Settled in

I’m still not feeling at all well, but today is the first day since I arrived home that I feel better. The coughing has finally eased up enough that last night I slept in the bed with Joe (Joe’s working this week and there’s absolutely no point in both of us being up all night. I gracefully removed myself from our bed so he could sleep on- thus preserving his strength so he could cook, clean and work. We both thought this was very considerate of me) and the real sleep in a comfy bed did me some good. I’m still so tired that the kitchen seems far away and the coughing has left my neck, back and stomach sore in places I didn’t even know I have places, but none of that matters, since I don’t need any of them at all to knit, which, besides sleeping, is pretty much all that I’ve done. So, while I’m settled in, arse on chesterfield, yarn on lap… perhaps I’ll do an overview of what (besides Juno from yesterday) is on the needles?


Large men’s socks, STR Medium-weight (I forget the colourway, somebody will know.) in my standard issue sock pattern. Though these are technically off the needles, they just came off this morning, so I say it still counts. These are destined for the long range planning box.


More socks, this time in STR Lightweight “Henpecked” with a bit of a pattern and en petit peu of a pattern at the tops. Almost done.


Err…more socks. (I’m starting to look a little fixated, aren’t I?)

These are Jaywalkers in Vesper sock yarn “Tartan”. (If these don’t look quite like your Jaywalkers, don’t worry. I bet you’re right and I’m wrong. I didn’t look at the pattern when I started them, so it’s possible I’ve strayed from the path. They match each other though…


Damn. Socks again. For crying out loud. Thing is…I’ve been travelling and socks are a small good project and…. These ones are my standard issue socks in … well. It would appear I’ve misplaced the ball band on that. Probably left it in Minnesota or Colorado. Anybody know what yarn that is? It’s wool for sure, maybe German?

This is … more socks. (I fear myself some days.) I promise it didn’t look like this many on the needles when I started…I just hadn’t put them all together in one place like this and…


These are Cookie A.’s German Stockings. Coming along nicely, though the shaping I’ve done may resemble my legs the way that applesauce resembles an anaconda. I should really put my stitches on a thread and check, but if I’m right I’ll have to rip back pretty much the whole thing and I’ve knit so much that I can’t face it at the moment, especially since there’s no excuse at all. Cookie’s pattern gives so many sizes that the failure is entirely mine. Bummer.

Whoa! Not socks!


This is a secret project I’m working on that you’ll get to see when it’s off to it’s recipient. It’s working out very, very well and I’m having a wonderful time. If you know what it is…don’t guess out loud. The knitter I’m sending it too could be lurking around here. I’m 1/3 of the way done and it has a deadline of “soon”.

Naturally, The Gansey.


The Gansey is in temporary time out in a nice bag thinking about what it has done. (I have to fix a little problem.) Lucky for me, spring has come to Toronto (I can say that out loud. There is a daffodil in my garden.)


Snowdrops make mistakes. Scilla can rush in…but the Daffs, the Daffodils are spring, and since spring lasts about 10 minutes in Toronto before we are blasted with an inferno of a summer….nobody here will be needing a gansey for a bit.

NB: to the list of projects admitted to here today: This is not a complete list. I shall never admit publicly to the full, complete and real list and any references to an project that is on the needles that I am ignoring or have abandoned will be ignored, even if you have photographic proof…even if I provided you with that proof myself through the miracle of blogging. Every knitter has abandonment issues and a rate of disownment. Mine’s not too bad, but I’m still not copping to it. Besides…do you want to discuss what projects you have you stuffed in the back of the linen closet lately?