36 thoughts on “Never mind

  1. I thought you’d disappeared! Moved to another blog, perhaps. Glad you’re back. Feeling better, I hope.

  2. It is server crashing day! My sister’s server crashed at work today too. She’s filing her nails.
    Glad your back! Makes staring at this computer screen bearable.

  3. I think the glitch is related to your post about F____ T____ Bank. The server wants to STERILIZE! I hope they get over it soon so that we can get back to knitterly goodness!

  4. Y’know, for some strange reason, I’m getting a feeling of deja vu here… Didn’t this happen a while ago?
    (And Dar’s right. Loyalty. Never let it be said we’re, like, you know, obsessed.)

  5. Hey fellow readers..i had this idea today and emailed it to the Oprah Show’s idea peeps, addy found on this page.
    Have you all gotten the news that CrazyAuntPurl has written a book? My idea is to have all of us ask the Oprah show to have her, Steph and maybe the Panoptican on one show. I’m sure there are other people i’m not thinking of.
    If you think it’s a cool idea please email them!
    If anyone wants to see what i wrote just email.
    It would be the coolest Oprah ever imho.

  6. you want pain? try dial-up. It’s just this endless nightmare of waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting.
    and waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting….

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