The view from here

Yesterday my throat was really, really hurting me and I kept trying to swallow this lump that was there. I drank litres of juice and water and coffee and tea with lemon and honey and the lump just would not quit. It was about 5:00 when I confessed the lump to Joe, and he told me that I wasn’t going to be able to swallow it…what with it being MY OWN VOCAL CORDS.

This Audiobook business is harder than it looks. (There. I said it. Audiobooks. The publisher sold the audio rights and they chose me to read it and Joe to engineer it and we’re doing it with an audiobook producer from NYC and …lets not talk about it anymore. Something about it is sort of…embarrassing or something. Avert your eyes. Look away. Let’s pretend I haven’t turned into some weirdo reading their own books for a living.) You can’t knit while you do it…you can’t make any noises at all. You have to do as you are told and read the book the way you wrote it…which is sort of a bummer because I thought of some better things to say, and here I’m locked in.


This morning the voice is still touch and go, so Joe got me a whole bunch of drugs that are supposed to help and I’m not sure if they are working…but I know that the side effects are. (The world is a wee bit fuzzy round the edges.) With all goodness on our side we should finish around lunch time today and I’ll roll back home and pack my bags for tomorrow when I go to Kentucky. I’m really looking forward to this one. Not only is it in the South where it is warm, green and beautiful, but the event sounds like it’s going to be fabulous. They have given the knitters a much bigger room than last time (!) and the lovely ladies of Magpie Yarns are sticking around after and hosting a Sit’ n-knit to knit hats and after I talk… (And sign books, if you want me to.) I will be sitting. I will be knitting. It’s going to be awesome.

(Ps. This is going up later than I thought due to some blog problems. The books are done. There is much (silent) rejoicing!)