitting guy, but then again, the interviews were probably thus:
    “Do you knit?”
    “Of course.”
    “Are you allergic to wool?”
    “I’m sorry, but we can’t offer you the position.”

  75. Glad you are having such a successful book tour. YES, we knitters really like your blog and books!

  76. Who can’t quote a billion lines from that movie? My husband once downloded the script onto my palm pilot once. It was way cool at the time.
    Congrats on your tour, it sounds like there are happy people everywhere….oh…wait….no happy people here in Colorado…..
    Did we mention the Estes Park Wool Festival? A FESTIVAL of WOOL? In the beautiful Rockie Mountains? With real friendly people? Where even the muggles are nice? We will rent you a cabin, bring Joe and the kids, of just Joe. We have wonderful chocolate factories here. We have coffee, beer, and other adult beverages. We have yarn.
    What more can we say to tempt you to visit the middle of the country? We could take you to ghost towns, the top of Pikes Peak, white water rafting…talk about extreme knitting opportunites!
    But really, just remember to enjoy the journey.

  77. Oh, hey, you did know who I was! Heehee. I wasn’t quite sure you recognized me with the hair cut, but I was too embarrassed to check. πŸ™‚

  78. Don’t feel left out, Steph; most of what we Americans know about American history *also* came from Schoolhouse Rock. πŸ˜‰

  79. Hey all you needle holder thingy fans! They really are great and I am officially overwhelmed at your excitement! Now I just have to get a way to get one or two or three to everyone who wants one,or two or three. I have a small yarn shop in Ct. and have some in the shop. I WILL be ordering MORE tomorrow. I just need a way to get payment. I take personal checks in the shop but I can’t take credit card numbers over the phone or email. I’m going to work it out I promise!! Hang in there and I’ll get back to you.

  80. Rebellion of 1776? Oh, you mean the Revolutionary War, where we threw off the shackels of British tyranny!
    (It’s sad how few Americans know even rudimentary American history, or even know the national anthem!)

  81. Everyone I know can sing the preamble to the (US) Constitution because of schoolhouse rock!
    Who remembers “Interplanet Janet, you’re a galaxy girl!” !!! And the classic Lilly Lilly Lilly get your adverbs here!

  82. “I’m going to do him left-handed, it is the only way I can be satisfied. If I use my right, it is over too quickly”. Inego Montoya
    Ah, Princess Bride, has there ever been a better film?
    Did you know that the “Bill” song was performed by the leader of the band from Merv Griffin’s old talk show? I knew it by heart. We’ll miss you at Lettuce tomorrow.

  83. you may see 2 email addresses in my reply. one is home and the other is the shop.I’m still jen

  84. I’m being told the needle holder thingys are $17.50 plus shipping. She’s being bombarded with orders after this post. πŸ™‚

  85. “Grenyrn”
    “You keep using that word…I don’t think it means what you think it means.” (According to Stephen King, “The Princess Bride” is the most quoted movie EVER. I think he’s understating things a bit.)
    What an awesome trip… I’m so jealous of anyone who gets out of the house and does something productive…I’m starting to think I will never knit, travel, or think in polysyllabic words and comlex sentences again…please keep telling us about your adventures–it gives me hope:-)

  86. Here I was, wondering what to wear on my road trip to St. Louis tomorrow — it will definitely be the Princess Bride tshirt!
    *imagines how stinky yarn made from the fur of an ROUS would be…*

  87. Yep, I’M just a bill, the preamble to the American constitution, and something about Lolly and his adverbs… does this give away our age (though I think my age is greater than your age). And it wasn’t on ALL the american networks, it was an ABC job. I’ve seen a DVD of it in Blockbuster…

  88. It was great meeting you and Linda and Jay at Wild & Woolly. It was the highlight of our day! P.S. Yes, the Noro guy is Jim.

  89. It’s the American Revolution, not Rebellion. I think there’s a semantic difference. It’s a rebellion if it fails and a revolution if it succeeds. So we can talk about the Christian Rebellion under Shiro Amakusa against the Tokugawa Shogunate at Hara castle–they got trounced, but we refer to the Russian Revolution, they didn’t get trounced. Sort of like that famous quote, “Treason doth never prosper: what’s the reason? For if it prospers, none dare call it treason.”

  90. I love that one of your favorite movies is the Princess Bride. I can quote the entire thing by heart!

  91. Ok. Here goes..I’ve done the leg work in less than 16 hrs. Wheww! The needle holder thingy will be …dun dun dun…19.50 everything included! Tax, shipping and handling. AND PayPal is set up to be verified in a day or two. So there you go. My ‘tin man’ is very excited! He is even looking at making them in larger sizes. What do you think?

  92. Is it a requirement for the Princess Bride to be the favorite movie of knitters? My grown daughter and I both love it! We also love Schoolhouse Rock and play the CD while driving back and forth to Disneyland for our monthly mother/daughter outing (a two hour trip each way so we hear it a lot). Yes, we sing along. In a car, where no one else can hear us, is the only place we are allowed to sing. (I think that’s becoming a state law this year, if our husbands have anything to say about it.)

  93. You were in Wild & Woolly, my local yarn store, and I missed you? Oh, tragedy! But isn’t the basement a lovely, lovely place? I know, I know; you’ve been to Webs. But it’s nice to have such a lovely yarn basement closer by than Northampton, even for a crocheter.
    Meanwhile, I hope you got a shot (or at least a view in person) of the Lexington Minuteman from the back. It’s really the best view. All the girls agree.

  94. This is my first post, which will be LOST because SO many people comment on your blog. Wow! I read your second book (still have to get the first one) and I’m halfway through with Knitting Rules. I have one thing to say.
    You are a very funny lady!
    You make me laugh out loud. And you’ve inspired me to knit socks. And…after reading your blog today, I bought yarn from WEBS. That website was a dangerous place to send me.
    And I love The Princess Bride.
    Have fun traveling…

  95. It was so much fun meeting you. I’m glad that Amanda couldn’t make it to Pittsburg! I’m the lucky one. I got to play with my granddaughter, Allysa, see Amanda, who lives way too far away, I got to go to Webs, but Bestest of all! I got to meet you.
    Keep those shiney, sparkley things sparkling, they make really cool rainbows in the sunshine.
    You really have to get your books on tape. I had to put my knitting away so that I could read your book! I want to read, I want to knit!
    Thank you for all the laughter, I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time.

  96. Ok, Paypal is set up, the tin man is busy and I’ve figured the costs. For everyone who hasn’t received more than one email from me (sorry for that, I had a reply problem, Hah..I sent them all to myself then had to reforward them!) Anyway, here’s the scoop..The neddle holders are 19.50 each with all costs included, tax and shipping. Paypal is under the name. Thanks again to all interested. Thank you Stephanie!!!

  97. I was so thrilled to see you in Grafton. Some say I might have been a bit star-struck! I just wanted to say it was a pleasure, and I’ve been inspired to move onto DPN’s (it’s a first) and starting my OWN blog. I felt so left out. Keep on Keepin’ on.

  98. Haha…I had to giggle with your “let me ‘splain” quote. I got an immediate picture of inigo…one of my favorite movies too!

  99. OOps! Sorry Timothy!! My apologies to the wonderful, passionate, MEN-who-knit who showed up, too. My musical theatre background tripped me up as I was trying for a play on words on the “Ladies Who Lunch” from Company by Sondheim…..i’ll sulk off now and knit in the time-out corner…….. pj

  100. In a word: NOTES, darlin’, take notes! Or better yet, delegate! Get someone else to take notes!
    P.S. Once home, get Handsome Hubby to rub your feet…at least once…mmmmmmm

  101. I LOVE that movie!! I fall asleep to that movie almost every night, and I have it on VHS and DVD so that if I want to watch it downstairs, or upstairs, I’ve got it covered! I love to find references to “The Princess Bride”.

  102. About the Lexington Minuteman Statue…you will note that he is not wearing a sleeved coat, just a waistcoat and shirtsleeves…that is about the 18th Century equivelent of going to the grocery store in his bathing suit (it was a MUCH more formal society!)! The Concord Statue (by the North Bridge) has his coat draped over his plow, to accomodate both his current actitivity and social decency (much like the 18thC paintings of boys in trees, with their coats draped over a low branch).
    There is much controversy over _where_ the American Revolution started…even whether or not the Lexington Training band (they had NO minutemen) returned fire (my DH said that they may have and had it covered up, for political reasons…much we still don’t know!). The controversy about where the official fight started seems to have started within a couple of weeks after 4/19/1775! And it certainly still hasn’t ended….Emerson chimed in on this with his “Concord Hymn”, (great adatation above by someone else), and HE clearly was refering to the North Bridge in Concord, which was right next door to his house. SO if you hear someone refer to the Shot heard Round the World, and they say Lexington, they are getting their 19th C history WRONG. _Emerson_ coined that phrase and he meant Concord, said Concord, and there was no fight near a bridge in Lexington!!!!!!!
    A friend of mine (another knitter and bobbin lacemaker) says that the Concord Stature may be more accurate, but the Lexington one has a nicer…um….bottom…makes me laugh everytime I drive East down Mass Ave!
    Full disclosure: I live in Concord, but at least I’ve actually researched this stuff!

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