Random Monday

Today I’m starting to get a hold of everything that I lost control of over the last 26 days when I was working or out of town, and the last 7 days where I just laid down and coughed. Today I am dealing with the wild roaming dust buffalo, the inbox full of email (there are thousands. I wouldn’t look for that to be wrapped up today) the laundry, so that Joe and I can stop wearing clothes that don’t match…and a possible trip to the grocery store so that dinner tonight doesn’t consist of a strange combination of foods from the back of the freezer. (I hate it when it gets weird like that. I can’t be the only one…) Therefore, a list of Random Things.

( I don’t know about you…but I think we knit-bloggers really owe MamaCate for coming up with this random thing. It’s pretty darn handy.)

Things I bought at the Frolic

Gifts for Denny purchased and dropped off at her abode. I will not reveal the contents of said “Frolic in a bag”, since I do not yet have confirmation that Denny got it….so you will have to use your imagination and know that Rachel and I are very gifted. I had planned to buy nothing for myself, but that fell straight out the window within seconds of my arrival. Ironically, my biggest purchase was at the Lettuce Knit booth where I discovered a yarn that was dyed just for me. It’s Dream in Color yarn (worsted) and it’s a beautiful rusty lime green that is so me that I literally gasped when I saw it.


See? (Ok. It’s better than the picture. By a lot. Subtle, gorgeous…Megan had all the colours packed up in bunches to make the wrap cardigan #263. (Scroll down.) I bought the pattern too.) I also got some beautiful Canadian sock yarn from Red Bird Knits. Ontario Romney sheep, Ontario Mill…Halifax dye job (from the Fleece Artist). I got the red wine colourway. C’est magnifique.

That’s it. (Oh. And a good bar of hand made soap. I love hand made soap, but everybody needs soap. That doesn’t count.)

Something I didn’t buy at the Frolic and regret now.

These knitting lady lamps that were at the Main St. Yarns booth.


They are paper shades with a bulb inside and I thought they were so beautiful that I have no explanation at all for why I didn’t buy one. (Except that they were a little pricey) I can only say that I was practising restraint and got carried away.


What I knit all weekend

The big pink thing.


It is bigger. It is still pink. I still can’t tell you what it is. There is not much time left to finish it. All will be revealed in the fullness of time.

(Secret projects suck for blogging.)

What I knit when I sort of wigged out from knitting the big pink thing.


This scarf. Dudes, it was so much fun. Stupid big fun. The whole thing took about 2 hours…maybe less and it was as much fun as watching your daughter dump a jerk. (I’m imagining on that one.) It’s this crazy yarn that’s a wide knit ribbon, and you knit it just by picking up one side and giving it lots of room to ruffle.


I gave the yarn (if you can call it yarn – it’s Online “Linie 194 Solo”) a twist at the end of every row so that one side would be one colour,


and the other would be reversed. I am almost ashamed of how much fun it was. I got the yarn and pattern by CarlaK when I was at Knit One in Pittsburgh. They have more.

The real challenge of knitting a scarf like that

Is not the knitting. That was fast, easy and fun. (Did I mention the fun?) but the challenge of not beating to death all of the non-knitters who are going to go absolutely bonkers over it at Christmas, even though it only took two hours and little skill to knit it, and even though they are holding a pair of hand knit socks (or a lace scarf, or something else that took me twenty hours and tremendous skill to knit for them) right in their hot little hands. It’s always like that.

Lace shawl = polite thank you and appreciation

Novelty yarn scarf = the crowd goes wild.