Did I mention

That today is The Knitters Frolic? I am so out of here. I’m taking the Subway to Rachel H’s house and we are going to carry our little selves there as fast as we can. I’m not taking any workshops this year, since this was originally planned as a birthday jaunt for my darling friend Denny. Sadly, Denny is having both a very bad day and a birthday today, and she can’t go, so Rachel H. and I have accepted the task of being her proxy shoppers.

Rachel and I are taking this seriously. All of a sudden, the years of festivals, fairs and yarn shops make sense. They were about today. Rachel and I were being trained by the universe for this moment. This is the day for which we were born. We want nothing for ourselves, but our friend cannot make the frolic on her birthday but we have assessed the list of vendors, planned a route and will not let our Denny down.

If you see us, feel free to say hi, but …you may do well to not get between us and the wool.

Over and out.