All this sitting down is paying off

Finished last night:


STR – colourway “henpecked”, one skein, 2.25mm needles. (Size 9 ladies sock shown on a size 5 foot. They aren’t for me and my model stomped off this morning before I could get her to do my bidding.)

Pattern: These socks started out as the “Undulating Rib Socks” from Interweave’s new book Favorite Socks, but then I messed with the pattern. (Sorry Ann. It’s a disease with me.) A word about this book? True, most (19 out of 25) of the patterns are previously published, and if you’re a longtime subscriber of Interweave Knits then you’re going to recognize a lot of them, but I think it’s totally worth it anyway. I appreciate not having to rummage sort through all my back issues trying to remember what issue a pair of socks were in, and this book (it has a hard cover and spiral binding with sturdy pages) is going to hold up better than my precious copies of the magazine, along with being infinitely easier to stuff in a knitting bag. There are socks in there that I forgot IK had done, and that’s worth the price of admission alone, for me anyway. (I also harbour a suspicion that patterns previously published and then reprinted should be…for the most part, error free, the magazine having received feedback on the originals.)


In any case, I started Ann Budd’s pattern, repeated it a few times, then simply stopped doing the “undulating” part of the rib and carried it down the leg. When I got to the heel I decided to work a garter stitch short row heel (same as here – only garter stitch) because I really liked the pretty spiral the yarn was making and my traditional heel (a flap heel) would have disrupted that.


Heel completed, I carried the ribbing down the top of the foot and plain stockinette down the bottom of the foot, worked my usual toe and that’s all she wrote. Done like dinner. Finished like Rosie and Donald at an etiquette seminar or Nicole Richie at a dessert buffet. Totally done.