I’m here, I’m here.

I’m fine. Didn’t mean to go so long between posts, but an impending set of twins sent up a warning flag over the weekend and I lost a bunch of organizational time to playing “find the fetal heart tones” in a Toronto hospital. Mum and babies are fine right now, but there’s no way that I’m going to get the 7-9 weeks of knitting time on these wee peanuts that I was hoping for. The babies are coming in that charming boy/girl pairing that’s so much fun for a knitter. I’m knitting and packing and writing and cleaning up eggs so today you get a speed blog.

I have trashed this…


In favour of this.


Better? Don’t answer that. I answered it myself when I realized that the only thing I left behind at Juno’s house was the yarn for that first one. My subconscious was way ahead of me. (Should have been a tip off that Juno and Cassie kept saying “Are you sure you want to be knitting that?” Subtle women those two.) Also on the needles…


Potomoto-mato-po-mus….something like that. It’s a charming pattern but I’ll be damned if I can get the name right. I’m enthralled by them. The pattern is not so nearly hard as it looks but I wouldn’t advise going nighty-night at any point in the chart.

I’m on a plane tomorrow headed for the next stops on the book tour (I have never been so thrilled to be so exhausted and frightened) so I think I better wrap up where I’ve been before I get somewhere else.


Loop in Philadelphia is a truly beautiful shop. I didn’t know this before I got there, so Juno and I planned a stop at Rosie’s on the way. I love Rosie’s. Every once in a while a knitter finds a shop where the owners sense and taste is in perfect harmony with their own and well. Rosie’s is not like that. Lisa’s sense and taste is far superior to my own. Just breathing the air in that place costs me money. I had a nasty accident there. The kind of accident Rachel describes where you slip and fall in a yarn shop and accidentally swipe your mastercard on the way to the floor?


Yup. Diakeito Diarufran. Beautiful Japanese chained yarn in all the colours of a soft forest floor. (Fetchingly named “211”.) It’s a supersoft merino and has incredible yardage. I bought it so fast that I scared myself. I must have scared Juno too, since she slammed me, my new yarn and my still smoking credit card into the Junomobile and (after a really nice visit with Anj and Sue) whipped me into Loop, perhaps hoping that I’d taken the edge off at Sophie’s.

Wrong. Loop is a beautiful store and now I was in trouble. Two yarn shops in Philly as beautiful as the other. Different and charming. Ying and Yang. One a cellar with yarn for the discovering in every scintillating corner, one bright and airy with yarn gleaming at me from every surface, and knitters everywhere.



They look like they are looking at me, but they are totally there for the yarn. Look at the glints in their collective eyes.

There was Sherry, knitty d, Chelle, Wendy , The Villiage Knittiot (I love that blog name) and, man. So many that I know I can’t possibly get them all. Sing out in the comments if I missed you. The lady who made my evening was Eliza.


Eliza is seen here holding book 2 open to the page that (get this.) The page that made her knit socks. She was uninitiated, unknitterly. Lacking in the ways of wool and needles and the book corrupted her. Something I wrote turned her into a knitter.

My work in Philadelphia is done.

170 thoughts on “I’m here, I’m here.

  1. Yay for the twins and mum doing well. And you’d better come to San Diego or LA or somewhere I can get to!

  2. Your work is indeed done. I’ve started having “crafty thursday” lunches with several colleagues, as a direct result of my always having my knitting bag with me and frequently KIP at various restaurants around town, and (to drag a run-on sentence even further) one of my co-workers told me, “I know your secret: world domination for crafters.” Damn, I thought I was sneakier than that.
    Keeping the faith and converting the masses, one co-worker at at time, in Daytona Beach, F-L-A.,

  3. Still hoping one day that you will be on a tour within driving distance… a DAY’s driving distance. So far nearest one is Nashville, still 500 miles away ๐Ÿ™
    Knitting group tonight, going to bring your book to share. You have fans even in the smallest of towns.

  4. I was converted to knitting a mere 2.5 years ago and since I’ve started reading your blog, I’m on the way to converting more women. All I have to do is share a funny post with co-workers and next thing I know, they’re asking to learn knitting…..

  5. Stephanie, you could convince the Pope to knit even if knitting were a mortal sin–which it isn’t! Please, please, please convince your publishers that you must come to Madison WI–a place with lots of good yarn shops, great knitters and not that far from CA.

  6. I LOVE the new baby item, didn’t really care for the old one. What is the darling pattern you are doing?
    I am supposed to go to Philadelphia with my family the last weekend in May for the NCAA lacrosse finals and the ONLY ONLY ONLY reason I have any interest in going is that I suspected Loop would be a very interesting place to visit. Now I know for sure, thanks to your visit there, and I will find Rosie’s Yarn cellar too…

  7. LOVE the new socks. Am heading out to pick up Knitting Rules. IT’S FINALLY IN!!!!!!

  8. I’m posting this comment from my Blackberry, sitting in an airport (Indianapolis) on my way home. So I feel for you with the stress and excitement of impending travel. I did finish a pair of socks, my colleagues are now used to my knitting in the car, at restaurants, etc. Have a wonderful trip, and I hope the twins wait patiently for your return.

  9. Oooh…Diakeito Yarn. Very, very pretty. I had a similar accident to yours, but I sprung for Adrienne Vittadini’s Martina. I couldn’t help myself; it was 40% off. I have started down the slippery slope…
    The P-socks are great. I’m beginning to think that I need to give them a try. Everyone else seems to be.
    Happy travels!

  10. Stephanie,
    The best part in my mind was that after I drove for 2.5 hours to hear you talk, I got to meet you in person. It may not have been the best use of a tank of gas, but it was well worth it in my mind.

  11. I am really liking the P-sock in that raspberry color. So many sock patterns, so little time….sigh…must I really prepare well-balanced meals for my family? Isn’t a pizza balanced enough? I mean, grain, veggie, dairy, meat if you like. That’s nutrition isn’t it? Then I could apply food prep time to sock knitting instead…Or maybe have the Number Guy pick up chinese food take outon his way home? Surely they can’t get bored with chinese food: look how many options there are. If I knit enough stuff, I can put off washing laundry for more days, too, right? Anyone have a pattern for handknit panties in a toddler size 2?

  12. Hooray for Eliza and beautiful yarn shops! I hope the twins hang on as long as possible. They must get tired of talking to each other in there and they need some new stimulation.
    Love that new sweater (but then, I liked the old one too).
    Why does your blog ask if I want it to Remember personal info? if it doesn’t ever remember the info I give it?
    (And if you can’t say THAT fish word, good thing she didn’t name it humuhumunukunukuapuaa after that Hawaiian fish.)

  13. Cool new sock pattern! Looks a bit daunting as I have not worked from a chart yet but that will change as soon as I finish the pair of Jaywalkers I am currently crafting. I too was only a knitter before I started reading your books and Blog. I now consider myself a Knitter and have started indoctrinating as many non-knitters as I can get my needles on. My son and I met you in Doylestown and you did not dissapoint. Thank you for everything you do.

  14. Now I have three reasons (at least) to go to Philly. I am hoping for a fourth. My best friend from college lives in Bala Cynwyd and knits. Two yarn stores. I can hope that my older son’s boat (Go, Statesmen – Hobart College) makes it to the IRA’s – no, not related to Ireland, but to the Intercollegiate Rowing Association championships nearby in New Jersey in June. The convergence of those would be fabulous. I’m with Juno and Cassie on questioning the project – I am not even sure what it is. Hat?

  15. Oh thank goodness you’re here… I’ve been checking your site feverishly. You’re like a little daily drug, you know.
    Your subconscious is very clever. Your hippopotamus sock is beautiful (love the color, love the pattern… it will be part of my “summer of socks”, I hope). Your “forest floor” is luscious. Don’t you wish the unimaginative companies would have name-that-colorway contests??? Prizes in yarn, of course!
    And while we’re talking about what you’ve “made us do”, you should know that your sheep shawl story (bk 2)is what has prompted me (not a lacey kind of girl) to bravely purchase alpaca and silk for my first lace attempt, a shetland lace shawl. I promise I’ll try not to blame you when I’m frogging for the fiftieth time.
    Thanks for being here!

  16. I knew you wouldn’t be able to resist the siren song of the Pota-whatever socks for long. Fun, eh? It’s not Koigu though, is it? It doesn’t look like in the pic but in case it is, be warned that you will not have enough yarn in a skein for a sock any bigger than a size 5 (thankfully, that’s just what my feet are).

  17. Steph, my daughter is not surprised that you suffered such an unfortunate accident at Rosie’s. I think this means I can use the same excuse Saturday at the Knitter’s Frolic. So sorry we won’t see you this year, but we do understand that you have folks to convert — er I mean speaking engagements.

  18. I’m knitting those socks and have been referring to them as the P-socks because I can’t do the name either. I found that after the first repeat of the chart I could mostly knit by looking at what I did before – it’s a cool pattern like that. But I still keep my chart and row counter handy – just in case. I see you might be coming to Denver. That would be fabulous. I most certainly drive down to see you, so I hope it works out.

  19. You are SUCH a sock enabler! Way to go Eliza! And thanks to you I have added Jaywalker and whatever that fish word is to my list of pending socks…

  20. I missed you in Philly by THREE DAYS. But I visited Rosie’s anyway, and my experience was very similar, only with Adirondack silk/wool. Yummm….

  21. Oh, and while I like the new twin project, I rather liked the colors of the old one- was it a mitered jacket?

  22. I love that Pomotamous sock – the only sock pattern that actually drove me to finish that second sock so I could show them off.
    I wore them around the kids’ department in my parents’ church with my shoes off and “high water” pants just so people could see them.
    I’m scared of what I will do when I finally finish my first sweater. Wear it with no pants? *sigh* I’m so weird.

  23. Hey, it is your fault that I have three pairs of socks on the needles as I type this. (Love Opal. Love it.) It is also your fault that I started knitting again, after learning last summer. Not to mention that I blame you for the lace scarf that I’m struggling with as well.
    I saw your book in the wild last weekend, when I went to pick up needles for two of the socks. In the middle of Central PA, where we have a hunting and fishing frat. And people miss class on the opening day of hunting season.

  24. I really hope you have fun on the next leg of your tour, and I hope I can get to see you in Nashville. And today I decided the knitting goddess has spoken, the evil yarn shop apparently has nice new owners… my prayers have been answered… I have to go do my happy dance now

  25. I am a new knitter. I have crocheted for 27 yrs, but never tried knitting. I have not yet finished anything, have been working on a simple pullover for a month, and was rather bored with it. Then I started reading your blog, and realized my problem. I was trying to finish something before starting something else. I desperately needed a sock to carry around in my pocket (the sweater just doesn’t fit). I am to the heel flap on the sock, which is being made with some generic yarn I had in my stash. Second sock syndrome? I don’t think it will be a problem, as long as the socks are made to fit my husband, he only has one foot.

  26. Hurrah. A post. I can’t believe how addicted I am to your blog. Good luck on your next tour stop. Still waiting to hear about the whole Martha Stewart thing.
    PS. Eliza is not the only person you have turned into a sock knitter. Count me as another one of your converts.

  27. Wow… just reading your post makes me dizzy… I’m glad to hear mum & the twins are doing well… I’ve played “find the fetal heartbeat” myself… not such a fun game, really, but it does get your heart rate up alarmingly. (Of course, the one thing your blog really makes me want to do is go back to my LYS, but since my last visit there involved my terror, I mean toddler and a lollipop given to him by a deranged, I mean well-meaning grandmotherly type, I’m going to have to lose a crap-load of weight, change my make-up and dye my hair before I go back. I’ll have to surf the net and feed my yarn jones from your blog in the meantime.)

  28. Sometimes it’s more important to stop working on something that you hate than to soldier on, making yourself (and everyone else) miserable. Three cheers for NOT continuing. The new project is *much* better. So are your pomatomus socks. Now that I’m done crocheting the ugliest baby blanket ever, I can go back to my pom socks. I love the pattern! Fun once I got my brain around it. It’s amazing how much easier it became when I slowed down and read *all* of the directions. LOL

  29. What is it with you and twins? Yes, I know your work involves a lot of babies, but still… if I were 10 years younger I’d be afraid to get near you.
    But since I’m not… if Eliza can get sock mojo from you, maybe I can get sweater mojo? See you in Cambridge.

  30. Have a safe trip!
    I’m SOOOO sad that you’re coming to Boston this weekend and not next weekend. This is the only weekend of the semester that I can’t come and see you because (get this) I’ll be in Wichita, Kansas. I can’t believe the unfairness of the universe that the one weekend I have to travel is the one weekend when you’re going to be here. Please, please, please come to the DC area sometime this summer (I move in June) so I can see you there.

  31. Please please please come to Southern California! We need you out here. Can we tempt you with our 80 degree sunny weather?

  32. That is one of the best pics of the P socks I have seen so far! I’m inspired, but with a newborn I think I’d better wait until I have more than two minutes of uninterrupted knitting time to try those out. :-)By the way, your sock chapter rocks! I am finally on the road to making a sock w/out the pattern!

  33. Good luck with the twins – I too have taken more years off my life than I care to count playing “where’s the fetal heart”. On the plus side, I experienced a major surge in my knitting skills while imprisoned in hospital from weeks 26 to 35 of my own (last) pregnancy. Does your mom-to-be knit?

  34. I too knit socks because of your encouragement! I’ve been wearing them like a silly woman in 80 degree weather just because I made them and I love them. I’m hooked on them. Now some socks for my husband!

  35. Stephanie, I like your new baby item much much more than the old one. And the P-sock is gorgeous. I’ll have to find the pattern and make it myself. I even like the raspberry color. My vote for your book tour is for you to come Sacramento or even just somewhere within driving distance of it in northern California. Enjoy your trip. Susan

  36. Glad you ripped out the pepto-poncho (or whateverthehell it was going to be).
    I can relate to the thrall of Japanese yarn. I had a yarn accident with Habu in Austin at Hill Country Weavers last weekend. Don’t know what I’m going to make with all of it, but Dude, stainless steel yarn!

  37. Darn it! I was going to skip the Pomatomus socks because I still have to finish the second Emmbossed Leaves sock (from last winter’s Interweave Knits) and they have a similar look. Besides, I hate K3TBL. But now that I’ve seen how nice yours are coming, I’ve printed out the pattern and it’s going in the sock queue.
    Come to Boulder while you in the Denver area! You can totally justify two book signings here, and the Boulder Bookstore does a beautiful job with author signings. And they put out plenty of chairs, too.

  38. Sounds like you are on a real high – twins, travels, and tantalizing new stash (you won’t be using Diakeito I assume). Enjoy the whirlwind!

  39. Ditto on the “talking with Martha Stewart” story. It’s clear you’ve forgotten (what, with only a gazillion items on your plate), but yes, I, too was wondering what happened to it…

  40. Welcome back! I was starting to wonder if the northeast had done you in…love the sock with the impossible name, be sure you keep us up-to-date on that one(along with everything else)! I myself was completely seduced the other day by some Cherry Tree Hill merino sock yarn, but I’m using it to make socks for my DH2B, so that makes it ok, right? Say yes, say yes…
    Safe travels to you!

  41. I’ve been reading your blog for a year but I’ve never left a comment before (except to add myself to the Knitting Olympics list). I bought your third book two weeks ago, after pestering the poor bookstore guy for a solid week about when it would arrive here in Seattle.
    Your books have done something for me that no other knitting books have done. Your books have made me realize that while it would be nice if everything I knit was in fine, expensive fibers, knitting in acrylics is ok, too. That acrylics are not inherently evil and bad, and that a good pattern and solid knitting in an acrylic yarn can turn out just fine. While I agree with your “crap in, crap out” statement in one of the chapters, I’ve found a lot of acrylic yarns that are lovely and wonderful to work with. I’ve always been a little ashamed that I’m knitting my family’s scarves and hats in cheap, fake acrylic yarn, but I feel better now after reading your books. I know that someday I’ll be able to afford to knit in better, natural fibers; I just have to get through these poor college days :). But until I can afford the better yarns, acrylics will suffice. And I won’t feel ashamed for kntting them anymore!

  42. Enjoy the next leg of the trip…how lovely to be allowed to usher in twins during the break; and one of each flavor—very fun.
    The p-word socks look pretty btw. I’m just not sure I’m up to the challenge. I’ve seen them in green koigu and they are stunning. Have fun with them.

  43. My LYS owner told me last night that she has been talking to your publicist about you coming to Full Thread Ahead (SF Peninsula). Remember the coffee I sent you? The place where I got it is a block away ๐Ÿ˜‰ More coffee?

  44. Your P-Sock is looking good.
    I started on the P-Sock a few days ago, and it’s a nice pattern to knit.

  45. both you and margene have Posted Photos of the P-word sox on the same day. just after i sent you the oPal tiger yarn not long ago, i won (i won i won i won) some nice sox yarn off margene’s site. she sent me louet gems Pearl, as i was lucky enough to be the zillionth person to Post on her site. i think it’s been Prophesied that i also, make the P-word sox.
    P.s. i love me some baby surprise sweater too. i’d be heart broken if i left mine somewheres behind me. but i don’t love it in Pastels. i love it in unexpected baby colors. don’t forget to add Dallas Tx to your tour, even though i’m not there anymore i can send my GodSister for a copy of book three with your siggie on it.

  46. I posted further up today but came back to get the name of those socks and just noticed you provided a link for the P-socks. Is this a pattern that will lend itself to reduction in size? The pattern is for a size 9 shoe. I wear a size 5 shoe and would like them for me. Any suggestions? Still hoping you come to Sacramento ๐Ÿ™‚

  47. So glad all is well. I was worried about you! Good luck on your next leg of the tour. I may bump into you on the way!

  48. Well Eliza’s not alone, crazyauntpurl got me wanting to knit, you actually got me knitting, buying knitting books and needles. I’m on my 3rd pair of socks! Scary stuff for a crocheter! Tampa has some great yarn shops too… ones I bet would be thrilled by a harlot visit.

  49. Something you wrote- the blog- helped turn me into a knitter. Another major factor was Filatura di Crosa’s variegated blue-pink-green-purple.

  50. I can’t believe it…. I’m going to see you on this Saturday in Massachusetts 2.5 hours away but who cares, I can daydream two hours away without noticing, I can knit two and a half hours away without noticing (unless it’s finshing an old project, then I notice every second and every glitch) so 2.5 hours driving with my friend to see you (she’s a most awesome rug hooker but loves the yarn and wool too) …. ANNNNNNNNDDDDDD … I already knit the sock you have started!!! I’m so impressed with myself!! It was a knit, knit, knit almost done and ran out of one of a kind yarn so had to rip back and knit both at the same time and put in a solid for the toes on both socks. It was one of the most trying times I’ve had following a chart and getting lost and going nuts. I can’t even look at them with pleasure they aggravated me so. If there had just been enough yarn there would have been no problem! But they’re a little longer than most socks due to the repeat and thus the insanity began! They are trulyy beautiful. It gave me great respect for charts and chart makers and a slight fear of them too! and I don’t scare easily! Can’t wait to see you, I’ll bring my socks!

  51. I think it’s pronounced paw-muh-TOE-moose… Love to you, Stephanie. Party ON! Any ideas on how to become LESS of a chart-reading peasant? I’ve been knitting a long old time (enjoying it more all the time), but charts stump me after row ten or so. Anybody have tips?

  52. Quick comment – my time seems to be at the same premium as yours! Love the new baby item – very cute. YOu had me worried with the pastel thing…
    Damn, those Mastercard injuries are painful (but beautiful. Merino. yum.)
    Enjoy the yarn crawl, sorry book tour. I guess you won’t be at the DKC Frolic this weekend – I think my Mastercard might sustain an injury or two…

  53. OK, I’m missing something. How come everybody knows about the Pomotamous sock but me? Where is the pattern? What book? Where? Please tell!
    Also, please tell about Martha Stewart. Consumed with curiosity.

  54. Just found out I’m finally getting book 3! I ordered it aeons ago, but for some reason, did not get one of the first shipment. Should be here tomorrow, though! Woo and a Hoo!

  55. Glad you and the babes are okay. I’m hopelessly addicted to your blog (and knitting).
    I second Susan’s plea. PLEASE come to Sacramento! We have several fabulous shops that could host you in and around the greater Sacramento area.

  56. PLEASE can you come to California to The Yarn Lady? Oh please please please please please please please please PLEASE?????????

  57. I think I can see half of my forehead in the second Loop picture. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Yes, I think taking that hint from your subconscious is a good idea.
    And the Pomatomous sock looks great. I may even knit a lace sock one of these years…

  58. What page of book 2 was the magical one for Eliza? Praying for a safe trip for you, as always. Blessings, Julie

  59. Hmm, did you “leave” the yarn behind, or did Juno abduct it? Inquiring minds…
    Don’t even try with the name – P sock is accepted and widely understood. ๐Ÿ™‚

  60. Hey, that true love is a sock essay made me knit my mom a pair for Christmas. Your reach is far, grasshopper.
    And do you just not like the baby surprise sweater or was it just not working for you right now?

  61. So glad to see you back. I was beginning to get a little snippy due to lack of Harlot. Have a great time continuing the yarn crawl, er, um, I mean book tour.

  62. Eliza is not the only one, since reading book 2 in Jan.06, I have knit 9 pair of socks, the last three being the embossed leaves from Interweave(because so many have fallen for that pattern, very pretty) due to librarian Sue (she pointed out that charts were really very friendly and now I agree). I absolutely love knitting socks! Thank you for all and everything. Please come to Tulsa.

  63. Nice to have you back on the blog – I kept checking to make sure I didn’t miss a post. ๐Ÿ™‚ Looking forward to seeing you next week in St. Louis. Safe travels! (Maybe you just better leave that MasterCard at home, huh?)

  64. You are partly responsible for at least one more sock knitter taking up the sock thing. I can’t give you all the credit, however, because when my knitting buddy Ada started going on and on about how comfortable hand-knit socks are, I had to try it.
    You get complete, full, and total responsibility for my trying lace shawls!

  65. I’d just made a mental note to send out an APB to find you. i hadn’t received notice that your blog updated via bloglines.
    Don’t scare us, man.

  66. Okay. Now I feel like a real knitter. I have loved, loved, loved the Diakeito Diarufran when I found it in my LYS. Seven balls later….and counting….it’s being made into clapotis. Anyway, now I don’t feel like such a novice when I can pick out something that also makes the Yarn Harlot swoon!
    Safe travels & safe twins and mamma.

  67. Good luck and safe travels with the tour…I hope that the twins and mum are doing well and that they arrive safely into this world. Also, if you’re into knit-alongs, my friend Candace is having a Pomatomus along; info at http://www.polarsun.net/twistedthistle/
    (I can’t type the name of the socks, let alone pronounce them…I’ve been reduced to calling them Hippo socks because I can only see “hippopotamus” when I see Pomatomus. Someone help me. Please.)

  68. Eeeha! Guess what the Easter Bunny brought! A copy of your latest book… gotta love that Easter bunny, eh?
    Yolande from NB

  69. So very glad all is well with the babies.Those lille rascals sound like they are getting restless. ALL the very best to all concerned. I’m a minority on here I guess as I like the pastel colours you were knitting but also like the new one you are doing . Problem is i don’t think I ever saw a yarn of any material or colour that I didn’t like. I just saw a childs sweater made out of that fuzzy acrylic.yarn a rasberry colour and it was LOVELY. Some people simply cannot afford the natuaral products and with me that is fine , the important thing is to keep those stiks clicking and learning . I agree with you and infinityyknits no one should be ashamed of WHATEVER they knit with. Safe journey Stephanie have fun .

  70. The downside of reading blogs on a blackberry (now I’ll never get any work done, because I can look like I’m checking email but really be reading blogs) is NO pictures. And it’s not the same. The pictures add so much! The picture of the p-word socks shows the detail much more clearly than the pattern does. I was thinking about them before, now it’s getting serious. Will the pattern show up if the yarn is black?

  71. I love your new knitting! Beautiful! So sorry I could be in Philly when you were there. Someday Lancaster (PA) will have a yarn store big enough to be on your tour. ๐Ÿ™‚

  72. Really Really like those pottoato-whatever socks! Girl, you could inspire most any one to knit! You are a gifted writer!

  73. You’re making me want to hop on the train up to Philly to check out these lovely shops. I’m also knitting up the Hippo-pomatomus (hippos for short) and I love the pattern.

  74. Lisa at Rosie’s Yarn Cellar was my very first LYS-guide to knitting when I picked up the habit again in grad school in Philly. I loved everything about that store, especially Lisa’s energy and taste in yarns.
    I suppose it’s one of those evil facts of life that now that my income has surpassed the meager stipend of a grad student, I have the money to buy far more yarn, but not the same kind of luxury with the time to knit that I enjoyed in grad school. sigh.

  75. We just call them hippo socks. No idea how to actually pronounce the name. One of my other blogbuddies is making them as well, between the pics the two of you have posted, it’s so going to be my next sock project. Now I just have to turn the heel on this Jaywalker and finish it!

  76. Loved Rosie’s when I was in Philly last year at a conference. I made a point to find the nearest LYS that was within walking distance of my hotel — love their yarns and people. And the Diakeito yarns — well, that nasty fall with the credit card (how it jumped into my hand, I’m still trying to figure out) happened in Oregon. I made DH’s sweater out of the Diadomina and it’s soooo soft!
    Have lots of fun on the next part of the book tour!

  77. When DH was informed of your accident, he said he was glad that Master Card was there to break your fall!
    The Yarn Harlot’s new book $
    A Harlot’s yarn accident $$
    Having the Harlot come to your LYS — priceless!

  78. I, too, keep checking the blog for a new post. But when you are away for a while I try to remember you have an extremely full life, and did before the blog and books and tours. I hope the twins and Mom will be OK. Those socks are gorgeous!Eliza’s expression says it all, doesn’t it? You’re a knitting enabler!(Note to PhoebeJackstraw; get some of those semitransparent Post-it notes and use them to cover the row on the graph you have already done. This way you won’t accidently repeat a row. Also, you can see what should be there on the previous row and make sure your work on the needles matches.)

  79. I have finished my Olympic Knitting! Sadly didn’t even have a goldfish to hand to share my triumph with (it was half past midnight. I was not going to log on to the internets).
    I was given book and bookbook for my birthday. Bookbookbook is on order ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you. They’re wonderful.
    Please excuse the incoherency. I’ve not had enough sleep.

  80. I’m glad the babies are fine, but not glad that I missed your visit to Philadelphia.
    ::makes note to visit Loop::

  81. Shouldn’t Mastercard invent a KNITTER’S MILES card??!! You know, instead of earning frequent flyer miles, we could earn knitting miles… for use towards the purchases of lovely new fibers? oh to dream!
    See you on Saturday in Northampton… really looking forward to it!

  82. Hi….I loved seeing you in Rutherford. If the library had had yarn, it would have been perfect. SO I’m coming again, to Webs (which has LOTS of yarn!) I’m meeting my daughter and my grandson there, so it’s really perfect: the Harlot, Anne & Avery, and lots of yarn (not necessarily in that order!) See you Saturday.. no butter tarts this time, I have to drive from NJ…
    Barbara M.

  83. Hi Steph!
    I loved meeting you and Juno! Its neat to meet people “live”. You really are “That Funny”!
    I was the one having the nervous meltdown, purple face & sweaty. Sorry about that. I think I’m over it now. I’ll just shut up and sit in my corner and knit! Please come back and visit again soon!

  84. See ya at WEBS(no baby, sorry!) That’s right- dropping the kid off at the in laws and throwing caution into the wind. And I can’t wait!

  85. Beautiful baby sweater! I’d love to know the pattern. A much better pick, but I completely understand the first one. Better to scrape the bottom of the knitting barrel for awhile than to not knit at all.
    Have a safe and not-too-exhausting trip!

  86. Just wanted to mention that you accidentally called Rosie’s *gasp* Sophie’s–I believe that is taboo in this here town. Still can’t believe I missed you. For Pete’s sake, I live here! Enjoy the rest of your tour and try not to have another bad accident.

  87. i just finished knitting my third pair of pomotomus socks (first for me, then for my mom, then for my sister)! i love them, too – but if you wear them all day, they expand ridiculously at the top and fall all over themselves. on the last pair i tried leaving out the second pattern repeat to make them shorter, but the verdict is not yet in.
    please let me know if you figure out a way to keep this from happening, though i do not relish knitting up a fourth pair…

  88. I figured there was something else taking your time; after all you can only do so much, hon. Don’t apologize to the junkies; make them take a break! Let’s see, you’re how many days away from coming in to Portland?…
    The Pomatomus aka Fish Scale socks look beautiful! Very cool pattern. If I didn’t have other projects on the needles that are requiring my attention, I’d start that one too.

  89. please come to Atlanta, please? pretty please? i’ll drive the 5 hours to nashville if i have to, but i only have so many vacation days! =]

  90. OK, you’ve convinced me to try those socks. I’ve seen them for a while, I’ve affectionately re-named them the Hippo Socks, every time a friend starts a pair, so now I have to make my own Hippo Socks. I have some Lorna’s begging to be used, so there you go!
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  91. I don’t know if it will make you feel better or worse to know that you are responsible for yet *another* sock knitter. I had absolutely sworn them off after a Major Sock Knitting Error last year on my first pair. Reading your blog? Completely made me itch to make socks.
    Also? When I read about Katie Holmes’s new baby, I immediately thought of S.Kate’s dash-to-the-car gift to you… Amazing how you influence.
    See ya at WEBS ๐Ÿ™‚

  92. I have eyed that very color of Diakeito Diarufran. Thus far, I have resisted. I’m not sure how, and I’m not sure for how long.

  93. I wish I could make it to your signing in Cambridge, but my best friend picked this weekend to get married. Alas! Please write another book so I can go see you the next time you’re on tour. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Lovely P-sock, by the way!

  94. We missed ya Harlot.
    “Next leg of tour.” Ha Ha! I love the new baby jacket. I’m thinking of getting some of that action myself.

  95. I’m proud to say that I just finished MY first pair of socks for myself after being inspired by your books and your blog and the Knitting Olympics – so now I will have cozy toes – thank you for being an inspiration!

  96. Still waiting for a call from Kelli-the-wonder-publicist! We desperately want to host the Yarn Harlot at Cotton Fields Quilt & Knit in Phoenix!

  97. Well thank goodness you are all right! I am relieved and if I were to be totally, painfully honest…should I be…no, NEVERMIND as Gilda Radner used to say (am I showing my age?). Anyhoo, I am glad you are having fun. I love the replacement for the baby surprise, all though I didn’t hate the colorway of the old piece, just the pattern was icky. Love the pomatous, I see them practically everywhere and they look new and thrilling every time! I suppose this is not a good time to ask if you have ever considered adding a “Question-and-answer day” to your blog? Unlike the many knitting experts that read this blog and have blogs of their own, me and possibly some others(?) have lots of knitterly questions. Oh well, there is always the knitting website and About.com but it is so full of advertising pop-ups…frustrating, maddening!

  98. I learned to knit while I was at Smith College. The girl in the next room had her bookshelf filled with sweaters instead of books. The bottom shelf had those knit by her grandmother, the next sweaters by mom and at the top, sweaters she had knit. I immediately realized by bookcase wasn’t realizing it’s full potential. Annie taught me to knit one January term. I in turn taught my mom and sister to knit and so it begins. I’m going back to Smith this weekend and my sister pointed out that you will be in Northampton on the Saturday. It’s so apropos that I’ll get to see you in Noho at WEBS. Safe travels. See you Saturday.

  99. What was the page number on that? ๐Ÿ˜€
    Your second book is what finally got me moving to start knitting. I’m burning to get good enough so I can try socks! *L*
    Both of those stores look fantastic.
    Have a safe fun trip!

  100. It was inspiring to meet you in Doylestown, Stephanie (and to find out that you had been a copywriter too — although not a pharmaceuticals-writer, like I am).
    And, for all of you wondering about lure of the Baby Surprise Jacket… if you “Google” it, you’ll find it in some interesting colorways (NOT PASTEL!), including one on our very own Harlot’s blog from April 6, 20005. Find it at: http://www.yarnharlot.ca/blog/archives/2005/04/06/whats_wrong_with_my_arse.html. Hmmm… there’ that “ARSE” word again!

  101. I just finished reading “Knitting Rules” and loved it! My daughter had boy/girl twins 12 years ago – knitting for them during her pregnancy was one of the best times I have ever had with my knitting – teeny, tiny x two!

  102. What great fun it was to meet you at Loop, Stephanie!
    That’s me standing next to Eliza (wearing the brown Mariah, BTW). She was tickled to death to see her picture up here and see all the nice comments.
    It was page 148 of book 2, by the way – the chapter called “I can do that.” Eliza said she felt just like a large Jamaican woman after reading it.
    Check out Eliza’s first socks (her first knitting project ever!) on my blog at http://www.emmieyiza.blogspot.com.

  103. It was nice to meet you Steph! I hope I’m not a babbling idiot the next time. There is something about walking up to a table and saying hi that suddenly makes the most extroverted person๏ฟฝs brain dart off and hide in a corner.
    Don’t feel bad about the shopping. Rosies’ takes a cut of my salary every month. The joys and pains of an excellent LYS.

  104. I’m also wanting to know about the new baby pattern – it’s lovely! And I suppose now I’m going to cast on my own Potwhatsit socks. Maybe I’ll even have enough done to show you NEXT WEEK in Brentwood – yaaaayyy, you’re coming to Central Tennessee, just like I asked you to. Hugs to your wonder publicist!!

  105. OMG………I saw the hippotomous sox and loved them, clicked onto the pattren and suddenly I’m a knitting dyslexic ! Now I know I’ve been a non-knitter for awhile because I got Hooked…literally, on rug hooking,..and time wise something had to give.But I must have been in a real knitters rut, doing the same patterns over and over again because the graft blew me away.Talk about getting knocked on your “arse”, where did that come from…outer space?? Silly me…….I thought that all would be forgiven and I could come crawling back and do some knitting…..only to find I have to do pennance by learning how to read fiendish grafts!!! By the way I’m glad you tossed that pastel thingy…..and the replacement is much more worthy of your talents!!! Now, excuse me please I have to go start on my pennance!!!

  106. Steph,
    Sounds like you are having a blast…….Arent you to tired to knit? The red socks are beautiful…………Hope to hear more soon.Amy

  107. I can’t believe my bad luck! I live in Philly, and, during the week that you were there, I had to be in Connecticut. I think a road trip may be in order for me.

  108. Yup, the new project is way better than the old one, although I’d be surprised if you can keep your hands off the forest floor yarn before it gets done. Book 3 is lovely – thanks for writing it! I hope the twins can make it at least to medium rare before they decide to see what’s going on out here. Best of luck to them and their family!
    I’m doing some training socks for the P-socks, the Child’s First Sock in Shell Pattern (Knitting Vintage Socks), which is sort of like a more subtle version of it, and probably much simpler to do. At some point, though, the Psocks will probably happen around here, too.

  109. I think I know that Eliza! I grew up in Philadelphia and was in a children’s theater group with an Eliza who that picture really resembles.
    Eliza, if you read this, come to my blog and comment! ๐Ÿ™‚

  110. Are you doing the twisted knit stitches on the Pomo-womo-whatever-it-is sock? I tried, they drove me crazy, I ditched them and went with simple knit stitches. Twisting stitches are hard on a subway knitter–trust me.

  111. I love those P-socks and the new baby sweater is simply darling. That said, my absolute favorite photo was of Eliza-welcome to the dark side, pal!

  112. ROFL at the note suggesting Knitting Tent Revival Meetings!!! SO love that!
    Well, after many supportive notes at my blog, I’m gonna hitch a ride with my friend a snook up to see you in Grafton – I HOPE, depending on dinnertime traffic on The Pike!
    ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll even bring my Socks.

  113. HI – Just been to your Northampton gig. – LOVED IT!
    I have a mentally retarded 21 year old daughter and out of the mouths of these kids always come the most direct and honest comments. When i met one of her friends… and was enquiring about him, what he did – who he was – what his mom did – he replied
    so never again do you have to introduce yourself as a knitter – done the olympics – now CHAMPION KNITTER!

  114. It was such a pleasure and honor to meet you at Loop! You held my sock and inspired me to finish it, even if I finished it with a wonky toe. Check out my blog and see! blackcathandspun.blogspot.com. Of course, I now have second sock syndrome, since I cast on for a pair of plain socks before I flew to Florida and have a pair of CABLED socks OTN here in FL. I never thought I’d cable anything, much less socks, but the Trekking XXL could no longer be resisted! Thanks for inspiring me, Stephanie!

  115. I suppose someone already got this, but the first part of the “mystery note” is green yarn? I do this all the time, need to form a shorthand impaired group? maybe the last part is “leave check” may be to pay for the green yarn?
    Good luck love the blog.

  116. Hey, I do know that Eliza! How utterly random. Cool to see how you are inspiring everyone.

  117. The Potomoto-mato-po-mus is beautiful. I love the colour too. Your travels are always so much fun to read about!

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