Three interesting things.

Two, at least.

1. Today is an exceptionally special day. My darling Juno and the exquisitely blog-free Rachel H. both celebrate their birthdays today. Two of my favourite people both born this one day cannot be a coincidence… I suggest that we all eat cake and party hard. I love these ladies. Both of them had the audacity to come into my life when I believed that I had met most of the friends I needed or was entitled to. They were both a wonderful surprise, and I’m grateful for the shake-up.

2. I have decided what I’m doing with the beautiful Rose Quartz STR, but I’m not going to tell you.


It does look great though. It’s remarkable that I got this much done, even though it’s pathetically small…I did a job all day that meant I couldn’t (gasp) knit …and I spent my evening standing behind Meg, trying to be sweet to her as she pulled her first all-nighter, due to a horrendous case of procrastination. The end result was this wee bit of knitting and a spectacular “scholarship to Dalhousie is my middle name” essay that Meg wrote all by herself, which is entitled “Did any good come of it? The Positive effects of the Montreal Massacre” and uses the word “thus” and explains that there is a need to have a day of awareness about violence against women so they don’t keep having to get shot before we make any changes. It’s a lovely pro-woman work, from a wee lovely who is barely a woman. (I love it when my kids pull off something like this. It reinforces my choice not to beat them half to death for being completely obnoxious the rest of the time.)

3. My episode of “Knitty Gritty” apparently airs today (a thousand thanks to everyone who gave me a heads up)…and since I just can’t see it on Canadian TV, you all are going to have to just let me know how I do. (I would be hysterical, but I’m too busy to bother wasting the energy on a complete flip out.) They film much more than they need, and I’ve been living in fear that they edit out all the clever and witty things I say about sock knitting (I did say them, I swear it) and just leave the mundane boring bits where I am so lame that you will stare agog at me for wasting 30 whole minutes of your life. Stupid editing. Stupid telly. (I’ll take that back if they edit out all of the stupid parts and only leave in the parts where I am clever and witty. You let me know.)